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Greg Glassman Weighs In, More Details Are Announced

CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman has raised two goals for the CrossFit Games process. He wants to find the fittest man and woman in the world, while making the process as inclusive as possible. In his words, the goal is to "dig to the bottom of the well, and come up with the best." The CrossFit Games Open is the first step in this intense and extensive process.

Some have raised concerns about cheating in the Open, but Coach doesn't think there's going to be much of an incentive for it. Any athlete who wrongfully makes it to the Regionals, will quickly be shown to be a fraud in competition. Who wants that?

This year, there are 17 Regionals throughout the world. The top 60 men and 60 women from each region during the Open will advance to Regional competition. Similarly, the top 30 teams in each Region will advance to Regionals. For each age bracket of the Masters, the top 20 men and top 20 women worldwide will advance to the Games with no Regional competition.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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63 comments on this entry

1. Dach wrote...

Will any affiliate be able to register athletes or will there be criteria an affiliate must meet? For example, if there are 5 affiliates in a city who want to validate athletes’ times, could all five affiliates register?

2. Chris Santamarina wrote...

Remember the name SANTAMARINA; 2013 I will be there and dominate;;;;

3. Josh R. wrote...

"For each age bracket of the Masters, the top 20 men and top 20 women worldwide will advance to the Games with no Regional competition."

Looks like multiple age brackets for Master's competitors this year. I'm interested to see where the cutoffs will be, but I think this is a much needed action given the sheer volume of CrossFitters working out and interested in competing in the Games.

4. BRENT HOPPER wrote...


5. BoOzY wrote...

The Nor-Cal Region has the issue of "too many good athletes" and not enough slots for advancement. Last year some great athletes did not make it to the games, and weaker athletes from other regions made it... how do you intend to fix this problem in the Bay area Nor Cal Region?

This was a big problem last year...

6. Lamb wrote...

They announced brackets in a previous communication:

Masters are going to have four age divisions (45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60+) and will compete in the Opens.

7. Jason wrote...

Re: Cheating.

While this may not be seen as a big problem, I've noticed that requirements for a particular movement vary all over the place (snake push-ups, not squatting hip pocket below knees, etc.). So while it may not be considered cheating to some, when movement requirements vary that much, it could be a problem.

While I wouldn't think an affiliate would intentionally let any of their athletes cheat, we are talking about $250,000 here.

On that same note, what if 10 people cheated, and were accepted into Regionals? That's 10 people that will be found out, but also 10 "real" athletes that didn't make it, who should have made it to Regionals.

8. Horse wrote...

Jason, extremely good comment, i second that!

silly question but i just wanted to confirm after watching the video. are the regionals going to be populated by the top people in the REGION (for me Australia region) or the top people from each SECTION(sections being sections like last year)?

9. pat wrote...

If someone qualifies in the top 60 in their region and chooses to participate with their affiliate, will the person that finished in 61st be offered to participate in Regionals as an individual? And so on down the line?

10. Nick wrote...

Boozy wrote:

The Nor-Cal Region has the issue of "too many good athletes" and not enough slots for advancement. Last year some great athletes did not make it to the games, and weaker athletes from other regions made it... how do you intend to fix this problem in the Bay area Nor Cal Region?

This was a big problem last year...

My solution? Move to either Central or South America. Or, train harder. Also, nobody from the Nor Cal region finished in the top 10, so to say there were athletes at home that would have done better is a stretch

11. ken c wrote...

brent hopper

age brackets were already announced. 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+. good luck.

12. Daigle wrote...

#5 Boozy....

What you're complaining about is a non-issue. That's like complaining because you're on a really good football team, so you're not starting at QB, because they have Tom Brady. What do you do? Quit and move to a new team with worse players so you can start?

That would be like me leaving CrossFit New England for another smaller or much newer affiliate because I know I can walk onto a team there, where as at CFNE I'm just another athlete and It's not as likely I'll make it to the games on the team.

That's really poor attitude and sportsmanship in my opinion.

@pat #9...I'm not sure, but last year that's how it worked. If you decided to compete on the team at regionals in 2010, they rolled your spot back to the next highest finishing competitor.


