2011 CrossFit Games

Team Qualification and Affiliate Workout Validation for the Open

More Information On Participating in the Open

We have previously covered team competition and affiliate validation of Open workouts on the Games site. Here we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

More on the CrossFit Games Open Team Competition

Open competitors do not have to choose between team and individual competition. Competitors may run for both simultaneously, first as an individual and second as a team member. One’s scores may count for both.

The team with the most participants at the end of the first week gets two free spectator tickets per athlete to the 2011 CrossFit Games, their next affiliate fee waived, and a plaque commemorating their achievement. Yes, if the winning team has 250 participants, we're giving away 500 spectator tickets to the Games!

Only a team’s top three women and top three men for a given week contribute their scores to their team’s total score. Any active team member can contribute if their performance is good enough, even if they are different athletes from prior weeks.

For an athlete’s scores to be able to count for their team’s qualification efforts in any given week, they must still be “in the running” as an individual. This means that they cannot scale, DNF, or be disqualified for missing range of motion on any week’s workout.

There is no limit to the number of athletes who may compete for an "official" team each week. The only restrictions are that there must be at least three men and three women, and teammates must all train at the same gym and use the same equipment. "Other" teams can be comprised of any collection of athletes, but are not eligible to qualify for Regionals.

It is the team, NOT the list of individuals, that qualifies from the Open to Regional team competition. Qualified teams may select any group of individuals from their gym to represent them at Regionals. If an athlete qualifies from the Open for the Regional individual competition, and their team qualifies, they will have to choose between competing in Regionals as an individual or on their team.

Getting Workouts Validated at an Affiliate

Some affiliates have advertised that they are “registered” for the CrossFit Games Open. Technically, this is not true. They may be committing to Opt-In each week, which is great, but nothing is official yet.

All affiliates who want to validate performances must Opt-In each week of the Open on the new CrossFit Games Open website. This website will go live the week before the start of the Open on March 15th. Given that the site has not been released, no affiliate has “registered” or Opted-In, for the Open.

The reason affiliates are required to Opt-In each week is to confirm that they have adequate equipment and trainers to validate performances. Consequently, an athlete may have a workout validated at one affiliate in Week 1 and find that Affiliate X is not validating performances the next week. Athletes will be able to search for other affiliates in the area who have Opted-In using the Open website. All affiliates who have Opted-In will be clearly posted on the Open website. It is the athlete’s responsibility, however, to complete and submit their results for the week’s workout, whether at an affiliate or via video submission.

If an athlete is unable to have their performance validated at an affiliate for any reason, they will be required to submit a video of that week’s workout in order to remain in the competition.

There is no limit on how many affiliates can Opt-In to validate workouts on a given week, so long as they commit to meeting the standards presented.

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42 comments on this entry

1. Dach wrote...

May I get my WOD validated on Wednesday at one affiliate, and then get it validated at another affiliate on Friday, and also send in a video of my WOD that I completed now for the third time via a video submission on Sunday? Will CrossFit HQ have the capacity to take all 3 WOD times and post (give credit) for only my fastest time?

2. MikrR wrote...

From what it sound like you would need to wait until Sunday and then be able to submit your best time from the week. Instead of having to submit 3 different WODs.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but it doesn't make sense to submit 3 WODs.

3. Nukemarine wrote...

If I could offer one humble suggestion: Do not wait the week of the sectionals to start testing the submission process.

Two weeks prior, if you're able, have "Practice WODs" set-up where people can perform, film, and submit. This "stress test" will reveal any problems, be it submissions, grading, scoring, what-ever.

This is an ambitious project, and I'm very excited to see the results. However, no plan survives contact with the enemy or 10,000 simultaneous submitters intact. Testing prior not only prepares CFHQ, but all the applicants with the real deal.

4. Dach wrote...

Re: MikrR

My reasoning behind the previous question would be that the affiliates would send in my WOD time (unless I went back to each one and told them not to before they submitted the results) in addition to me sending in my video submission. Maybe I didn’t like how the WOD went at the affiliate on Saturday, so on Sunday afternoon I video recorded myself getting a faster time on the WOD. It may not be practical to get my video submission in before the affiliate submitted my previous time. So likely, both my affiliate and video recording would be submitted.

