Jeff Rader

2011 CrossFit Games

Jeff Rader: Competing in the Open in his Second Year of CrossFit

Another Challenger in the Masters Competition

Jeff Rader first found CrossFit Dallas Central in January of 2010. His previous gym had closed down, and a friend recommended that he give CrossFit a shot. At 53 years old, he had never before picked up a barbell. He could only pull his chin over the bar with the gym's thickest green band assisting him. When he saw what the other athletes were accomplishing, and heard what the trainers expected him to do, Jeff was "borderline intimidated." 

After a few months, Jeff began to be able to complete some of the WOD's as prescribed. When he had been at the gym for just over half a year, Jeff was going as prescribed on almost all of the workouts. 

Now, a year later, Jeff has performed the Double Under Helen (3 rounds for time of 50 double unders, 21 swings, 12 pull-ups) in 10:25, a faster time than 9 of the 15 Masters athletes who qualified for the CrossFit Games Masters competition last year. He has made some impressive strides in the strength department as well, reaching a 285 lb. back squat and 375 lb. deadlift. In terms of standard CrossFit benchmarks, Jeff's reached a 6:25 Fran, 288 Fight Gone Bad, and 3:40 Grace. Perhaps his most stand-out performance though, is a 1:28.9 500m row.

Since starting CrossFit, Jeff's improved much more than his physical fitness.  He's found that he has more energy, sleeps better, and feels more focused "as a result of being truly fit for the first time in many years." As a result, his work as the owner of a medical spa, as well as his family life, have benefitted. Jeff's 18 year old son and 21 year old daughter have both gotten into CrossFit too.

To kick off his second year of CrossFit, Jeff's going to compete in the Crossfit Games Open as a Masters athlete in the 50-54 category. If last year's results are any indication, he will certainly be a contender to qualify for the CrossFit Games Masters competition at the Home Depot Center.

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18 comments on this entry

1. Joseph Hardy wrote...

Awesome job! Keep up the hard work and continue to apply what you learn in the gym!

2. Victoria wrote...

Jeff, you are amazing. Keep it up!

3. John Miller wrote...

Inspiring Jeff - never quit!

4. Chase Ingraham wrote...

Everyone should have the privilege to know Jeff personally, he is one of the classiest people I have ever met and is in integral part of the community we breed at Crossfit Dallas Central.

5. xulab wrote...

agreed with chase. jeff is an amazing asset to the crossfit community. he is the epitome of someone who does not let anything get in his way to achieve his goals. we should all take a lesson from jeff. and i hope i have his abs when i'm his age.

6. Noah wrote...

Couldn't agree more with what has been said already. Jeff is not only a great competitor, but a great role model for the younger members of CFDC on how to be a great friend, father, and husband. He is always around the box supporting otheres, offering a helping hand, or pieces of sage advice. I am really looking forward to watching Jeff and how he progresses and then ultimately watching him compete.

7. Collin W wrote...

Jeff - awesome job!

For those that don't know Jeff, he is one of the most supportive crossfit enthusiasts out there. He cheers hard for others to succeed and I can't wait to watch him in action this year!

Crossfit Dallas Central is pretty much jam packed with nasty-good athletes.

8. Sam Zurawel wrote...

So awesome. Super athlete and even better person. The embodiment of hard work. Way to go Jeff!!!

9. Freddy Camacho wrote...

Keep training hard Jeff!

10. Graeme wrote...

Welcome to the Geezers club Jeff.
Check out created by a few other masters & with some WOD's to compare to others.

11. jan wrote...

Awesome Jeff! i am 52, and never thought i could do anything like crossfit, you have given me the inspiration to keep pushing ahead..good luck in the games.

12. wade wrote...

Got get 'em Rader.

13. Eric Nelson wrote...

Jeff, hard work does pay off and it is very apparent as I see your results. Stay young!

14. Mel wrote...

Jeff is pure greatness. So proud of you Jeff. Keep you the great work. Can't wait to cheer you on this year

15. Jeff wrote...

Jeff, you are all-around a great man! Keep on keepin on sir!

16. Jeff Rader wrote...

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. I'll try hard and live with the results! Hope you all do the same.
Have fun being fit and healthy.

17. CAVANAUGH wrote...

02 mar 2011
Last years time 9:40
Todays time 7:40
Train brother train!

18. apolloswabbie wrote...

Awesome CF story Jeff, look forward to seeing it all go down!


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