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2011 CrossFit Games

Scouting Report: U.S. Mixed Region Edition

With the 2011 CrossFit Games season only a few months away, preparation for the Games is heating up. If there is anything we have learned from years past, it's that previously low-profile athletes will come out of nowhere to challenge CrossFit's elite.

Last week, we highlighted a few of the men who have done well at the fierce Southern California competition scene. Today, we cross regional boundaries to expose a few of the strong athletes from throughout the United States. 

Nick Branting

To put it simply, Nick Branting is a high achiever. He started CrossFit in 2007 while in his third year of medical school and continued to push his body to the limit throughout the exhausting, sleepless years of his medical training.

A few years before, Nick played basketball for the University of Nebraska at Kearney and earned the titles NCAA Division II National Player of the Year (Basketball), NCAA Division II Academic All American of the Year (All Sports), and NCAA Division II Male Student Athlete of the Year (All Sports). After college, he played a season of professional basketball in Lisbon, Portugal. He then played in the U.S. Basketball League before attending medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha (2005 to 2009). Nick is now in his first year of his radiology residency at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. He has three more years of residency ahead of him.

To get back to CrossFit, Nick entered his first CrossFit competition last year with the 2010 Washington Sectional. He took 15th place and moved on to the 2010 Northwest Regional where he came in 9th. Since the 2010 Games season, he has started training at CrossFit Lake Oswego under Tommy and Lauren Rudge. Branting says they have been instrumental in taking his training to new levels. Since the switch, Branting has claimed 1st in each of the events he has entered, including an Olympic lifting competition, a strong man competition, and a local CrossFit competition. Next is the CrossFit Games Open…

Age: 29
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 225lbs.

Deadlift: 505
Back squat: 445
Front squat: 365
Overhead squat: 315
Press: 205
Squat clean: 335
Snatch: 245

Fran: 2:45
Karen: 4:22
Isabel: 2:06
Grace: 2:22
Nancy: 11:19

Fight Gone Bad: 395
500 m row: 1:21
2k row: 6:28
400 m run: 1:00

2010 Washington Sectional: 15th
2010 Northwest Regional: 9th
USAW/CrossFit Weightlifting Open (105kg class), Oct. 2010: 1st
Mt. Rainier Strongest Man and Woman Competition (200-225 lb wt. class), Nov. 2010: 1st
Oregon Games, Jan. 2011: 1st

Todd Edmunds

Todd Edmunds is giving his all to the lead-up to the 2011 CrossFit Games. At thirty-four years old, the medical salesman and full-time father of two feels that “the clock is ticking” on his chance at an Individual bid to the CrossFit Games. We see no sign of wearing down in his recent local competition showings. Edmunds recently claimed 1st at CrossFit Charlottesville’s 2011 SuperFit Games for the second consecutive year. Last fall, he took home 1st from Doug Chapman’s Midwest Hopper Challenge, and 2nd from his home box R.A.W. CrossFit’s Fall Brawl.

To get in his training, Edmunds wakes up before the sun rises. It’s a compromise he and his wife are willing to make so that they may both work full-time, achieve their personal goals, and still be the best parents possible to their 15 month old and 3 year old daughters. Todd’s training at R.A.W. CrossFit is strength-biased and includes components of Westside and Wendler. On the side, he works on his technique in the Olympic lifts.

None of his stats are shabby, and his 482 on Fight Gone Bad and six minute thirty-three second 2000m row are truly beastly. 

Age: 34
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 182

Fran 2:15
Cindy: 28
Helen: 7:00
Grace: 3:08 @ 155#
Diane: 4:54

Fight Gone Bad: 482
Filthy 50: 17:55
2k Row: 6:33
400 m Run: 1:07

Deadlift: 455lbs
Press: 175lbs
Squat: 375lbs
Clean and Jerk: 250lbs
Snatch: 175lbs  

2010 SuperFit Games: 1st
2010 PA Sectional: 11th
2010 Central East Regional: 8th
2010 CrossFit R.A.W.'s Fall Brawl: 2nd
2010 Midwest Hopper Challenge: 1st
2011 SuperFit Games: 1st

Dave Ulmer

Dave Ulmer trains out of CrossFit Columbus in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up on the East Coast just outside of Rochester, New York and played a variety of sports up through high school. He received a lot of attention early on for football, as a linebacker and running back, which eventually led him to Bucknell University. He was a 4-year Letterman playing linebacker while pursuing a B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in Sociology.