5. Grace wrote...

Thank you for the clarification! Our community is very excited to participate in this.

6. skeptical wrote...

what if an affiliate has a bunch a punks and they decide to take a min off of each of their times,....send them in...how would anyone ever know?

7. Naomi wrote...

It doesn't sound like the affiliate will be posting times for participants. Per the above "It is the athlete’s responsibility, however, to complete and submit their results for the week’s workout, whether at an affiliate or via video submission." The affiliate would then validate or confirm what was submitted I would think.

8. Neal wrote...

So when are affiliates going to know what the WODs are so they can know if they are able to opt in and host based on equipment at there disposal?

9. RayG wrote...

Come on over to masterwod.com and join the masters at CF Masters on facebook. We post a wod each week and provide a posting facility so you can check your performance against fellow masters in your age group.

10. Pam wrote...

"It is the team, NOT the list of individuals, that qualifies from the Open to Regional team competition. Qualified teams may select any group of individuals from their gym to represent them at Regionals."

To be eligible to compete on the team do you have to complete all 6 weeks of sectionals?

11. Daigle wrote...


It's just like everything else in life...if you're a big enough a-hole to do that, then you'll be found out at regionals for sure when you aren't up to snuff. I seriously doubt that this will occur on any significant level....we are all human, but CF is by and large an honorable bunch.

Here's my most recent blog post about this very topic...


12. Steve wrote...

As an affiliate I know that I would not want to send a fraud from my box. Being exposed as a cheater and a fraud would be just as embarassing for the affiliate that allowed it to happen as it would for the athlete themselves.

If you have spent the time and energy required to open an affiliate you would never risk that by openly cheating. I have also found in most competitions I have gone to most owners are harder on their own athletes.

13. Justin Key wrote...

THIS IS GONNA BE FUN... I am a box owner and as far as cheating or submitting bulls*@t numbers for your athletes... feel free to do so if you want to be remembered as the jackass that sent a lamb to the lions den... I don't believe that any box owner would validate scores that weren't to standard, not if they value their business anyway, who would want to be labeled as a cheater...
I agree with #12, We have put our hearts and souls into this box and wouldn't risk damaging our reputations by submitting bogus numbers.
CrossFit Coweta will be "Opting In" for as many as we have the equipment for... so Bring It On!!!!

14. Chuck Gonzales wrote...

So, the affiliate with the greatest amount of athletes whom successfully complete the WOD in the open during the first week to qualify for the affiliate team will receive the prizes listed?

15. Mike wrote...


"Qualified teams may select any group of individuals from their gym to represent them at Regionals."

Thus, an athlete can compete for a qualified team at regionals even if they didn't compete at sectionals.


16. Jake Neubauer wrote...

I think the sectional process is going to be great. Im a box owner myself and I 100% agree that if you have any integrity whatsoever you would not submit false results in for your athletes. Crossfit Stompin Ground in Carmichael, Ca is going to be opting in every week if we have the equipment to do so. If you live in the area and want to give sectionals a try come on down.

17. Gio da great wrote...

I completely disagree about the above statement, "we are all an honorable bunch...they will be exposed." A) I see tons of people shorting reps, shorting range of motion and generally cheating not only at my own box but multiple times on the main site. For god sakes, has main site posted a video of dave lipson ever doing a legit squat? B) when $250,000 is on the line expect people to do anything and everything they can to get there hands on the prize. Example :No one would ever dream of soiling the reputation of themselves and their country for Olympics glory right?....WRONG! Every olympics there are multiple people who are caught blatantly cheating. So that argument does not hold water with me.

Look on the other side however, the judges who are going to be judging you at the box are going to be the same judges who would judge be judging at the sectionals and the regionals. Judges are unpaid volunteers who enjoy the time being around pretty high caliber athletes. There is no way around amateur judging, whether in your local box, or on hell's half acre. For now its part of the game. I just hope crossfit doesn't end up with egg on its face when complete novices show up at regionals.

18. JP wrote...

To Gio Da Great

If there shorting reps, and shorting range of motion then there videos will be thrown out. And you said yourself the people at the Olympics "were caught cheating". People who cheat at the games will also be caught.

19. gary wrote...

Are any of the teams from the previous games that scored in the top 5 prequalified?