13. Kelly wrote...

1st time competing and in the Masters Catagory. Looks like it going to be a great competition, but I would have liked to see Regionals for the Masters also. Not having Regionals for Masters and the first level of competition (Open Sectionals) is at a world wide level may exclude athletes as they feel that they won't make it but may have competed with a goal to make it to the Regionals. I will still be competing in the Open Sectionals!

14. Tyson wrote...

#12 Daigle...

Your comments are spot on. Well said.

It amazes me how many people on here think that there's something sinister about the "Opens" qualification process. We've heard it all on here... from entrants going to great lengths to edit their workout videos, affiliate owners conspiring to qualify their athletes (and maybe themselves) in a dishonest way, and I've even read a couple of posts (at least!) about people being concerned that their videos want be viewed.

Look, at the end of the day if you're a "world class athlete" with a serious chance of making a tilt at the title to become "The World's Fittest", then I'm sure you will qualify for the Games.

In my opinion and I could be wrong, but I suspect that most people complaining about the Opens qualification process & that it may stop them from qualifying for Regionals, probably have little chance of qualifying for Regionals anyway & even less of making it to the Games.

Personally, I prefer the qualification process of past years, but there's a new process now & we're just going to have to deal with it. I honestly believe that when it's all said & done the fittest people will be competing at the Games & the "Fittest" will win.

Spend less time complaining & more time training!

Good luck everyone.


15. RayG wrote...

If you are a master come on over to or cf masters on Facebook and enjoy competing with other masters in preparation for the games. We have a weekly wod, post the time and there will be some prize. Over 115 masters posted times for the first WOD. It's not quite the in person experience of the regionals, but we are a lively bunch and there will be masters wods at many boxes as well in preparation. We are disappointed that apparently there will be no regionals for us.

16. Brad wrote...

I wish I was over 45

17. Graeme wrote...

Congrats to Crossfit for expanding Masters but such a pity they won't get a public opportunity to showcase themselves at Regionals

18. Bill wrote...

Anyone know a guy that can get Brad a fake ID?

19. patrick wrote...

where there is money, there is performance enhancing drugs. period.

20. Kent wrote...

I am assuming that there is still going to be a masters competitions at regionals, you are just competing against everyone in the world, just like last year. Just because you win your regionals does not punch your ticket to the games.

21. RG3 wrote...

First off, let me just say, I love the idea of having an open. It gives more people the ability to compete. Honestly, if they would continue having Sectionals, hundreds of people would show up and next year, they would have to do something even before Sectionals to weed people out, sub-Section or something like that.


I completely agree with this. Although people will embarrass themselves at Regionals, anyone who makes it to Regionals by cheating is taking the spot of a good competitor. He might not be top 5 in the Open for his/her Region, either because he was having a bad day or a skill wasn't his strong suit. But could go far in the competition.

Perfect example of this is Ben Smith. Last year, Ben finished 39th in the Georgia Sectional, but then went on to finish 3rd int he Region and 8th at the Games. I would hope we wouldn't have 20+ people trying to cheat the system. But, if we do, a guy like Ben might not even make the Regional.

HQ, is there any plans on how to prevent this? I know if an affiliate helps a person cheat, there's not much HQ can do. But, for the people sending in videos that are not from an affiliate, any thoughts on how to prevent cheating with that? Any body weight movements, it's easy to judge. But, anything with weight, people can find ways to cheat.


22. JasonS wrote...

The "problem" NorCal faces is an issue that's common worldwide, not just with the CrossFit games.

Look at professional sports playoffs. How many times to two better teams end up facing each other early in the playoffs, only to have the winner face a not as talented team in a later playoff round, or even the championship?

I'm sure a lot of teams and fans were upset that the Seahawks, with a losing record, made the playoffs this year, while their team was home for the season.

You may be a fantastic member of your corporate team and aspire to be president of the company, but if you've got a couple individuals who are "better" than you, it's probably not going to happen.

This is yet another way CrossFit prepares us for the real world!

23. Patrick McCarty wrote...

13. Kelly

Kelly, I am also a bit disappointed that there is no regional event for the masters BUT that has caused me simply to up my ante on my open training. I am going for it, no holds barred. See you in LA.


