Ring HSPU at the 2010 CrossFit Games

2011 CrossFit Games

Update on the 2011 CrossFit Games

The Open Sectionals begin in March, and the Regionals begin late May.

For those of you eager for information about the 2011 CrossFit Games season, here's what we have for you.

For Individual Competitors, the Open Sectionals will begin in early March and go through mid April. Each week, there will be an event to complete. You'll be able to perform it anywhere. Each performance needs to be validated, either through a video submission or by a registered CrossFit affiliate. All the details are coming, but no matter what the official rules will be, the key is fitness. The athletes who do more work in less time week after week will qualify for Regionals. Regionals will occur late May through late June. The CrossFit Games will be in late July.

Teams will compete at Regionals, but they will need to qualify through the Opens as individuals. This qualification process is similar in concept to the 07 and 08 Affiliate Cup competitions. Everyone on the team competes in the Open Sectionals and the teams with the top performers will qualify for Regionals. No limit on the number of athletes from any team that can compete in Opens. Like last year, teams qualify, so the rosters can change at each level of competition. Again, full details are coming, but the key will be bringing the fittest athletes possible.

Masters are going to have four age divisions (45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+) and will compete in the Opens.

As we get closer, all the details about the nature of the competitions, how to compete, the rules, limitations, and any exceptions will become clear. In the meantime, train hard, eat well, and stay healthy!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

164 comments on this entry

1. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Great stuff! Getting psyched!

2. Baker Leavitt wrote...

shame on me for jumping the gun earlier. i think this is gonna be great, something special

3. Rodolfo wrote...

Bringing life to everyday life

4. Daigle wrote...

Awesome....Game time.

5. Justin VanBeek wrote...

Yes! Time to get things going...

6. Keith Wittenstein wrote...

So psyched! It just gets better every year!

7. Jason wrote...

Masters should have a 40-45 yr old catagory.

8. Tim wrote...

I am 44 an thought I had 6 years to get ready for masters,, looks like I only have 1 year now! Get Some!

9. Joey Altobelli wrote...

I am so pumped! Our gym just got a new camera too.

10. Christy wrote...

If I am 50 at the time of competition...do I have a choice to be in the 45-50 or 50-55???

11. Tony Budding wrote...

All the details are coming in future posts. There will be a specific cutoff birth date that will determine what group you're in.

12. Baylor wrote...

If not enough people from your box qualify in sectionals, then you're just S.O.L for havin a team at regionals right?

13. Xi Xia wrote...

Thanks for posting the initial details!

@Baylor - My guess is that when it says "the teams with top performers will quality for Regionals", it means the teams that have the best overall team scores on the individual Open events will secure their spot at sectionals.

Say you have 4 guys and 4 girls at your box that are training for the Affiliate competition. Lets say they all do the Open individual events and their final ranking come out to (for simplicity sake), 50-60-70-80. That's their ranking in all the individual male competitiors in that section. Lets say for the women, its the same, 50-60-70-80.

As a team, your "best score" is 360 (180 for men + 180 for women). Lets say there are 20 team spots at regionals. If 360, as a team, is in the top 20, you secure your spot to regionals.

that's my guess anyway...

14. Joey wrote...

So the hard part of sectionals and competing is hitting multiple wods in a day and having to be able to perform when fatigued. It's a shame that aspect is gone from sectionals...all the people that dont post ridiculous times but can put up good numbers for 3 wods in a given day now have zero chance.

15. Cody wrote...

Well, I can see why they are doing it this way but I am going to need to see some more info before I get excited.

My main concern is that by stretching it out over several weeks you take away the element of back to back WOD's.

Also, how will they determine who goes to regionals? Is this open sectional just a really big regional where the top in the region are selected? Or will top competitors from each section be identified by a quota system?

I am skeptical right now.

16. Bonnie Lynn wrote...

How exciting that I can go for Masters' NOW!

17. eric wrote...

don't like that regionals are online and through video.. weak!

18. Stu wrote...

Very disappointed that sectionals have become a video audition, especially for the CrossFitter who is above average, but not at the elite level yet. The competition and atmosphere at the sectionals last year was intense, motivating, and emcompassed what CrossFit really is: people coming together to make themselves better. It's a shame that they took that away from the community.

19. Brandon Long wrote...

Seriously? Any good rationale behind this decision besides upsetting a lot of people in the CrossFit community. Sectionals is a great way for the members of the community to get out and compete with each other. Some individuals not even competing for the next round but chance to say they competed in the "games." Others compete to make it to regionals even if the know they won't go to nationals. C'mon guys this is CRAP!

Secondly as much as I want to think everyone in the world is "Honest Abe." How in the world are we going to track the integrity of these videoed WODs? You can just have a valid affiliate say yep he/she did the WOD here in said time? Forgive me if I don't buy that.

What was wrong with the format from last year. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"

I hope other folks are as disappointed as I am in the departure of what the "Games" really are.

20. Vic wrote...

I feel sorry for the poor guy who has to watch all of these videos.

21. Cynical Bastard wrote...

My guess... money. Either it cost too much or they weren't making enough to want to repeat it.

The other reason is that someone who has sponsored them decided that they need to get more general participation and knowledge about the sport out there. If people upload videos to youtube, the interwebz will be flooded with CrossFit films. Hello free advertising.

22. Brendan McNamar wrote...

Excellent, masters eligible in two years! I expect we will see even younger masters categories in 2012. If you look at other major sports. I doubt any 35 to 45 year olds have a shot against the 20 to 34 year olds. The good thing about CrossFit is we love sats so time will tell. When you look a something like the Ironman Championship in Kona there is no doubt to the legitimacy of age grouping. You win your age group at Kona you are bad ass in the Tri world. You win your age group at the CrossFit Games you are Bad Ass everywhere!

23. eric wrote...

ya, we are a crossfit community! not an online reality audition.. thats what you're gonna get!

24. justin wrote...

wow. that is absolutely pathetic that sectionals are now being held online. who the hell made this decision? and why was it made?! one of the reasons why sectionals was so fantastic is that anyone could participate regardless of ability, and it brought together the crossfit community. sectionals were by far the most exciting and inspiring of all the stages i went to last year, and i went to all of them. i think this is a huge mistake and i hope more people will complain and try to get hq to reconsider!!

25. eric wrote...

lastly.. i went to the sectionals last year and was not a member of a crossfit gym. the whole reason i joined was because of the community and in person atmosphere! I've been looking forward to sectionals for a long time, to compete in an atmospere i witnessed last year, but now i can't do that. I guess i'll post some videos on youtube with the youtube COMMUNITY! weak!

26. craig wrote...

How will CrossFit HQ prevent affiliates "pencil whipping," results?
That is my main concern.
I don't want an affiliate to cheat to get their athletes in.

27. merle mckenzie wrote...

Does anyone have a concrete date yet? I would like to start my travel planning asap as I am bringing my whole family.

28. tucker wrote...

I am pumped beyond belief for this years upcoming events. I am sure CFHQ all deliver all the needed info to us post haste... Sky is not falling, I am sure reasons have been considered for all questions being answered...

Excited to see this info posted so we can gear up for some awesome competition.

29. Josh R wrote...

I think this new idea for sectionals is stupid. The great thing about the road to the games was bringing the community together and celebrating fitness. This does not bring anyone together and I can guarantee this will cause a lot of great athletes to pass on competing.

DISAPPOINTING...to say the least.

30. Ken Gall wrote...

Kudos to the HQ staff for crating a scaleable, cost-effective alternative to the sectional. I know that a lot of thought probably went into debating alternatives - to me this does not seem like an easy decision - so many tradeoffs to consider.

I think this is the right decision, especially if the workouts are chosen carefully. The problem of not having multiple WODs in a day may not be a problem at all if they require some of the WODs to be done back to back (say 30 min apart). Alternatively now one of the wods could be a very long event - 20 min + for the winners...In a live event people tended to steer away from endurance biased events...

31. Jonathan Akers wrote...

For all you hating on the online sectionals idea, just think about how fast the games have been growing. If they didn't do it this way they would have to double the amount of sectionals or make a qualifying round for the sectionals.

32. Pat Sherwood wrote...

Looks cool. I'm excited for all of this to start. Everything we do at HQ has the interest of the community in mind. That is a fact. This format is no different. Anyone on the planet will be able to participate in sectionals and have a shot at competing in the CF Games.

Good luck everyone!

33. Courtney wrote...

How will standards of motion be upheld? If someone does 50 squats but doesn't stand all the way to full extension at the top of 39 of them, will they be thrown out for not completing the WOD RX'd? So many videos we see online today are great WOD times with mediocre range of motion at best...seems tough to uphold standards with no judge.

34. Pat Herrick wrote...

I just want to be another positive voice on this thread seeing how there are so many haters. Great job HQ. You guys do what you have to do. If it doesn't work out then I'm sure you'll try something else next time. I know people like competing in the sectionals just because they can, but this is a competition to determine the FITTEST person alive! It's not something to be taken lightly. Again, great job and I'm looking forward to the games, where all the webleberties go at it once again!!!

35. dan colson wrote...

This format definitely opens it up for more competitors, typically sectionals were the most open level but held in the smallest venues ( I just remember our sectional having triple the athletes as regionals but held in a venue about 1/10th the size). So many people last year complained about the cost of travel and/or cut-offs of registration, with this format Affilliates can organize local competitions weekly to get that atmosphere, or can work in unison with neighboring affiliates to cycle the venue weekly, if you can't attend due to work or otherwise you can still submit video.