20. Daniel wrote...

@ Gio da great

An example may help you:

If I submit a 2:30 Fran time when in reality I have a 4:30 Fran time and I just lied, or a shorted all the reps or whatever then at regionals, if I still get through, I will be completely trounced by anyone who got through legitimately. I am perfectly fine with a few people attempting to cheat their way to regionals because they are only going to be embarrassed and totally crushed by the competition.

21. Jeff wrote...

I'm still waiting to hear some details on the Kids level of Competition that was mentioned by Dave Castro in a video. We've heard about the teams, the open, the masters.
Some level of planning details on the kids portion, please.

22. Kevin wrote...

@ Daniel

I don't think it would be as obvious as your example. Someone who is at the fringe of qualifying by week six could shave a few seconds off there time and may qualify.

So instead of someone with a 4:30 Fran submitting a 2:30. Its more like someone with a 2:55 Fran submitting to 2:30 Fran. At that level, things are pretty tight, and 25 seconds can make a huge difference in rankings, but not necessarily an obvious difference in ability.

Can one easily differentiate two athletes one with a 2:55 Fran vs a 2:30 Fran? And then successfully label the 2:55 athlete as a Fraud?

23. ZMH wrote...

Just wanted to clear up the eligibility and scaling questions. If an athlete scales week 3's workout, but completes weeks 4, 5, 6 Rx'd, can their scores be used in weeks 4, 5, 6?

When someone asked this question on the first 'Get your team on' post Tony responded

10. Tony Budding wrote...

Steve (9) Yes, as long as you enter a result of some kind, you will still be considered in the competition and your result could count toward a team result.

But this post seems to suggest that they can't be counted.

24. Brone wrote...

I don't know the first thing about what it would take to host a sectional like in years past, but this new system seems complicated at best. Video taped submissions? Opt-in? Open Sectional? I really hope it works, really I do, but I wish it were old fashioned in person competition. If you really have what it takes to be the fittest on earth then you make arrangements and juggle your schedule to get to sectionals and regionals. Fingers crossed that this goes with minimal disruption

25. Tony Budding wrote...

To clarify, scaling eliminates you from the qualification process, both individually and for the team. You may continue to participate and report scores, but those scores will not contribute to you or your team qualifying for Regionals. What I meant in the earlier post was that your performance needn't be competitive for you to stay in, omitting the explicit statement "as long as you perform the workout as prescribed."

As to cheating, blatant cheating discovered will result not only in all involved being permanently banned from all CrossFit Games competitions, but if any of the implicated are affiliates, their affiliation will be revoked.

26. Match Murphy wrote...

Question for Tony Budding about the text below?

"It is the athlete’s responsibility, however, to complete and submit their results for the week’s workout, whether at an affiliate or via video submission."

Our affiliate will be opting in each week, So if it is the athletes responsibility to submit results, how do I as an affiliate owner make sure the results submitted are the true and correct results that I signed off on?

Or have I just misunderstood the wording?

Thanks, Match

27. randy wrote...

i like the new qualification process to get to regionals. in theory, it opens the door for anyone to get to the games. cheating is a reality in sports and in life. my personal opinion is that this will be minimal in the qualification/validation process. as many have eluded to in previous posts, who wants to get their a$$ handed to them at regionals by embellishing their times/rounds/weights during qualification? at crossfit denver should we be validated for weekly qualification workouts each & every rep will meet standards.

28. Sven wrote...

#28. Match Murphy

I am not Tony Budding, but I think that what they meant is that the athlete's going to the affiliate and doing the workout ALSO would count as submitting the result (as well as by doing it by video). The athlete is submitting his/hers result via the affiliate.

The athlete is responsible for going there and performing in the WOD, but the affiliate is in fact sending in the results...

So the problem you described shouldn't ever arise. It would be impossible to resolve.

At least that's how I interpret it.

29. Match Murphy wrote...

Thanks Sven #30
Im still unclear and would like Tonys clarification as I think the wording implies the athletes will be the ones submitting the results instead of the affiliate owner.
Cheers Match

30. Russ Greene wrote...

Sven and Match Murphy,

Athletes will submit their own performances to the site. There is an automatic notification process within the new system that will notify the affiliate of all workouts posted that require their validation.

31. sven wrote...

