Sue Habbe

2011 CrossFit Games

Masters Contender Sue Habbe

At 49, Sue holds a Jackie Time that Rivals Heather Bergeron

Sue Habbe is a schoolteacher out of Missoula, Montana. At forty-nine years old, Habbe holds some impressive figures, including an 8:07 Jackie (just seven seconds behind Heather Bergeron's Jackie time), and sub-four minute Fran. She played collegiate basketball at the University of Montana in the early 80’s, and now trains with 2010 Games competitor Kelly Jo Smith at CrossFit Montana.

In the years between college and now, Habbe kept active by going on 5-6 mile runs each day and attending a globo-gym. She describes herself then as “that girl in the gym 6-7 days a week lifting or on the stair climber with her iPod in.” Things changed when a group of people doing CrossFit WODs at the globo-gym asked her to join in. She was skeptical, but said yes, and didn’t regret it.

Age: 49
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125lbs

Fran: 3:40
Jackie: 8:07
Elizabeth: 5:47
Nasty Girls: 13:53
Fight Gone Bad: 361lbs

Power Clean: 145lbs
Push Jerk: 135lbs
Snatch: 100lbs

Did you have any experience with weightlifting (power or Olympic) or basic gymnastic movements before CrossFit? 

Only lifting I did was bench, some squats, maybe military press occasionally. Gymnastics? --Laughs-- Nope.

What's it like training with Kelly? Do you complete WODs together? 

Kelly Jo Smith is the heart and soul of CrossFit Montana. She is an outstanding trainer who does all the programming for our box. She has a special way of reaching all of our clients and motivating them to new levels every day. I would not be doing CrossFit if it weren't for her. I came into CrossFit loaded with bad habits.  I think she understands I am basically cranky, old, and stubborn. We occasionally complete WODs together, but we are both ultra-competitive so you know how that goes.  

What keeps you motivated to push your body to higher levels of fitness and to compete? Many women in their forties are not involved in intensive training, what about you made you decide to live differently? And of all options, why CrossFit?

I think I am one of those naturally competitive people, and maybe too much so. Growing up with three brothers probably cultivated that. CrossFit Montana has a pretty competitive environment too. I continue to do CrossFit because of Kelly and because many of the members of CrossFit MT have become my family. I love competing against them and with them. They are like my brothers and sisters.

As far as why I do CrossFit even though I'm old . . . I guess I honestly don't really think about that too much. I realize I'm older than dirt, but when I see the workout posted and it's time to go, I totally forget the age thing. 

Are you training for the Masters Division of the 2011 Games? How determined are you to make it? 

I have been thinking about it. Working on keeping all my body parts from falling off. I have a strong desire to compete for CrossFit Montana's affiliate team so I'm not sure how that works. Maybe I'll do both.

What's your family like? Do you have kids or a partner? 

That's easy to answer. I have a three year old golden retriever named Agnes. She is a genius, and pretty cute.

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6 comments on this entry

1. Handsome Rob wrote...

Wow! Looks like a powerhouse! Go Sue!!!

2. Jake Howard wrote...

Go Sue and CF Montana!!! We are all supporting you down here in the STL.

3. The Commish wrote...

Spider Monkey! Sue is only competing in the Masters Division to give all the youngins a chance-she is ageless, and can compete with anybody! Good thing she is better at Crossfit than she is at Fantasy Football...BOOM!

4. Ginger wrote...

Spider Monkey is going to rule the world one day! Look at Crossfit Montana's website and check out this ladies Abs!

5. Jack wrote...

Sue is a badass! I'm proud to workout with such an incredible athlete! CFMT must be doing something right, watch out affiliate cup!

6. RayG wrote...

Hope she has followed along and posted some WODs at and joined the CF masters group on facebook.


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