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2011 CrossFit Games Regional Boundaries Announced

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The top 60 men, 60 women, and 30 teams from each Region during the Open will qualify to compete at their Regional competition. The official boundaries for the 2011 CrossFit Games Regional competition can be seen in the pictures assigned to the post, with North America the featured picture, and the World map available on the right of the post.

The Regionals season will run each weekend for four weeks from May 27 through June 19. Each Regional competition will last three days. The Regional breakdown is the same as last year's outside of North America, with a few changes made to the regions of United States and Canada in light of last year's Regionals. A PDF file of the Regional divisions and dates is available here.

  • May 27-29: North Central, South East, Australia, Canada West
  • June 3-5: Northern California, Mid Atlantic, Canada East, Europe, 
  • June 10-12: North West, Central East, South West, Africa, Asia
  • June 17-19: Southern California, South Central, North East, Latin America.

Remember, in order to participate in Regionals, all athletes must participate fully in the CrossFit Games Open.

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55 comments on this entry

1. James wrote...

Affiliate locations? Lets get some info so we can buy plane tickets and reserve hotel rooms or figure out how much we have to save in the meantime.

2. Chris wrote...

The map says 17-19 june for Europe, while the web-page says 3-5 june.. Which one is correct?

How many seeds to the games for each regional?

3. kim wrote...

Where will the australia regional be held?

4. Joe wrote...

What is the dividing line between NorCal and SoCal? Is it a certain county?

5. Reg wrote...

Will there be Masters in the regionals or just open?

6. Chris S wrote...

Locations of Regional Events?
Plane tickets need to be bought. Costs a lot of dough. The more time you waste even though you know already, the more money we have to spend on tickets.

7. Russ Greene wrote...


Good catch.

The correct dates for Europe are June 3-5.

We are fixing the map.

8. larry wrote...

How many people from each region to the games? northwest region especially?

9. wrote...

Chris S,
Check your assumptions, son. We have certainly selected our first choices for cities, but we are not going to announce anything until the venues have signed contracts. If we can't secure a proper venue in a given city, we're prepared to switch to another city in that region. There is no deliberate delaying of vital information.

10. funbobby @ crossfit subzero wrote...

if we are located in canada east (thunder bay) can we compete in the canada west sectional in hope to qualify for the canada west regional because of a work commitment?
thanks in advance

11. Russ Greene wrote...


The counties for the Southern California Region are:

San Bernardino
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
San Diego
Los Angeles

All other counties in California will belong to the Northern California Region.

12. Jon Akers wrote...

I like that last year's super sectionals in California are now Regionals.

13. Pete K wrote...

Just a map coloration error on the second image... Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlottes are still a part of Canada last time I checked ;) They should be white with the rest of Western Canada.

Thanks for the info HQ! I would love to know where we may have to travel to, but a date is a good start I guess.

14. Merle Mckenzie wrote...

Just want to put it out there .CrossFit Relentless is opting in for all sectionals and is willing to host the Regionals if H.Q deems us worthy.

15. Baker Leavitt wrote...

now this is awesome, pulling NC and TN out of the SE is the best move to date. the SE would have been overloaded with talent. and im glad CA was split in 2 as well. HQ def knows what they are doing

16. Cody G wrote...

Tony -

Will HQ be providing and details on the sections that make up the regions and how many athletes from each of those will be taken? Just curious.

Keep up the great work!

17. Andrew wrote...

@ 16 Cody, Not official but my impression is there are no sections within the region. Each region just takes the top 60 men/women from within the region. If all 60 happen to be from one area, so be it.

18. Myles wrote...

Hey Tony thanks for all the info! My question is what if there are 80 people in the So-cal sectional for example that do better than anyone in the Canadian regions. Will there be a bigger So-cal Regional or no Canadian Regional. How will this all pan out since everyone is doing the same sectionals all around the globe. And placement is placement no matter where you are from.

19. flawed mcgraw wrote...

How do you know where someone lives? What's to keep someone in Southern California from saying they live in Africa?

