2010 Central East Sectionals

2011 CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games Open begins Tuesday, March 15th

The six week worldwide competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

The CrossFit Games Open is a six-week competition that will begin Tuesday, March 15th at 17:00 PDT. This competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games. Each week, one event will be announced each Tuesday, and everyone has until the following Sunday at 17:00 PDT to complete the event and record their scores.

There are two ways to compete:

1. Compete at a Registered Affiliate: Attend a workout session at a registered affiliate and submit your score for the affiliate to validate. 

2. Compete Anywhere: Perform the workout as prescribed anywhere you can or want, and videotape it. Submit your score and upload your video.

We are developing a comprehensive website to handle the technical requirements of the worldwide Open. That website will go live the week before the competition. It will have robust registration, scoring, and reporting capabilities. If you're an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to Opt-In each week. There will be a few criteria that you must abide by, but generally you will have a lot of freedom over how and when you host the competition.

 Complete details are coming soon!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

161 comments on this entry

1. Eric - CrossFit North County wrote...

Cant wait!!! We have some athletes that were just waiting for this exact news.

2. Lauriel wrote...

Very excited!

3. DeeJay wrote...

Do last years games competitors need to qualify for regionals?

4. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

Very exciting news! Thanks for the Update HQ. Love what you are doing. Everything keeps getting better.

5. Misty wrote...

It is still unclear to me - will we need to compete in ALL 6 of the weekly competitions?

6. Edgar Baez wrote...

Our tribe members will be excited about the news!

7. Eric Stratman wrote...

We are getting ready, a lot of excitement building up!

8. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

@Misty...Its a 6 week competition. So rather than 6 workouts in one weekend its just spread out over 6 weeks. I think its going to be much better on the bodies of the athletes who eventually make it to the Games.

9. Aaron Almendariz wrote...

How do we become "Registered Affiliates". It'll be interesting to see how many people with 'crowd fright' submit videos and/or go to affiliates to enter the Open. I'm sure HQ will keep track and can show us the difference between 2010 and 2011. Boy are they going to have there hands full...give it up for HQ!

10. Nick Scott wrote...

We have been ready for two months now, bring it!

11. cindy henson wrote...

I booked a non- refundable cruise a while back and will be gone from the 8 th of April till the 17th. I return on a Sunday at 10;30 pm. Can I do my WOD the next day, on April 18th and hand in my results one day late?

12. Terry wrote...

Nice! Masters are one step ahead of HQ...

I am assuming registered affiliates can charge what they want for hosting and submitting workouts.

13. Alexandre Bureau wrote...

I'm a CrossFit Affiliate, I want to know how to become a registered affiliate for the games ? Thank you

14. Horse wrote...

hey what are the standards for pull ups? is it chin breaks vertical or horizontal plane of the bar?


15. dylan wrote...

What about masters or did I miss that???

16. Marco Toldbod wrote...


17. Tony Budding wrote...

To answer a few questions:
Everyone wanting to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games must compete in the Open. Previous Games competitors are not excepted.

The Open is a six-week competition. The workouts are announced each week on Tuesday at 17:00 PDT and you have until that Sunday at 17:00 PDT to complete the workout and enter your score. To qualify for Regionals and the Games, you must complete each workout each week as prescribed.

Masters are part of the Open.

Affiliates will have a special registration section of the website. Once the workout is announced each week, they can Opt-In for that week's workout.

Affiliates can charge if/what/how they want. Athletes will decide each week where they perform their workouts.

Movement standards for each workout will be explained in detail when the workout is released.

18. Terry Hudson wrote...

Tony, how do we register as an affiliate host location?
Thanks for your time!

19. Elke wrote...

This NEWBIE is cheering you ALL on...!! XD

20. Colin King wrote...

Will affiliates who opt-in be able to specify what time(s) they are opting in for and have them listed on the site?

Will the web site facilitate athletes registering to perform a workout at an affiliate so that affiliate can know how many people are showing up at their box? If so will the web site be capable of collecting payments on behalf of those affiliates?

21. Matt wrote...

How are you deciding who and how many go to Regionals? Is it based off of affiliates in that area/ Number of competitors from that area? or just the top "X" number from all over, when ranked together go to Regionals. Love it that not everyone gets a free pass!

22. Kim wrote...

Does this mean that there will be no Crossfit qualifiers at the Arnold Classic this year? Arnold Classic is March 4,5,6 and it says here that the sectionals begin March 15??

23. Simon and Melissa wrote...

Great News... we have been eagerly awaiting the date announcement! Now we can let our members know the good news! :)

24. J Hoggan wrote...

I love this idea. Great work, guys.

25. RayG wrote...

The Games are on. If you are a masters aged athlete, come train with us virtually at masterwod.com and CF Masters on Facebook. Watch a 77 year old man, Ted Lyons, do a WOD from the 2009 Qualifying sequence in 9 minutes....which is a median time right now in comparison to the 55 people recording times on masterwod.com...Share stories, ideas, and lets have some fun together.

26. Alexandre Bureau wrote...

Hi Tony ... is any affilate showed on the www.crossfit.com website a registered affiliate or do we have to meet some standards ?

Thank you

27. Dan Goldberg wrote...

What if you send in your video on Sunday and one single rep is not to the standard, but you didn't realize it during or after the workout. For example, a couple of your squats on Murph were not deep enough. Does that mean your workout doesn't count and your season is over b/c you did not fulfill the standard?
If that is the case, can I just go to a registered crossfit affiliate to guarantee that my workouts are counted b/c i will have a judge?
thanks for your time,

28. Andy wrote...

How about we use a little common sense before asking some of these questions people:
Yes, you will have to do all 6 workouts by the deadline, no exceptions.
Games start on the 15th and go for six weeks.
Video submissions with atheletes not meeting standards will not be counted - get a friend to judge you if you're worried.
Affiliate registration details will be provided eventually so stop asking.
If you want to make up your own qualifying event with group of people, great, just film it and send it in.

No, I'm not anyone official I'm just a long time crossfitter who knows how to read :)

Oh by the way, great job HQ! I love the new format, it should allow a whole new crop of people to step up and see if they have what it takes.

29. AT wrote...

Tony this is in regards to your previous comment #17 (for reference) - "Everyone wanting to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games must compete in the Open. Previous Games competitors are not excepted."

Are you suggesting that this applies to James Fitzgerald, Jolie Gentry, Jason Kalipha, Caity Maher, Mikko Salo, Tanya Wagner, Graham Holmberg and Kris Clever. In the past, CrossFit (via Glassman and Castro) have promised that all previous champions would be honored with a bye through the qualifying stages so that they could compete at Games.