I love the idea that HQ is submitting the WOD's, and I agree that weekly workouts at this stage are sufficient as demands will heighten through regionals then Finals.

As far as the 'pencil whipping', I'm sure that is a possibilty but how embarrasing for those athletes if/when they reach regionals, I believe any cheating will be exposed.

I like the expanded masters but thinking 36-45, 46-55, 56+ might have been better JMHO.

Great Job HQ

36. Mj wrote...

If your scared, just say your scared...

The cream will rise to the top, if your trying to be one of the fittest you should be able to perform week after week with perfection. Some have good days awww you got lucky... Now hold that standard week after week.

I say bring the heat. Great compromise world wide .com for all those trying to qualify.

37. Drywall wrote...

Instead of training and preparation, I'm just going to edit the crap out of my video. See you at regionals, suckers!

38. ........... wrote...

The last year sectionnals for me was the most beautiful experience that i've ever had. So after that i continue to train very hard to achieve my goal and be able to do better at this year sectionnals. Now i wait for the precise information about the new format of the sectionnals and i'm disapointed. I know that HQ change it for the better and they have good reasons to change it, but for me is just negative. My goal was to prove to me and others that i'm able to do very well this year in a competition aspect but the only chance i'll have for this is to qualify with the online sectionnals and to go to the regionals. If it's the case i know i can do well on some WOD and do not enough on other! HOPE HQ WILL PRECISE INFORMATION ABOUT SECTIONNALS VERY SOON! THANKS

39. Justin wrote...

the issue of people cheating is not an issue of that athlete under-performing at regionals and embarrassing themselves. it is an issue of someone taking up a spot of a deserving athlete who gets screwed because of a fabrication (be it video editing, compromised range of motion, etc....). i just can't see how this format allows for fair competition. but maybe when more information comes out, it will make more sense.

40. Tim Retzik wrote...

Not all Affiliates are created equal. If Affiliates are judging their own athletes the question of integrity is going to come into play. There is a strong possibility of good athletes and teams not advancing because of crappy movement standards passing.

41. Matt F. wrote...

Huge mistake with video.
Also what are you going to do about the competitive regions?
Last Year you had some top Crossfit athletes and top teams not make the games due to having lots of talent in one region.
It made us feel crappy to see athletes and teams in the games that could not compete in the larger states. I was a little upset to see some teams compete at the Crossfit games that had gimmick costumes and they could not do more then 10 GHD's unbroken for the 1st day of team wods. You have to admit thats pretty bad.....not to mention sad

42. Robin Moore wrote...

No legitimate sport uses video to find the elite athlete or team. If Crossfit wishes to proclaim itself as "the fittest on Earth" and the sport of fitness, it needs to do so in public for all to see, and face the same scrunity as other sports.

While I applaud the thought of what Crossfit desires the Masters division to be, that is not Crossfit. Life doesn't cut us any breaks because we happen to be a few years older, my broker, my doctor, my dentist aren't qualified because of their age, but by their ability. At 49, you will never see me in the Masters division, I choose to hold my own in main body of competition.

43. justin wrote...

"No legitimate sport uses video to find the elite athlete or team. If Crossfit wishes to proclaim itself as "the fittest on Earth" and the sport of fitness, it needs to do so in public for all to see, and face the same scrunity as other sports."


44. Alexandre Bureau wrote...

What I would do is eliminate the video option and that every athlete must go to a Legitimate Affiliate that is registered on the main site and perform each wod each week in front of the owner or a certified coach and that way his/her time would be official.

Questions !!! à la castro ;)

45. mark wrote...

The concept of mutiple workouts over 6 weeks is a great idea as the most well rounded will prevail (e.g. no specialists). Video submission and/or going to a registered affiliate, on its face, does have some issues but I think we should wait for the final details to judge. Also, I think it is an unreasonable to have the box owner judge all WODs. Assuming headquarters does not make that demand, I hope they will realize that judging by regular coaches in the box will add even more questions as to integrity of judging. The way the affiliates qualify for regionals is a great idea too but what if an affiliates total time is not an accurate portrait of who will actually be competiting in the affiliate cup if, for example, their qualifying affiliate time consists of all or a majority of tindividuals who advance to regionals as an individual?

46. Patrick wrote...

Crap! I'm a Master. Thought I had a few more years of self delusion that a 50th place finish at 2010 Sectionals only sucked because I was competing against youngsters.

47. Brad Chesley wrote...

Remember routine is the enemy. I have yet to see anything that has been detrimental to the overall cause of Crossfit by HQ. I am just bummed I still have a few years before I can compete in the masters.

48. patrick wrote...

The best part of sectionals was getting together in a competitive atmosphere with people from your region. You knew someone going to the games had to come from the very sectional you were competing in.

The community atmosphere at sectionals was such an enjoyable experience last year I'm sorry to see it go.

It will not be the same going to your affiliate once a week to film or do a WOD. Before you could look forward to and say "I'm training for a Crossfit competition." Now it's just going to be like any other week doing WODS and then eventually submitting your results.

Maybe the 100m Olympic qualifying process will start with people filming themselves doing a 100m sprint, and then they can just take the top results from there. That way they don't need to go through the tedious process of having a live event.

Do you see the absurdity in that? Is that what Crossfit is striving for? They had the format correct last year.

49. Jeff wrote...

I'd like more preliminary detail on the Kids element that was mentioned in an online video.

My suggestion is to stop referring to the Individual category and the Masters category (and now needed kids) as somehow separate things.

Just have several divisions: Open (any age), 45-50, 50-55, etc, Kids, Team. Then male/female of course.

You can specify different events for the different divisions, but roll them altogether instead of always describing them as separate entities in separate paragraghs.

For the Kids division(s), consider perhaps "Juniors" (14 and under), "Seniors" (15-17).

As for the complaints about a live event/sectionals going away, this format DOES NOT specifically do that. It says the WODS can be "performed anywhere" which could include a 500 athlete/multi-affilliate, rock and roll, koolaid drinking, sunbaked/snowpacked picnic event. If that's what you want, start working on setting that up with your local affilliates.

50. patrick wrote...

I propose the following solution to the problem of overwhleming number of people wishing to compete.

Set minimum standards for the live Sectional event. These minimum standards could be set by HQ. As an example (only an example) they could require all competitors to have a sub 6 min Fran, C+J of at least BWT, and be able to run a 7 min mile.

This would cut the field to a managable level but still allow for the great event that Sectionals was.

51. JH wrote...

Does anyone see the problem with the master's age level breakdown? The divisions overlap (45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60+). Might want to change it to 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+ ????

52. Darren wrote...

Yes the Sectionals were awesome this year. But it sounds like they are different now. So why not think of a way to continue that community feeling in 2011?

We have 5 other affiliates besides ours currently running in my city - I'm already thinking of each taking turns to host each week. That way the athletes get a turn to compete on home turf, as well as visit other affiliates. It will be like a Grand Prix circuit or rugby sevens tounament.

The six weeks will be off the charts with the excitement barely dieing off from the previous weekends comp before it is building towards the next weekend.

It's always going to suck for someone, no matter the format. This year a ton of Aussies couldn't afford to make the trip over to our Sectionals, but they will be able to toss their hat in the ring next year.

53. Mike in L.A. wrote...

I, for one, would have liked a "40-45" age division...

54. LRay wrote...

Robin, I don't know if you have noticed, but CrossFit is not, and never has proclaimed to be, your average every day sport. We have approached fitness from a very different perspective than any other fitness entity, and have stood our ground in the face of being criticized as "renegade" and "dangerous", to produce some of the safest, healthiest, and most effective training philosophies the world has seen in centuries; produced some of the fittest athletes this world has seen in centuries. You have been a passionate advocate of that belief, and now you want CrossFit to heel to the "norm" all the sudden, in order to be recognized? I can assure you, we have not been recognized as a now nationally accredited teaching program in the fitness arena, by heeling to the way everyone else does it.

Amen Jeff and Darren... To the bitter complaints...when has CrossFit EVER stayed the same, year after year? When has it EVER truly let you down and left you disappointed with its outcome? Those of you who complained about Regionals and the Games setup last year, did you SO hate it and considered it a complete flop when all was said and done?

Don't like it? Think it's going to SUCK that much? Then just don't be part of it. Go back to your treadmills and selectorized machines that ARE the same year after year and give you a sure thing....the expected outcome. AND you can continue to comfortably think inside the box.

OR, you can anticipate the changes and look at what is possible and take some responsibility for producing the community aspect, since you ARE part of it, afterall ....

"As for the complaints about a live event/sectionals going away, this format DOES NOT specifically do that. It says the WODS can be "performed anywhere" which could include a 500 athlete/multi-affilliate, rock and roll, koolaid drinking, sunbaked/snowpacked picnic event. If that's what you want, start working on setting that up with your local affilliates."

"Yes the Sectionals were awesome this year. But it sounds like they are different now. So why not think of a way to continue that community feeling in 2011?

We have 5 other affiliates besides ours currently running in my city - I'm already thinking of each taking turns to host each week. That way the athletes get a turn to compete on home turf, as well as visit other affiliates. It will be like a Grand Prix circuit or rugby sevens tounament.

