Michelle Kinney

2011 CrossFit Games

The Women of the 2010 CrossFit Games

This video is a tribute to the women of the 2010 CrossFit Games. CrossFit differs from most sports in that its women are on an equal footing with its men. The top female CrossFitter will win the same amount of money as the top male CrossFitter in 2011, $250,000. CrossFit women routinely beat men on workouts. 2010 CrossFit Games champion Kristan Clever has taken the top score on the mainsite WOD multiple times, even outperforming Austin Malleolo, who took 6th place at the 2010 Games.

Whereas gymnastics confines ring exercises to male athletes, CrossFit demands upper-body intensive movements such as ring muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and rope climbs from its female athletes. This is the sport of fitness, and the real world does not vary its demands according to the sex of an individual. The result is a female athlete that is far more capable and confident than is the norm outside of CrossFit.

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Women Of The 2010 Crossfit Games

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

15 comments on this entry

1. John wrote...

Where's the video?

2. Corinne wrote...

Here you go John:

3. Michelle wrote...

What is the name of the song played with this awesome video?!

4. Xenia wrote...

@Michelle - Artist: Alexx Calise
Song: Pull it [Bullet] , this is written in the begining of the video as the song & artist..
CF <3

5. Kim wrote...

So INSPIRING! Let the Games begin!!!!!

6. Michelle wrote...

Thanks, finally saw that. Great video and song!

7. Xenia wrote...

CF <3

8. Caleb wrote...

Literally the worst music I've ever listened to.

9. Josh Bailey wrote...

How can you call it "The women of 2010 crossfit games" and not put any of the masters division women in there?
I mean, props on your video. It was cool, but to not include the awesome masters women who, really deserve a little more respect for a lifetime of lifting and fitness for the mere fact they have been doing it longer than any of the others is a little off.

10. Tyler wrote...

"This is the sport of fitness, and the real world does not vary its demands according to the sex of an individual"
Except when it comes to weight, then the real world only demands that a woman lift an object that is about 65% of what it would demand of a man.

11. John wrote...

I love the crossfit women that compete in the games.

12. bobby wrote...

yeah the women beat men but the weight they used was much lighter...how can you claim to beat a man when the weight was lighter?

Lets face facts when the same weight is used men are and always will be superior to women

13. Lucas McCarry wrote...

This is some bad ass stuff!

14. Womenshouldntlooklikethat wrote...

Those women are fu*king disgusting.

15. mike wrote...

seriously.....come on


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