Rory Mckernan side-by-side with Mikko Salo

2011 CrossFit Games

The Open - The New Site and Programming

Get a real-time ranking for your performances

The CrossFit Games Open begins on March 15. With athletes from all over their world submitting their results and videos, we needed a new site to keep track of the competition. The new Open site will have some cool new features such as showing participants their up-to-date position in the world and in their region. The ranking will update in real-time as results pour in. 

Another new feature is that athletes will be able to create side-to-side comparisons with any other Open athlete. For example, you'll be able to find out how you compare with Mikko Salo across the Open workouts.

With regards to programming, the Open workouts will be very manageable. They will draw mostly from standard CrossFit movements like thrusters, cleans, pull-ups, and push-ups. At only one workout a week, any athlete training for the Games in will be able to easily handle the volume of work.

Affiliates will be able to turn hosted Open workouts into community events. Upon completing a week's Open workout, athletes will be able to relax and drink some beers with their fellow CrossFitters. 

And it all starts in just three weeks.

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The Open - The New Site And Programming

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

34 comments on this entry

1. Merle Mckenzie wrote...

CrossFit Relentless will be "opting in"!

2. MBaker wrote...

Can you just comment on scaling? For example - a time using a decrease in the prescribed weight could be posted but would not count in the overall standings?

3. Billy G wrote...

I only hope that i can copy Ro's training and be side by side with someone that deadlifts Moms:) Go get em Ro!

4. GMcfly wrote...

Sooooooo excited!

5. Alan K wrote...

CrossFit Triumph will be "opting in"!

6. Jon Akers wrote...

Is there a limit to how many times an athlete can do the workouts?

7. Doug Price wrote...

Reasonable volume. That's key, especially at the first level, thank you. Tony you are the Oracle, looking forward to the wods. Utility in Green, OH is IN!

8. Nukemarine wrote...

#6 Akers,

So long as you don't upload anything, you can do the workout every day to try for the best time, then submit the fastest video on Sunday. That's a common sense answer, while there may be rules with how many times one can submit a workout to the site. Hopefully, one can resubmit workouts to encourage early postings.

I'm kind of interested in trying out now. If for nothing else to see how I would rank among thousands. Hopefully they include ability to enter data on height and weight in addition to age and gender.

9. Colm wrote...

Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out now.

10. Mike E wrote...

I admit I was a little resistant at first because I had so much fun at Sectionals last year, but I love this idea guys! Great stuff Tony, Rory, and Leif and the rest of the team! You can make this event on any level of scale that you want, should be such a fun way to spend a day each week.

11. Andrew Stemler wrote...

Crossfit London UK will try and and opt in. We pick up the keys for our new bigger premises on the 1st of march so its down to "build changing rooms for time" and "assemble key clamp for a pull up bar system" AMRAP 14 days...gulp

12. Jono wrote...

Southern CrossFit will be opting in every week, anyone and everyone is welcome. YEAH! cant wait baby.

13. jmart wrote...

CrossFit Enhance - Decatur, Illinois will be opting in every week. Check our website for details as qualifing dates near.

14. Brian PCF wrote...

We're getting together with these affiliates to do a group Open competition every Saturday starting March 19th. Going to be fun:

Crossfit Fairfax
Crossfit Liberation
Crossfit Montgomery County
Crossfit Old Town
Crossfit Reston
Crossfit Woodbridge
District Crossfit
Outlaw Crossfit
Patriot Crossfit
Potomac Crossfit
Trident Crossfit
Crossfit Balance
Crossfit MPH

If you're in the Northern Virginia/DC area, click link in name for more info.

15. Tom SnoRidge CF wrote...

Brian (Potomac) - That is BADASS to get so many boxes together. Wish I was gonna visit the DC area!

16. Russ Greene wrote...

@Jon Akers and Nukemarine,

There are no limits to how many times an athlete can perform an Open workout, submit a workout video, or post a workout result.

17. Anton Gross wrote...

This sounds like a lot of fun, plus you can check yourself against other notables and friends from other affiliates, etc. I workout at my local gym, but am considering putting this into a once per week schedule to do at an affiliate. It could be a performance check and it's good to get used to actually performing in that atmosphere.

18. Nathan Chmura wrote...

Very (very very very) cool! Looking forward to this games season!

19. D_K_The Human Lab wrote...

We are IN

20. Eric Barber wrote...

Rock on! Next Generation CF is IN.

21. JP wrote...

Just trying to get my box ready and quick question that I just wanna make sure HQ addresses. Currently our clock is minutes and seconds. Wandering if the times will be submitted to the .10 or even .100s of a second? Thinking I might need a new clock! Any info is appreciated.


22. Nick Scott wrote...

Fit2Fight CrossFit will be opting in!

23. RayG wrote...

Like the US Open for Golf and US Open for Tennis....this will be WONDERFUL.

24. Will B wrote...

I'm excited about this new, inclusive format.

However, there will be
little doubt we'll be watching the Regionals that include athletes that shouldnt be there. All because certain athletes will perform the workout with very questionable movement at an "Opt-in" affiliate that doesnt have to submit a video, and either is their buddy that's going to "take care" of them, or just hgave poor judging standards. I've already heard the talk from some that will "do anything" to get to the regionals", just to say they got their. And they dont care if they'll be "exposed",.....

Even if these folks get weeded out before the games, it's still a huge accomplishment to succeed to the regionals, and some honest folks that wont fib on their scores that belong at the regionals and deserve to be recognized, will be upended by these folks.

I understand the volume would be too much to handle to demand a video from every sectional competitor. This is the unfortunate downside of this format.
I've met many, many folks whose scores were stellar online, only to see them in person and realize they dont comprehend below parallel, chin over bar, etc....

Due to the growth of the sport, I understand why this is necessary. I can't help but to think though we're missing out on some dark horse that may not dominate in the open, but may come alive in the regionals.

I'm sure HQ has considered all of this.

Otherwise, game on.

25. SoCal Elite wrote...

Can't wait for the Open to start! CrossFit South County and SICFIT will be hosting the The Top 20 Male and Female Southern California Elite athletes weekly. You are not going to want to miss this!

26. Cav wrote...

Eat, train, rest & repeat = positive mental attitude.

27. robby wrote...

will there be separate qualifying wod's for masters competitors?

28. James Bish wrote...

CrossFit Plymouth in the UK will be opting in. Good luck all UK athletes, 60 or so guys and 14 or so girls in 2010, let's show how far this sport has come in the UK in a year!!

29. Sav wrote...

CrossFit Reading will be opting in see you all soon :-)

30. CrossFit by BodyFit wrote...

CF by BodyFit will be opting in :)

31. CrossFit Monrovia wrote...

CrossFit Monrovia in Southern California will be opting in! All six owners/trainers have ample experience having judged at the 2009 and 2010 Sectionals and Regionals.

Check us out at or email us at

Good luck to everyone and let the Games begin!!!

32. Fit Bodies CrossFit wrote...

Fit Bodies CrossFit in Bloomington, Il will be opting in!!! 3..2..1..Go!!!!

33. assisted living decatur wrote...

this is really cool.

34. Photography Experience wrote...

thanks, this is really interesting.


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