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2011 CrossFit Games

Minors in the Open

Extra steps are required for anyone under 18 to compete in the Open

The CrossFit Games Open is a six week, worldwide competition in the sport of fitness. It is not a kid's competition, and is not designed to be scaled to fit the needs of children. Nonetheless, there are athletes under 18 who have been training for the Games and are ready for CrossFit competition. 

To accommodate these athletes, we have a way for minors from 14 to 17 years to participate in the Open. Since this is a virtual competition, there are some legal stipulations required to include minors. Minors are not allowed to enter into a contract without parental consent, and the privacy of minors is a sensitive issue on the internet.

The process for minors participating in the Open is this: If you are under 18 years of age and would like to compete in the Open Qualifiers and register online, you must submit an email to with MINOR in the subject line of the email, followed by your name. In the body of the email, you must provide the following:

Your Name

Your Home Address

Your Date of Birth

Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Name

Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Email address, at which they may be contacted

Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Home Address

Your Parent or Legal guardian's best contact phone number

When we receive this email, we will send instructions for participating in the Open as a minor, as well as a PDF that the legal guardian will need to sign and notarize, giving proper consent for your participation in the CrossFit Games Open. You will need to fax or scan and email this notarized document back to us.

Once we receive the document, we will send the legal guardian instructions on how to register the minor on the new Open site, which goes live very soon.

We strongly encourage you to do this as early as possible so that you can get the registration process under way. 

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15 comments on this entry

1. bingo wrote...

Wondering if there will be a separate competition a la the Master's for the teens, with X going to the Games after the Open.

2. Logical wrote...

Getting a notarized copy of wavier and sending a series of correspondence is kind of alot to ask of a kid. If/When they dont get all this stuff submitted on time will these kids still be able to submit their scores somewhere to be stored until they get their times in? (A score escrow if you will) This is kind of late to announce this and as we all know high schoolers arent the most responsible people in the world since they are still children. What about giving the signed waiver to a registered affiliate?

3. Jeff wrote...

Why not just put the instructions on how to register and the PDF on this page right here? Are they secret?

If you were concerned that having minors in the Open were going to create problems on some kind, well you just fixed them all with this. Because you just successfully made it "closed" in that of those kids who might have participated in the CF Open for the fun and competitive experience, only a small percentage will be willing to go through this hassle.

I was working on recruiting a whole high school to participate in the Open for the fun. It would probably even result in new clients and members of the CF community. But this process sounds like it will kill that.

4. DanielATL wrote...

I think if a minor ends up winning the "Games"..he might just be Superman...

5. Tony Budding wrote...

Logical and Jeff,
Believe me, this is not a contrived solution. When you register for the Open, you are legally entering into a contract with us. Minors are not legally allowed to do that. Add to that laws concerning the privacy of minors, and we have this process as the only viable solution right now.

6. Jesse wrote...


Honestly if the kid can't handle doing these things (especially with parental support, since they have to sign off on it), then why would we want them in the competition? Maturity and responsibility are a huge part of being able to workout at the intensity elite level Crossfitters do.

High school-aged children are indeed children...but they aren't helpless. The more we coddle them and treat them like the most basic of life skills are outside of their scope of accomplishment, the more we enfeeble their maturation and ability to handle the stress of life.

Simply put, if they can't handle the process of submitting official documents now for a are the going to handle college applications/resumes/insurance forms when they hit 18?

7. Bill Russell wrote...

I don't think the process is too much to ask. Thanks for adding them into the mix. I'm also wondering the same thing as Bingo, will there be a bracket for them to qualify and compete against other minors similar to the Masters divisions?

8. Jeff wrote...

I asked but Tony did not answer: why not just put the instructions and the PDF file right here on this post/website? Why create the additional step of sending an email and waiting for a response with the above items?

This is would save addtional staff time having to respond to all these emails. I see no reason that perhaps 10,000 high schoolers might like to sign up for the Open.

By the way, I have done the email step and received the information. Nothing I see in it would prohibit that. Just add the parent name/address/DOB info to the form and you would have all you need.

9. Matt C wrote...


I could't have said it better myself. I don't think this is to much to ask for at all.

10. John wrote...

I would love to know if there will be a bracket for us. I am 17 and next year I wont be able to compete in a kids division. It would be awesome if ya'll could do it this year!

11. Tony Budding wrote...

Unfortunately, there will be no separate kids bracket this year. As this thread proves, involving minors in an online competition is a whole lot messier than a live one where the guardians show up with the kids.

The CrossFit Games Open is a groundbreaking event. Creating a worldwide online qualifier has been a long and brutal logistical challenge on many fronts. Accommodating minors and scaling in a broad way proved untenable, at least for this first year of the Open. I could give you pages of explanation, but believe me when I say it's complicated.

12. Lucas wrote...

Hi, Im the same as John. 17 and 18 soon. I know not this year but in the near future are you guys planning to add a crossfit kids bracket? If so will it likely be under 18 or under 20 like Oly weightlifting and things like that?

13. Tony Budding wrote...

Good questions. I would like to say yes, but I can't say for sure. There are real legal conundrums with this stuff. I do hope so, though. And as to the age groups, I have no idea how that would unfold.

14. David wrote...

There really has to be an easier way to get minors signed up.

The games and sport won't grow nearly as well as it could if you basically have to take up CF as a way to compete after all other sports have been played, your eligibility used up, or you graduated college.

Making a sport go mainstream doesn't just mean you have to have good athletes and be cool, it also means that you have to be able to provide competitions and leagues that can easily be accessed by younger athletes, especially if you want to make sure you pull the best athletes.

If CF plans on being around 5-10-15-20 years down the road, then it needs to figure out a way to get young kids actively competing in it, so they can treat it like a sport at a younger age and start training for it.

Just my two cents.

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