20. Kat wrote...


Last year at the regionals we had to check in at therehistration booth with our government issued ID to receive our shirt and athlete number.
I suppose you could lie and say you were from Africa for the online qualifiers, then you would have to fork out the thousands of dollars it would cost to get there for the regionals... Then what be turned away at registration because you don't haveavalid government issued ID for tbd region you are competing in... Makes no sense to lie

21. concernedfiancee wrote...

What if you're getting married the weekend of your regional? Could you compete in another regional?

22. Oak Park Dave wrote...

Just curious. The map doesn't show the boundary between Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan. Are upper and lower Michigan in different regionals?

23. Andres wrote...

Location of Regional Latin America?

24. Rashmi wrote...

Any idea where Asia will be held?

25. JNel wrote...

I am also wondering if it is possible to compete outside of your physical region for regionals. Maybe by submitting sectional times as if being in another region. I have a wedding the weekend of the north east regional and would be absolutely thrilled and relieved to hear that it would be possible to compete in a neighboring region

26. Graeme wrote...

@ Kim. the Australian regionals er in Sydney - stay tuned for the venue, it will be awesome

27. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Awesome, thanks HQ!

28. Jane wrote...

So excited for this season of Games competition.

...and O-so-conflicted-and-bummed that my love of CrossFit and my strong desire to judge and/or cheer for all my peeps at Regionals is thwarted by my obligations to--and, okay, love of--my sister, as maid of honor for her June 11 wedding.

Really, couldn't she have called HQ first?


Best to you all! I'll be sneaking away to watch Streaming Video (hopefully? hopefully?...).

p.s. even more ironic if the event turns out to be in SLC the one weekend I'm not there!

29. Myles wrote...

HQ - What if I live in Nor-Cal but I cannot grow a moustache. Can I still compete there?

30. Mike wrote...

Tony, can people who train out of their garage join an affiliate to compete for the team competition?

31. cam birtwell wrote...

Awesome... pumped. This is going to be an epic games season!! People have faith that HQ will release info when it is possible - I can't imagine the amount of logistical organization that it is taking to set up the regionals and maintain a high standard.

32. Nukemarine wrote...


Thanks for the update about the regional cities not being locked down. However, that people now have dates improves planning greatly.

Now the tough question: Has the decision been made that the individuals decide upon sign-up what region they'll belong to. For example, I'm born in Texas (South Central regionals), have a driver's license in Arizona (South West regional), I'm stationed in Japan (Asian regionals), but might be in California (SoCal regionals). Common sense due to the dates says I should sign up for Southwest regionals even though I'll be doing sectionals by camera or the Yokohama affiliate in Japan.

Keep kicking @$$ CFHQ.

33. Mike Bissaillon wrote...

CrossFit Great Barrington in Western MA, is planning on "opting in" for all the open events. Anyone around that would like to come in and take part is welcome. Check out our site for updates We will do everything in our power to adhere to any and all guidelines put forth by HQ. We are very excited for the oppurtunity to be part of something that looks to be truly epic.

34. John R wrote...

Can anyone answer this? For a team to qualify for Regionals, does each member have to compete in the open (all six weeks)? Regardless in they if finish in the top 60 of either male/female. If not thats BS..To participate on the team (if your box qualifies in the top 30) each team member should have to compete in the Open..This will prevent a box from brinning in ringers if their box makes it to Regionals. There has been no clairification on this.

35. Hay Hauler wrote...

Will there be Masters in the regionals?

36. Russ Greene wrote...

John R,

When a team qualifies to Regionals, it qualifies as a team, NOT as a set of individuals.


Masters athletes will qualify directly to the CrossFit Games from the Open. They will not be required to participate at Regionals.

37. Ian MacLeod wrote...

To Russ Greene - who wrote "Masters athletes will qualify directly to the CrossFit Games from the Open. They will not be required to participate at Regionals"

Are the regionals for Canada West June 17 to 19? Where will they be held? But then again, I guess that doesn't matter if you qualify from the Open.

I am concerned that the WOD's for the open might have weights that need to be scaled for some Master's. Could this happen? i.e. more than 20 or 30 lifts for reps of over 135#'s is a stretch. Anyway, bring it on, I will see what can be done.