Just looking for some clarification.


30. pat wrote...

So if you are out of town for 5 days and unable to get your WOD filmed or get to an affiliate you are out of luck?

So this means athletes need to be available for 6 consecutive weeks to compete? This seems to be much more difficult than setting aside one weekend.

31. Alison wrote...

Andy, I think your comments are uncalled for, snide (and repetitive of earlier responses from HQ - ironically, casting aspersions on your literacy claims). :-)

This format is new and there are apt to be differences in interpretation that are better sorted out in advance. I just think a little slack at this time would be welcome.

32. Chris wrote...

I am still not fond of how they are doing this.. what about college students (like me), where there is no affiliate within an hour, and lack of equipment at the gym...

I feel like they are taking away from the competition feel here. people perform different in different settings. Keep it how its been, keep the competition atmosphere. I can speak for myself, when I am competing against someone side by side, it is way different than competing in front of a video camera..

33. Maggie wrote...

About the Affiliates, what do you mean with "Opt-in"?

34. Dale wrote...

My question to those that have an issue with timeframe, distance to affiliates or lack of equipment is: How important to you is it that you compete for Games entry? Are you a serious contender to make Regionals and potentially further or are you just looking to do a sectionals like last year (a big games day).

If it is the second option then there will be other single weekend games days and throwdowns to get your competitive fix that only require a weekend of your time.

If you are a hot prospect to make a splash at sectionals, regionals and beyond then it is a no brainer. Did you ever have to travel an hour or more for junior sport? This is like the finals system of what we do so why not put in the effort to reach your goals?

35. Chris S wrote...

Well at least we can know for certain that these will be extremely watered down WODs during the qualifying compared to what we are used to. If this thing is open to the whole world so that everyone has a chance to qualify (hence open qualifiers) then we can be certain there will be no Rowing, Box Jumps, GHD exercises of any type, anything that requires a Pullup Bar, or anything that is done on Rings due to the scarcity of the needed equipment (I know I don't have $10-20000 to make sure my garage is ready for anything).
We also know there can't be any running involved either because that is absolutely impossible to regulate the distance, grade and terrain that everyone will be running at.
And there will definately be no sandbag/wheel barrow events or sledgehammer events either.
This sounds like it's going to be extremely exciting!

36. John wrote...

That's crossfit people!

37. jack hole wrote...

NO WAY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY can anyone assure ANYONE that some boxes won't favor some of their athletes regarding standards.

38. Daigle wrote...

I think people should embrace the opportunity for yet another unique and exciting experience, and stop the incessant poo-pooing of the layout, simply because it's not what you did last year and/or it's not convenient for you. Logistically it's necessary and this format also makes competing in the "open" FAR more accessible to FAR more people than the previous format.

I can't wait....6 weeks of game day every week.....Let's get some. This is what CF competition is all about.

39. JC wrote...

If you are interested in competing as part of an affiliate team, each member of the team must qualify through the Open as individuals first? Just checking.

40. SANTI wrote...

I wish good luck to all competitors.

41. Becki wrote...

So, you are asking people to not take vacation over spring break that was planned long before the announcement of these games if they want to compete...seems to exclude some great athletes!!

42. kyle wrote...

HQ has just signed up for the largest bitchfest in the history of the world!! love it
Its going to get ugly

43. Tony Budding wrote...

More Answers:

Affiliates: Opting-In is a process that you have the opportunity to do each week if you want to host that week's event. There will be a place on the site where you can identify yourself. To Opt-In, you must be able to host the workout as prescribed. You must assert that you understand the movement standards and agree to judge them adequately.

In terms of how you operate (days, hours, fees, etc.), you will be able to describe that on the site. If you want people to contact you, you can state that. If you want to have people sign up through your own registration software, you can do that. The Games site WILL NOT be able to process local registrations and accept payments for workouts at affiliates. You will also be able to link to a part of your own site where you invite the community and explain your participation guidelines.

Movement standards will be very clear. Missed reps will not be good for you. If you are submitting video, it is strongly advised to have someone there with you keeping you honest. All the details on movements and rules will be clear for each workout.

All the details on qualification for individuals, teams, and masters are coming soon.

44. Tony Budding wrote...

I'm separating out this next thought as it's not really an answer to a question but a reminder about what we're doing here. This is a test of fitness, which as you all know, is defined as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Every individual test is limited; a combination of well-designed tests is better.

For those of you worried about rowing, swimming, sandbags, GHDs and everything else you're sure we're not going to do, are those movements the best tests of fitness? If we have a workout with deadlifts and burpees (like we did in 08), do you think the fittest won't dominate?

Personally, I hope all the workouts are simple. The best human competitions come from simple events (run from here to there with the winner being the first to arrive). A lot of people put big emphasis on exotic workouts as if the workout makes the test better. I don't buy it. Test capacity and the fittest will rise to the top.

We're going from thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of participants in the Open to several hundreds at the Regionals to dozens at the Games to one single winner. I have no doubt that this process will result in the true winner arriving on the podium on July 31.

45. Stacy Jennings wrote...

Do the WOD's done at ,registered affiliates, have to be recorded and submitted?

46. Zach wrote...

True, Tony!!

47. Darren Coughlan wrote...

100% agree Tony,
Let's test work capacity, NOT circus tricks

48. Tim wrote...

I think this is a great idea, but I just hope that it is done right! HQ has done an amazing job taking Crossfit this far and I think this is another important step in growing Crossfit.

One question: since several Games athletes are affiliate owners, are they allowed to report their own scores without video verification? Seems like its ripe for abuse.

49. Brad wrote...

Seems like it would make more sense to have WODs that are mainly AMRAPs so say a couplet with amrap in 12 minutes of 10 chest to bar pullups and 20 double unders, so if reps aren't legit they're just subtracted from the total and the person with the most counted reps in the timeframe would have the best score, right? Or say max back squat, 6 attempts in 18 minutes for instance, and if your top weight isn't to depth, your 2nd best weight is taken. Otherwise if you did Fran and missed a rep would your time be completely invalid? Would 2-3 seconds be added? Would an affiliate judging your reps that didn't call you on the missed rep be liable? Seems like the latter method would cause a lot of headaches.

50. Steven B wrote...

Ok sounds great
Now all I am waiting for is to find out how to become a registered affiliate to host the events each week.
We would love to make it easy for Everyone in Broward County to do the WODs at our location.
But how do we register?????

51. Jeff wrote...

First of all, this all sounds totally cool. It opens it up to many more people to compete and see how they rank on a world wide basis. I have total faith that the HQ staff has thought about all the various issues that this creates.

