CrossFit/USAW Open Videos

Usaw Pre-Comp Interviews, Part 1

Life as Rx'd Interview [mov] [wmv]

63 And 69 Kilo Women Snatch

Analyzing the 63s and 69s Preview [mov] [wmv]

Coach Burgener On Crossfit And Usaw

USAW AF Coach B [mov] [wmv]

Analyzing The 94S

Video Preview: Analyzing the 94s [mov] [wmv]

Power, Speed, Strength, And Beauty

CrossFit/USAW Highlights by Again Faster [mov] [wmv]

Analyzing The 105S

Preview Video [mov] [wmv]

'Isabel Off' Footage Is Now Available

Everett Vs. Lipson: Isabelle-Off [mov] [wmv]

A Chat With Usa Weightlifting

Rick Adams on the CrossFit/USAW Open [mov] [wmv]

Miranda Prepares For The Crossfit/Usaw Open

Miranda Preps for the CrossFit/USAW Open [mov] [wmv]

The Mindset For Weightlifting

The Mindset for Olympic Lifting [mov] [wmv]

Mental Cues For The Crossfit/Usaw Open

Mental Cues For Competition. [mov] [wmv]

The Chan's Attempt The Triplet

The Chan's do the Triplet [mov] [wmv]

Cutting Weight And The Crossfit/Usaw Open

Cutting Weight [mov] [wmv]

Rich Froning Jr. Prepares For The Crossfit/Usaw Open

Rich preps for the USAW Open [mov] [wmv]

Usaw Strategies For Competition

Video: Strategies for USAW [mov] [wmv]

What To Wear At The Crossfit/Usaw Open

What to Wear at the CrossFit/USAW Open [mov] [wmv]

The History Of Usaw And Team Crossfit

Preview: Coach B. on the History of USAW and Team CrossFit [mov] [wmv]

What To Expect At The Crossfit/Usaw Open

Video Preview: What to Expect at the CrossFit/USAW Open [mov] [wmv]

Road Trip: Colorado Springs For The Cf/Usaw Open

Matt and Cherie Chan Explore the Cheyenne Mountain Resort [mov] [wmv]

Hobart On The Crossfit/Usaw Open

Video: Hobart on the Open [mov] [wmv]