38. Nukemarine wrote...

@37 Ian,

Good question. My personal opinion, especially in case of Masters, is for the sectional competition to have official scaled WODs. There can be three levels: unscaled, 75% medium and 50% low. If you chose to do a medium, then you CANNOT place above a person that did unscaled regardless of time or reps. Likewise a person that did low cannot place above the last guy on medium.

So, if for Master's 55-59 if only 10 women completed unscaled, then you still have a number of ladies to call upon from medium and low. Hopefully CFHQ pays attention, as this could have been an unforeseen issue.

39. Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup wrote...


Great work, CrossFit HQ!

Distances in Europe can be quite long and expensive if you don't book tickets, hotels etc. about now. AND there are more direct flights from the less central parts in Europe leading up to weekends (= flights on Fridays)

I will as an example in that period be working out of one of the Spanish islands outside of Africa (beloging to Europe though) and it'll take me 1,5 days or more of travel to get to almost all major (CrossFit) cities in Europe leaving on a Friday. Leaving on a Thursday (Regionals for Europe are starting on FRI) will take 2+ days. Therefore, please let us know ASAP where regionals will be..... Would be sad to miss it due to sold out flights.

Thanks in advance.

Sarah, Copenhagen, Denmark

40. Pat McCarty wrote...

I suspect there will be no scaling for masters. I wouldn't want it any other way. I can handle the #135 reps.


41. Joe wrote...

How many master competitors at each age bracket will go from each region?

42. AnotherMaster wrote...

Joe- there will be 20 men and 20 women for each age group going to the Games in July. No regional boundaries for us.

43. Neil Scholtz wrote...

With regards to qualifying for Regionals, it says that "all athletes must participate fully in the CrossFit Games Open".

Is there no more pre-qualification for those athletes that participated at the 2010 CF Games, to automatically qualify for Regionals?

44. conie m wrote...

i will be 49 for th open but 50 for the games. is the cutoff age on game day?

45. SAV wrote...

It says that “The top 60 men, 60 women, and 30 teams in each region will qualify for Regional competition” so when will the region boundaries be released??

Thanks CFHQ

46. Karl wrote...

@Kim - comment 3.

Australian Regionals will be held in Sydney. I beleive it's going to be out at Homebush but this still needs to be confirmed. Suggest checking with the guys at CFX

47. Oyden wrote...

Panama City, Panama can held the Latin American Regionlas.
We are in the middle of the Americas and are also an international hub so it could be a good place to CrossFiters from all latin countries to come and participate in the Regionals.
I am the owner and trainer L1 in CrossFit Briga.

48. John H wrote...

I've got a very niche affiliate question...
CrossFit Leatherneck is one of the very small number of deployed military affiliates. As such our members train with us as best their deployment to Afghanistan allows. We also are going to have the majority of our members deployed during the Open and during the Games. However, we're in it to win it.
Here go the questions:
-Can we form a team to participate in the Affiliate Cup? The only people who would be able to attend if we gained the next level after the Open are those who have returned stateside (redepolyed home), so within the confines of the rules would CF HQ allow that team to represent us, and our training/programming here on Camp Leatherneck, in Afghanistan?
If so, we're in. We've been flipping and draggin' tires, tossing sandbags, jumping Hesco walls and doing work for some time. We need a beer and we want to come home and represent.
So what do you say?

Thanks for your time, and we think the Open Sectionals are an awesome opportunity, especially for those of us who have an extended--deployed--affiliate community.
Semper Fi
Capt John Hoffner, USMC

49. Tony Budding wrote...

John H,
The short answer is yes. We'd have to review the specifics about who was on your roster at each level, but I'm confident we could keep to the essence of the rules and still accommodate your unusual circumstances.

50. mike wrote...


how many folks will advance from each region to the games?

51. Marysia wrote...

What about spectators at the Regionals? How does that work? Can we just show up? I'm out & cannot compete this year, but still would like to go.

52. los angeles ca maids wrote...

Any new yet where exactly the CrossFit competitions will be held?

53. John H wrote...

Thank you, I guess the only thing left is for the 15th to get here. Looking forward to it!
Semper Fi

54. jonny d wrote...

how many people from each region will make it to the regionals is it 60 from each or 60 total from all 4 different regions?

55. Najla wrote...

Any news/update on where the Southwest Regional event will take place?


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