As for all the various forms of cheating that everyone seems so intent on pointing out, jeez have a little faith. Let's assume that, yes, someone figures out how to side step all the precautions and standards and judging and reviews that HQ has thought of and submits a result that gets them an invite to regionals. So, this athlete with sub-standard athletic ability but above average video editing ability arrives at regionals unjustly. So what? He will be crushed by the true performers and not advance. The regionals last year were the true test leading to the games. Typically only 4 or 5 out of 60 or more athletes advanced. It was a severe cut.

The sectionals are open to all, including cheaters and posers. The regionals are the true gauntlet standing in your way of a ticket to the big show. So, quit your worrying about the other guy and focus on your own performance. Take your video cam on vacation, do the event on the cruise ship or beach or your garage or at the weekly BBQ bash held wherever.

Let the games begin.

52. Lisa wrote...

Could you do the workout at home record it and also do it an affiliate and submit your best score. Or will a workout done at an affiliate trump a video taped one?

53. mike ford wrote...

Can't wait...my athletes have been training hard and we will be ready to give 100% each week. Hope it all works out on the scoring/processing side.

54. Jeff wrote...

There was mention in a video by Dave Castro of a kids element this year. Please some mention or detail on this.

Will kids just be another age division where they perform a wod each week for six weeks and submit results or is the plan for them to do something different on a different time schedule?

Some details please for planning purposes would be nice.

55. Ryan P. wrote...

Still, all things aside. Video taping a workout to qualify???? especially with such a substantial prize purse???? How does HQ validate videos?? It can not be done accurately. with all the IT geeks out there itwould be so, so easy to edit a video submission that HQ would have no way of deeming fraudelant. Not cool. Not at all.

56. Ryan P. wrote...

and to all that think it is ok ,they will get weeded out at regionals? really you think it is ok? people that should have qualified through the sectional get bumped out by cheaters and never even have a chance. that is ok? WOW CrossFit community and HQ no wonder so many affiliates are refusing to pay your constantly raised fees and branding themselves. This is where CrossFit is headed.

57. Justin Key wrote...

LET'S GET IT ON!!! Work Hard, Train Hard..... WIN! CrossFit Coweta will be hosting as many WODs as we have equipment for.... Charge your camera batteries folks... It's go Time!

58. Paul southern wrote...


59. 27 wrote...

It is kinda funny they posted a picture of one of the sectional competitions with this announcement. it's like, hey, look what you don't get to do this year!

60. Brian Hiltbrand wrote...

I agree ryan cheating and rigging the vids is bound to happen the video thing is a bad idea.If you cant or do not feel comfortable traveling tuff sh!t you know,wait till nxt year or buck up and prove yourself in person.

61. Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup wrote...

Can military base affiliates host CrossFit Games Open for military crossfitters only? Some of the bases in Denmark (that are also military CrossFit affiliates) are for military staff + CrossFit trainers only due to security reasons and requires military ID to enter....

Denmark is ready!


62. JT wrote...

I am sorry if someone has already asked this question, but if you complete the workout at an affiliate, do you just submit results or do you need to do a video as well?

63. chad mckay wrote...

What sounds more likely to you guys, hundreds of IT experts fraudulently editing videos to get into regionals, only to be embarrassed, or

hundreds of people ready to claim that they didn't make it through the sectionals because of fraudulent video editing/scoring?

Get a grip on it people you can do the work or you can't, the world is not out to get you.

64. Jason CF KoP wrote...

As someone that has done video editing in the past...do you know how unrealistic it is for your average Joe with no editing experience to do what you are proposing?

Do you realize that for it not to be noticeable and choppy, they would need to position themselves in exactly the same spot within a fixed space. There would be some focal point in the background and it would be noticeable if it was pieced together. I am sure the clock would need to be visable as well when doing the workout so on top of that, HQ could simply run a timer at the same time and if it is off by a few tenths, something is fishy. What you are proposing is possible but it would take someone much longer than a week if they had any other life.

So, you options become train to work hard or become more than proficient in Final Cut. I would HIGHLY doubt this happens.

When you upload most videos, you typically need to piece them together because sound and visual have the tendency to upload at different rates....piecing these clips together when you need to go to the 1/30th of a second is time consuming enough...nevermind worrying about chopping different things together and making sure the shirt is in the same spot, there is equivalent amounts of sweet....I really think people thinking too much.

65. Ryan Calkins wrote...

I travel often and I know that I will be on the road during at least two of the six weeks. Will it be possible for an individual to complete workouts at different affiliates and also submit video? Or must an individual competitor choose one means of completing the WODs and stick to it?

66. Brian Abram wrote...

In other sports like tennis, there is a division between pros and amateurs. Amateur events are certainly more popular overall than Wimbledon. They attract more total numbers of participants and more total people in the stands on a national level. That doesn't diminish Wimbledon at all. Amateur events also normally exclude professionals from competing. If the Games is our Wimbledon, perhaps it's time to start restricting those who qualify for the "professional" Games from participating in local and regional events like the Georgia Garage Games. If one "goes pro," one should be temporarily ineligible for amateur events. If Crossfit's goal is to emulate the ways of other sports, that should be the future.

67. Kris Morrill wrote...

Being on the road a bit and seeing how some affiliates hold there people and competitions to standards I am reluctant to believe that this will be legit. I hope that I am wrong...

I am a huge advocate of CrossFit and its methods and would like to see only deserving competitors at regionals.

68. Billy wrote...

Personally, I think video submissions are the dumbest idea i've ever heard of. No legitimate competition does that. My concern is that if we have as many people trying out as everyone thinks there will be(which i assume is part of the reason there is no sectional competition with competitor cutoff), are you telling me that someone is actually going to watch every single video? I've heard some people say cost of running a sectional is an issue, REALLY? At $100 per person and $50 per spectator to put some barbells and kettlebells out in a field and give us a $15 dollar American Apparel t-shirt and a wristband.

Part of Competition is going head to head against the field, handling pressure, doing multiple wods in a day. There are a lo of great athletes that post phenomenal times where they are comfortable, but can't do it in competition.

Imagine if the U.S. Open was held by video submissions of hitting golf balls on the driving range.

Love the million dollar purse though, but I can't wait to see the shady people that come out for that.

The best part of last year was the excitement around each sectional workout being released and watching the highlights of each one.

69. Neil wrote...

What is to keep an affiliate owner from saying that his member/friend crushed all the WODS just to get him to regionals. I think most people were hoping for a sectionals to compete in. It is a fun experience and it seems the only cost of a sectionals was to the athlete. The affiliate hosting it usually gets equipment donations etc. What is the reason CF wouldnt have sectionals if its definately not a logistics issue.