The six weeks will be off the charts with the excitement barely dieing off from the previous weekends comp before it is building towards the next weekend.

It's always going to suck for someone, no matter the format. This year a ton of Aussies couldn't afford to make the trip over to our Sectionals, but they will be able to toss their hat in the ring next year."


And guess what? It's going to be a completely different format next year, too. AND it's going to be a complete BLASTY every time. THAT is something you can count on.

55. NICK L. wrote...

One of the issues I see with these qualifiers is the fact that having to participate in mulitiple events over 6 weeks. For those of us who have a job outside of crossfit, not to mention a crazy schedule in Law Enforcement its going to be hard to commit to 6 weeks of events. If I have to take 2 days of for sectionals from work that is no issue, but if I have to arrange my schedule for 6 weeks for sectionals well that can be a big issue.

Just one of the many issues I see with this.

56. Rob S wrote...

Nice! I like this because everyone knows something had to change to accommodate everything. I am sure that HQ has looked at all possibilities and this is the best option in their opinion. Im not a blind follower, but I do believe this is for the best. As the CF Games grow, we must cater towards finding the fittest males, females, and teams. There are enough events outside of sectionals to cater towards the all inclusive community. Now it is the honour of the spectators to cheer on their top athletes.

57. Chris Saliba wrote...

I'm excited and can't wait to see more details!!! To the Haters: CrossFit as a sport is moving forward so rapidly that I would expect to see large changes to the games format for several years to come. CrossFit HQ has not let us down so far, so stay positive and be proud to be a part of the formative stages of a sport that could rival the Olympics someday.

58. bk wrote...

Level playing field with everyone doing the same workouts over 6 weeks, brilliant. The logistics were getting outta hand . NorCal had 350+ entrants I believe last year and HQ had no option. You can only run so many events over a weekend, with this sport exploding.

59. Joe wrote...

Pretty sad to see sectionals go away. CrossFit is a great community and it doesn't seem right to go to "qualify by correspondence". There's a chance that people will cheat (dishonesty is tempting for some) and that's not CrossFit. I hope this changes. CrossFit events are what makes our sport a great community.

60. cinderella wrote...

My husband and I booked a vacation from April 8-17th. Does anyone know when in April they end? We live in the North, so we get unpredictable stormy weather, at least now we can be guaranteed to compete without worrying that we can't make it to Southern Ontario in a storm. Just wondering who tells us "no rep" ? I'm a little worried my whole WOD would be disqualifed if I did someting wrong. But jut happy to be able to compete.

61. Sean wrote...

I'm super psyched and I support HQs decision for online sectionals. Last year I was overseas and it would have given me the opportunity to try out. Also, with there being only one standard and 6 weeks HQ will be able to test over a really broad time and modal domain. For those who wish to have the competitive feeling like last year, you could always go visit regionals. I think this is a very logistically prudent decision and I can't wait to get more info!!

62. nick wrote...

I am very upset that the sectionals are going to be hosted online. The main aspect I look forward to is the live events. I can go to the gym anytime and video myself doing a WOD but I wont feel that same competitive element.
LRAY- Not all of us live in a place where there are multiple affilliates, so it may not be possible for everyone to compete at a large venue each week. If you own your own affilliate full time, then finding the time to travel to different boxes may not be to difficult, but there are many of us out there that have to work around work and life in general.
Also, I agree with the posts that question the integrity of this format. Editing videos and falsifying times is a legit concern and one that may be difficult to avoid.
As a competitor who made it to regionals last year, this new format has kinda killed my excitment for competing this year.

63. Seth wrote...

Unbelievably dissapointed in HQ for this video submission. So now you are going to allow people to hit a wod as many times as they want within the submission period and submit their best time? You may say "No" people aren't going to do this, but that's nonsense, they will. I understand how extremely difficult it is to plan out all of the sectionals, and have an increased CrossFit population and are trying to allow everyone to compete, but there are other ways.

I feel fully confident in saying that there will be quite a few cases where the fittest athletes will not be making it to the next round of competition because someone was able to get a wod down to a science before submitting it.

We all knew that CrossFit would get too b ig to control, and I guess it's starting to happen. Very sorry to see it go this way, makes me happy I am not competing this year, hopefully next year the mistakes will be realized.

64. Jason Lyons wrote...

I think it is too early to jump the gun. People probably complained when you could no longer just show up in Aromas but then people loved Sectionals. This may be similar.

Note the wording..,"registered CrossFit affiliate". This may mean only certain boxes with staff approved by HQ. I highly doubt cheating will be an issue. ROM will of course be upheld, you cannot compare athletes if you do not. If you only do 39 squats instead of 50, you didn't do the WOD and would get a DNF. This should keep you honest if you are serious or you just blew your chance. The bigger question is who do you trust enough to count for you?

65. Jason Lyons wrote...

Also, HQ loses money on the Games every year. Note you didn't pay for a sweet webcast. A great majority of the money from Sectionals went to the organizer, not HQ.

66. Mike K wrote...

I think this is a great idea! Boo for all of the naysayers. I competed in both the sectional and regional last year, and it cost me about $800 for both competitions. I train in my garage, and thought the camraderie was great at both, but is the camraderie the end all? If you make it to the regional and THE GAMES, that should be enough. I'll bet it was pretty expensive for guys who went to all 3 events. I think that traveling for one weekend is a lot easier on many more people out there. You don't have to do it on a video either, just go to a registered affiliate. I think it is a good move by HQ, keep up the good work.

67. KE wrote...

SO GLAD to see that masters is opening up more....PLEASE open it up to 40 year olds next year!!! I'm ready!

68. Brandon Ecker wrote...

I am looking forward to more details about the sectional, regional, and games' competitions. My question is this...
Will there be a cutoff or basline time for the WODs or will they take the top so many competitors. Meaning: lets say Fran comes up as a sectional online event. Will all people who complete it under three minutes advance or will it be the top 50 people no matter the time (For Example)
It is just my opinion but if HQ puts a baseline time for their wods, once an athlete hits that time or reps or weight, then the athlete will not do the same wod 5x in a week trying to refine the time. Also it will set a standard that every athlete is held to and eliminate the complaining that started with, "well my sectional was stacked with athletes and the wods weren't in my wheelhouse...if I was in the ...... sectional I'dve made it to regionals."

69. Harold Doran wrote...

To be overly optimistic or overly pessimistic at this point is irresponsible. When all is said and done, we will all be able to go back and make informed judgments.

To date, every one of my crossfit competition experiences has included more people and has produced better outcomes. I have faith that the intentions of HQ are to accomplish this same goal.

With this said, there are some personal values I have about competition I want to share with HQ. It is my hope that others share these values and that the competition experience will honor these values.

But, like I said these are personal values and they may not reflect the spirit or goals of what HQ is trying to accomplish. Hence, this is only one man's perspective for what it is worth.

1) First, it is my deep feeling that an important aspect of competition is performing in an unknown and challenging scenario. I am very comfortable in my box, with my fellow athletes. I have a pull up bar I always use, I know where to put my barbell so it is closest to my pull up bar, I know which GHD machine to grab when I come in from a run, etc. I want to see what I am capable of when you put me in unknown place, with unknown athletes, with unknown and untested conditions.

2) Second, crossfit is about gut checks. I want to look at the unknown competitors in my heat as we prepare for 3-2-1-go.. I don't know them and they don't know me, I don't know their training, I don't know their coach, and I don't know what they are capable of. But, I want to beat them. I want to catch a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye as I work and push myself harder than you. I want to win against people who train as hard or even harder than me.

3) I want to train and then show up and put my training to the test on competition day. I don't want have training interrupted with intermittent competition WODs. I want to know what I am made of and what you are made of when you have one day to put it all on the line. Show me you can handle it--the pressure, the intensity, the nerves. bring all you got.

70. Harold Doran wrote...

4) I want to be judged fairly, but by a hard-ass. My friends sometimes let me get away with poor lockout or a "just barely there" squat on a rep or two. But, a hard-ass won't and that is the difference between precious seconds on the clock.

I recognize that the growing popularity of crossfit puts a significant demand on HQ. So, I realize some of this is being done to decentralize the task. However, I do feel that if we are to claim the Games Champs are the fittest on earth, then we need to embrace the enormity of the planning tasks from soup to nuts and run a coherent, valid competition.

Anyone who competed in the 2009 Virginia regionals in Virginia Beach remembers Ben Smith's performance on the last WOD. It was a couplet: 21-15-9 squat snatch @ 95# and C-2-B pull ups. Athletes in the final heat were staggered by time similar to the heavy Grace WOD at the games the year before such that the winner of this final WOD was the overall champ.

Ben knowing his position relative to the other athletes in his heat, turned it on. He displayed one of the most powerful feats of athleticism I have seen in my 4 years of crossfit.

Outcomes like this happen when you are put in a situation where you are in an unknown scenario, against unknown athletes, and willing to put it all on the line to beat the others in your heat.

I hope we hear more stories of men and women like Ben Smith as we grow in this sport.

Like I said from the outset, these are my personal values, no one else's. I hope the new format honors these goals. Crossfit is an important part of my life and it always will be.

71. Dee Grimes wrote...

I was extremely disappointed with the cancelation of sectionals, however with lower age groups for masters I could not be happier!