24. Gabriel G. wrote...

Now I know that there is a semi-heated debate over the qualification process. And everyone has their own take on it. Fine, Whatever, we all can disagree but in my OPINION, its a bummer that we dont get to compete IN PERSON to qualify. Kinda takes ALL of the fun out of the competition... for me at least. I'm not saying I would make it to the Games but it sure would be fun to try side by side with some of the people who do. Good luck everyone, train hard and stay focused.

25. NICK wrote...


26. Brandon wrote...

Do you foresee 40-44 being included in the masters?

27. Tony wrote...

Masters is 20 per age bracket? Is that a typo? That's 100 Masters competitors at the Games (no regionals). Number 1. good luck finding that many of us old farts , especially 60+ 2. how competitive will that be? Seriously. 3. If they cut, say, half, the field after the first WOD, I've spent a lot of time and money to travel and stay in Cali for the weekend for 1 workout.

28. Tony wrote...

Sorry, no, that's 100 men and 100 women. Gotta be a typo. 4 each age group, 20 total, yes?

29. Eric wrote...

There's no way to have a qualification process that will make everyone happy. If you don't like it, either deal with it or go plan and host your own fitness competition with whatever rules and standards you want.

It's just exercise people...if you're getting this bent out of shape over the CF Games I'd hate to see how you react to REAL problems and injustices in your life.

30. RB wrote...

"Any athlete who wrongfully makes it to the Regionals, will quickly be shown to be a fraud in competition. Who wants that?"

With all of the concerns across the board, this is the best that HQ has come up with?!

I'm only echoing others here, but how is this a legit way to run a competition? Why would someone EVER "wrongfully" make it to regionals in the first place?

Who's reviewing all these tapes??? What is considered "proper" execution of a movement between two different people. Seems like favorites could potentially be played (depending on the reviewing staff... I'd want my friends to compete with me too)

How does video submission accomplish the "digging to the bottom of the well" approach, BETTER than in live competition? If people want something bad enough, they'll do whatever it takes to make it happen (i.e.- attend sectionals).

(opinion) So there's more logistical effort on HQ's plate... more money, more this, more that... So what? Is the gap THAT large to force taking a lethargic operational approach?! My God... $150,000,000.00 is a lot of dough (any way it's split, it is more than what was in the bank last year... no?)

@ Eric... "It's just exercise people...if you're getting this bent out of shape over the CF Games I'd hate to see how you react to REAL problems and injustices in your life."

Lets bring more to light here than just "exercise"... The "Crossfit Games" (refer to dollar figure above) has been and will continue to be, a huge business tool for everyone involved! There is money to be made, and if HQ is taking advantage of it more often, why can't the rest of us? Sectionals generated money for EVERYONE (affiliates, vendors, etc..) If this is going to turn into the next Olympics (ala: X-Games) why not promote the Hell out of it and drain it for every drop there is. People not only want the live battle... we also want the other stuff ($$$) that comes with it.

Not sure where else to go with this... :) I need to get back to reading this video camera manual.

31. Patrick McCarty wrote...

wait a minute. FOUR from each age group in the masters?? so I am competing against every other 45-49 year old in the world for one of FOUR slots? THat can NOT be right.

32. Patrick McCarty wrote...

The masters are getting the shaft here. First, with no regionals, we have no intermediate goal and/or achievement. Sucks. Second, if there are 20 masters total, you've lowered the age to 45, thereby opening up a significantly larger pool, but the brackets reduce the odds of making it for EVERYONE significantly. This can't be correct. Last year I could compete for one of 20 slots and this year it['s one of four?

Someone please tell me this is incorrect information.

33. Tim Carr wrote...

@Patrick #31/32

It's 20 PER age bracket worldwide. Not 4 per age bracket.

You scared me there.

34. tina wrote...

Agree entirely with Jason's comments regarding cheating.

It seems like a cop out to say that cheaters will be found out at regionals. 'Up-and-comers' could easily miss out because the coaches from another box have no idea about correct ROM (the variation Jason refers to), and miss out on valuable competition experience. Not to mention become disheartened by the CrossFit competition scene.

