Max Fernandez

2011 CrossFit Games

Scouting Report: Southern California Men's Edition

A Few of the Competition Regulars

With the 2011 CrossFit Games season only a few months away, preparation for the Games is heating up. If there is anything we have learned from years past, it's that previously low-profile athletes will come out of nowhere to challenge CrossFit's elite.

Last week, we highlighted a few of the women who are regulars to the fierce Southern California competition scene, including some of the top finishers at the OC Throwdown and the Next Level Invitational. Today, we turn to the men. Among them, we have two former Marines and a soon-to-be father. If you're interested in SoCal men, make sure to check out Ben Hopkin's recovery from his motorcycle accident and our previous scouting reports.

Max Fernandez

Max Fernandez owns and operates CrossFit South County in Laguna Hills, California. He has claimed top positions at several Southern California CrossFit competitions, including 1st at the OC Throwdown last August and 13th at the 2010 Southwest Regional, two positions ahead of the “Manimal” Pat Barber. He has well-rounded stats, with a few exceptional times such as his 2:20 Diane.

Prior to CrossFit, Fernandez was an Infantryman for the Marine Corps. His job as a Marine demanded fitness and mental strength, both of which he has brought to CrossFit training and competition. As Max puts it, “I feel being an active Marine gave me an edge on mindset and mental strength. This has been 50% of winning or losing in my personal CrossFit experience. Seriously, when you’re talking about seconds between losing and winning in a sport like CrossFit, it takes a serious amount of discomfort and pain to keep pushing. This is simply true grit and pure determination of the mind… I am a very focused individual and use this to my advantage during competitions. ”

In his training, Max aims to push himself as hard as he possibly can 4-5 times per week without over-doing it. To gain a competitive edge, he works on skills such as improving his transition time between exercises, the speed of his movements, and the diversity of his skills.

Diane: 2:20
Elizabeth: 6:30
Helen: 7:38

5k run 22:00
30 muscle ups for time 5:34
FGB: 420
Filthy Fifty: 20:40

Deadlift: 470
Squat: 375
Press: 200
Clean and Jerk: 305
Snatch: 225

7th   Regional Qualifiers SoCal, 2009 7th place (The top 6 went to the Games)
4th   S. California Sectional, 2010
13th Southwest Regional, 2010  (2 ahead of Pat Barber)
1st  OC Throwdown, Aug. 2010
2nd  2010 Next Level Invitational II, 2010
4th  Next Level Invitational III, 2010

Paul Gregrow

Paul Gregrow works as the head coach of CrossFit South County, alongside Max Fernandez. He has been active in the Southern California competition scene, and pulled 3rd place at the Next Level Invitational in August of last year.

Like many CrossFitters, Paul found CrossFit online while he was still working at a Globo-Gym. He taught a bootcamp course and started incorporating bits and pieces of what he’d learned from CrossFit. Eventually he moved from the Globo-Gym to CrossFit South County. Paul spent six months as a client, learning what he could from Max Fernandez, before he started working as a L1 Trainer. After two years, he still boasts “I have the best job in the world.”

Paul is going to make his best run for the Games, though he may have some (pleasant) distractions. He and his wife Stacey are expecting their first child just after the Open Qualifier wraps up in mid-April. We wish him the best of luck with both.

Age: 28
Weight: 200lbs.
Height: 6'2"

Fran: 2:59
Helen: 8:18
Grace: 1:53
Amanda: 5:35
Bull: 44:15

FGB: 392
2K row: 6:58
Mile run: 5:25

Deadlift: 455
Back Squat: 350
Clean: 275
Overhead Squat: 285
Split Jerk: 285
Clean and Jerk: 270
Squat Snatch: 215

12th  OC Throwdown, Jan. 2010
6th   Southern California Sectional, March 2010
30th Southwest Regional, May 2010
3rd   Next Level Invitational, Aug. 2010
6th   Next Level Invitational, Dec. 2010
11th OC Throwdown, Jan. 2011

Seth Radnothy

Seth Radnothy works as a paramedic and CrossFit SoCal trainer in San Diego, California. From the time he turned eighteen until now, Radnothy has been setting his life on course for as many different physical and mental challenges as he can. Straight out of high school, Seth joined the First Recon Company of the Marine Corps and served four years of active duty. When he finished his service to the Marines, he took up triathlons for six years and eventually added in rock climbing. Two years ago he found CrossFit. Like most athletes featured in the Scouting Reports, he was immediately addicted.

