Lisa Shiu

2011 CrossFit Games

Getting to Know Lisa Shiu

Another Beast Out of the Central East

Arnold Schwarzenegger counted down her last few reps as she pulled through the final workout of the 2010 Ohio Sectional at the Arnold Classic. As she lay collapsed on the floor regaining her breath, Arnold came over to shake her hand. Lisa Shiu had claimed first overall, just ahead of future Games competitor Julie Foucher.

Fortunes changed at the 2010 Central East Regional. Shiu’s weakness in distance running was exposed on the trail run, leaving her with 6th overall and no ticket to the Games.

In the months since then, Shiu has been working on her weaknesses at her box in Kent, Ohio alongside her coach and fiancé Charlie Dunifer. She has found that many of her weaknesses “were more mental than physical.”

Lisa has had a couple of strong showings at CrossFit competitions in the fall, taking 2nd behind Julie Foucher at the Midwest Hopper Challenge, 4th at the Fall Brawl, and 1st at the recent Great Lakes Invitational. Living in the Central East powerhouse, she often gets to train and compete alongside of some of the best CrossFit athletes. If she fixes her hate-hate relationship with runs, and continues to progress in other skills (and set awesome PRs like a 2:49 Fran and 31 rounds of Cindy), we may see a lot more of her in the future.

To get an idea of her athletic background, Lisa dabbled in various sports as she was growing up until gymnastics began to require a larger time commitment. She continued with gymnastics up through high school, ending as a Level 7 gymnast. Lisa was drawn to the challenge of gymnastics, the allure of aspiring for perfection, and the endless list of new skills to master.

In college, she traded gymnastics for rugby. She took to rucks and scrums, tackling, and all of the physical abuse of the rugby pitch until a misguided tackle took out her knee—requiring full ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair—ending her rugby career.

At this point she was deep into her study of Exercise Physiology at the University of Ohio. Lisa often tested her academic knowledge with her physical training, looking to see what she responded to best. After graduate school and a few months training athletes at globo-gyms and a local university, she found CrossFit and was naturally drawn to it. Her athletic career shows every mark of a CrossFit athlete: drawn to physical challenge, not adverse to pain and suffering for a sport (after all, every rugger owns at least one sticker or shirt emblazed with the motto “give blood, play rugby”), open to learn new skills, and inclined to take a scientific approach to fitness.

We wish her the best of luck with her new box and in the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.

Benchmark Stats and Competition History:

Fran: 2:49
Cindy: 31 rounds
Helen: 8:25
Nancy: 12:18
Elizabeth 5:14
Eva 39:43

Filthy 50: 18:45
Man Fran (95/chest to bar): 6:40
Heavy Grace (105): 2:25
Man Grace (135): 6:13

Deadlift: 290lbs
Clean: 185lbs
Split Jerk: 175lbs
Snatch: 120lbs
OHS: 190x2
Rack Jerk: 195
Snatch Balance: 175

2010 Ohio Sectional at the Arnold Classic-1st                                   
2010 Central East Regionals-6th
2010 Fall Brawl-4th                                                
2010 Midwest Hopper Challenge-2nd
2011 Great Lakes Invitational-1st

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Lisa Shiu (center), Julie Foucher (left)
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17 comments on this entry

1. charlie dunifer wrote...

lisa your a amazing person,a amazing so blessed to coach you.Cant wait to see you kill it at the games this year,love you

2. Brandon Couden wrote...

Lisa has game. She's strong, explosive and on certain workouts nearly unbeatbale. She's gonna be fun to watch this year!!!! Good luck Lisa!

3. Kathy Slowinski wrote...

Another ex-rugger excelling at Crossfit... Good job and keep up the sick numbers.. Love the OHS 2x190

4. Kate 'killer' Rawlings wrote...

It's been a real pleasure to train with Lisa, and her natural ability is matched by her work ethic. She's got a GREAT future ahead of her in the sport, and of course I can't wait to cheer for her at the games this year.

5. Doug Price wrote...

Go get'em Lisa!

6. Jerry Wilson wrote...

Lisa is a great person, competitor and coach; it is my pleasure to have met her. And Charlie you are too cool for words, I look forward to your next double under video.

7. Dan Bailey wrote...

I have had the privilege to train with and learn from both Lisa and Charlie last year leading up to the regionals. What an incredible athlete, her strength in certain workouts is unparalleled! Hope to stop up and see ya soon!

8. Carl D wrote...

Lisa is a beast! Definitely can't wait to see you rock out in CA this year. Keep rep'n OH hard! Mad love! (And tell my boy, TooMuch, to teach me doubles this spring!)

9. yvette mojarro wrote...

just a stinkin WOW!!!!

10. Nina Barletta!! wrote...

Lisa, You are inspiring! How awesome!! I wish you the best of Luck!!!!

11. Bill Russell wrote...

Lisa is by far the top female Crossfitter I've seen in Ohio. She's an incredible athlete and a very nice, humble person. Arnold was quite impressed by her at the Regionals last year in Columbus, that was something to see!

I look forward to seeing her and Charlie represent our area at the CrossFit Games in July 2011.

12. Julie wrote...

Great article, Lisa! I always enjoy going head to head with you, best of luck with your training and the competition season!

13. Marell Mr. Xtrav wrote...

LISA, look at you got the write-up, we just have to get that proposal picture up there. Love this, love you, keep up the good work. I know you will because i see you everyday at the box.

14. elliott ingersoll wrote...

Lisa is also a phenomenal trainer. I would not be where I am now (fit and mobile) without her commitment, patience and belief that anyone (including 49-year-old psychologists) can get beyond their edge. She has taught me as much about my mind as my muscles!

15. Yessie wrote...

looking @ last year stats.. Amazing!
Congrats Lisa! I look fwd to watching/cheering for you @ the games!

16. Jay wrote...

Lissaaaa!!!! Congrats!!! I had the opportunity to workout with Lisa about a year ago and look @ her now. Kill it girl, I'm cheering for ya!!!

17. Nikki Keller wrote...

Any woman that does burpees with a weighted vest on is AMAZING!!!!


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