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  • Northwest Regional

    Northwest Regional Weekend Wrap-up

    An action packed weekend comes to a close.

    The dust has settled on the Puyallup FairGrounds and 6 individuals and teams have earned the right to compete at the Home Depot Center in July. Day two of competition was packed with all the elements expected of a CrossFit competition. Kurtis Bowler checked in with the following…

  • Northwest Regional

    Northwest Regional Day One Update

    Athletes from the Northwest Regional competition are getting some well earned rest after a crushing test on day one of competition in Washington. Regional director Kurtis Bowler, of Rainier CrossFit, checked in with the following report.

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Proudly supporting the 2010 CrossFit Games

Northwest Regional

May 15th–16th

Puyallup FairGrounds

110 9th Avenue
Puyallup, WA 98371

The Paulhamus Area Puyallup Fairgrounds

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Competitors advancing to the Finals:
3 men, 3 women

Teams advancing to the Affiliate Cup:
6 affiliate teams

Registration for this event is now closed.

Event Results
  • Oregon (inc. ID) Sectional

    Day 1 Results: Oregon Sectional

    The first day of the Oregon/Idaho sectional has come and gone. One day remains between the competitors and the next level of Games qualification. The following athletes have worked their way in to the top 5 after day 1.

    Top 5…

  • Alaska Sectional

    AK Sectional Report

    It was a typical cold, snowy Alaskan day outside but the temperatures were heated inside the CrossFit Alaska Gym as the Men's competition separated all three regional qualifying places by only 25 points. Clay Hamilton of CrossFit Alaska edged out the…

  • Washington Sectional

    Washington Sectionals Results

    The results and story from Washington.

    The Washington Sectionals went off this weekend and another 20 men and women have advanced on to the next round of qualification for the 2010 CrossFit Games. Our very own Todd Widman and Nadia Shatila were there competing and took home 12th…

  • Alaska Sectional

    Alaska Sectional Update

    The story from the Great White North.

    The CrossFit Games sectionals will witness what the 49th state has to offer this weekend at the Alaska Sectional Event in Anchorage. Here you can find a timeline of the day's events, WODs and scoring.

    8:00am - On-site Registration…

  • Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

    Utah/Nevada Heats and Schedule

    To ensure smooth flow and an adherence to the proposed schedule, the organizers of the Utah/Nevada sectional are asking all athletes to find the heats to which they are assigned and show up on time. Heats will begin promptly at their…

  • Washington Sectional

    Washington Sectional WOD 3 and Schedule

    A quickl look at sectional WODs from WA.

    The Washington Sectional is in 3 days. We've already told you about the need to BYOJR at the event. The details for the third WOD have been released and look mighty similar to an infamous HQ workout, something about a Fight…

  • Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

    Utah/Nevada Sectional Workouts

    Tommy Hackenbruck will act as the head judge for the sectional.

    Games competition returns to the United States this weekend. The athletes from Utah and Nevada have their work cut out for them - the events have been announced.

    Tommy Hackenbruck took home the 2nd place trophy at the 2009 CrossFit Games. In the…

  • Washington Sectional

    BYOJR At The Washington Sectionals

    The Washington Sectionals have provided a video demonstration of the first two events.

    The Washington Sectionals are one week out and they have provided a video demonstration of the first two events.

    Athletes Note: Everyone must provide their own jump rope. You'll be allowed to borrow one from someone at the event, but you…

  • Washington Sectional

    Washington Sectionals: Possible HSPU Standards

    The Washington folks are at it again. Get prepared for the unknown and unknowable. The fixed-width parrallettes at the 2009 CrossFit Games wreaked havoc on a large portion of the competitor field, in some cases dashing leader spots with a disqualification on…

  • Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

    Ben Crook: Utah Beast

    This past weekend Tommy Hackenbruck put on a tune-up event for Utah athletes prior to the Sectionals. Ben Crook of Crossfit Ute was the top male athlete out of over 50 competitors and has to be considered a front-runner for the UT…

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