Southern CrossFit in Perth, Australia is Gearing Up for the Open

2011 CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Affiliate Community Gets Ready for the Open

A Look at the Various Ways Boxes Will Take Part in the Competition

The CrossFit Games Open starts on March 15th. CrossFit affiliates all over the world are gearing up to host Open workouts. The Open allows each affiliate to decide whether or not to opt-in to validate workouts each week, and what form that those workouts will take.

Some affiliates are keeping the Open basic, with a few members planning to get together to test their fitness against athletes all over the world. Others are opening up their doors to the larger CrossFit community and anticipating 150-200 participants each weekend. In some regions, multiple CrossFit affiliates are partnering up to pool equipment and staff, and taking turns at hosting the workouts. Scaled Open workouts will be available at some affiliates' events, even though they will not count as official Open performances. Other affiliates are only providing space for athletes who can complete the workouts as prescribed.

We've compiled responses from a few of the boxes participating in the Open to give a glimpse at the various ways that CrossFit affiliates are planning to take part.

Jesse Ward, Lynnwood CrossFit

Our affiliate is STOKED to participate in the Open.  We're excited to host, compete and all the above.  We hosted the Washington Affiliate "Meating" in Nov and it was a huge topic of discussion then.  Our members who are into competing are all ready, training hard, eating right, resting clearly, it's good :)

My plan/hope is to opt-in every week.  We've got a serious setup and hopefully enough gear to get it done.  I like events, I'm reworking my schedule so I can always take Thursdays off so I can work all weekend for the Open.  I want our gym to become a hub for all the smaller area gyms that can't run the main site stuff. 

Merle Mckenzie, CrossFit Relentless

"There is a ton of interest and we are definitely opting in and opening it up to the community at large. Most likely we will charge $25 per athlete  per wod."

Kevin Cherrick, Cactus CrossFit

Cactus CrossFit will opt in each week.   We have blogged and talked about it to our members. 

We are coordinating with 6 other area affiliates and will rotate hosting duties, we are hoping to use the Open as a competitive community event.  

CrossFit The Human Laboratory

Yeah there seems to be a good response. We have about 12-14 people interested in The Open. 

Yes we are planning on doing the weekly workout. We plan on meeting every Saturday and making a social event. I have extended an invitation to all in the area, including the other affiliates in town.

Chris Michelmore, CrossFit Moxie

We're gearing up big time. I'm right in the middle of organizing a whole bay area wide event each weekend here in california. I've gotten great responses from local boxes and we're going to be sharing locations, resources, and enthusiasm. Our goal is to make them much more than just completing the wod. We are opening it to the public, and our entire gym is excited about it and will be participating in some fashion. We are definiely opting in each week!

Ben Kelly, CrossFit Performance

We are gunning for the Open, 30+ athletes.

We are definitely hosting here, and will be advertising it around town.

Brian Wilson, Potomac CrossFit

We're running what we're calling "The Nova Open".

What: Affiliates getting together every Saturday at Patriot Crossfit (Sister gym of Potomac Crossfit) to complete the Crossfit Games Open WODs.  The following Affiliates are participating:

Crossfit Balance, Crossfit DC, Crossfit Fairfax, Crossfit Impavidus, Crossfit Liberation, Crossfit Montgomery County, Crossfit MPH, Crossfit Old Town, Crossfit Reston, Crossfit Woodbridge, District Crossfit, Outlaw Crossfit, Patriot Crossfit, Potomac Crossfit, Trident Crossfit,

We currently have 53 competitors signed up.

For more info, check out our Facebook page.

Jonathon Cridland, Southern CrossFit (Perth, Australia)

Down Under here at Southern CrossFit Perth Australia, we are gearing up and getting excited for the Open. We have a large and very strong community of about 150+. In one way or another most of our guys will be involved whether it be helping out or working out.

With our busy schedule of running the business and training our other athletes, we are going to opt-in every week and put on a social event open to anyone who wants to come along and join in free of charge.

Nick Scott, Fit 2 Fight CrossFit

We are participating in the Open. We have gotten excellent response from our members. We plan on Opting-in to validate workouts. We are offering our facility to anyone who is interested in participating. We are very interested in making larger events out of it.

Alex and Kyl, 5B CrossFit

We are psyched for the upcoming CrossFit Games Open.

5B CrossFit is planning to opt-in weekly for the events, and we intend to offer judged workouts held as fun social events every Saturday throughout the open.  

We will gladly offer WOD validation for any athlete who comes to our gym.

There has been a fair amount of interest in our box, however much of our clientele is still very new to CrossFit and we won't likely have too many participants who can participate as Rx.  We will be offering scaled participation for each WOD and are hoping for a large turnout each week.  We are excited to be able to have a series of events like the Open to provide our members with a fun method of learning more about CrossFit, the Games, and how much larger the CF Community is outside of our box.

It is going to be a fun ride to the Games this year, we are looking forward to every step along the way.

Justin Bergh, CrossFit Southside

I can't wait to host people at CrossFit Southside.  We'll be grilling and boozing even before the first workout kicks off, and we'll keep that party going long after the last heat finishes.  When the boxes located near the beach host it, you can be sure you'll find a hundred CrossFitters taking their ripped hands right to the salt water and then owning the sand in front of the Jax Beach Lifeguard Station (our communities rally spot for beach WODs).

