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More on Teams during the CrossFit Games Open

Everything you need to know about teams on the new site and in the Open

The CrossFit Games Open is almost here! The new website will launch very soon. This post explains the rules for teams, and the process for registering.

All athletes who wish to compete on a team must first register as individual competitors. Once you are registered for the Open, you will be able to search for registered teams. If you find your team on the site, you will see a Join this Team button on their profile page. Click this button to send your request to the team captain. When he or she accepts, you'll be listed on the team.

It's also possible that you will register as an athlete before your team captain registers the team. If you can't find your team on the site, prod your team captain to register. It's a quick process with a one-time $20 fee. There are no fees for adding athletes after that.

There are two types of teams: Official Teams and Other Teams. Official Teams are those that meet the requirements to potentially qualify for Regionals. They must include at least three men and three women. All of the athletes on a team must train at the same gym.

All team members must register and submit their first result by Sunday, March 20th at 17:00 Pacific, the closing date for submissions on the first Open workout. For a team member's workout to count toward the team's total, they must still be "in the running" as an individual. This means that they have completed all previous Open workouts as prescribed.

We are giving a prize to the Official Team with the most registered athletes at the end of the first week. They will get their next affiliate fee waived, two free spectator tickets to the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games for each registered athlete, and a plaque commemorating their achievement. Yes, if the winning team has 250 participants, we're giving away 500 spectator tickets to the Games!

For scoring, each week the computer will calculate each team's top three male and female results, and add them together. This combined score will be ranked among all other teams for that week (both worldwide and within their region). When the week closes on Sunday at 17:00 PDT, that ranking will be its score for that week. The same process is repeated the following week with the top (scored) athletes from each team. It doesn't matter if they are different athletes each week. These are the weekly scores. The overall score is the sum of each week's score.

After 6 weeks, the winner will be the team with the lowest overall score (fewest accumulated points). The top 30 teams from each region will be invited to their Regional competition.

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24 comments on this entry

1. bro wrote...

Can all the team members also stay in the running as individuals? Then choose which route they will go before regionals if there team makes it and they also make it as an individual?

2. steph wrote...

1) So if along the way, one of the individuals registered with the team cannot do something as Rx'D, they continue to be a part of the team and the team continues in the running (as long as they have 3 men and 3 women who DO complete the WOD as RxD), but that non-Rx'd perfoming individuals' results do not count that week. Is that correct?

2) Does it matter which athletes the team brings to the Regionals, as long as they completed all six open WODs during the competition? (and in addition, would they have to have done all as RxD?)

3) how many individual athletes can come on the team to regionales, is it the minimum 3 and 3 or could it be more?


3. Loraine wrote...

What if I'm in the running until the very end, and then the last WOD I do not complete RX'd - Will my previous scores be withdrawn from the team score.

4. Cobb wrote...

All athletes on team "must train at same gym". No poaching. ;-)

5. worst case wrote...

Only somewhat related to the post:

I hope HQ is prepared for the MASSIVE load on their website/servers/whatever from the thousands of people who are going to be:
-waiting until the last possible second to submit their scores
-making multiple submissions
-just sitting there hitting 'refresh' all day watching the scores, eating up bandwidth

While the smart thing for athletes and teams to do would be get their scores in earlier, realistically, people are going to get butthurt when they try and submit their score after WODding on Sunday morning and for some reason the site has crashed...

6. CFP wrote...

If an athlete is registered in one of the "Masters" category, will they be still be able to register on the Team? I mean, will they be ranked in the "Open Category" or as a Master?

7. Andrw wrote...

If an affiliate is unable to submit 3 men's and 3 women's Completed RXed scores each week, are they automatically DQed from the comp - even if there are not 30 other teams that were able to do it also?

Unrelated to my question, but a few answers for the other questions up here (Nothing official but from following the posts I know the answers to most of these):

@1 bro
Yes, everyone on the team is automatically entered as an individual also, no need to choose until Regionals comes around.

@2 Steph
-1 No, once an athlete misses a week/can't complete a workout as RXed, that athlete can no longer contribute scores for the team, they are out.
-2 The affiliate can bring anyone they want from their gym to the regionals, even people who didn't compete in Sectionals.
-3 Not sure I have heard an answer on this one, but if they are keeping with the current model it will be just 3 men and 3 women on the team.

@3 Loraine
No, all your previous scores still count.