72. John P wrote...

I was looking foward to competing as a master this year. However I will not be 45 until November. Would like to know what the cutoff birth date will be.

73. Shane Gibson wrote...

As an affiliate owner and as a competitor, I am concerned. But hopeful and optimistic that HQ will cover all the bases.

1. Affiliates bending rules on ROM and etc, to get their athletes in*. Don't be naive, it's going to happen.

2. People editing videos, etc. Don't be naive, it's going to happen*.

2. Affiliate teams getting qualified for regionals due to performances of their top athletes who won't be on the team at any point due to individual placement.

3. How can an affiliate create a sectional like atmosphere for these events on the weekly basis for 6 weeks? That's just not realistic.

4. Certain athletes competing at say 5600ft and being compared with athletes doing the same events in the same section at sea level. Hey, every second counts.

5. Hope there is not running in any of the events (a big part of CrossFit) as there is NO WAY for running paths to be "equal" from one location to the next.

6. If CrossFit really wants to be recognized as a legit mainstream sport. This format will never work, no matter how fair.

I could go on and on. I am hopeful and optimistic that HQ will have it covered. But I still wanted to share some of my concerns.

*"the issue of people cheating is not an issue of that athlete under-performing at regionals and embarrassing themselves. it is an issue of someone taking up a spot of a deserving athlete who gets screwed because of a fabrication"

74. Jake Howard wrote...

There are a lot of good arguments for both sides of this. I'm not going to sway too far either way until I know more about how all of this is going to go down. The competition atmosphere you get from Sectionals is amazing, and seeing it go isn't good. With that said, HQ has yet to disappoint us each year, and this change could turn out to be a good thing. I can't wait for more info with more details on the qualification process.

75. Sam M wrote...

We will see how this format goes. last year's sectionals was pretty cool, maybe we will see it come back if this doesnt work out. Gonna stay positive...who knows, you may enjoy a home field advantage in terms of comfort level at your box and equipment.

My question: We have a lot of time for this, but if you do send in a video, what happens if you fail a rep?? Example- you do FRAN in 2:30 but fail the 5th thruster because you werent below parallel. you still kicked FRAN's ass, but you techinically didnt finish b/c you did 44 thrusters, not 45. Would there be time added? Straight DNF? Reps are counted and weights a score? If anything, I could just see myself missing one rep which could mar the entire performance. HQ, has there been any preliminary ideas on that? As always, I am stoked for this and look forward to what you guys put out

76. Howard wrote...


I am not sure if you are on facebook or not, but I am sure that Rogue, Again Faster and Syn, have secretly been apart of the preliminary testing behind the idea. They have been hosting online competitions and the Average Joe's going against their sponsored athletes.

As it stands, I think there are basic flaws that CAN arise, but I also think that we (the community) can also, morph this into a fantastic year of competition.

I too, like the idea of "the grand prix" style of hosting the WODs.

77. Ronny Varghese wrote...

What irks me is the idea of athletes who will NOT be performing on the affiliate level using there performance and scores to get their affiliate into the next level. If any athlete is going to proceed to the individuals competition, then there scores should not count on the affiliate level. Or their should be some sort of screening process that eliminates the scenarios outlines below.

We have had instances last year where an athlete would compete on the team, try to shoe their team to the next level, then go compete individual and leave a less talented team to showcase @ the Home Depot Center.
I'll wait on my judgements for when I hear all the details, but as I compete on the affiliate level, I find it irritating when teams use their best talent to get in, then put their "second string" athletes when it's really game time. Hopefully HQ has thought of this, but from the outline above it doesn't look like this will be fixed.

78. Corey Bibolet wrote...

I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but it looks like 40-45 is the no mans land. I am 41 and in good shape. I will unlikely be able to make it to the games as an individual, but I will try. I know I can compete well in the 40-45 age group though. Looks like I have 4 years to train for the masters now.

79. Jerod Sausville wrote...

While I can understand the idea of the video submission for sectionals, I can certainly empathize with those who are disappointed by this.

One thing I think is of major concern is the possibility of certain affiliates falsifying scores for their athletes as a way to boost their reputation. I think if people are going to be held to the video submission standard, it should be so across the board. As an affiliate owner I am going to video each and every submission that comes from my box and goes up to HQ. That's the only way to be fair.

For all you affiliate owners, perhaps you can all benefit from this. Host your own sectionals sessions, whereby anyone who wants can come in to your gym during certain times and do the sectional WODs, having your affiliate video and verify their results and send them off to HQ. This seems like a great way to get more exposure for your box. Any thoughts on this idea from HQ?

80. John Planow wrote...

Kudos to the hard-working CrossFit staff for continuing to think outside the box and find innovative ways to grow and improve this blossoming sport.

I'd like to ask that you please announce the specifics of the dates as early as possible. Affiliates like us have already been laying out our calendar well into 2011, so if we're going to adjust for sectionals, we need to know as soon as possible! Thanks!

81. Leo S wrote...

This is a fantastic and brilliant idea!

Kudos to Dave C, Tony B, Justin B & all involved in making this decision.

Can't wait to hear the rest of the details.

82. Frank wrote...

I am very bummed on this decision.

I do like the idea of everyone doing the same wods which I think is fair. I don't like the video submits. It should be done live. Anytime that I do a wod for the 2nd time or more, my time is almost always better. I think it would be better if everyone had one chance.

Regionals is one weekend CF games is one weekend, and yet sectionals is 6 weeks!? How are we supposed to work fulltime and support our families and go balls out for 6 weeks? I think it would be better to have ONE sectional with the same wods for everyone, and do it as close to the same weekend as possible. If you are overseas or cant make it for a legitimate reason then you send in a video.

For many the sectionals is there own CF games. Many including myself have been looking forward to sectionals and now they are gone.

What would it take for you folks to change your minds?

83. Shaune wrote...

With any change comes the unknown variable. CF is about the unknown and unknowable. How much more exciting are the regionals going to be when the community sees names that are not familiar. There are alot of CrossFItters who are not active at affiliates. This has two bonuses. It may bring more people into the boxes but also expose more elite athletes with in each region.

Nothing says that you cant tee up with other affiliates and run a sectional compitition. I know thats what another affiliate and I are planning to do.

Great idea CF. well done. As an affiliate owner i can see this benefiting the community on a large scale and bring more people to the boxes. Great job

84. Jacinto Bonilla wrote...

I will be 72 by July and I can't wait for the tryout in March.
IAM pumped.

85. Cliff wrote...

Great creativity by CFHQ. Now everyone can enter. Granted, the video submission option probably discriminates against Luddites, and the registered affiliate submissions may be ripe for cheating, and drug testing may be non-existent, but this is an excellent attempt at giving everyone a chance.

86. Lacie wrote...

Since we're going to an online format I think we should just petition to have sectional and regional workouts on the Wii. This way everyone has a chance to participate, everyone can do it in their own homes -- for all of you who have monetary concerns you don't even have to spend the money on gas to get to a box -- and the computer counts your reps so no need to worry about judging :)

This new format for the games is extremely disappointing.

87. David wrote...

Shane Gibson....great post. Let's see what is coming from HQ before we criticize it too heavily, but I don't see how they are going to get around some of the issues you pose. Until then, let's also be careful with calling this "briliant".

88. Bryan K wrote...

The Crossfit Games have grown from essentially a weekend backyard BBQ to a multi-level international competition in five years. In other words, there has been an huge growth surge for an essentially new sport the likes of which has not been seen before, IMO. One can look to the initial Ironman Triathlon race in Feb '78, there were only 15 participants, then 50 participants in '79, eventually growing to a system of qualifying races (and a limited lottery) for the now Ironman World Championship race in Kona. I can only imagine that there were griping and complaining when the qualifying format was implemented in the early years, but with success and maturity comes changes.

When the sectional format was announced last year, there was the same uproar over the process and that the WODs from sectional to sectional were not the same or consistent. Now the WODs are the same for everyone apparently, but we don't have all the details on what it will take to qualify for sectionals. All that I can say is have patience and let the details emerge on CFHQ time schedule. I really don't believe that something with such a huge growth and following would be done in a half-a$$ manner.

Bottom line: Have some patience!!!!

89. Mike wrote...

Let's not be too fast to judge. While this doesn't seem like the greatest idea now we don't have all of the details. It is great that everyone will get a chance to compete. The huge downside is the lost of Sectionals. For many that is all that they had, their one time to compete and have their families and friends out to watch. It was an incredible atmosphere and a huge learning experience for everyone.

Its great that CFHQ will be controlling the WODs that will be done. But there will be so many factors that will play into one person's performance compared to someone else. Gyms set-up differently, running routes, you wont be comparing apples to apples. If I had to run and do rope climbs at my gym it would add another 40 yards to my run and when ever second counts that's going to hurt.

The problem with the affiliate cup qualifiers is that people won't be working as a team to qualify. Great, you have a bunch of beast at your gym that are good individually but together they fall apart. Don't we already see this type of thing in the NFL, NBA, etc, where the players are all stars but together they suck?

Lastly, man, 6 weeks or more of WODs. Its easy to plan and train for one weekend. What if someone has vacation plans during one of those weeks. Are you screwed or can you make it up some how?

Hoping for the best, we will see what happens.