Dave still likes to create artwork, commissioning and selling pieces when he can. To make a steady living, he serves and bartends at a nearby country club and works part-time as an educator for Lululemon. He will soon be a Level 1 Certified trainer, and will help out his friends Graham Holmberg and Brandon Couden at CrossFit Columbus.

He first heard about CrossFit in 2007, and began incorporating bits from the Mainsite into this training. He was two years out of college, and he was losing motivation to workout. After years of competitive sports, he no longer had something to train for. Picking up CrossFit and setting his mind on the Games helped turn that around.

Ulmer performed well on the first day of the 2010 Central East Regional, but got set back after lingering lower back problems from football were triggered by the max deadlift. Staying healthy and injury free “can be a battle when training at high intensity” in Ulmer’s words, but “it’s part of the sport.” Training alongside Dan Bailey, Graham Holmberg, and other exceptional CrossFitters from Ohio, Ulmer is getting set to make a solid showing in 2011.

Age: 28
Height: 5’ 10.75”
Weight: 205 lbs.

Fran: 2:34                                                             
Grace: 90sec                                                           
Isabel: 1:36                                                             
Helen: 9:12 (500m, 70kb)        
Mary: 11 rounds +25                    
DT: 5:41                                 
Miagi: 36:29

1 Mile Run: 5:40
Max Consecutive Muscle ups: 12

500m Row: 1:23.5
1k Row: 3:15
5k Row: 19:05

Deadlift: 535
Front Squat: 365
Press: 200
C&J: 285
Snatch: 215

Ohio Sectional, 2010: 2nd
Central East Regional, 2010: 6th

Andrea Roozen

Andrea Roozen recently claimed second at the Oregon Games, just behind 2010 CrossFit Games competitor Cheryl Brost. Andrea and Cheryl have in turn beaten and fallen behind each other in competitions over the last year. At the 2010 Oregon (incl. ID) Sectional Roozen finished ahead of Brost, claiming 4th place while Brost took home 8th. At the 2010 Northwest Regional fortunes shifted, Brost took 2nd and qualified for the Games while Andrea placed 11th.

After the 2010 Games season a “fire was lit.” Roozen is driven to make it through the Open and have a stronger showing at the 2011 Northwest Regional. Competing is second nature for Andrea. She played Division 1 soccer and ran track and cross-country for Santa Clara University in the Silicon Valley of California. After graduating, she traveled overseas to Germany to continue her soccer career for another year and a half. Roozen has now been training with CrossFit HEL for the last two years.

Roozen and Brost will again compete for a place in the Northwest Regional, and later the Games. Will fortunes shift this year?

Age: 27
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135lbs.

Deadlift: 315
Squat Clean: 175 
Jerk: 170
Snatch: 115

Annie: 5:27
Grace (squat cleans): 4:24
Grace (power cleans): 3:07
Helen: 8:47
Cindy: 18 (with chest to bar pull-ups)
Nancy: 13:06
Angie: 17:03 (with chest to bar pull-ups)

Fight Gone Bad: 330
400m run: 1:08
5k: 20:31

Oregon (incl. ID) Sectional, 2010: 4th
Northwest Regional, 2010: 11th
Oregon Games, 2011: 2nd

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1. Patrick McCarty wrote...

The stats are insane. I am looking forward to watching you all compete this year.

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Goooo Roozen!!

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Dave Ulmer = Beast.

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Yeah Roozen!! Keep that fire lit. Good job girl!!

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Roozen = Total Awesome Sauce!

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Andrea - keep up the hard work - you are my ninja hero!

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Nick, Well done. You are really getting into this and it is starting to be recognized nationally. You are going to continue to excel and do great.

Nice work.

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Get it Roozen!!!!!!

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Glad I'm not in that age group, good god! Have fun going toe 2 toe with one of those cats.

11. Nick Grant wrote...

Nick B. is a beast! We trained together at Crossfit Spokane when he was there for one of his rotations. Dude is legit-lifts like Rob Orlando, Met-con like Spealler. Plus, he is humble-never once did he say he was the DII NPOY at Nebraska.

I hope you kick ass Nick!


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