Miguel Toledano

2011 CrossFit Games

Miguel Toledano Gets Ready for the Open

He's Spent the Last Year Training...in Afghanistan

Miguel Toledano took first place at a recent local CrossFit competition. He's also found time away from his busy job to train for the CrossFit Games Open in March.

Miguel's not your typical CrossFit firebreather though. The local competition that Miguel won was the CrossFit Leatherneck Fitness Challenge Throwdown. It took place on February 5-6 at Camp Leatherneck, a forward operating base in Afghanistan. And Miguel's job is not your ordinary desk work, he is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps.

He sent in this list of his benchmark workouts:

Fran: 2:08
Helen: 7:04
Cindy: 34 rounds
Grace: 2:18
Diane: 2:20
CrossFit Total: 1230 (525 squat, 510 deadlift, 195 press)
Snatch - 175 lbs.
Clean and jerk: 250 lbs.
30 muscle-ups: 4:58
5k row: 18:29

While these stats are impressive, they are even more meaningful in light of the obstacles that Miguel's overcome to achieve them. Miguel's has been deployed for most of the past year and dealt with a couple of major injuries along the way.

At the 2010 San Diego/ Arizona Sectional, Miguel tore his hamstring in the first event, but continued with the competition. Given his injury, he finished 34rd overall, a placing that belies his true fitness level.

Shortly thereafter, Miguel deployed to Afghanistan. While on a mission, he suffered another injury to his legs and tore his ACL. Getting surgery would have meant the end of his deployment, but Miguel "wasn't hearing any of that," so he decided to try to "rehab it on my own."

His workout regimen since that injury has been remarkably intense. Miguel combines olympic lifting programming from Coach Burgener, mainsite CrossFit.com WOD's, and CrossFit Endurance programming into his exercise regimen.

Miguel's journey with CrossFit began in June of 2008 when a friend convinced him to take his spot at a CrossFit Level 1 course, paid for by the Marine Corps. With a 405 lb. bench press, 510 lb. squat, and 17:05 3 mile run, Miguel thought he was in the best shape of his life. When the weekend was over, and he had given his first efforts at Fran (11:08), and Helen (13:25), Miguel realized that he was "nowhere near being in good shape."

Since that Level 1, the Marine officer has CrossFitted "religiously" and even incorporated CrossFit into the training that he conducts with his Marines. He runs all of his Marines through a 12 week workout "fundamentals training course", and the results have been extraordinary. He's gotten so much positive feedback about the CrossFit course that he can't even "keep track of the number" anymore. 

Miguel enjoyed the format of last year's Sectionals, but he has a flexible mindset as a competitor: "A top competitor will still end up being in the top when all is said and done. I'm ready to follow whatever format is out there." He's recently returned home from Afghanistan, and this year he's "ready to make it to the top."

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18 comments on this entry

1. Leo S wrote...

That's phenomenal!

2. Thomas E wrote...

Thank you to Miguel and all of our armed forces for protecting our great country. I truly hope that Miguel's knee has healed 100% because with numbers like the ones he is posting, he is going to be a beast come the 2011 CrossFit Games time!!!

3. Steve wrote...

Those are sick numbers. I'm just curious, what are Miguel's height and weight?

4. mike wrote...

That's legit. really solid numbers! He should go see an Oly coach and get those numbers up given his strength could be done instantly.

5. Kyle wrote...

Wow, I saw this guy on beyondthewhiteboard.com last year and I didn't think he was real. We'll apparently he is, haha. Those are some insane numbers, great job man.

6. NIKKI wrote...

I really appreciate his sacrifice, but.....

His strength numbers are odd. A legit backsquat (ass to grass) of 525lbs is a big indicator of posterior chain strength. However, the deadlift seems low for that strength. The O-lift numbers are fine as technique and speed are HUGE COMPONENTS and I imagine they get little training for O-Lift. A 30+ Cindy is insane...


7. John H. wrote...

His numbers are legit, I've had the honor of training with him at CF LNK this year and I was there for numerous displays of his beast-hood. Whenever I programmed I tried to find something I could beat him at, his deployment ended before I succeeded. He convinces many people that this stuff is easy, they try and emulate it, and realize just how hard it all is...