Hailing from Australia, it is imperative that the integrity of CrossFit be maintained if we are to expect the sport to grow and achieve anything remotely similar to what we see in the United States. I have very real concerns that cheaters will get through to the Australian regionals, due to the variations in what is seen as acceptable ROM, due largely to CrossFit still being in its infancy in Australia.

35. Greg Downey wrote...

Concern from a decent, but not great crossfitter,
From what I understand, the sectionals last year were open to all, and held at one, live, in-person, location. I was planning on gaining a great deal of competition experience by going to sectionals this year. Yes, I know I would have been blown out of the water by the upper echelon of athletes there, but just the experience of the live competition would have been priceless. Now, from what I understand, there will be countless good crossfitters who will miss out on some great competition. yes, I know that we should be competing in the gym every day... and guys and girls like me are, and we are doing really good, but there is no substitute to a real competition...... bummer

36. Robert Brown-Stafford, VA wrote...

Thanks Coach. I think this is a great idea. I have been loving Crossfit since Ted Socha put me on the pain train in 2005.

37. Nukemarine wrote...

Hmm, 17 regionals with 60 people for each region. That's about 1,140 competitors at regionals. Hopefully, there'll be some leeway about what region one can compete. Hate to see the top sectional scorers forced into a few regionals. Spread those people around all the regionals to increase chance of only the best getting to the finals.

For those worried about cheaters, think about it: First, they're subjecting themselves to a variety of fraud laws (pulling this out my lower posterior, so I could be wrong).

Second, if they make regionals, then they only push out the bottom of selectees. That may sound like a heartless comment, but we're looking for the best 50 which I doubt the guy scoring less than 1100 other sectional competitors will be.

38. Nukemarine wrote...

Wow, my math was way off. That's 1,020 competitors not 1,140. Regardless, that's a big pool of applicants to find the top 51 for the games (assuming 3 per region advance)

39. tina wrote...

Sorry Nukemarine but that's a pretty shallow-minded view in my opinion.
A) we should be giving those 'bottom few' the chance to compete and develop into the best for 2012
B) in Australia it's also about maintaining integrity of the sport. Ignoring the issue and saying they'll be weeded out of regionals does not address this.

40. Patrick McCarty wrote...

33. Tim Carr

Thanks for clarifying Tim. That is what I thought, but #28 Tony had me very concerned.


41. Nukemarine wrote...

#39 Tina,

Please understand, at that point we're talking proportions. If 10 of the 1000 regional members were out and out cheaters (drugs, video editing, affiliate abuse, etc.) then that's just 1%. Sorry, but the benefit of online tryouts surpass that 1% that could exist even if we had sectionals like last year.

Plus, that's ASSUMING that what people pull off can pass the smell test cause these videos will be online for the world to check out.

Essentially, if there are cheaters, they are minimized and easily neutralized at the Regionals where 1000 of each gender can be tested against each other. A fair risk so as to make open sectionals truly open.

42. Gerard Gautreaux wrote...

I would love to compete at Regionals as a Regional Competitor--- but it makes no sense to compete in Regionals as a World Competitor!
Personally don't understand why we're competing in different format as everyonelse. But I'm ok with finding out if I'm good enough to compete with the Best in the World and I'm in the toughest bracket--- 55-60! I'm also gratefull just to be able to compete!

43. Amit Ghate wrote...

Does anyone know the date at which the masters ages are to be calculated? If I recall correctly, last year the cutoff date was the first day of the games, so as long as you were 50 in July you qualified (i.e. you could be 49 during sectionals, with a 50th birthday before the games). Is it the same this year?

44. Tony wrote...

#40 Patrick

Minecomment in #28/29 is a question. I don't understand how there can be 200 Masters competitors and only 120 in the Open division at the Games final. That doesn't make any sense to me. Either the original post is mis-worded or something else is terribly wrong. Maybe it's me...

45. a master's competitor wrote...

Tony #44- "That doesn't make sense to me?" I won't question your sense and nothing is "terribly wrong". If you followed the games last year, the 120 people in the open division went thru 9 events (if I recall correctly) while the Master's division did 3.
For the Master's it is indeed 4 divisions of 20 M and 20 F and that is 200. I'm sure HQ knows the events they are going to throw at us and can handle the numbers. You should do the math on the teams....

46. tina wrote...

