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2011 CrossFit Games

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Spectator Tickets On Sale Now

Information and Pricing for the CrossFit Games and Open

CrossFit Games fans can now purchase tickets to the 2011 CrossFit Games. The fifth year of CrossFit Games action promises to be incredible! For the second time in history, affiliates, fans, and athletes from around the world will descend on the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles to watch the World's Fittest athletes compete for the podium and a $1 million prize purse, presented by Reebok. 

When: The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held from July 29th-31st. 

Where: Fans can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.com, all Ticketmaster outlets and venue Box Offices. 

The Games will take place at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. The 125 acre facility, located on the campus of California State University Dominguez Hills, is a fantastic venue for our sport, with the Tennis and Track stadiums being the main arenas again, each with 8,000 seats.

How Much: Please note that standard Ticketmaster prices and applicable taxes will apply to the listed prices.  

- Now through March 1st, 3-Day General Admission tickets are on sale for $40. 

- After March 1st, 3-Day General Admission tickets will cost $50. 

- Beginning July 1st, 1-Day tickets will go on sale for $25, assuming availability. 

Buy your spectator tickets now.

As a reminder, the season will begin March 15th, with the CrossFit Games Open. The price for participation in the Open is $10 USD in the United States and Canada. The price for the rest of the world is $5 USD. 

Team Captains can register the team for a one time, $20 fee. Any individual wishing to participate on a team must first register to compete individually, and then identify themselves as part of the team.

The Registration Site for the CrossFit Games Open will go live one week prior to the start of the competition. All specific details for all types of registration will be provided there and detailed in future posts. 

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

41 comments on this entry

1. Cody G wrote...

Will the boxes be available for purchase?

2. Eric - CFNC wrote...

And it begins!!

3. Ian J. McHugh wrote...

Yes, I would like to know about the boxes too.

4. Merle wrote...

We are trying to qualify our team for the Games. If I buy spectator tickets now and then end up qualifying would I be able to get a refund? I want my tickets now! lol

5. Greg wrote...

I predict Chris Spealler will win.

6. David S wrote...

I predict somebody we have never heard of will win. Sorry Chris :(

7. TC wrote...

Very cool, but why not bring CrossFit Games...to the East Coast? Cali is home base, but lotta good venues out here.

8. Jim wrote...

How young do my kids have to be to get in without needing tickets?

9. Chris wrote...

Question for HQ

I guess my question is why are tickets going on sale so early? What if someone buys tickets to go but then qualifies? Do they get their money back?

10. MikeR wrote...

its going to be awesome this year. Still the 2011 "Reebok" Crossfit Games is hard on the ears. I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

11. Phil T wrote...

Can we get more info on the suites/boxes PLEASE!

12. CFi wrote...

$10 to compete in the open?? Would be nice if you would send this to the affiliate that is actually having this mini WOD/competitions in there gym. What is the $10 for....

13. Kat wrote...

I'm assuming the $10 covers the hours and hours it will take HQ to watch all the video submissions and compile all the results into each regional.

14. tom wrote...

Just want to be certain the games are in fact July 16-18 when the flyer also shows from the "when" "where" portion above:

"When: The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held from July 29th-31st."

Can't wait!!! Last year was great!

15. Jane H wrote...

Tom - the flyer also says 2010!

16. Mark W wrote...

I think it'll be a close one between Froning, Salo and Spealler... Whoever wins man it'll be emotional

17. CFi wrote...

#14 Kat
I am under the impression that no video needs to be submitted if they complete it at an affiliate....it is not the amount it just blows me away that the different affiliates will hold little events and spend time as well doing this for NO charge! No big deal just crazy considering all the sponsorship and money they will make in the regionals and games! No worries though!

18. SG wrote...

Wondering about kids and how old do they have to be to need a ticket? Thanks

19. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

CFI....The affiliates holding the events can and should charge a fee for the use of their time, equipment, and boxes. HQ will be watching videos from athletes who decide not to go to an affiliate or are unable to compete at an affiliate. Plus they will be compiling the results and programming. Even if they did none of that they should charge for competing in the OPEN.