Last year, Radnothy placed 6th at the San Diego (incl. Arizona) Sectional earning a spot in the Southwest Regional. Instead of following his Individual bid to Regionals, Radnothy opted to compete in the Affiliate Cup for a second time with CrossFit SoCal. They placed 15th overall at the 2010 Games. This year he’s considering a push for Individual competition. 

Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175lbs

Diane: 3:59
Elizabeth: 3:56
Helen: 7:22
Fight Gone Bad: 416
Filthy Fifty: 17:20

5k run: 17:52
400m run: 1:14
30 Muscle-ups for time: 4:25

Deadlift: 405lbs
Squat: 340lbs x5
Clean and Jerk: 255lbs
Snatch: 190lbs
Press: 195lbs

7th  : 2009 Games Affiliate Cup, CrossFit SoCal
6th : San Diego (incl. Arizona) Sectional, 2010
14th : 2010 Games Affiliate Cup, CrossFit SoCal

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1. Pat Burke wrote...

Oorah Marines!

2. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Yeah Seth! I would wish you the best but I'll be competing against you this year, haha. Looking forward to some training sessions.

3. Bryce wrote...

Yut, to Marines Max Fernandez and Pat Burke. S/F.

4. Matt Banwart wrote...

Beasts! Good luck guys!

5. Andrew wrote...

Go Peaches!

6. LanceC wrote...

A very familiar face. Great to see you on here Max! You guys train hard, and it’s paying off. Best of luck this season!

7. Lucy wrote...

Way to go Max and Paul! I feel honored to be a part of CrossFit South County with 2 strong and dedicated coaches leading the pack! CFSC is a lucky community to have you both train us and encourage us everyday!

8. Wayne Willette wrote...

Way to represent Paul and Max! I look forward to this year's competitions. Keep up the hard work.

9. Nat wrote...

These boys are always on fire at the SOCAL competitions! Glad they have made it so far and set the bar high for athletes everywhere!

10. Jeff wrote...

The coaching and team vibe is what makes Crossfit South County great. They take it seriously and sincerely want everyone to achieve their goals. I can always expect the same level of energy and intensity everytime I walk through the door.

11. Sara McRoberts wrote...

Congrats to 2 incredible athletes Paul and Max! Always exciting to watch compete, it's awesome to see your hard work and dedication to the sport recognized....good luck with games season!!!

12. Brian wrote...

Lucy said it all above, but I gotta reiterate how inspirational it is to watch Max & Paul compete... and how much being a member at CFSC has added to my life. I can't imagine a better community or better community leaders

13. Grace wrote...

So lucky to be coached by Max and Paul and to be a part of the CFSC community. They are truly inspirational and embody what drinking the kool-aid is all about. Get some!

14. Helen Szkorla wrote...

Max and Paul - congrats to two super athletes AND coaches! It's inspiring and exciting to watch you guys compete - especially side by side. I can't wait to see you both at Regionals!

15. Johnny wrote...

Congrats to Max and Paul! Crossfit south county has def changed my life for the better. Couldnt have asked for two better coaches. Looking forward to watching you two compete! Get Some!

16. Alina wrote...

Congrats Max and Paul! Both of you are a true inspiration and motivation for anyone who engages in Crossfit. You profess extreme passion in both your coaching & at competitions. I feel blessed to be a part of the CFSC community. Good luck at the 2011 Games!

17. RICH wrote...

Max & Paul are B.A.M.F!! That is all..

18. Julie wrote...

Nice Max and Paul! Everyone at CFSC is lucky to have you as our coaches. You make us better athletes with every WOD! Can't wait to see you compete again - bring it on!

19. Steve wrote...

Way to go, Seth! Stay strong, 'cause it looks like some guy named Adam is coming after you.

20. Mom wrote...

right on Sether! Glad you are having such a great and successful time with your newest OCD activity! love ya !


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