Nukermarine, I think you're missing my primary point. It's about maintaining the integrity of CrossFit in Australia, where it is very much still in it's infancy.

47. Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup wrote...

How many spots will Europe get to the CrossFit Games?? Some of the affiliates has 1400+ members in Copenhagen, and there are several with 500+ members in a lot of big cities in Denmark.....

48. Daigle wrote...

@ #14 Tyson,

True my friend....I don't get why people have this belief that there is some MASSIVE evil conspiracy to get all these sub-par athletes to the games through cheating, subversion, and chicanery. There is not.

Will cheating happen? Of course it will....the pool is too big for it not to. However, it's not going to be nearly as widespread as people think it is, and it WILL be snuffed out. This is a simple fact when dealing with human beings. Deal with it.

Part of this stems from people having a super-inflated sense of self importance. Do people really believe that it is THAT crucial to the rest of the universe that their personal path to and through the qualifiers be so clear and gilded with gold and virtue? Get over yourself.

If you want a fair process, then do your part to MAKE IT fair. Uphold the standards, both while judging others and yourself. If you're running an affiliate who's participating make sure your judges are holding the highest standards of proud of your integrity. If everyone does this we don't have much to worry about, and most of these problems will solve themselves straight away.

I qualified for regionals last year (23rd at sectionals), and then placed 29th at the Northeast Regional. I'm not a top tier athlete (Yet) but I still have a stake in this. My opinion is that this new format makes it more accesible and fair to MORE people. I personally liked the old way better, I thought it was more fun to go to the event and such. However, the CF games is NOT about's about CF. And this is what's best for the whole.


49. Federico wrote...

Dear CrossFit community, I'd like to give you a question.
My goal for this year Games is to make it to the Regionals, like past year.
Past year I did the South Europe sectionals in Milan after two beautiful days of beautiful competition with real judges I finished in 12th place, and I was qualified for the Regionals.
This year my goal is to make it to the Regionals too and do better than past year...but I'm little worried about cheating, because if somebody cheats and steal my place at Regionals, I don't care if he will be out the first day...the only thing I care is that he stole my place!!
What do you think about it?

50. Caleb wrote...

Does anyone know anything about what equipment is needed for these workouts? I live in china where there is not an affiliate down the road and I have to make do with the equipment I do have.

51. Nukemarine wrote...

#49 Federico,

1000 people are going to regionals this year. All of them will have videos of all their WODs online for verification (same as last chance qualifier last year also), or were judged by affiliates which would be like last year's sectionals. So, either you trusted last year's format and the ability to judge video evidence or you don't.

Personally, it seems unreasonable to worry about cheaters knocking you out of a spot. It's more reasonable that one's own lack of fitness will take care of that for them.

Again, where were the cries of "CHEATERS WILL DOMINATE" when there was an online sectional qualifier last year? That allowed four men to go to regionals. What, now that it's on a large scale it's a problem? And when these guys go up against 1000 other people head to head, what then?

52. Andrew wrote...

I'm far more concerned about relaxed judging than outright cheating. The CF community has a lot of integrity and really doubt there will be any significant cheating (a little yes, but extremely small amounts). I'm more worried about the quasi-cheating of relaxed judging that may come from people judging their friends/clients/trainers at their own affiliates behind closed doors. I bet there will be over 10,000 people that sign up for this thing, and with that many people a 30 second difference could mean 500 spots in a workout.

Related to this, I really hope HQ does an extremely good job outlining the EXACT movement requirements and remove all ambiguity. Hopefully they will put out videos of every movement with examples of good and bad. As a suggestion, when doing this, show an example of the closest thing to a good rep that isn't good, and the closest thing to a bad rep that is still good. Showing obviously good and obviously bad reps isn't that helpful, they are obvious... It's showing exactly where the line is between the two that people need to see. Maybe even show someone doing the workout and have a commentator noting which reps are good and which aren't. Let's give everyone the best tools possible for good judging.