90. Spencer Payne wrote...

Seems like one of the main complaints is that this "takes away" from the community energy we all felt as sectionals. True, but due to the growth of CF, there are unsanctioned competitions every week all over the place where you can get the same taste. I live in Pitt and over the span of November to January there were/will be opportunities to compete in no less than 5 comps all within a 4.5 hour drive (which is how far away sectionals were). As the live sectional disappears, these are rising to perfectly take their place.

Another common theme is that "no other sport finds their elite competitors online." Neither does this format. The elite will prove themselves live at regionals and at the Games. This is merely the first filter and with the amount of growth of CF participants, without this filter each sectional would be 500 people and take a week to finish.

FInally, I'm shocked at how much complaining this has brought. Sure, I was a little disappointed when I heard about this too, but might just be the best way to make 1st cuts. Mainly, though, I used to think one of the greatest things about Crossfitters was their resiliency and mental toughness. I used to think people who did CF were somehow less petty, less burdened by external factors and more focused on bettering themselves and overcoming obstacles than the majority of the population. I know plenty of people who still fall into that camp, but these comments make me question my automatic high regard of people who say they are Crossfitters.

91. Matt R wrote...

Shane Gibson...great post...

CrossFit HQ definitely did not think this through. What a shame.

92. Mike D... wrote...

"91. Spencer Payne wrote...I know plenty of people who still fall into that camp, but these comments make me question my automatic high regard of people who say they are Crossfitters."

Are you kidding me...wow...the whole point of this comment section is to allow people to voice their comments and concerns. These issues are legitimate and hopefully CrossFit HQ will have some answers to the concerns posted.

"92. Matt R wrote...
Shane Gibson...great post..."


93. Steve Liberati wrote...

OK, everyone settle!

You wouldn't review your experience at a new restaurant in town after eating only the appetizer.

I'm sure many of the concerns here were taken into full consideration before HQ decided to change the format.

And I'm confident the product will be just as top notch as everything else that comes from CrossFit.

The entree hasn't even been served yet!

94. Rik wrote...

I enjoyed competing in my sectionals last year, it also raised local awarness for the box with the local public and helped boost memberships...the video judging seriously disable's local box's advertising power....might be good for HQ, but its bad for Box's...are HQ going to compensate the box's for lost revenue and publicity??????

95. Russ wrote...

This format looks boring.

96. Becky wrote...

This format makes no sense for so many reasons.

1. The performances must be validated through video OR through an affiliate. Everyone has better numbers at their own house than in competition. You know why? Because of hometown judging, among other things. How is that supposed to not be WORSE when that same affiliate is trying to qualify its team for the games?

2. There's nothing stopping athletes from practicing the WODs repeatedly and then submitting their best attempt (even assuming they're going to be honest with it).

3. Fake plates, anyone?

4. The issue of judging comes up. At sectionals, if you didn't get a KB swing overhead, there was a judge to tell you that you missed the rep. What do you do with a video submission?

5. As much as I hate chippers, there will inevitably be one, because this is Crossfit. Submitting a 30+ minute video electronically is going to be an issue for a lot of people, just because of file size.

6. Is anyone SERIOUSLY going to sit down and watch the tens of thousands of videos coming in each week to catch the inconsistencies? Doubtful. And even so, consistent judging is hard enough in real life - it's way worse in two dimensions.

7. They say that the WODs can be completed "anywhere", but there will still be a very wide range of equipment available to individual athletes. Not everyone has KBs, bumper plates, squat stands, etc. A lot of us have to improvise, and unless we can find a box locally (the closest one to me is 100 miles away), we're out of luck.

Video submissions are fine for a couple of open spots, but running an entire competition this way just doesn't seem feasible.

97. David Zeff wrote...

Masters age group should start at 35 like many other sports.

The affiliate team qualifier eliminates the "team" component, and strategy elements to a wod. Now, it is a collection of the "best" athletes and that does not equal the best team.

98. James wrote...

Bunch of crybabies on here. Focus on your fitness and let the games begin!

99. Mike wrote...

There should still be competition for sectionals, not video submissions thats ridiculous.

100. HW wrote...

My major concern (and the only reason I post is in hopes that HQ reads these comments) is how they are going to manage the affiliate team submissions? It seems to me that members of different or smaller boxes could certainly "group" up submitting times/videos from elite athletes that aren't truly part of their affiliate but submit them under the same affiliate name to gain an affiliate spot.

How will HQ manage making certain that all submissions are truly members of one affiliate? While I understand that the obvious answer would be "integrity of each box owner", I also understand the desire to compete doesn't always bring out the integrity in each of us.

Sorry to bring up yet another concern, again as many have already stated, I'm sure HQ has already thought of these things, but like many others, I'm anxious to understand.

101. JP wrote...

HQ, already has the details figured out Im sure. They need to post them now and not play this silly waiting game.

102. Joe wrote...

LRay's post had a lot of "this is how it's going to be and if you don't like it F off" in it it seemed. A lot of people may look up to you as a crossfit ambassador in the community and I don't feel you provided a very satisfactory or fair response to the community's concerns.

I think it's very difficult for you to reprimand the public for what you might say is "over-reacting" when the mainsite provides such little info from time to time, rather than giving everyone all the info at once. Just seems a bit odd

Now personally, I absolutely HATE the new way of sectionals, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt because they have never done me wrong. However, I signed up for crossfit because of going to sectionals and seeing the big crowds and cheering and competition. Video submissions? Really? If you want to allow everyone to compete then why wouldn't you go back to before how you had sectionals AND online video submissions which allows everyone to compete then?

You're saying you want everyone to be able to compete etc.and it seems like HQ did the online submission for everyone to be able to compete, and not have to hold sectionals again, yet you want local affiliates to do all the hard work hosting these events just like they did last year and the year before, so I don't see the problem there? Why do the online submissions?

Overall, pretty disappointed. It seems like Crossfit is creating a distance farther and farther between "The elite" and "the average" crossfitter. But hey these are competitions and I guess that's the point. Just don't like the way things are being handled, but like I said, until we get more information, I will definitely give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hope 2011 is a great one!

103. DS wrote...

Another thumbs-down vote here.

I'm sure HQ has its reasons, but... there were many of us who could and did qualify for Regionals who were looking forward to Sectionals because of the energy, the cameraderie, etc. That's all gone now.

If its a money thing, raise the entry fee or recruit more sponsors until the host affiliate breaks even.

If they are trying to make it more difficult for people who don't belong to a CrossFit affiliate to qualify for Regionals, then shame on them.

If they want to keep the hackers out, make some minimum requirements for competing in the Sectionals, but don't get rid of them entirely.

104. Big wrote...

First off I want to say that yes, I agree with all those who say that they will miss the big secionals competition event. I just checked for the Ohio one (that was held at the Arnold classic)


and it says that Crossfit is coming back for Sectionals. So I just hope other local boxes are going to host a big event and give athletes an opportunity to compete against others. Not just workout in front of a video camera.

105. Big wrote...

Forgot to add...and yes, I trust that it will be a good event. No matter what the final decision is. Every year it has been better and better. I don't think it will change this year.

106. Cam Wilson wrote...

This was going to be my first year competing at the Sectionals and was really looking forward to travelling down to Toronto, Canada for sectionals. Needless to say I am a little dissapointed in the new video format but I still plan training hard and submitting videos for the WODS. I don't envy whoever has to watch all the videos and check for validity and such and record times. Train hard everyone, only 3 more months

107. patrick skinner wrote...

One of the arguments we were out of HQ before was that someone in the community could step up and essentially "host" sectionals. This no longer is the case with an event a week. At least before I thought there stood a chance to recreate the atmosphere. Now that is not even a hope.

108. David K wrote...

Can CF HQ at least explain why they require video submissions for sectionals this year? Are you reading this? This particular HQ decission potentially opens up too much speculation regarding standards and meeting the standards in WODS and how the judging is standardized. How can HQ ensure that standards in each workout are met if the same set of judges does not judge each affiliate in the same section? There was already enough variability in the judges at the 2010 sectionals to start (I speak for myself on this). Ultimately this decission lowers the standards and quality of the CF community. And, to close this does nothing for the spirit of competition in this community? Can anyone clarify why this decission was made?

109. Nick wrote...

Whether you think it is fair or not doesn't really matter. Life isn't fair. If you are hiking and break a leg, should you just give up and die because its not fair? If your child is taken from your arms by a kidnapper who happens to be faster/stronger than you, should you give up? I know these are extremes, but seriously...we don't make the rules in life, we don't make the rules in Crossfit.

Train hard, give it a shot, and quit whining...I seem to remember many people on these same boards bitching about the cost to compete and cost for people to watch you compete at sectionals. At least this solves that issue...

For the record I loved Sectionals last year, if anything this should motivate you more to train and get to regionals to experience the live competition.

110. Jim Pascucci wrote...

This is great. I love the Master's differentiation since I'm older than most. I'm going to be traveling for most of March, Europe and India. What happens if we are in a place where we don't have access to the equipment called for in a WOD? Will we know when the WODs will be announced--like every Friday to be completed in x days--so we can plan to be near an affiliate?

111. nick wrote...

So who came up with this idea? Really crossfit is a community and a inspiring one too. People that came to watch the sectional who had never done crossfit it made a difference why take away from our sport? Another question is how are you going to see that people are using the right weight? it doesn't take a dummy to hollow out a plate seal it up and say its RX'd or even other dum ways of cheating. There is know way in knowing if someone cheats or not. Over all HORRIBLE IDEA!!!