70. Brandon Ecker wrote...

This announcement is very exciting. Thanks Tony for all the clarifications. Competitors, if you have such a problem with the way that HQ is doing this then don't participate-more room for me at regionals!

71. Dave N, wrote...

A little nervous about the video submission part. I'm not computer savy and worried it won't load or send properly. As far as the wod's are concerned, I have the same questions that already have been mentioned. Just get to a local box, do the best you can, and hopefully all the other bs will come out in the wash.

72. $ad wrote...

Quote from Tony Budding: "The Games site WILL NOT be able to process local registrations and accept payments for workouts at affiliates."

Does this mean we will have to pay an entry fee for each video submitted? Why would HQ design a system for Sectionals that is overly complicated, hard to regulate, and removes the fun of gritty, sweaty competition with other members of the CF community? Hmm.

2010 Games - 4507 sectional competitors x $100 entry fee = $450,700

2011 Games - Approx 10,000 competitors x 6 entry WOD's x $10- $20 = $600,000 - $1,200,000

Not to mention an "Opt In" fee for affiliates, the additional sales of equipment from CF sponsored brands to individuals and affiliates etc.

I'm a little disappointed Cro$$fit.

73. Gabe Hall...Crossfit Durham crossfitter wrote...

Remember this.."Cheaters never win and Winners NEVER Cheat"....as a go hard crossfitter how dare you cheat and undermine the hard work that people put in to compete!...The cheaters will be weeded out like prey..so people I wouldnt worry to much...I also have a few suggestions

1. Most crossfitters Id say 90 percent are part of a box or know where a box is....I would have each affliate register Crossfit level 1 and above judges to judge the WODS....at Crossfit Durham we held a challenge in December with judges and over 200 athletes and it ran smooth as ice....

2. Crossfitters we have to stop looking at the format from a negative perspective....It gives more people a chance and the competitive atmosphere will STILL be there!!!!! AS soon as you hear 3,2 ,1 GO!!!!! The competitive nature and atmosphere will not be lost!!!!!

74. chad mckay wrote...

@ $ad #72
I probably shouldn't bite but here goes...

if you think they are charging too much for sectionals, don't compete. you can still do all the workouts at home for free.

This is still a business and businesses still need to make money. They make about 6-7 million a year and p90x makes almost a billion in 5 years...it seems like they are doing everything in their power not to price gouge us.

75. efc wrote...

"Everyone wanting to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games must compete in the Open. Previous Games competitors are not excepted."

Does this statement also stand true for previous games competitors who placed TOP 5 and were told they would receive a bye into 2011 Games???

If no one can answer this question, where can I go to find the answer please?

Thank You.

76. Chad Hobbs wrote...

@Tony Budding,

Not to beat a dead horse, but I think we are putting too much faith in people if we are going to just take an affiliates word for it on scores. There are people out there that lie to themselves and think they are doing things rx'd and they really aren't. I just think in this format we could see a lot of undeserving people make regionals. I hope I'm wrong, and I know all the details are not out yet maybe the process will be strict as far as hosting or maybe if you are hosting an event anyone from said host affiliate has to video submit,I think that would take care of a lot.

77. Chris Cooper wrote...

@Sad #72 - doesn't mention a fee for video submissions. Affiliates hosting the event (as we will) are free to charge a fee for use of their equipment, space, and time.
The figures you mention are projected GROSS revenues. Even if correct, do you think they come close to the cost of actually running the Games? And if they DID, why wouldn't you want CrossFit HQ to profit from something that clearly means a lot to you?

78. rodrigod wrote...


At every competition there are always athletes who get pissy because their reps aren't getting counted. Even though they are fast and believe in their hearts that their range of motion is legit, it is assufedly not. This format will get many of these individuals to the regionals, taking apots from the more deserving.

79. Sarah V wrote...

Thanks for this information and for posting the dates! I broke my arm on Dec. 26 and had surgery on Dec. 30. My rehab is in process and I almost have full ROM re-established, but I might not be able to do weighted exercise for another two weeks (and granted, that will be light to start). I'm really hoping to be close enough to healed to participate starting on March 15, but if I'm not is there any hope of being able to make an exception and do all the workouts in April or something? For me each week is huge in terms of the healing that goes on (so thanks for making it March 15 and not March 1), and I assume you can't make any exceptions, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

For all of you that have been training hard in preparation for the 2011 games - I'd advise against hurdling... turns out that's a good way to break your arm! Good luck to everyone!

80. chad mckay wrote...

Why do so many people think this format will be any worse? Tony Budding said not doing full ROM will assuredly not pay off for you.

It is in everyones best interest to assure that the Open is as legit as possible. You honestly believe they didn't think through all the options before pooring their heart and sould into this? It has been consistently better year after year.

Don't fear change!

81. Nick 'Silver Surfer' Collins wrote...

I'm super excited about the 2011 Games. We all train for the unknown and that includes format of competitions. I'm embracing the new format and think its exciting to have it opened up to so many people. If people are going to try and find short cuts and cheat there way through the sectionals then they are no CrossFitter in my eyes!
The cheaters and fakers will soon be cut down to size once the Regionals kick off!

Good luck to all of those training hard for this years Games!

As Chad McKay said " Don't fear change!"

82. Andy Petranek wrote...

So here it goes...

CrossFit started on-line. I would NEVER have discovered CrossFit were it not for its roots on the internet. On top of that, I would NEVER have continued to do it were it not for the online community that was willing to post times, scores and give useful advice. IMHO, this is a perfect step - a competition that is woven directly into the framework of the roots of our movement and community.

"No other sport does this..." No... you're right. We're doing something DIFFERENT here... what CFHQ has done is to create a format that allows for as many humans as possible all over the globe to participate. After all, that IS what CrossFit is all about right? Coach Glassman started this movement differently than ANY fitness program had been started before... he didn't sell it, he gave it away. And because of that, we are all participants in the world's largest fitness community that is robust, passionate and dedicated to elite fitness. We are a community that participates... and I think that this format for Sectionals is the best effort I've seen to date to ensure the contest is open to as many people around the globe as possible. Will there be differences in judging of perfect form? Of course. Will these deviations get sorted out at Regionals? ABSOLUTELY. Will having sectionals open to the world be a step that will allow more participation and a greater likelihood that we find the fittest of the fit... ABSOLUTELY.

