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2011 CrossFit Games

Video Submission Tips For the CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Media Crew Gives Some Video Advice

Athletes  who do not perform a CrossFit Games Open workout at a registered affiliate will have to submit a video of their performance. With the Open just two weeks away, now is the perfect time for you to start honing your video skills. Don't wait until the Open starts to learn how to upload your videos. Here's a few tips from the CrossFit Media department on how to create and upload videos online:

  • Before the Open starts, be sure to set up a YoutubeVimeo, etc account. Make sure that you figure out how to upload videos to the site you choose.
  • Send a link of the uploaded video to friends and family to make sure that it works.
  • For each video, you'ill need a stop watch, camera, and tripod. 
  • Keep the camera view wide enough to see your entire body and the equipment involved through the full range of motion.
  • Some cameras only shoot for 12 minutes at a time. That may not be long enough for you to complete a workout. Make sure that your camera doesn't stop during the middle of a WOD.
  • The new Open site will run a weekly video on how to perform a given week's workout.
  • There must be another individual in the frame while you're doing the workout. Use this person to time you, coach you, and make sure every rep is legit. Find some friends now to help you through this process.
  • Youtube has a 15 minute limit on video length, and that may not be long enough for some workouts.
  • Find someone who has experience with Youtube or Vimeo to help show you the ropes.
  • HD video creates large files. You may need to compress them (not edit) to a smaller format for some sites.

Remember, the Open begins on March 15, so start practicing now!

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23 comments on this entry

1. Chris wrote...

First, I am excited as hell for the Open...I know there is a lot of hard work going into this and it is much appreciated. I have a few questions though. I have an Iphone 4...only shoots 720p...yes there are ways to compress it but you have to download software and it takes a ton of time and some people are not computer savvy. With Youtube basically out of the question because of the 15 min time limit your other option is Vimeo. Well they have a 500mb/week limit unless you pay to upgrade. I am doing the Throwdown series right now and running into a bunch of issues with this video submission. a 12 minute clip on an Iphone is roughly 1GB before compression...after is about 250mb-300mb. So what if the WOD takes around i am over the 500mb limit? Also I have to wait at least 7 days to submit another video because of the space limit Coach Glassman talked about pretty much everyone in the world with a Flip or Iphone...quote...should be able to compete. I see this as a lot of work for everyone to submit a video, with having to download software and know what you are doing with it. I am in the military and i cannot even imagine how the guys and gals that are currently deployed are going to be able to submit this stuff...they wont. The bandwith overseas...from experience from my deployments is terrible. And its not just Iphones that make large movies...other cameras and Flips, etc do it as well...especially for WODS that take any time over a 2min Fran. I literally was trying everything for about 15 hours this weekend to compress and upload a video for the Throwdown series and it was chaos. If any computer genius out there has any suggestions, I and everyone else would love to hear them because HQ is going to be getting swamped with questions.

2. Jaime Arashiro wrote...

for Spanish Speakers

3. bulldog wrote...

One Tip for MAC users:
If you have Quicktime, you can open your .mov file by opening it up with Quicktime. Then under file scroll down to "Save For The Web" and it will compress the heck out of it. Vimeo is probably a better choice then youtube for longer workouts needed to be uploaded. Good luck

4. Miranda wrote...

Heber "Cash and Prizes" Cannon has the Blue Steele look going on the ENTIRE time in this video.



5. Milk wrote...

Rory Mckernan is my hero...More videos of him interacting with the CrossFit Community.

6. RayG wrote...

Will affiliates be allowing "walk ins" as it were?

7. Frosh wrote...

Wait a second... Herber isn't in the last shot of the video. I'm sorry, Rory, you're going to have to shoot this all over again. Way to follow your own advice, hahaha

8. Tony Budding wrote...

Chris #1,
First off, spend the $20 ($10/mo for two months) to upgrade your Vimeo account. This will make your life much much easier. If you're using an iPhone, Quicktime is a free program that should do what you need. Test it though. If it compresses too much and we can't see the movement clearly, we can't validate the workout. Pretty much every video you see on this site was compressed using Quicktime. There are definitely many happy mediums.

