Logan Gelbrich

2011 CrossFit Games

Scouting Report: Mixed Region Edition

A Former Pro Baseball Player, Strong Female Athlete from Australia, and Precocious Brit

With the 2011 CrossFit Games season only a few months away, preparation for the Games is heating up. If there is anything we have learned from years past, it’s that previously low-profile athletes will come out of nowhere to challenge CrossFit’s elite.

Two weeks ago, we covered a few of the new, strong European athletes who are planning to run for international competition. Today, we feature a few athletes who were missed in their region’s scouting report: a female athlete out of Melbourne, Australia who has the Olympic Lifts nailed, a former professional baseball player from Southern California who’s shifting his athletic ambition to the Games, and a precocious eighteen year old Brit who holds stats that many aspire for.

We're constantly scouting for new athletes who may make a strong run for the Games. If you have an athlete that the CrossFit community should know about, please send us their benchmark workout stats and contact information. We'll follow up.


Amy Dracup is a trainer and athlete at Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne. Amy holds some impressive figures. Despite her petite physique, Amy has the strength and coordination for a bodyweight snatch, 4/3 bodyweight overhead squat for two reps, and double bodyweight deadlift. She came to CrossFit in September 2008 with a background in gymnastics and soccer, and has dedicated her attention to CrossFit ever since.

Amy says that she gets her inspiration and confidence to push for the 2011 Games from her fiancé Bjorn Albrecht-Walker, who competed in 2010. His success in making it to the Games has helped her feel confident that she can do the same. From what we heard from CrossFit New Zealand owner and trainer Tamaryn Venter, it just might happen this year. Tamaryn says that Amy has been “improving each year” and she believes Amy “will make a strong showing” at the 2011 Australia Regional.

Age: 29
Height: 5’2
Weight: 123.2 lbs

Fran: 3.34 
Helen: 8:50
Nate: 11 rounds
Jackie: 8:09
Grace: 2:52

Deadlift: 269.5 lbs
Back Squat: 231 lbs
Overhead Squat: 2x 165 lbs
Squat Clean: 176 lbs
Snatch: 121 lbs

Max Muscle Up Set: 7
30 MU for time: 9:46
Filthy Fifty: 21:46
5km run: 22:50

5th Australasian Games 2009
3rd Victoria/New Zealand Sectionals 2010
6th Australian Regionals 2010
1st CrossFit Victoria Throwdown 2010
1st Eureka Tower Stair Climb (F 19-29yr) 2010

Logan Gelbrich, U.S.A.

Logan Gelbrich is a former professional baseball player out of Los Angeles, California. Logan was first introduced to CrossFit by his strength and conditioning coach at the University of San Diego, CrossFit Certification Staff member Stephane Rochet. After graduating, Logan was drafted by the San Diego Padres and played for two seasons as their catcher.

Since retiring from professional baseball, the twenty five year old athlete has shifted his athletic ambitions to making it to the Games. As he explains, “After baseball was over in my life, I continued to strive to be better each day. The goal, however, became about the whole picture rather than specializing simply as a catcher in baseball. In my opinion, CrossFit is without a doubt the best way to do that. I am attracted to CrossFit because it is hard, and life experience has shown me that where the adversity is--so is growth and power. I am committed to reach the CrossFit Games.”

Although he is still green in the CrossFit competition community, with just one year of solid training at CrossFit LA and one CrossFit competition behind him, he shows remarkable strength and speed. If he doesn’t make it to the Games this year, we think we’ll see more of this adversity-hungry CrossFit athlete in the future.

Age: 25
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 216lbs

Fran: 2:32
Helen: 8:08
King Kong: 7:56

Deadlift: 500lbs
Squat: 365lbs
Bench: 290lbs
Clean and Jerk: 260lbs
5k run: 21:09

1st CFLA Team Trials

Jordan Wallace, ENGLAND

One word to describe Jordan Wallace is precocious. At just eighteen years old, Wallace holds CrossFit benchmark stats that developed athletes aspire for as well as a professional title few young adults can match: Owner and Director of CrossFit Tyneside. The young Brit rotates between training alongside British Games competitor Sam Briggs and the Martins at CrossFit BrandX. He started CrossFit two years ago at the age of sixteen and “loved it straight away.” Surprisingly, before CrossFit Jordan “never did anything physical except golf.” Nonetheless, Jeff Martin describes Jordan as “swift” as one would expect given his 17:17 5k run time. We’ve heard that Wallace can break 30 rounds on Cindy, and we’re hoping to see video proof soon.

Age: 18
Height: 5’5”

Fran: 3:00
Diane: 4:37
Murph: 31:01
Angie: 12:45
Elizabeth (squat cleans): 6:35
Helen: 7:52
Fight Gone Bad: 402
Filthy Fifty: 18:08
5k run: 17:17

Deadlift: 422.4lbs
Back Squat: 308lbs
Overhead Squat: 231lbs
Power Clean: 214.5lbs
Clean and Jerk:198lbs
Snatch: 154lbs
Press: 132lbs

UK Sectional, March 2010 : 26th place
CrossFit Central Manchester Invitational, July 2010: 5th place 
Next Level Invitational (California), Advanced Division, December 2010: 42nd place 

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8 comments on this entry

1. Sam Martin wrote...

Hi Trent. Maybe you didn't see the part where Logan has only been doing CrossFit seriously for a year, and yet has a 2:32 Fran and a 500 lb deadlift. Maybe you don't think that being a 6'3" 25-year old who can do King Kong is impressive...I don't know. But I, for one, think that having such enormous strengths and potential is pretty damn impressive. I think that the fact that CF is attracting former pro athletes like Logan means that the talent base for this year's and future CF Games is expanding in a big way. I think spotlighting someone like Logan who maybe can't crush every workout but has nearly unlimited potential is interesting.

Then again, I'm biased. I live with the guy. I see him train every day like an animal and attack his weaknesses. I was there when LG put up a 422 FGB that he doesn't advertise because a video showed him jerk a couple push presses (which almost everyone does on FGB). And more than that, I like the guy. So I ask you to reconsider what constitutes "weak sauce."

2. ATrain wrote...

LOOOOOoooOooOoGs!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it.

3. Graeme wrote...

Perhaps Trent would like to enlighten us on his own personal "awesome" numbers!!
A 2:32 Fran & 500lb DL is not a weak number.

4. Graeme wrote...

Well done Amy - Pocket powerhouse; an awesome competitor & a great gal

5. Shirley wrote...

Logan--- awesome. Keep this up and you're gonna keep getting more and more awesome! See you at the GAMES!

weak sauce what ??

6. Ingrid wrote...

Brogan doin work!
Steppin up. Love it.
Listen: You got ONE JOB.

And as for Amy and Jordan- huge numbers from a little chick and young dude! Great stuff from the CrossFit Community.

Keep up all the good work everybody!

7. Jun wrote...

Logan is not human.

Kill it out there man!

8. Staffan the Swede wrote...

I can verify that Logan is a bad ass firebreather and a great guy!

Bro, you are a great inspiration and your potential is huge. Keep up the good work, have fun and remember, we are following your development from a snowy and cold Sweden.

See you at The Games in July (competing or not)!


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