And regarding cheating through video editing and/or affiliates judging integrity... I, for one, have NO interest in getting to Regionals via intentional cheating. Have you all lost your faith in the integrity of our CrossFit community and our affiliates? I believe in our community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than what is found out there in the rest of the world. I believe that athletes share my passion and desire to ONLY qualify deservedly... without editing, and without unfair judging. If someone does "sneak" through, believe me, they will be embarrassed on the live playing field at regionals... and that is one place as a CrossFitter that you don't want to be called out or found out to be a cheater!

Affiliate opt-in. I love this... As a 4,000 sf box in Santa Monica, there are probably going to be WODs that come up that we can't logistically handle. This gives us the ability to host as many WODs as we can... and the others, unless we can find an alternate location - people will have to look elsewhere OR shoot a video at home.

Well done, CrossFit HQ... this is NOT a perfect system... but as I see it, it's ALL of our responsibility, together, to make it solid, strong, and fair as possible. Remember, the world is watching and waiting... this IS the first of a kind... and if successful, could be the catalyst for others sports following our lead. Now THAT is exciting!

83. RStarr wrote...

WOW! This is really exciting to me. I've been crossfitting for a year now. I crossfit out of my garage..just moved to Vegas and wasn't sure about sectionals this year! This for me is a great opportunity to compete! Some things are still a little unclear, but as with all competitions in the past, HQ clears it up well before competitions start! I love this. Nice job guys! Looking forward to my first sectional competition! If I'm lucky, I won't be judging this year and competing instead!

84. Nico B. wrote...

Can't wait for the CrossFit Games 2011 to start. This is going to be amazing.

85. Kare wrote...

People.........BE READY FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!

86. John P. wrote...

My thanks to Tony Budding for the additional clarifying informational posts and to Andy Petranek for the reality check.

Most of us never would have found Crossfit/drank the cool-aid without the robust on-line community. The 'on-line' sectional takes us back to that in it's raw form.

The regionals will be the check and balance for poor form and 'cheaters'.

The true elite competitors will rise to the top through this process and make it to the games and destroy the WODs there.

Super excited about a date being set for the start of the games season. Good luck to everyone.

Get some! Get some! Go again!

87. Don V wrote...

Thank you Tony Budding for the courteous update and thanks to Andy Petranek for the (again) reality check.

88. Nate wrote...

@ 27 - Actually that is a pic of the 2010 Central East Regional. :)

89. Rob Powell wrote...

Tony and Andy P. for the logical, sincere comments and information.
Let the Games beginn! It's going to be fantastic!

World Wide, people will be competing with you and against you. It will not matter if you are in a CFBox or if you are in your driveway.

I just cannot wait!

90. t wrote...

#72 Hit the nail on the head!

2010 Games - 4507 sectional competitors x $100 entry fee = $450,700

2011 Games - Approx 10,000 competitors x 6 entry WOD's x $10- $20 = $600,000 - $1,200,000

Not to mention an "Opt In" fee for affiliates, the additional sales of equipment from CF sponsored brands to individuals and affiliates etc.

I'm a little disappointed Cro$$fit.

Looks like Crossfit is no longer about what it was originally designed on...

It's now all about the Benjamin's - sadly.

91. Kev wrote...

As an athlete, I don't care what "format" is getting thrown at me, all I have to say is this:

Bring it on.

92. Silke wrote...

With all due respect, but this is going to start a revolution in Crossfit. The final result will be affiliates starting their own little competitions and actually making money while providing a fun competitive environment to enthusiasts. The time and effort it takes to do this for six weeks is immense for any box, aside the simple fact that people who travel a lot for work and don't "live" in a gym can't compete whether they are a good athlete or not! What if the filming angle is incorrect for example in pull-ups? A top athlete could be disqualified for an administrative error, not known until after the many weeks and reviews... what a nice surprise that would be.

-Team's? Do they have to do this as well?
-Will there still be Regionals or do the top go straight to Cali?

Good luck with this, I really hope it works out :)

93. Cooper wrote...

TONY- Someone asked earlier, but I will ask again...How are the spots at Regionals going to be picked? Meaning, how many spots will go to each regional, and how many regionals? Will it be based off of the best in the state/region/or ranked across the whole nation as a whole? Thanks

94. pat wrote...

This idea that more people will be able to participate is probably accurate. However MANY people will not be able to set aside time for 6 consectutive weeks, whether it is a vacation, family or work related. At least with the one weekend format, anyone thart wanted to participate could set aside a weekend and not book any other obligations. To ask that for 6 consectutive weeks is going to be difficult for many people.
I almost think this format is more limiting in the end for those reasons. Whereas previously an athlete need only dedicate a weekend. They must now essentially dedicate 6 weeks to make it through. For athletes in other sports or those that don't regularly train Crossfit this way of competing is a huge drawback.
To those that say "Well how much does it mean to you then?" Maybe it matters greatly but the closest affiliate is 90 mins away and with work you can't make that trip 6 times. Maybe a family vacation was scheduled for April 5 months ago when we all thought sectionals would be wrapped up by then.

95. Nukemarine wrote...

#90 and #72, I hope you both were standing when you pulled those numbers out your lower orifice. Where, oh where, in that top article is there any mention of submission fees? In addition, if by week two or three you don't know if you're in the top 1000 (with best chance to advance), then you probably won't be submitting more videos anyway.

As for predictions of rampant cheating, others hit the nail on the head. If a cheater edged out anybody, it would have been that 500th place person that in all probability would not go to the finals anyway. The cheater will also not advance in all likelyhood. By cheater, I'm not talking slack reps but the video editors.

I hope Tony Budding is correct about ALL people must complete sectional videos/try outs to be in the Finals. Now, I don't think they should change rules about the Game's winners and last year's top 5 automatically going to Finals. However, they must still submit sectional videos.

10,000 people submit. What we want to see is if the top 50 sectional performers (and their placement) has correlation to the 50 going to the Finals and the end game placement. If there's strong correlation, you've just done a big science experiment with positive results.

96. Cliff wrote...

In the end the cream will rise to the top. If it turns out that some Bicep Curler wins the Games, then maybe HQ will think about changing the programming or changing the competition process. But, brain power has GOT to have some role in fitness, so all the superfit people who are complaining should use there super-smarts and find a way to get to Regionals and prove their mettle. With a prize of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of Reebok Zigs, there should be plenty of worthy competitors.

97. Tony Budding wrote...

Another clarification:

Each week, every athlete in contention must submit a valid workout. That workout can be validated by a registered affiliate or by submitting a valid video. There is no requirement for all six validation methods to be the same. You can perform workouts at six different registered affiliates if you want. Or some can be video and some affiliate.

If an affiliate validates your workout, there is no requirement for additional video.

98. Nukemarine wrote...

#95, If a competitor cannot put aside an hour out of an ENTIRE WEEK (that's about 168 hours available) then maybe that person is not actually interested in competiting.