9. Patrick McCarty wrote...

One alternative is; The premium account allows vids up to 3GB I believe.

You may also want to look into an inexpensive editing program like Cyberlink's Power Director which will allow you to choose a number of output formats and compression ratios, so you can find the one that works best for you.

10. Dave N, wrote...

I've followed the instructions so far to compress the file and am able to upload it to youtubesuccessfully to friens as well. My question is, will we be naming these wods certain names on youtube, and how will they know which videos belong to who? Does that make any sense?

11. Brian H wrote...

Here is a link to a free program that will convert to alot of options including youtube, from just about any format. I use them to convert videos to ipad format, but this program could make it easy on someone to get to the desired format for your video submissions.

Download the Freemake Video Converter "for freeeeeeeee" (adam sandler voice in Bedtime Stories) - click on Freemake Video Converter then click download and follow the prompts.

BTW...I am just a lowly I.T. Guy that loves crossfit, Use at your own risk :)

12. JP Mummey wrote...

Can 1 video have 2 athletes?

Assuming both are visible the entire time and full range of motion is identifiable. Then each athlete would submit the video for their own games account and identify which shirt they were wearing.


JP Mummey - Red shirt

Tony Budding - Black shirt

I ask because it's easier to push with someone else WODing next to you. If there's an issue with the setup I'll just go to an affiliate. No big deal.

13. Gabe...Crossfit Durham wrote...

After reading that I thank God I will be doing my WODS at registered affliates....the video submission is going to be a lot harder than I think some people realize...def do whatthey say and practice

14. Dave Re wrote...

Other free options - for Windows users, you can download Windows Movie Maker for free from Microsoft. Google "Windows Movie Maker YouTube" for specific upload info.

If you're using a Mac, iMovie should've come with your system. It uploads very easily to YouTube.

I haven't personally played with Vimeo, but I can't imagine the upload process is radically difficult compared to YouTube...

15. Chris wrote...

Tony and all...thanks for the help!

16. Webster wrote...

I love when new terms are created! Rory is the man! "Brain surgery" and / or "Rocket Science" is now "Brain Science", 0:46.

17. Steve Mus wrote...

I am assuming that there is no need for sound if ROM and time are captured in the video shot. This is sure to make the clips smaller in size.

18. Caleb Sommer wrote...

What if you live in China where Vimeo and YouTube are blocked?

19. kelly edelmann wrote...

Wondering if we can WOD outside our Region (I live in Tahoe and Reno is closest if they opt in). How can I get info on what gyms in my region are going to Opt in? Will there be a list of Opt in gyms in our area and hopefully a schedule to plan life around? Thanks

20. Tony Budding wrote...

Caleb Sommer,
You can upload to any site where you can send us the url and everyone can see it. YouTube and Vimeo are simply suggestions that are convenient for many people. But any site that allows the public to see your video can work.

I don't know what's blocked and not blocked in China, but I'd be shocked if there's no site you can use.

21. Rick Sinclair wrote...

iMovie for Mac allows you to select "Share" then select "Media Browser" and choose the size options which do compress significantly.

22. Rick Sinclair wrote...

iMovie for Mac allows you to select "Share" then select "Media Browser" and choose the size options which do compress significantly.

PS- What is the purpose for the second individual in the video?

23. Mel wrote...

Two questions.

1. If the "person" in the frame is just to make sure there are no jump-cuts or other funny business, can we substitute our dog? Seriously, my wife loves me, but I can't see her standing around watching we WOD for 15 minutes every week for 6 weeks.

2. Tripod said to be required. As in mandatory? If we put our camera on a box that is the right height, will that not do?

Anybody else feel a disconnect here with Coach's "open to all who have a flip-phone...hang it from your pull-up bar" -and- these new media standards?


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