#30 Russ

Ok. That might work out. But what if the athlete submits a time that is 1 second off compared to what the affiliate has recorded. Will that result be totally invalid than? Or should the affiliate fill out the correct time?

32. Cav wrote...

Sometimes you just have to have faith in the process.

33. Larry wrote...

So if my affiliate Opts-In on a given week does that mean it HAS to open its doors for other CrossFitters to compete? Here is the issue. We have a small box. My fear is that if we Opt-in I'll have 100 CrossFitters showing up to hit the qualifying WOD. Now I've got space issues, equipment issues, staffing (judging) issues, etc. Do I need to close my regular classes for the day? I would like to be able to Opt-In so that my athletes can complete the WOD and we can submit their results. I'm not particularly interested in or set-up to host larger scale CrossFit competitions. Is anyone else concerned about this?

34. GrandMasterG wrote...

Larry, many of us in the community are waiting for more details. Tony Budding seems to think he has answered all the questions except for the release of the workout details. Tony?

35. Ferngames wrote...

The never ending discussions on cheating amaze me. Bottom line is this, the fittest guy/gal will make it to the games. Cheaters will be found out eventually, and if you were battling for that bottom spot at your region, then the likelyhood of you making the games is next to zero. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but that is the fact of the matter. Let the cheaters show up, hell invited them, give them front row seats, I'm sure Coach Glassman would be happy to give them a seat right next to the spots he is making available for the P-90Xers! If you cheat, you will look like a clown, so be my guest, short your ROM, shave the reps, who cares, you won't make it the distance, it will never happen! And if nobody has realized it yet, this is HQs way of putting the legitimacy of the athletes on the community, and that is the way it should be. We build them, so we are responsible for those atheletes. Be accountable! Train hard, and take care of your people!

36. Match Murphy wrote...

#30 Russ Greene
Thanks Russ, that takes care of that

37. Nick @ OTG wrote...

Tony -

Regarding Affiliate Opt-In Registrations:

As an affiliate I would like to know the details and process for registering NOW that way we're not scrambling to schedule these WOD's into our programming and into our class schedule last minute.

I would also like to know NOW so we can set up infrastructure for signing athletes in and up, as well as , arrange judges for the WOD. Letting us know a week before is setting us up for the potential of poor hosting and severe scheduling conflicts. This would result in everything you're trying to avoid in this new process.

Athletes are going to want to know when and where they can do the WOD's with more advanced notice then a week.

I have athletes ask me EVERYDAY: are you opting-in? are you registered? when's it going to be? what time?
These are questions I should be able to answer NOW. Not the week before. These people need to fit this into their schedule NOW. Thank you for your time!

38. Justin wrote...

This everybody is in if they complete the WOD rx'd is brilliant idea. What a great way to get everyone at your respected affiliate to compete, show their strengths, and be part of the team. As for cheating as soon as the prize money was announced for the games this year the stakes were raised. We all know who can do the the work, I just hope those that try to cheat are banned for life.

39. mike ford wrote...

I am looking forward to finding out how this will all pan out...I just hope any legit athletes don't get screwed due to technical errors...good luck to all and we at Beaverton Crossfit will be opting in on all WODs possible, see you there

40. Melissa wrote...

HELP!! WHAT DO I DO?? Here is my situation... i am going on my honeymoon during one of these weeks. I know I can do the wod's prescribed but what if I can't find a gym nearby that has the equipment I need. I will be in Costa Rica and the only crossfit I found was in San Jose which I will be no where near (like 8 hours away). What can I do since my trip is Sunday to Sunday? I will get back Sunday late night. If I can't do the WOD prescribed because of circumstance, can I work with whatever equipment I have and take penalties just so I can say I did the wod?

41. grant wrote...

Our gym will be opting in. I have 3 questions
1. if an athlete scores high enough in weeks 1&2 to count for their affiliate score but then DNFs in week 3 will the athlete's scores from weeks 1&2 be negated retroactively from helping their affiliate qualify? If they do will the next highest score be inserted in it's place?
2. If an athlete does the wod 3 times do they need to wait until Sunday to submit it or will the website update their score?
3. I hope I'm incorrect, but if an athlete is registered as part of an affiliate team and has to submit a video for validation, is it up to the box that the affiliated with to validate the video or is that done by HQ?

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