Ask me, this format makes it more convenient for everyone. You don't have to travel far, and for some world wide participants don't have to get a passport to do sectionals.

PLUS! Since we'll have an easy way to determine stand-by spots. So, 60 guys and gals can go to regionals, with another 10 that can choose to go with possibility to compete since one of the 60 didn't or couldn't compete. You also have a great reference for tie breakers (guy that did better at sectional given the advantage).

All around, it's much, much more positives that outweigh nit-picky negatives.

99. Cliff wrote...

#95 Nukemarine is dead right, but maybe even righter than he knows. If you don't come in first in your Box on wod#1, will you even bother submitting it? Maybe. But if that happens 3 weeks straight, won't you give up? It would seem that the first week will result in a lot of submissions, but soon after that the volume will drop off precipitously.

100. Jeff wrote...

If I do P90X for the next 6 weeks can I get a spot at the games and be P90X a$$hole #1? That's how I would like to qualify.

101. Craig Massey wrote...

I like that!
Tony and Coach can I be P90X a$$hole #2 please?
You'll have to pay for my airfare to the states too.

Can't see any other way I can afford to get to the Home Depot this year.

Great concept, can't wait to see how it works out and what it looks like next year.

102. Tony Budding wrote...

Cliff #99
I believe you are very wrong. Check out any big marathon. The masses don't quit just because they're not winning. And CrossFitters are among the most persevering athletes out there. The competition itself will be worth the journey.

103. AT wrote...

Tony this is in regards to your previous comment #17 and my initial question #29 (for reference) - "Everyone wanting to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games must compete in the Open. Previous Games competitors are not excepted."

Are you suggesting that this applies to James Fitzgerald, Jolie Gentry, Jason Kalipha, Caity Maher, Mikko Salo, Tanya Wagner, Graham Holmberg and Kris Clever. In the past, CrossFit (via Glassman and Castro) have promised that all previous champions would be honored with a bye through the qualifying stages so that they could compete at Games.

Just looking for some clarification.


104. alexandre bureau wrote...

Tony ... As an affiliate, will I have to pay something to register as a registered affiliate for the open games or just being an official affilate on the .com grants me the right to qualify athletes ?

105. MK wrote...

There is no structure set up for "registered" affiliates, People can Pay the affiliate cost, and set up a box, there is nothing to say that they teach the correct technique or correct depth on movements, who's to say that an average athlete can get a 2.30 Fran, (and is signed off by a "registered" affiliate with horrible/questionable form and depth, and a good athlete posts a 2.35 fran with perfect depth and form, and misses out on going to regionals.

I think the best will still rise to the top, however I think that it is a terrible way to open up sectionals.

I also dot understand why the athletes from last games, don't get to by pass this section, they have obviously proved there ability to compete at the world games, why shouldn't they enter a Regional Level... It seems its more of a MONEY making scheme, rather then anything else...

106. Merle Mckenzie wrote...

What coach and H.Q staff to date has worked out just fine. I am sure this will as well and at the end of the day the fittest man/women will be crowned and it will be won fair and square. I for one,as an affiliate owner,am very excited to get to opt in for the sectinoal wods. Come to my box and rock the wod!

107. Nick Collins wrote...

Tony..............Do you have or know the qualifying number of Athletes that will proceed to each Region yet? Im in New Zealand, and last year the top 20 men and women progressed to the Australian Regionals from NZ.

108. Bill Russell wrote...

Thanks for the info Tony B.

I'm anxiously awaiting details on any possible Crossfit Kids brackets. We have an outstanding 16 year old who wants to compete on the big stage with his peers. He's not quite ready to go head to head with the adult CF elite, but he might take the podium if pitted against the high school bracket. You just might see us back again at the HD Center with a serious contender in July!

109. Shane Richards wrote...

Hahaha some people just stress to much.

This will be AWESOME. I can not wait to have a go, compete and see others compete.

Fearing change is really frustrating because so much good can come from it.

Keen to see everything laid out on the table.

Well done Crossfit HQ you have done great once again. Doing the same as last year would have been fun but this is far more exciting.

The comments them selves are extremely entertaining. I have read almost all of them and am in a better mood after laughing so hard at some people haha


110. Dan H. wrote...

Re: #102
Tony, you are so right which prove why this is so wrong. Marathoners don't give up because 99.99% of them are not there to win, and "there" is not in front of a video camera--it is gutting it out shoulder to shoulder with fellow competitors.

Look at any of the 100s of 5k runs that happen every weekend--people are not there just to run 3.1 miles as they could do that any time anywhere on their own. It's to enjoy the head-to-head competition and camraderie of a shared sport. Maybe I should see if I can just send in a video submission for my next 5k...

111. Najla Kayyem wrote...

Thanks for the opportunity HQ!
Come and bang with the best of them.....CrossFit Scottsdale will be hosting "Friday Night Lights" a CrossFit Games Open competition every Friday night for 6 weeks at 6pm at 14885 N. 83rd place in Scottsdale, AZ. All CrossFitters are welcome to attend and participate. Registraation information will be out shortly. We will be treating it as a competition weekly with 3 divisions (Perscribed ( RX Gamer's), Masters and Scaled). This will allow for maximum participation, energy and new competition on a weekly basis. Certified and expierenced Coaches will be there to count reps, adhere to movement standards, and submit scores. If you are in the area and would like to partcipate please call us at 480-922-3253 or send an email to info@CrossFitScottsdale.com to get on the preliminary list. We are capping the registration at 150 athletes. www.CrossFitScottsdale.com

112. Nukemarine wrote...

#110 Dan H and others,

People will be competing shoulder to shoulder, both physically and virtually. Do you think there won't be hundreds of uploads to YouTube each week allowing all to see how other "competitors" are doing? Do you think there won't be some affiliates hosting each week, while other affiliates will split sectionals amoung them to host? Do think there won't be family and friends cheering on these people during these six weeks? All this will happen, but in a competition of scale far larger than dedicated locations can accomodate.

Did you ever in your CrossFit career see a posted time in the comments and said "I can do better"? Did let that thought push you? Did you post your time with pride, and feel a sting when you saw other times were a little better? If so then you've done on a small scale what CFHQ is now doing on a large scale.

Now, it's interesting that CFHQ will not be doing any cuts ie something along the lines of Week 2 only top 5000 players scores will be counted from there on and in Week 4 it's down to 2000 players. I don't think that's necessary as people will naturally withdraw over the weeks (personal prediction that time will tell).