53. Steve - CF Ocean City wrote...

The cream will rise to the top and all this nonsense about cheating and unfairness will disappear as the open/sectionals begin. Let's face it, if you don't have a sub 3min Fran, you aren't going to the Games in the Open division. Even if you do, if you can't climb a rope, push a sled, lift 300# or more deadlifting, snatch close to 200#, row a sub 1:30 500m, run a sub 1:05 400m, and get under 20 min 5k, you're probably not going to the Games. If you're on the margins and you just want to compete to see how you do, go for it. You've got nothing to lose. Worry about yourself. Your own ROM. Your own effort, honesty, integrity, and athleticism are what matter. Anyone who is less than that will be exposed long before they get to the Games.

People, stop whining so much about the qualification format. It is what it is. If you don't like it, don't compete. It's that simple. It isn't like HQ just pulled this out of their ass yesterday. The details will come out, standards will be set, and the real athletes will prevail. Period.

54. Brian R. wrote...

I think that people are forgetting that if someone does decide to cheat whether its poor form or incorrect/fake weights , that they are taking the place of someone who did deserve to go on to the next event and no longer have the opportunity.

Yes the cheater will be brought to light by poor performances against elite competitors, but the other athlete who could have competed at the level of his peers is not there.

This should not effect the #1 spot as Greg has mentioned but it could effect someone not too far off the podium. I would love to be able to even make it to the games but realize that I will never be that caliber of athlete. I would however happily take any place in the games even if it's dead last. At least I could say that I'm the 50th fittest man alive and be damn proud of it!

55. Don wrote...

No Regionals for Masters!?? What a disappointment.

56. Mustafa wrote...

Just a little math correction.

In an earlier article, HQ stated that there qill be FOUR Masters brackets [45-50; 50-55; 55-60; 60+]

The above article states that 20 men and 20 women in each bracket worldwide will go to the Games.

20x2=40 competitors per bracket
40x4=160 Masters competitors (not 200).

On the issue of no Masters at Regionals: we still must compete in the Open, so we're just going to have to kick it up. If the issue is people who want to compete on a larger stage but don't believe they'll make the cut, there are still the various local competitions. Let's not complain: let's compete!

57. Troy Miller wrote...

On the Masters competition: Pretty sure you guys are doing the math wrong....4 divisions x 20men and 20women = 180 athletes. I don't know about the other divisions, but I'm 48 and my division looks tough. Maybe not compared to all the 20 and 30 year old elites but we kick ass for our age. Wait until your knocking on 50 years and see if your still doing Grace in 2 minutes. I'm with Patrick M., I'm going all out and hopefully I'll see him in Carson in July!!

58. Nukemarine wrote...

Umm, Troy, 4x(20+20) is 160. Probably a typo on your part.

About people complaining that there's no regionals for masters: There were no regionals for the masters last year either. All were picked from the sectionals.

About cheaters going over those that "deserved" it. Umm, first be very clear about what you mean by cheating. If you're just crying about form (which is not cheating imho), then kindly do your job and review all videos to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. EVERY CROSSFITTER should make sure that the top 1000 videos are vetted for accurate times/reps.

If by cheating, you mean hollowed out plates, video editing, etc then Glassman and others cover that. Embarrassment will follow.

If by cheating you mean drugs and other chemical enhancements, well, there will be urine tests for all.

59. GrandMasterG wrote...

ummm, Nukemarine, no Master was "picked" from sectionals as we didn't compete in those. We started in regionals and the top 15 M&F 50yo+ went to the Games. I would have prefered to do the open sectionals and Regionals with the top competitors qualifing for the Games. But I play the cards that are dealt. Some of us will qualify by Mid-April and train to late July.

60. Daigle wrote...

Guys....See my latest post for why this is the way to go with the qualifiers, and why everyone should shut up and stop whining about it.

61. Nukemarine wrote...

GrandMasterG, sorry about that, however the results would still be the same. All masters did the same wods at all the regionals iirc.

Also, thanks for pointing it out as I was looking at placement in the Regionals versus the final 16 at the games. That's an indicator of how sectionals this year can pan out. Basically, how one did in the Master's regional was a good indicator of how one would do in the finals. Not 100%, but better than average. Only four people were 5 ranks or greater off comparing placements. The average difference in rank was 2.6 for the women and 3 for the men.

62. MastersMania wrote...

Can't wait for the Master's comp this year, really glad they opened it up by adding more age groups. And Coach is looking good in that pic.

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