@6 CFP
Haven't heard any answer on this one, but I can't imagine it would be based off anything other than their open score. I'm guessing their would be no problem doing the team comp and also competing as an individual in the Masters though. For that matter, I don't even know if there will be a separate Masters score - they might just use the athlete's open score to rank them within their appropriate masters group. I'm just throwing out guesses on this one though.

8. Russ Greene wrote...


A team must have 3 male and 3 female performances, as prescribed, each week, to remain in the competition.

9. Russ Greene wrote...


All team members must first register as individual athletes. They will remain in the running as individual competitors throughout the competition.

10. Andy Petranek wrote...

In response to @2 Steph, @3 Loraine and @7 Andrw's response...

So an athlete who can't do WOD 1 RX'd is OUT (scores don't count for ANY wod)... but if by the luck of the draw, the WOD that took him out doesn't come up until WOD#6, ALL of his scores through WOD 5 still count? That doesn't sound right to me at all...

IMHO, if a person doesn't finish a WOD as RX in ANY week, his scores should not count for ANY of the prior weeks as well... Making it so the final results aren't final until the 6 weeks are finished.

Tony - could you please explain the thought process / logic behind this, if I do have it correct? Thanks!

11. Tony Budding wrote...

#6 FCP
The younger two categories of Masters are doing the same workouts as the individuals. They can be part of the teams as long as they perform the workouts as Rx'd. The older two categories (55+) have a modified workout. They cannot be part of the team unless they perform the individual workout as Rx'd (which would likely impact their ability to qualify as Masters).

#10 Andy P
First off, this is the Open and the workouts are going to be programmed so that reasonable CFers can perform them as Rx'd (similar to the theme of anyone can run 400m and it's still a great competition).

Secondly, the reasoning is simple. Once the week is finished, the scores are locked in. You're not going to have the overall standings resorting constantly. This is the way we decided to run the competition. We spent a long time considering all the different methods of scoring the team competition (there are many!), and settled on this one. If you're interested, we could go through them all one night over a fine glass of scotch.

12. Larry wrote...

So Tony is you do fail to complete WOD #6 for any reason your previous scores WILL count??

13. Larry wrote...

And also if you fail on WOD #2 but complete all the others will they count? I've read just about every post but STILL haven't seen a definitive answer on this - haha! Thanks Tony.

14. camp wrote...

im confused..

Is what Larry saying true?? If WOD #6 is not complete but you did the first 5 WODs then you can still qualify??

15. tim wrote...


Week 1: you RX'd the WOD, and are in the top 3 for your team. both your scores count.

Week 2: you RX'd the WOD, but are not in the top 3 for your team. only your Individual score counts for your qualification. Team score for week 2 is finalized.

Week 3: you can not RX the WOD. You're done. Your week 1 Team Score is locked in, but you are no longer eligible to compete as an Individual OR with the Team.

In Short: Week-to-Week, your scores are final. You only risk your eligibility going forward.

16. Tony Budding wrote...

The answer is above (and in several other places). For your score to count toward your team's result, you have to be "in the running" that week. This means that you must have completed each workout as Rx'd up to and including that week. Once that week is over, the team's score is set. It doesn't matter what happens after that workout. We are not going to recalculate that rankings for the week. We did explore that as an option and rejected it.

Does that answer it?

17. Rick Sinclair wrote...

Are you confined to your age group or can you do the WODs as Rx'd for a younger Masters category and qualify to compete with them?

18. Kelly wrote...

Just wondering, if you are competing as an individual and also register on a team are you allowed to compete for more then one team during the open?

19. Larry wrote...

Tony - that absolutely answers it! Thank you very much - and I apologize that I did not read that elsewhere.

20. Tony Budding wrote...

Rick Sinclair,
Excellent question. I'm not entirely sure. I will have to explore and get back to you. The new site will go live soon, but please don't register there until you get your question answered. Email me directly if you are ready to register and haven't heard.

In the Open, all competitors compete as individual athletes first. They may also be part of one team, but no more than one team.

21. Macy Mitchell wrote...

if a potential team member has an injury and has to miss week 1 wod, but can do the other 5 weeks... regardless of contributing to team point totals, can they still be on the final team to regionals if there is an open spot available on their affiliate team?

22. Erik Traeger wrote...

You talked about the "Official" Teams. Can you explain more about the "Other" Teams? Thanks

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