It would also be interesting if they decide to rescore each week by removing old placements of people that withdrew, so if it starts at 10,000 but drops to 5,000 then the first week is scored as if only 5000 were competing.

However, I hope they keep it just like the summer games where the score sticks regardless of cuts or drop outs. Later on, they can compare other ways of scoring (re-compute, weighted, with cuts) versus Regional and Finals to figure out the most fair way to advance people.

113. Michael Schaal wrote...

Well said Andy (#82). I'd be curious to know how many of the people that are worried about or skeptical of this format actually are members at an affiliate, hang out with other CrossFitters, or are intending on actually competing. After being part of this community for just over a year I am constantly amazed by the quality of people that I meet. If there are cheaters out there, they'll be humiliated at sectionals. If you are on travel, I doubt there are very many places today that you can't find an affiliate or internet connection. If you don't have the required equipment for the WOD I'm sure you can make an appropriate substitution to submit a video and if you are impressive you will still be considered. It's exciting to be part of history in the making and I can't wait to start seeing this plan put into action. I just feel sorry for whoever has to review all the video.

114. JP Mummey wrote...

Last year people complained about having to drive long distances to sectionals. Last year people complained that every sectional had different workouts and therefore didn't make a fair assessment of ability.

It's impossible to please everyone, and difficult to manage the kind of quick growth the games have seen. When problems come up I'm sure they'll be dealt with. Just hit your workouts hard and submit constructive criticism.

115. chad mckay wrote...

"I also dot understand why the athletes from last games, don't get to by pass this section, they have obviously proved there ability to compete at the world games, why shouldn't they enter a Regional Level... It seems its more of a MONEY making scheme, rather then anything else... "

So the extra 50 athletes from the world games last year are going to break the bank for CF?

Also, it seems more fair to me. Last year only the top regional competitors were selected, biasing less-fit regions with spots at the games. CF has been around longest in southern california, and last year Pat barber and Josh Everett didn't even make it through the so cal regional. I believe if they had competed in some of the regions newer to CF they probably would have crushed the competition. Who knows, maybe 20 of this years athletes will all come from one powerhouse region. I doubt the extra 50 athletes payments are that big difference... with the hypothetical money they would pay since no price has been listed yet.

116. Crossfit Affiliate owner/Athlete wrote...

Crossfit is growing into a corporation and to be honest it is being run very unprofessionally. Affiliate owners have not been informed of any details to holding the events which require planning.

Why are we getting details to the Games via blog posts? Does HQ not think that it would be more professional to submit a release to each affiliate of on the website detailed release?

When it was first announced that there would be video submission some common sense could have been used to to inform each gym that they could start planning to hold events. This would have made for a much more smooth understanding.

The communication of HQ is very unprofessional which is effecting each affiliate and athlete in a negative way. CrossFit has built itself up based on the community it has created which I hope can continue even through this stage of inexperienced leadership.

117. Bartolomeo wrote...

Let the Games beginn! It's going to be fantastic!
CrossFit is easy...
CrossFitAlcamo cè!!!

118. Janice Marie Ferguson wrote...

I think many of you are not looking at this new format in a positive light because you were not one of the top competitors left out of your regional competition because of the concentration of elite athletes in your particular section. I'm just speculating, but I would bet this happened to many people last year--especially in areas where CrossFit is much more popular than in my region, the Southeast.

Let's consider last year's format and pretend that 20 of the Southeast's best male competitors lived in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Only 15 of those men would advance to regionals. Five would be left out. even if they were better athletes than the top contenders from the Florida sectional. (Before I get hate responses about which section is better...this is just a hypothetical situation. I'm just clarifying my point.)

It seems to me that this new way to do sectionals is a better way to weed out the weaker athletes and ensure that the top competitors make it to the regionals. Is it the best and most convenient way for the athletes? I guess it depends on your circumstances. Is the best and most convenient way for HQ? Why should we care?

I am not a fan of this year's process, but it all comes down to this: How serious are you about competing at the CrossFit Games? What are your priorities? If complying with the qualification process is too much of a hassle for you, then maybe you aren't that serious. Gone are the days when you will just be able to train 3-4 random WODs a week and show up as a real contender for the Games. I have been prioritizing my training and nutrition. I've dealt with injuries and attacked weaknesses for many months in an attempt to qualify. If you can afford to throw away all the time and effort you have put in so far to achieve your goal, then maybe you should train harder. That way it won't be so difficult to find a way to follow the sectional qualifying process and guidelines.

119. Russ wrote...

CrossFit Affiliate Owner,

There are over 2000 CrossFit affiliates. Does it make more sense to make Games-related announcements on the CrossFit Games website, or to try to send out a 2000-person mass email?

Furthermore, not every affiliate is interested in the Games. The ones that are, will be able to find all the information they need on the Games Site.

120. CrossFit Affiliate Owner wrote...

I sure does make a lot more sense to send out a mass communication or at least post all the known information as a release on the games site and not rely on someone answering the right question in a Blog. (which should have been done when the original announcement came out)

I work for a company with over 30,000 employees and they have no issue communicating to all of us through email announcements or proper electronic communications.

Not to mention this all should have been released months ago and not 6 weeks until competition. As someone who represents Crossfit, strong leadership through its growth is key and there is no place for unorganized, unprofessional or in-experienced management.

121. Jason CF KoP wrote...

@90 and 72

How much of the sectionals money do you actually think went to HQ? The answer is a small percentage. The money went to the organizers. I find it humorous that you think CF is all about money when they LOSE money on the Games every year. Know your facts...

122. Tony Budding wrote...

CrossFit Affiliate Owner #116:
What information, specifically, do you need to know to be able to plan? Dates? You have them. Location and gear? Hopefully your box hosts CrossFit workouts now. For how you manage people, that's up to you. We can't give you the workouts or movements ahead of time because many of the affiliate owners are also competitors. What am I missing?

On a separate note, there are two things laughable about your comments. The first is that you are posting anonymously while complaining of lack of professionalism, and the second is that you are complaining about the use of blog via a blog comment instead of emailing us directly.

123. Just a crossfitter wrote...

Tony Budding- Considering the grudges that CF HQ held against some now former members of the CF community, who can fault him for remaining anonymous. Or do I have to mention the Black Box Summit?
#116 is correct in that your announcements have been sporadic. The first hint of the new games format was from a video of a news conference months ago, the second was a blog posting over 3 weeks ago and now this.
Are there going to be fee's from HQ to affiliates for hosting?
And what further criteria are there for affiliates to host? You mentioned some, waiting on more info.
Where are the regionals and how many competitors are going to be in each division?