Miguel buddy! I know you're training hard, but drink a beer for the rest of us still stuck in this sh*th*le! We're still planning on creating a team for CF Leatherneck, those of us who get back in time will have to form the team if we make it through the open, of course, you'll have to make the choice between the affiliate cup and the individuals, most of us won't have that issue!
Semper Fi
John Hoffner

8. Jordan Wright wrote...

Gratz Miguel. Looking forward to seeing you in the regionals this year. I think you have a good shot of making it. Great stats. Stay safe out there and don't like the bugs bit ya. Keep up the good work.

9. Chris Netley wrote...

Capt T!

Good luck! I'll see you when we get back.

10. Landon Phillips wrote...

I second that John! Let's not forget all the times Capt T threw on that 20lb vest and still smoke checked all of us! Get home safe - it's good to be home.

11. Chris M. wrote...

Not included in this article is the mention of all the time he took to mentor a number of us to further the CrossFit community as we become the next wave of coaches. Capt T (Coach T to many of us!) always brought a great heart, a healthy dose of humility and humor that only fellow Fran survivors can hope to understand.

Thanks T! Your friendship and mentorship helped make this deployment MUCH more endurable. I second John's note that you have a beer for us. We'll hoist one with you soon enough--and CONGRATULATIONS again major-select!!

Semper Fi brother,
Chris Merrill

12. Darren Boyd wrote...

Coach T,
Thank you for getting me involved in CrossFit and breaking a 7 year aversion to it because of some bad apples. You patience and coaching have improved my overall fitness and while I am nowhere near your Cindy numbers, my 15 + 5 the other day was a vast improvement from my 1/2 Cindy during the ramp up. Good luck, God bless and know we are praying for you.
Looking forward to that beer with you as well as a Fight Gone Bad Championship Edition!

Darren Boyd

13. Bob P wrote...

Capt T threw down his 2:08 Fran while I was fighting off "Pukie" after my first CrossFit workout (a whopping 6rd+8push of Cindy in 10 min). It was a very humbling experience that changed my perspective on training and fitness. Miguel, great to hear you are home! I look forward to routing for you in the Games!

14. Miguel Toledano wrote...

To all of you that I've had the pleasure of training with and/or coaching out there at Crossfit Leatherneck in Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, I can not only thank you for the awesome time, but also thank you for the friendship and inspiration you've given me. Seeing everyone constantly making gains, setting PRs and striving to beat me at a WOD, always kept me on my toes and had me pushing myself to the limits. I've also learned so much from the other coaches out there whose programming and guidance have allowed me to peak with regards to my fitness levels. Im ready for the 2011 Crossfit Games to begin, I cant wait. For my brothers and sisters that's still out there in Afghanistan, you better believe that I'll have a beer or two for you!!

For all of the awesome comments above thanks alot, I really appreciate it.

To Steve #3 comment - I"m 5'7" tall and 170lbs

To Nikki #6 comment - My deadlift has always been somewheres near my Squat numbers for as long as i've been lifting. When one goes up, the other seems to follow. Maybe with a bit more guidance and instruction there's a possibility that it could be increased, but I couldnt imagine my squat #s not going up with it as well. Since my Oly #s are somewhat low, that's what i've been putting alot of focus on lately.

Miguel Toledano

15. Christian Bull wrote...

Sir!!! You made the big time! Been wondering where you have been. We (3/6) are getting ready to go to Afghanistan and I dont know if I will be able to compete. Good job at the throw down at Leatherneck. Consider yourself lucky I wasnt there!! haha! Miss ya Sir!

16. Juntz wrote...

Stay healthy Sir and good luck. Rooting for you
-Cpl Juntz

17. S. Wilson wrote...

I too witnessed his greatness in the 'Stan. Best of luck to you this summer Miguel.

Capt S. Wilson

18. Lee Morrison wrote...

Represent Capt T! All of us from Crossfitleatherneck will be pulling for you. Thanks for the incredible training, coaching, tough WODs, the challenges amongst the group and most of all ... our Friendship. Hooyah. Lee Morrison

Looking forward to our CF LNK Renunion.


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