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2011 CrossFit Games

Cheryl Brost's Training and Diet

Staying Fit and Competitive at 39

Cheryl Brost placed 13th at the 2010 CrossFit Games. She is thirty-nine years old, a mother of two, and nearly two decades older than many of her competitors. We recently wrote about her mental game and we received a few requests for her insight into her training and diet. Today, we’re providing just that.


If you’re looking to copy a regimen, you won’t find one here. While balancing her commitments to family and work, Cheryl often has to shift around her workout schedule. She tries to train each morning, Monday through Friday, with one mid-week rest day and the occasional Saturday workout. Her goal is to get at least one rest day per week, and she often takes two. She says her schedule “typically goes three days on--one day off, then two days on--one day off” but sometimes changes to “four days on--one day off, then one day on–one day off.”

Cheryl does the same workouts as every other member of Eugene CrossFit. She shows up for the morning classes and follows the box’s programming. After the WOD, she sticks around for 20-30 minutes for skill work. On Monday and Thursday nights, and a few Saturday mornings, she returns to the gym to work on strength training with a particular emphasis on the Olympic lifts.

Outside of CrossFit, Cheryl plays city league soccer and connects in to her Hawaiian roots with hula dancing. Her sports life adds up. In the spring and fall she has at least one soccer game per week, and every Thursday night she dances for two hours. Soccer gives her a competitive outlet, and hula challenges her body to move in new ways, as she says, “you’d be surprised how difficult many dance moves can be!”


Cheryl does not recognize the orthodox divide between Zone and Paleo diets, for the last ten months she has eaten a diet influenced by both but not yielding to either’s stricter regulations.

Her meals typically look like this:

Breakfast-Eggs and/or bacon with a fresh fruit or veggie smoothie and a handful of almonds or walnuts. Occasionally she’ll have a serving of oatmeal.

Lunch-Examples: (a) Salad with chicken or tuna with balsamic vinaigrette, (b) Lettuce wrap burger, (c) The occasional deli sandwich w/half the bread.

Dinner- Family meal. “Typically we’ll cook steak, chicken, pork or fish with a big serving of veggies; and once in a while, we’ll have rice or potatoes.”

Post-WOD snack and supplements- Progenex recovery shake, and fish oil.

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5 comments on this entry

1. Jen C wrote...

I'll be rooting for your Cheryl!

2. Stephanie wrote...

As a Mother and affiliate owner, it can feel like I'm trying to move heaven and earth to get in my own training. You've got me inspired, lady. THANK YOU!!!

3. Kimberly Malz wrote...

Cheering for you from CT Cheryl!

:)Kim Malz

4. Lindsey Smith wrote...

Cheryl, You are awesome. Cannot wait to follow your journey this year. I will never forget doing those handstands beside you and when I got stuck with 1 remaining you simply told me to "change [my] hand position... try something different!!" Seemed genius in the heat of the moment. Loved competing alongside of you and hope I get to do it again!!

5. Shirley Brown wrote...

Cheryl- You rock and are an inspiration!!! Keep it up!


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