112. Joe wrote...

I am still very disappointed we are moving to the "Virtual CrossFit Games." Why don't we just make this a video game?

The energy we got from sectionals last year is no where near the energy you will get from video submissions done solo with a few of your friends there to cheer you on. Maybe something will come from the affiliate "sectionals." I doubt there will be enough judges at each affiliate to run more than 3 or 4 in a heat because every affiliate will want to hold their own.

I'm still waiting to see what HQ has in store, maybe there are some surprises they aren't telling us. Nonetheless I move on behalf of the community to take the games back to physical competitions! Hell, I was looking forward to qualifiers for sectionals (divisions? haha :)

113. Jeff wrote...

The games is for elite athletes. Local competitions are for Joe Schmoe CrossFitter. I am sure there will be cutoffs for time/loads that you'll have to meet before they even consider looking at your video. This will cut the numbers down pretty quickly. I think if the events are well chosen and the standards are strict that this format can work very well. I personally like the idea of having it spread out over 6 weeks.

What I don't like is the affiliate team competition. I think for the spectators it is BORING! I would prefer to see some sort of competition where teams are pitted directly against one another like in a soccer or football game. Then you could have an NCAA final four style competition to determine the winner. THAT would be cool to watch.

114. Preston wrote...

HQ, Come on ladies and gentlemen... there must be open opportunity in a sectional event where judges can make sure the standards in each workout are being met. The richness of online videos won't provide these competitors with a legitimate fair chance of moving on. Look at all the breakout competitiors that showed up last year. Sure, Holmberg is a veteran competitor but the new guys made it exciting.

115. Chad Hobbs wrote...

IMO this seems like a logical way to do it to include everyone, as long as certain things are covered from the start. I'm assuming HQ is still ironing out the details of my question and concerns or they would just post the official rules now and not listen to all the BS.

Most of us have the same concerns:
-affiliate cheating (which im sure HQ has thought about)
-skewed videos (again im sure they have thought about)

My guess is that they are figuring all this out and are working towards a solution.

As for bickering about not being able to compete at sectionals, are you serious? Ya sectionals was a blast last year it was an awesome experience, but no different than any of the other throwdowns/competitions that go on all year long. If you want that experience go support the numerous affiliates that host different competitions throughtout the year, now you can get your fix. I'm not saying I'm not skeptical of how it will be set up, but I'm sure a solution will be there that will satisfy most. While you're all complaining I'll be competing at the Great Lakes Invitational next week with a great community atmosphere I'm sure!

116. magej wrote...

Regarding the master's brackets - what is the rational for not doing the standard groups starting at 35? I think there are many like myself who at 37, know I can't really compete in the open, but would feel somewhat competative in a 35-40 bracket. At least at our box there are a handful of athletes with this scenario.

117. Adal Zurita wrote...

I can tell when and where I can find sites for the sectional and I need to participate, as well as what the cost.
thanks in advance for your attention to this.

118. Cynical Bastard wrote...

At least we can be confident that there will be no running. (Some people wont be able to take a camera with them on the run and who is actually going to measure it for them?)

There will be no chest to bar pull ups (how can you change the camera angle during a WOD to show full ROM).

There will be no swimming. Most pools do not allow weights anywhere around the water (trust me, I know).

There will be no climbing over obstacles. (who is going to create the obstacles for those who do not have them).

Hmmm... this is going to be pretty easy to anticipate the WOD (types and events). Keep it up HQ. I think I can just specialize in the modalities that can be done in front of a stationary camera and I will be golden.

119. Trevor wrote...

Things you'll need to compete in this years sectionals:
1. 6 weeks of time
2a. A camera-person assuming you or they have #4, 5, and 6
2b. If no camera-person, WODs must be done in one spot cause running, pull-ups and similar moving about exercises will be out of the camera frame, unless you have #2a and must have #3
2c. A Camera-person with 6 weeks of time blocked out to film you workout
3. A Tri-pod (unless you want to look at my sneakers the whole time)
4. A home computer to upload video
5. Home Internet connection
6. A video camera or similar device
7. Whatever equipment might be needed for WOD
8. If none above, have time to make 6 trips to some affiliate located somewhere, over a 6 weeks period at some given date/time and that hopefully you can make all 6 WODs

OR the other option is to make it simple:
1. Host a 1 or 2 day Sectionals like last year
2. Make WODs the same at all sectionals for each region
3. Athletes with the top X times/score collectively from all sectionals in your region go to regionals. This way if a i.e. SoCal sectional has 15 great people and they beat athletes times/scores from other sectionals in their region those 15 people get to go from SoCal.

120. Chad Hobbs wrote...


I see some of your points but some of them are very petty.

1. 6 weeks of time--if you can't figure out time to slot out for 1 WOD in a week you are prolly not a true crossfitter

2. 2a...prolly should get a better social life and get some friends
2b.see 2a
2c. again i dont think the same person has to film all of your wods

3. get a friend

4. join your local library its cheap and they have computers

5. library (however if you dont have any internet access im curious to know how u xfit to begin with since it is totally online based)

6. this is a good point however most people know someone who has a camera goes back to the friends thing

7. best point you make if you are a home xfitter this will be tough...if you can make to the affiliate obviously thats your option

8. again another good point we will see how they set this up

The sectional comment I can agree with that, though I think the main reason no sectional is that each one can only hold so many competitors...could you imagine if Holmberg missed his sectional because he didnt sign up in time and it sold out there goes your 2010 champ.

121. Howard wrote...

@Chad Hobbs

Did you really just type "prolly" in a intellectual conversation?!?!

I will go back and actually read what you wrote, but after I saw that and saw it was repeated, I just had to question the reason for not using real English words. Next time, please, spell out "probably."

122. Trevor wrote...

@ Chad Hobbs

I know #1-5 are petty they were more of a joke but making a point at the same time.
-You don't have to be online to Crossfit
- If you Crossfit and want to compete you need to have at least 1 friend with a camera. (thats a joke)
-I'm sure the Library is going to have video editing software to convert your 10GB x 6 video files into something that you can upload in a reasonable amount of time.
- its a work computer and its lunch time. They will not appreciate me uploading 10GB x 6 video files.
- They charged $100 a head, we had about 170 competitors plus maybe 50 some people watching. I think you can find some venue large enough for $20K that can host.

Not saying everyone is going to be happy or be able to make it. A lot easier to arrange your schedule if its 1 or a 2 day event on day X and Y then try to coordinate a span of 6 weeks and everything else involved....thats all
If Holmberg car broke down that day..yes he might have missed it. Yes if he signed up late..that is what happens. You think you can show up to a marathon the day of and whine that you can't run cause they are full?
Just think about how cool the Boston Marathon or IronMan would be if people had a GoPRo cams and just sent in videos. Now that would be an awesome event to compete in!

123. Andy wrote...

Love to find out how my affiliate can get registered to hold qualifiers?

124. Matt Chan wrote...

Sooooooo exciting! The new format is going to be a blast. It makes the whole shebang more accessible.

125. Lisa wrote...

How are they possibly going to watch and judge (fairly) literally thousands of videos week after week??? It is impossible...

126. Jono wrote...

This is going to be great. It has already started a stir amongst the community and the finer details haven't even been released. The only concern I have is the fact that you can go to any Affiliate do the WOD and take their word for it.

127. Frank wrote...

@ Trevor
Well said! I totally agree.

If an affiliate would host the 6 wods, I am guessing they would hold the event on a weekend day. For those of us that have to work weekends, good luck getting approved for 6 weekends off in a row!

@Chad Hobbs
I'm pretty sure that top 3 from any games do not need to compete in sectionals. Graham will prolly be just fine. Oh, and Trevor does have friends, I am now one of them.

I am going to compete for sectionals on my Wii! :)

128. Gord wrote...



I finished fifth from last at my sectional last year and had a blast. I was hoping to improve that by 15 spots this year. Will you even watch my 7 minute Fran or my or my scaled muscle ups video? Will you be ranking all video's so we can see how we stack up?

129. Steven Platek, PhD wrote...

constantly varied, right? that's what the games have been for several years - constantly varied. in some cases the revised format has served some well, in others it has not. I think this is an interesting and potentially very fair format. It sounds, or looks to me, like HQ is putting the integrity of the sport in the hands of the Affiliates. All this talk about cheated reps, home court judging, and even *fake plates*... fake plates, I'd never even thought of that! Whoa! So, here we go... games 2011: not only a journey of fitness but a moral and intellectual journey. Do you cheat to get into regionals, sacrificing, potentially a spot of a truly elite athlete? Are you that person? I like to think that the community is not like that, but I realize i might be naive. I just know that I AM NOT! This is a huge social psychology experiment and no matter what way you toss it someone who does not get in is going to be ticked off because they feel like they are a better, fitter athlete than someone that they are watching on the live webcast (which I am assuming will be happening again, please). Likewise, we will all (ok not all of us, but some of you awesome beasts) be watching someone, somewhere at a regional saying, how in the hell did they get there? I could do that! But is that because of cheated reps, dishonesty, and a general lack of integrity? Let's hope it's not and hope that its simply a fluke. Last year there were some crazy things that happened.. one athlete from Europe/England could not make a regional because his wife was in a car accident. The community came together, donated $ and got him to a regional in a different country. I mean that's what we're about, right? I do realize the concerns that many have - video is troubling for a number of reasons: range of motion loss on one rep or multiple, might be the difference between going and not going to sectionals if a judge could have told you to do one more. OK, but like Steve Liberati said, this is just the appetizer and so far as I've been CrossFitting the folks over there at HQ have never let me down.

