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Scouting Report: European Edition Round Two

A Few More of the European Athletes

With the 2011 CrossFit Games season starting on March 15th, preparation for the Games is going into high gear. If there is anything we have learned from years past, it's that previously low-profile athletes will come out of nowhere to challenge CrossFit's elite.

Last week, we highlighted a few athletes from Oregon and the Central East. Today, we cross the pond yet again to expose some of the athletes out of Europe. Among them, we have Iceland Annie's affiliate co-owner, a Welsh ambulance technician who saved a man from a burning car, and a Danish medical school student. 

Dafydd Dennis

Dafydd Dennis co-owns CrossFit Cardiff in Wales, UK. He took 5th at the 2010 UK/Ireland Sectionaland 15th at the 2010 European Regional. Dennis has been training with CrossFit for the last two years, and according to one of his friends and fellow CrossFitters remains “super keen about CrossFit.”

Dennis spent seven years in the Royal Marines serving as a commando, where he says he established the majority of his fitness. Since leaving the Marines he was employed as a team leader on a close protection team in Iraq for two years before joining the Welsh Ambulance Service where he works as an EMT. Dennis has been CrossFitting since 2008.

Dayfdd was recently awarded the Welsh Ambulance Service Special Bravery Award for saving a man from a burning car. Dafydd was driving home from a ten hour shift in the early hours of the morning when he noticed some debris by the side of the road. He pulled off to check for an accident when he saw the glow of a fire down the bank below. Dennis scrambled down the hillside, found a car flipped and ablaze, and pulled out the victim before the car exploded. Since the man was quite a bit larger than him, Dennis says that "CrossFit likely had a good part to play in his survival."  Though there's no WOD that can build the courage and altruism that Dennis displayed, he brought that in on his own.

To get back to CrossFit, Dennis shows impressive conditioning with a 2:33 Fran and 31 rounds of Cindy. In the European Regionals of the past, we have seen many quick athletes with lower strength numbers than in other regions of the world. Dennis may have a shot at returning to the European Regional and improving his showing since last year.

Age: 28
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 172lbs.
Fran: 2:33
Diane: 3:06
Helen: 7:21
Grace: 2:21 
Cindy: 31 rounds (+5squats)
Elizabeth: 5:19
Nate: 21 rounds

Filthy Fifty: 16:02
Fight Gone Bad: 401
30 Muscle Ups for time: 4:05 

Deadlift: 385lbs
Overhead squat: 242lbs 
Power clean: 253lbs
5k run: 18:39
2010 UK/Ireland Sectional: 5th
2010 European Regional: 15th
2010 CrossFit Central Manchester Invitationals: 7th
2010 CrossFit Copenhagen Fit as Fu*k Challenge: 10th

Elvar Karlsson

Elvar Karlsson runs CrossFit BC Island in Reykjavik, Iceland with 2010 Games competitor ‘Iceland’ Annie Thorisdottir. On the side, he works as a trainer for Bootcamp Iceland.

Karlsson says that he’s drawn to tough physical challenges. In addition to CrossFit, he has twice gone through Hell Weekend, a 36 hour SEAL training course simulation, and has competed in long distance running, a few marathons and ultra-marathons (up to 100 kilometers for a single race).

As one might expect, Elvar holds some impressive run and row times. He can churn out a 2000m row in six minutes and twenty two seconds, and an eighteen minute 5K run. He says that he excels in workouts that involve high repetition bodyweight movements and light loads; get out of his way for runs and double unders. Elvar shows that he has strength with his 495 pound deadlift, but he needs to work on his Olympic lifts and his aversion to heavy-load WODs. He’s got solid stats, and at just twenty years old he has plenty of time to improve and keep coming back for more.

Age: 20
Height: 186cm (6'1)
Weight: 86kg (190lbs)

Fran: 2:52
Annie: 4:56
Jackie: 6:08
Elizabeth (Power Cleans): 3:01
Fight Gone Bad: 456
Filthy Fifty: 15:21

400m run: 0:59
5k run: 18:01
10k run: 37:48

500m row: 1:21,0
2000m row: 6:22,1

Snatch: 165lbs.
Clean & Jerk: 242lbs.
Deadlift: 495lbs.
Squat: 341lbs.

30 Muscle Ups for time: 6:05
Max reps HSPU: 18

2009 Iceland Regional: 2nd 
2010 Iceland Sectional: 1st 
2010 Europe Regional: 7th
2011 Danish CrossFit Open, 2011: 3rd

Anders Galaly

Anders Galaly is a twenty three year old medical student out of the city Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. He is still new to CrossFit, with just a year of training and two CrossFit competitions behind him.

Before Anders found CrossFit, he kept active with basketball and tennis, and mixed together various training programs so to push his fitness (such as strength training, yoga, and distance running). He was drawn to CrossFit because he’d heard it covers “most aspects of fitness.” While training for medical school, CrossFit offered all he needed for fitness and fit within his busy schedule.

On January 29th, Galaly traveled three hours by car and ferry to get to the Danish CrossFit Open in Copenhagen. The box was packed with spectators as they watched to see which of the 15 pre-qualified men would come out the victor. Icelander Elvar Karlsson and Dane Frederik Aegius alternately claimed first place in the five events, drawing the attention of those watching. But Galaly tracked behind them and performed consistently in each workout. Anders eventually edged out Elvar by beating him in the Chipper, and pushed out a 3rd place backsquat by force of will. Galaly claimed 2nd overall.

Age: 23
Height: 1.92m (6’ 3”)
Weight: 89 kg (196 lbs)

Fran: 2:55
Barbara: 26:09
Helen: 7:21
Eva: 35 min

Nate: 17. 3 rounds
Randy: 3:13
Bull: 42:09

Filthy Fifty: 17:10

5 K run: 18.33
500 m row: 1.23

Deadlift: 463 lbs
Back Squat: 331 lbs
Press: 170 lbs
Benchpress: 287 lbs
Clean and jerk: 235 lbs
Snatch: 165 lbs

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Well done Coach Davs! Big CrossFit Cardiff love!!!

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