We've got a bad ass Affiliate community here in Northeast Florida...home of the CrossFit East, the third Affiliate ever, and now 10 outstanding gyms.  We keep it all in the family, and when we get together you know it's a good time.  We'll be throwing down for the Open and you can bet the farm we'll have the coolest WOD parties on the East Coast.  Whether you're at a local Affiliate, a garage junkie or an out-of-towner you won't want to miss out on the Open...CrossFit East style!

Shawn Bandel, CrossFit Julia

We have had interest in the Open from the members at our box.  We have set up an event beginning 3/18/11 and will be hosting WODS every Friday night.  We have opened our event to our members as well as the rest of the community.  So far, we have 10 people signed-up and there are more to follow.

We are looking to make this a fun and social event and will be having both individuals that are looking to crush the workouts as well as others that are just looking to have a good time and compete.  Because of this we will be offering scaling options so that all ability levels can participate.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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1. Tim Brooks wrote...

CrossFit Tustin will be hosting a region wide Open Sectional finale in Orange County on April 23rd--the SoCal Sectional Finals. Our website is almost up but in the mean time check our facebook page for more info:!/pages/SoCal-Sectional-Finals/192908074064029?sk=info

This will be the final culminating event of the 6-week Open Sectional series hosted at a huge 10,000 sqft indoor venue that can accommodate over 1,000+ CrossFit athletes and spectators alike from all over the Southern California region. Our goal is to host the largest CrossFit Open Sectional event in the world--so if you are in the area and are taking part in the CrossFit Open Sectionals, come join us April 23rd! This final event is sure to be a preview of this year’s fierce SoCal Regional competition as well as offer every local CrossFitter the opportunity to perform on a Games sized stage. Be sure to join us for the full days events and some good ol’ fashioned CrossFit Community with beer, gear and cheers!

2. Josh Giambalvo wrote...

CrossFit Innovate will be hosting an OPEN event to raise money for the March of Dimes. On April 9th at 11am we will hit a sectional WOD with tons of sponsors, prizes and fun. Planning to have an after party as well. All proceeds will be donated to the March of Dimes. You can check out our story to get an idea of why we do this at

Get registered and come have some fun!!!

3. Match Murphy wrote...

Looking forward to joining in the fun at Southern CrossFit, Perth with all of our athletes. Its gonna be big!

4. Tim Anderson wrote...

We're excited to opt-in and compete in the open sectionals. South Tahoe CrossFit is hosting the 2nd annual Fittest of the Sierras, on April 16th. We're incorporating that week's sectional WOD as the first of three work-outs for the competition. We'd love to know what it is a little earlier, but are confident we'll manage even with only a few days notice. We can't wait!!

5. Tim Anderson wrote...

We're excited to opt-in and compete in the open sectionals. South Tahoe CrossFit is hosting the 2nd annual Fittest of the Sierras, on April 16th. We're incorporating that week's sectional WOD as the first of three work-outs for the competition. We'd love to know what it is a little earlier, but are confident we'll manage even with only a few days notice. We can't wait!!
All proceeds go to an awesome charitable foundation. Follow the link below to read more.

6. Robin @ CrossFit Regina wrote...

CrossFit Regina (Canada) will be opting in and hosting the open sectionals every Saturday, with modifications allowed at 10am and rx'd workouts at 11am. Will run heats if needed!

7. Justin Baumgartner wrote...

8. Vadim Noskov wrote...

In New York City CrossFit Long Island City, CrossFit Virtuosity and CrossFit South Brooklyn will combine forces to host all six events of the Open. All CrossFit athletes are welcome to participate regardless of affiliation. More info is here:

9. MIke Ussary wrote...

Crossfit The Den in Medford OR is planning to opt in each week and host the Open WOD of the week on Friday evenings. Making it a social event before during and after.

10. silke wrote...

Is there a link yet that shows all hosting gyms?

11. Frank DiMeo wrote...

CrossFit Gulf Coast will be glad to help however we can

12. Josh Rogers, CrossFit Cadence wrote...

San Francisco South bay area CrossFitters! CrossFit Cadence (Los Gatos) is teaming up with CrossFit Moxie (San Jose) and Brethren CrossFit (Morgan Hill) to host an event for each week of the Open Competition. All events will be open to the public and of course to any other affiliate who would like to join us. More info can be found at

13. Neal wrote...

How do we opt in our box? How and when can we register our athletes?

14. Brian, Raw Edge CrossFit wrote...

Good luck to all for the open. Its going to be big in Western Australia.

Looking forward to catching up to all the other affiliates.

15. Grace wrote...

We just posted an announcement about our participation on our website. Our plan is to opt-in every week.

16. Steve Serrano wrote...

CrossFit Marina in Huntington Beach will be opting in each week as well. The Events link on our page will have our times and we're looking forward to seeing as many folks as care to come by.

PLEASE call or email to schedule a time. We'll have blocks available Thursday and Saturdays. Bring that good form!

17. jimm wrote...

Good luck to all for the open. Its going to be big in Western Australia.

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