Now, I am probably annoying, but that's because I am generally, if not perpetually, a glass half full person, as well as an athlete that probably stands a greater chance of winning a Nobel prize than going to regionals, but still let's keep an open mind and see if the product dissapoints. I doubt it will.

I do have a few thoughts however that I'd like to share with HQ regarding the formatting in two areas: 1) age class. I agree with post #97 David Zeff who writes "Masters age group should start at 35 like many other sports." and 2) why couldn't team WODs be released. If the team events are part of the Affiliate Cup, then all athletes would have to be at or part of an affiliate anyhow, right? This just seems inherently easier than ranking individuals, etc blah blah , but I might be missing something that makes your way easier.

130. Steven Platek, PhD wrote...

Oh and one more things: how does an affiliate get "registered" to qualify athletes for sectionals? Or does HQ mean: any CF registered affiliate is able to do so?

Looking forward to some good games action!

Now, I am probably annoying, but that's because I am generally, if not perpetually, a glass half full person, as well as an athlete that probably stands a greater chance of winning a Nobel prize than going to regionals, but still let's keep an open mind and see if the product dissapoints. I doubt it will.

I do have a few thoughts however that I'd like to share with HQ regarding the formatting in two areas: 1) age class. I agree with post #97 David Zeff who writes "Masters age group should start at 35 like many other sports." and 2) why couldn't team WODs be released. If the team events are part of the Affiliate Cup, then all athletes would have to be at or part of an affiliate anyhow, right? This just seems inherently easier than ranking individuals, etc blah blah , but I might be missing something that makes your way easier.

Oh and one more things: how does an affiliate get "registered" to qualify athletes for sectionals? Or does HQ mean: any CF registered affiliate is able to do so?

Looking forward to some good games action!

131. Steven Platek, PhD wrote...

Oh and one more things: how does an affiliate get "registered" to qualify athletes for sectionals? Or does HQ mean: any CF registered affiliate is able to do so?

Looking forward to some good games action!

132. Cynical Bastard wrote...

Steven, did you really have to put the "PhD" behind your name?

133. Pete S wrote...

Can't wait to hear the specs. So far I'm not crazy about the idea but its too early to tell. I can certainly understand why there are so many concerns and I'm bothered by those who call anyone who question or shows concern a hater. Just because we have concerns or don't like the idea, doesn't mean were not Crossfitters. And it also does not mean that we would rather go back to a Globogym for a Body-Pump class. Get real.

As for trying to figure out how in the world they will watch all the videos? My guess is results and times will likely have to be indicated when videos are submitted. If your time is not competitive, then no one will be watching your video.

But lets not make assumptions. More details would be awesome right about now.

134. Chad Hobbs wrote...


Sorry didn't know grammar was going to be critiqued on a message board.


I think you took the Holmberg comment a little to literally. My sectional sold out in 2 days last year, this year if they would have had one I could see selling out in 2 hours. My point is you are not really finding the fittest athletes if everyone doesn't have a chance to sign up. And no you don't have to be online to CrossFit but pretty sure you do to sign up for it.


Again I think you took the comments to literally as well. I'm saying the next Khalipa, Salo, or whoever has to go through sectionals and regionals to win the games might get left out due to a sectional being sold out. I also wasn't saying Trevor in particular didn't have any friends, I'm sure you guys are great together.

135. Graeme wrote...

Ok here's my 2 cents worth.

It's different but CF is evolving so we have to embrace change. Sure you lose the atmosphere but if a group of affiliates want to organise thmselves into mini sectionals they can.
The problem I see is with the judging standards. Video to HQ is Ok, but time submission by a registered affiliate assumes that affiliate has good standards regarding ramge of movement etc. From my pbservations at various events this isn't always the case so the possibility of someone qualifying to regionals with poor ROM is increased.

136. Trevor wrote...

@ Chad Hobbs

I would hope that if a sectional sell out in 2 days or in 2 mins that they would continue to allow those interested in signing up. This should justify a bigger venue or host an additional Sectional or something. Popular music bands will add an additional night if the sell out and think they can fill up the stadium the next night. Sectionals at $100 a head raises a lot of money pretty fast. But not everyone gets tickets even if they did.

Probably my number one issue with video submission is losing the group competition aspect of it. I think that is one of the reasons people pay $150/mo for CF box membership compared to going to Globo-Gym at $15/mo and just performing the main WOD by yourself or just pulling up local CF boxes and doing the WOD. Yes you can do that, but its just not the same.

One of the reasons people watch NASCAR its the competition of racing. If they just did a time trail of 50 laps one car at a time, best time wins, you think it would be just as popular? Do horses run as fast in a group or individually? Is watching ESPN highlight reel the same as watching the whole game? or having court-side seats?

Yes the end game is to find the best of the best. But the only reason people care about any of this is you have a bunch of people out there with similar aspirations, wanting, dreaming and striving to be that person and their love of competition. I don't think these people just want to post a time for a WOD online and see how they did compared to other people. Yes there maybe boxes that host a big venue or a small one but having WODs over 6 weeks is not the same as you have 1 chance, here it is. Go!

137. Michelle wrote...

Dear CrossFit,

I am an ex collegiate athlete that was badly injured in their senoir year. Our collegiate programming was terrible and you could tell by our overall performance.

After I started the CrossFit program I slowly recovered my injuries by modifying certain workouts that were harmful to my knees. Upon my first visit I could not run, do box jumps, lunges, any squats and was told by several doctors I never would again.

For some reason I continued your program and achieved miraculous results. I know run faster, jump higher, and feel like I would own the next Chuck Tailor sneaker commercial.

I was unable to participate in the Sectionals last year simply because my knees were not strong enough. I have been working as hard as ever to get to where I need to be this year and have set up my own training progressions to participate in sectionals.

I am level 1 certfied and I've finally reached a point where I wanted to prove myself to all the pesismists and colleagues that said I could never run again. My knees are stronger than ever and I owe it all to CrossFit programming.

After volunteering last year at the Sectionals I was more determined than ever to improve my skills. I earned some of the best friends I've ever had and encountered some of the most genuine people I've had the priviledge to come across through the "Games". By taking away this piece of CrossFit I am extremely disappointed.

I was always top 100 in the country in tennis and now no one will see what I've accomplished especially not through some video.

If sponsors are an issue, I am more than willing to use my skills as a successful sales person to help y'all out. My biggest goal for that year has been taken out. My corporate company has been in full support and if those are the true issues there are many resources at your disposal to exhaust.

I love our community which is part of what keeps me showing up and training every day and I hope simple monetary reasons won't hold all of us back.. Reach out to your community if you need help. We are every where and look to CrossFit to keep our own aspirations going.

138. Cynical Bastard wrote...

You have both my respect and my attention, Michelle. If it is possible, please perform a WOD in front of a camera. I want to see what you can do. I love stories like this.

139. Chad Hobbs wrote...


I definitely agree with you on that, but thats why it's so great that there are local events and throwdowns all throughout the year. If someone really wants to compete go to these they are a lot of fun and its good to support these affiliates that put them on. But basically we should just wait until more details come out and I guess we'll see.

140. Brianne wrote...

I agree that we should all wait to find out more details, however it would be nice if they could be released sooner. I am also one of the crossfitters that thinks the video submission is a terrible idea. It is in no way motivating for me.
I placed better at sectionals last year then anticipated. I wanted to make the top 20 in my region and I managed to take 9th overall. I not only surprised myself, but my coach. I am sure that part of that was the competition environment. I know that many feel that doing workouts in there own box will give them an advantage. I think that for the rest of us, the unknown of competition and our competetors is what does it.
I also think that a weekend of competition makes more sense. I can perform great if I only have to do one difficult WOD a week, but it is the pressure of having to perform at a top level in 2-3 wods a day that really seperates elite from average.
I am not sure who mentioned it, but setting WODs for every Section that are the same sounds like a viable option. 3-4 wods that are designated by HQ, to be completed in 2 days time. Might just be the golden ticket.

141. jeremy boeh wrote...

i think this is a great concept and worth a shot..there are many people who want to try for the games but due to deployments or things that allow them not to be at a centralized event cause them to mis out...everything has its pros and cons and the world of crossfit is about the unknown and unknowable.....we are a community of people who think outside the normal realms of fitness and i think this is just another example of taking steps to spread the word...in the end it comes down to improving the lives of people through functional fitness

142. Adal wrote...

I'm from Mexico and want to participate in the crossfit games.

When leaving the sectional.

I can record myself doing the WOD and send the video or what would the process still do not quite understand. or what options you have to qualify to the regional ?????

Or if you can tell me who I can contact for more information more accurate because in reality if I want to compete.

Thank you for your attention
warm greetings

143. Steven Platek wrote...

@Cynical Bastard: Auto complete... sorry if it upsets you! ;-)

144. DM wrote...

Been training all year to get ready for Sectionals....the "Big Show". For me, I am pretty sure that that is as "big" as it will get for me. It was going to be my Games...and now I feel like it is gone.
I am sure that from a business stand point...this all makes sense. BUT what about us mere mortals?!?!?! For every Games competitor there are probably 1,000 Crossfitters giving it there all. Don't more of them deserve to go to 'the show'??

