Iceland Annie at the 2010 Games

2011 CrossFit Games

Get Ready for the Open!

CrossFit Competition is Now Accessible Anywhere

With the first workout being announced on March 15, the CrossFit Games Open is less than a month away. Since the first WOD was announced on 10 years ago, every day people all over the world have posted their results online. The Open is simply taking this process and raising the stakes.

As described in the video, athletes will either complete the Open workouts under judge supervision at registered affiliates, or submit videos of their performances. Throughout the Open, strict requirements for completion will be enforced.

There's a strong incentive for success. The top 60 men, 60 women, and 30 teams in each region will qualify for Regional competition.

Individual participation in the Open will only cost $10 in the U.S. and Canada, and $5 elsewhere. Team registration will begin with every member of a team first registering as an individual. Then, one team member will pay 20 dollars to register as the team captain. It will not cost any additional fees to add team members, regardless of the size of the team. A team must consist of at least 3 men and 3 women.

Are you ready for the Open?

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

23 comments on this entry

1. Alfredo Canales wrote...

How can i know to what region i belong to?

I'm located at Monterrey, Mexico

2. nathlete wrote...

So, this might be a dumb question, but do the affiliates have to have any special qualification/class (other than being Level 1 or higher certified) to judge an athlete's sectional WOD?

3. Adam Rogers wrote...

When will the region boundaries be released?

4. Miranda Oldroyd wrote...

I would like my entry fee to go straight to buying Tony a new shirt.

Can we make that happen???

Ha ha! Can't wait!

5. Nukemarine wrote...

I can see the "region" issue being a big problem. Is it based on where you live, where you work, where you performed the sectional WODs, where you were born, etc.

Personally, it should be decided and selected by the athelete upon registration. They could base the choice of what region they're trying out for based on any personal reasons such as where the regional competition will be held, travel or work requirements at the time, or just on concentration of contestants. After that, if someone's in the top 60 of a region, it's up to them to find their way to that region.

True, there might be many to claim to be from the "African", "Australian", or "Asian Pacific" regions that don't actually live there. However, they'd still have to foot the bill for travel and logistics.

6. RayG wrote...

Get ready for the masters bracket at and join the virtual community of CrossFit masters competitors at CF Masters on Facebook. Weekly wods, fun chat and an exchange of ideas, and cool tee shirts.

7. Carol "B" Wadsworth wrote...

Any information on the kids competition?

8. Lisa Ray wrote...

I want my entry fee to go straight to buying Tony a straight razor shave!

9. Mike E wrote...

Can't believe we are amost 3 weeks away and don't have the necessary details.

10. Peggy for Matthew wrote...

There is a plethora of information available about Cross-Fit but I can't seem to find definitive guidelines for the Masters. My employer plans to compete in that category and has asked me to find out for sure if they have the same requirements to do a different workout each week for 6 weeks at an affiliate and/or video tape if out of town. Please direct me so I can give him the exact info he needs. He has already been in touch with some cross-fit affiliate trainers but they don't seem to know if the requirement is or is not the same for the 6 week workout period. Thanks.

11. Russ Greene wrote...


Yes, Masters competitors must either have their workouts validated at a registered affiliate or submit videos of their performances for all six weeks of Open workouts.

12. SAV wrote...

Little confused about the Regions, it might well be the differences between UK and USA speak, but how are you defining Region and Regional’s. Is the UK going to be a Region same as say Texas and Europe be the Regional’s? Or is the UK going to be split up in to regions and the Regional be the best of people from the UK with the rest of Europe doing the same?

13. Rashmi wrote...

The logistics seem daunting as its hard for us to post videos or even watch the instructional videos. Still, thinking it would be fun for our affiliate in India to participate. Anyone else in India participating? Will there be a region for India? (other than Japan which doesn't really count in our world of "Asia")

14. dheepesh bhatt wrote...

im based in india, how do i go about it from here ?

15. John wrote...

Is there going to be a Kids competition?

16. connie m wrote...

what if i am 49 during the open but will be 50 at the games ? how do they sort all that out?

17. Michael Denicola wrote...

How about athletes with disabilites. I have some at my affiliate that want to compete but cant perform full range of motion in some movements because of physical limitations.

18. Sarah W wrote...

Here's my question. I live in south Florida half the year and New Jersey the othe half, how will that work if I were to make it to regionals?

19. steven wrote...

who do we submit our videos too?

20. Mark Rosenbaum wrote...

What if we are not affiliated? I don't really have an affiliate gym that I could go to for submitting tapes for the open, nor do I have an affiliate judge so that they could keep track of validity of the moves? What can I do? Because I'd really like to compete again like I did last year in the sectional/open.

21. Jason N wrote...

I am unaffiliated and the closest box is 45 mins away. I have some equipment to handle a bulk of the WODs. Is there an "essential" equipment list that can be posted? Or "you will need access to perform these movements". I can use that to convince my wife that I will need to make additional investments and quickly!

22. Kelly Guilloyr wrote...

How do you qualify at as a Registered Affiliate. We are an Affiliate... are we automatically registered?

23. Erin wrote...

If we are out of the country (and not near another CF box at all) during one of the weeks for sectionals...are there any options to make up a workout?

Such as doing the previous week's WOD to make it up and the current week's WOD in the same week? Will that be accepted?
I am just curious to see what my options are or if anyone else is in the same boat on what to do/options. I am trying to see if I could find a random gym and do the WOD there and video tape it but I could be pretty limited.



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