Northeast Regional Videos

Athlete Profile: Dave Lipson - Northeast Regional

Dave Lipson does the 2008 deadlift/burpees event @ 500 [mov] [wmv]

Dave Lipson - hang clean burpee WOD [mov] [wmv]

Dave Lipson - front squats 3 x 416 [mov] [wmv]

Athlete Profile: Heather Keenan Bergeron

Heather does Fran [mov] [wmv]

Heather in the 2009 sandbag sprint event [mov] [wmv]

Northeast Regional - Pre-Qualified Female Athletes

Kim Malz story. [mov] [wmv]

Lauren Plumey at the Hybrid Winter Challenge [mov] [wmv]

Lauren Erwin - 2009 Interview [mov] [wmv]

Stacy Kroon - 2009 Interview [mov] [wmv]

Northeast Regional - Pre-Qualified Male Athletes

Rob Orlando - Strongman Grace [mov] [wmv]

Rob Orlando - Jumbo Triple [mov] [wmv]

Dave Lipson - Isabelle [mov] [wmv]

Dave Lipson - Grace [mov] [wmv]

James Hobart at the Hybrid Winter Challenge [mov] [wmv]

Brad Posnanski - 2009 Northeast Regional Interview [mov] [wmv]

Hobart and Lipson - Snatch and CTB pull-up WOD [mov] [wmv]

North East Regional Events Announced

Standards - Affiliate Event 1 [mov] [wmv]

Standards - Affiliate Event 2 [mov] [wmv]

Standards - Individual Event 1 [mov] [wmv]

Standards - Individual Event 2 [mov] [wmv]