On a practical note...What happens if the affiliate doesn't have the equipment needed??

Alot less Excited.

145. jmart wrote...

My sentiments after carefully ready thru the comments (all 144).
Most of you make me want to puke. You call yourself CrossFitters?
The majority of you sound like a bunch of egotistical babies. Whinning about this or complaining about that. Is it really that big of a deal?
Get a clue. You are not going to get rich off of the prize money and you are never going to be a CrossFit celebrity, so give it a rest.
You remind me of the same people who come in to our gym, take a look at the WOD, and start bitching about it. You make me sick, and so do they.
Soon, CrossFit HQ will provide us all with the details of qualifing. What ever they are; accept them and deal with it then.
For most of us, the lifestyle CrossFit provides is more than enough reward for our effort, being recognized by a crowd as being "great" during a competition never figures into the equation.
I applaud, those of you who compete and look forward each year to the games...Good Luck to all who choose to compete.

146. RayG wrote...

I am surprised at the number of our CrossFit brethren who suggest some form of wide spread cheating will occur. It appears the format is intended to cast the widest net possible. And it clearly has the potential to give a chance to anyone motivated to find a place to perform the qualification WODs. Assuming the affiliate owners have some integrity, the videos will only be VERIFICATION so no one will be watching all of them.

The larger concern is uniformity of judging, the ability to keep going and make up a rep that someone at HQ feels should not count and the running WODs. Uniformity of judging is problematic in every sport, witness football and baseball replay and the blown perfect game last year. So, we should accept that problem. HQ will think of something to deal with running.

I am going to miss meeting fellow CrossFitters at the initial event and parting with my fellow Shoreliners, but I applaud the attempt and experimentation this represents to enable us to find and highlight our best athletes. With any new mode of physical expression, experimentation is critical to determine how best to represent the effort of competitors. The debate on this blog is an example of the benefit of wider participation.

The qualification procedure will challenge us all I am sure. But CrossFit is resilient and adaptive. That is it's most endearing quality. Our job as CrossFitters is to express ourselves as we have here and then show up and put out. Those of us on the margin are most exposed to the vagaries of the process. We who adhere to the religion of CrossFit will speak out. We who participate will have fun.


147. FH wrote...

The times can be verified by an affiliation? All of the top cross-fitters own their own affiliates, how is it fair that they get to validate their own times?

If so, can I just put my FRAN time up there now as 1:10 RX. I swear its legit...

148. James wrote...

I would like to just add my disappointment to everyone else’s. CrossFit went from just having the main event, to regionals then the main event, to sectionals, regionals then the main event. Why are they going backwards? Not everyone is at the elite level. Marathon runners who have to qualify for the Boston Marathon do not send their times in, or send a video in; they go to a qualifying event. This is a BAD decision by HQ and hopefully it will change.

149. Rick wrote...

Why is there 3 different Master's divisions, yet only 1 competitive division for everyone under 45 years old? As Crossfit is becoming more and more competitive with a wide variety of athletes, should there not be weight class divisions and/or more age class divisions to make it more fair? For example, in the games, you can have 2 elite athletes, similar fitness levels, competing against each other in 2 different WOD's. One athlete is a Spealler type, 5'7", 150 lbs. and the 2nd athlete is equally strong and fit for his size, but is 6'3", 220 lbs. One WOD is a body weight oriented, short and fast metcon, with movements like air squats and pull ups. The shorter, lighter athlete will undoubtedly win this event, as he is lighter and has a shorter range of motion and can bust out his squats and pull ups faster, even though the taller athlete has almost identical fitness capacities as his opponent. The 2nd WOD is a short, heavy metcon, say a 155# Grace, like at the 2008 Games. The taller, heavier athlete will most likely win this event, as did the taller, heavier athletes at the 2008 Games. How can one say that one of these guys is fitter than the other when the WOD programming favors one athlete over the other. In a sport like Crossfit, there needs to be weight classes just like wrestling, boxing, MMA, or competitive weightlifting,

150. Russ wrote...


Taken together, your examples actually argue against the need for weight classes.

Good competition programming achieves a balance between the various functional demands of fitness. Weight classes are unnecessary. Small guys suffer on the heavy stuff and rowing. Heavy guys suffer on the running and bodyweight exercises.

Creating this balance is a developing art.

151. Tom Lawrence wrote...

What is the cut-off date for the masters brackets? I turn 45 on July 9. Since July 9 is before the games, do I get to compete in the 45-50 bracket?

152. Trey wrote...

As a 41 year old and a two year crossfit games participant (regional in '09 and sectional in 10) I don't get the age group. Ive always felt that the best way would be open, then 35-50 then 50+ would be the best way to handle it. Look at the qualification statistics and tell me when the last 40 year old could compete at a sectional level much less a regional or national level. I love when I go to these things and I find a couple of guys out of the 200 that are even within 5 years of my age.

At any case, I'm disappointed in the decision to remove sectionals from the equation. Though flawed, last years was the biggest yet and if anything indicated the need for more sections and more regions. Getting together as a group in a competetive setting was a bunch of fun and produced a better population of crossfitters.


153. TroyP wrote...

Trey #152,

I'm also 40. I know in 2009 there were two 40+ competitors that made it thru regionals to the '09 Games (Andy Petranek & Jeff Tincher). It isn't going to be an easier as more (and younger) athletes participate.

I'm pretty sure a number of affiliates will get registered (approved) by CFHQ to host sectional qualifying. While it likely won't be as largely attended by athletes or spectators as previous sectionals, I'm sure many boxes will put on a pretty good show. Might even make it easier for people to get to a 'sectional' without the distance they traveled last year.

Not shilling, just think there's a lack of understanding on how the games will work and lack of info that's out there re: boxes hosting a sectional event.

I'm with you that for most CFers sectionals are realistically the top level that we'll get and we don't want to lose that by video taping ourselves doing a workout. I just don't think that has to be the case from the items I've read....hopefully there's many boxes preparing for a Sectional qualifier early March thru mid April near you.

154. caveman wrote...

If CrossFit allows video submission as a form of proving athletic performance, I am writing off CrossFit. Not liking where CrossFit is headed. turning into more of a circus.

155. Joe wrote...

If Regionals aren't until late June and Nationals is July 29th, how do I buy a plane ticket to CA again? Regional directors, please schedule your events as soon and early in the summer as possible.

156. Ryan Lilienthal wrote...

This question may have already been discussed, if so I apologize. How does an affiliate become registered to validate Sectional WOD's? Can any affiliate become registered or are the affiliates hand picked by HQ? Thank you and good luck to all competitors at all levels...

157. Kathy wrote...

Best of luck with the new sectionals idea. Not sure I like it from a spectator point of view. As a spectator it was awfully fun to go and cheer on our local crossfitters and be a part of the excitement of the event and athletes at a local spot and watch then wait with anticipation for the results to be posted online of your favorites. It was good to be able spread the excite to other friends and family in the area to come and check out this crossfit sport. You are taking away that impact locally which I believe takes away from potential new members to local affiliates. What sport does this sort of thing???

158. Dan wrote...

You mean to tell me that if I put up a 3:01 Fran, but it takes a 2:58 to get to regionals that my affiliate owner or my video recorder won't shave off those 3 seconds to get me in? I will not be "Outted" as some have said as less of an athlete because it is very believable that the small margin of what really is and what I claim to be my time is true. So I ask this, would olympic qualifying be legit if they did video submissions? The margin between times and differences can be so small that it is necessary for referees, judges, official timers, at any athletic event, therefore you must hold an official event to crown a true champion. Can you imagine if someone like spealler didn't qualify for the games because he was honest about his time but missed it by 2 seconds because someone lied about theirs. Lets be real, in todays world with money at stake, people will go to great lengths to win, if you have cheaters at the Olympics, in the MLB, NFL, pretty much everywhere in professional sports, what makes you think Crossfit is the one exception?

159. Anthony wrote...

I agree with the complaints. I looked forward to meeting and competing in regionals in person. I probably won't make the games, but competing during the qualifying rounds was something that sounded aweome. Video taping my workouts sounds far less awesome....and add all the integrity concerns already expressed.

160. rstarr wrote...

@jmart....I hope your not a box owner or run a gym! Your attitude and approach to express your disgust at anyone less than a fire breather...makes me want to....well, you make me laugh! I would not want to be trained or judged by anyone with such a sour taste in their mouth!

@HQ...this is an interesting approach to Sectionals. Can't wait for more details...gonna be very interesting!

161. Jeff wrote...

I'm 53 years young, cross fitting for just over a year. I plan to enter as a masters competitor. The rules are the rules.
It seems to me that the new format, while maybe not perfect does allow more people to compete, The bigger the field the Truer the Champion.
Enough with the complaining. Evidence the popularity explosion of Cross Fit and its hard to argue with how it's being run.
Fairly certain this format will not result in a bunch of "chops" qualifying for Los Angeles.
I am excited that I have an athletic competition to prepare for. Until I found Cross fit a year ago, it never crossed my mind that I would get to compete as an athlete again.
Let's just show up at our appointed time and see how good we are?

162. Neil wrote...

Just turned 40...you couldn't have started there?

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164. Gilles Pelletier wrote...

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