20. Murphy wrote...

What's the name of the nearest airport?

21. Andrew wrote...

Murphey, closest two are LAX and Long beach, about the same distance. LAX is the main airport in LA and will be easier and likely cheaper to find flights into, but it's also a major hassle. Long beach is much smaller and easier to get in/out of.

22. Rory Mckernan wrote...

Information will be released later this month regarding the sale of luxury suites.

Jim - Children under 12 years old will be admitted for free.

23. Stephanie N wrote...

Is the cost $10.00 one time, or $10.00 per WOD for the Open.

24. Jason wrote...

Ticketmaster states "On sale 1 MAR". Is that an error, and we just have to call to get them now?

25. Megan wrote...

#23 Stephanie

The article says "the price for participation in the Open" is $10/$5, not "the price for participating in a week's workout." Given the phrasing, you are safe to glean that this means a one-time fee.

26. Jim wrote...

@Rory - Awesome! Thanks!

27. dave wrote...

I predict the winner will be someone you've never heard of, moreover, they'll probably only have been crossfitting for a year to six months.

28. Gary wrote...

It is senseless to guess at a winner unless you know exactly how the programming will roll out. Just look at the physiological differences between the winners of the 2009 Games and the 2010 Games - a direct result of the programming.

But the other side to this is, brilliant athletes like Mikko Salo and Iceland Annie are almost guaranteed to come out somewhere on top regardless of the programming.

29. Gary 2 wrote...

Gary #29, then are you saying the programming shouldn't change, because the winner is then determined by what was drawn out of a hat?


30. JP wrote...

Any hotel recommendations?

31. Lovisa Fanney wrote...

Hello I´m from Iceland and I am trying to by tikket but it dos not work whit my kredit card. Wat can I do to by tikket when I´m not in USA.

32. DavidH wrote...

Hi, I'm also from Iceland and Ticketmaster doesn't accept my credit card either. I've already bought the airline tickets so it kind of sucks not being able to buy the admission tickets.

David H.

33. Daniel wrote...

Yes, I agree. Someone that is not a crossfitter is gonna make an appearance, take the purse and then we will never see them again.

34. Jackie wrote...

Is seating first come firs serve or will you be assigned a seat in the arena

35. Andrew wrote...

Seeing as the events move around to different venues within the HDC I would assume it will be the same as last year and be open seating.

36. Rory Mckernan wrote...

For information on Luxury Suites, please contact Alicia Fox (afox@homedepotcenter.com) or you can call them directly at 877.604.8777 in the premium seat department.

37. Milkface wrote...

you heard it here first..BOOMSAUSE..you will soon understand =)

38. Jeb wrote...

33. To think that a non CrossFitter is going to walk in, win and take the money is just asinine. If you really think that then you obviously have not been CrossFitting long, or you're just not very good at all.

If 250k is this year, it's only going to get bigger. But I'm still kinda sad to see the name "Reebok CrossFit Games"..

39. Chris wrote...

I do not understand why people are lamenting the fact that The Games actually have a big name sponsor. Thanks to the Reebok deal there exists a decent payday for the winners. Furthermore, there was a massive outcry last year when the ticket prices were announced (somewhere around $100) and yet not a single positive response to the $50 ticket price for this year's event. I was in attendance at last year's Games and it was well worth the price of admission, not to mention it was webcast at no charge live as it happened. Before people start griping about how much money CrossFit takes in as a company they should consider how much they themselves have received from CrossFit for no charge at all.

40. Xfit wrote...

Does anyone know where I can purchase tickets for one day? I can't seem to find it online for one day. Will the door be selling tickets? Thanks.

41. Miriam wrote...

Can we buy tix at the door? Can't seem to buy a one day ticket online anymore.


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