124. Brent Maier wrote...

It's a breath of fresh air that Crossfit continues to evolve from year to year. Having competed at Regionals the last few years, I think it's a great idea to simplify the sectionals process into an event like this. With any new idea, criticism and over-reaction is expected. The first concern that comes to my mind is that all affiliates are judging to the same standards especially when a single # or rep can make the difference. With the sanctioned sectionals and regionals events, the affiliates in charge were under scrutiny and had to maintain a high level of judging standards. On the flipside, it has always been a concern with the old methods of testing not having a standardized list of events across all regions. Having finished 17th place at the North Central Regionals, I ended up beating the 1st place finisher at the Midwest Sectionals. Then again, if we're testing all individuals world wide with the same set of exercises that define fitness to our standard, they should expose everyone to all facets of what we do. This is the only way to weed out the one trick ponies and allow all competitors that are truly worthy the opportunity to advance. Judging and workout diversity is my concern for the new format.

At 39 years of age, most competitors at that level are considerably younger than I. Masters starts at 50 so I've still got another 10.5 years to go but I'm still interested in seeing how I rank based on others my age. I hope age is reflected in the results for this worldwide event.

125. oldtimer wrote...

Bent Maier- I have seen you in competition and you are awesome. The good news is the Masters have a 45-50yo division now and maybe next year there will a 40+ just in time for your participation. Best of performance to you this year.

126. Pat McCarty wrote...


Will the website show public results on a week to week basis, i.e. once the results are submitted and entered, folks can log in and see where they stand?

127. Tony Budding wrote...

Yes. Results will be live (or nearly live, like a minute or so delay). You'll be able to see your Regional ranking and Worldwide ranking as the competition unfolds. Anyone registered (spectators can register for free) can customize their standard views for their region so it's easier to keep track.

128. Peter wrote...

What is unclear is that in the past sectionals would feed regionals in same geographical area...Now does online open feed regionals with same criteria or does the open feed regionals on just a ranking principle.....this could mean For example that if the fisrt 100 in the online open Are f rom californi a they could end up having to' do regionals in other state s/regions....?

Take this example to' europe......Are the open online just feeding the europea regional or any regional in the world.....

Thanks for replay friends

129. Marcus wrote...

Tony- Thanks for all your added details. About Affiliate Teams...

I understand I must compete in the Open, am I scored against only those wanting to qualify for my affiliate's team, or how is that going to work?

Thanks again for your commitment!

130. Games or my Wedding? wrote...

@anyone who thinks this an acceptable time frame for informing the community of dates of competition. For an international organization with an event that finds the Worlds Fittest...

Guys/gals...Back in September, 2010, I reserved a spot and weekend for my wedding in July, the last weekend. Yes, the weekend of the Games 2011 had not been announced and "too bad" for me to assume they would keep it around the same time they have been doing it for the past 4 years, early or mid July. Of course, Games 2011 are on the last weekend of July. Seriously? It took that long to book the Home Depot Center? You didn't know until the day you announced it on the "blog site", on January 10t, 2011????

CrossFit is great and life changing for me in many ways. As a community member, with one small voice, I want to say can you please post relevant information when you know it to be a fact? For instance, weekend of Games 2011.

not missing my wedding

131. Nick 'Silver Surfer' Collins wrote...

128. Peter ...great question!
Tony can you clear this up?

132. Carter wrote...

So what we have so far is, "all" (inc past champions and games participants 2010) athletes that wish to compete in the games will have to do the six week qualifier. These results will be validated at either an affiliate or via video. Athletes will be ranked in one group based on performance. From this group chosen athletes will compete in regional qualifiers vs that group. Then the fifty top athletes advance to the games with no predetermined geo regional slots, just the top 50 best athletes.
When will the actual guidelines be available, entry fees etc?

133. Just my say wrote...

@Chad: (im not having a go but...)
you are saying how amazing athletes such as Josh Everett and pat barber missed out on the games, that is a reflection of how the games positions were divided at regionals. and how strong that particular region is. Corssfit is trying to claim itself as a world game, you can not have all the 50 athletes coming from California.

and regardless of this (correct me if im wrong Tony Budding) that the division of games places from regionals (eg 5 spots from north Cali) will be similar if not the same this year, so again these amazing athletes may make it to regionals via sectionals but still may not make it to the games. so your point is a little confusing?

having the athletes from last years games compete at sectionals seems pointless, considering that HQ made the point last year (after the 2009 games) giving them a by pass, and the top 5 going straight to the games. I would be more concerned about the higher possibility of injury...

I personally would hate one of those top athletes to miss out on the games because of an injury they got from participating at sectionals.

134. KE wrote...

#122 If we were to email directly, would we get a direct answer? if so, agreed, that would be the way to go. Affiliate owners are at a loss trying to decipher all this information out and on short notice. The first announcement that went out gave vague dates of when regionals and sectionals would be held - nothing exact. Still don't know exactly when or where regionals will be held. And just one vague comment, that the Games final day will be July 31st. And I only came across that information becasue I happened to be reading 100 other blogs. Changing the format is fine, and understandable as Crossfit grows. Just wish there was better communication. If everything is as organized as we are lead to believe, would it have been a big deal to send out an organized, detailed email to the affiliates who pay into, promote and live and breathe Crossfit?

135. Andrew wrote...

If a competitor misses a week, will they still be able to submit times for later workouts? No doubt it would knock you out of the running for regionals if you zeroed on something, but might still end up doing well enough to help your affiliate team qualify (maybe no submission gives you the equivalent placing/score/time as coming in right behind the person that finished dead last). I'm going to China for work in April and depending on the timing there is a chance I won't be able to get a score in one of the weeks but I'm hoping I can at least still contribute to my team's score.

Also, any chance we can get any more details on how affiliate team scoring will work - I know it's based on individual performances, but does that mean top 4/6 people cumulative score/time, average score/time, lowest/highest score/time?

Related to that, any word on how many team spots will be open in each region?



136. Alison wrote...

Just wondering if you have determined age group requirements for masters? Is it your age on March 15th? Or is it your age you will turn in 2011?

I am on the cusp of masters, but don't turn 45 til November,

Hope to compete either way, but it sure does change whether i am doing it just for fun or as a competitor.

Definitely alot of pros and cons being voiced about this new format, I personally like to keep an open mind about new ideas, and am glad for the opportunity to participate, however you choose to do it.

137. Bryce wrote...

One thing I think would be nice is an equipment list (not a wod list) for all so we can make sure we can do or host the series of wods.

138. MJ wrote...

#130 wedding... I got married last month in the islands about 5,000 miles away from home. Got a WOD In at the local affiliate the day before & did one on my own at a hotel a few hours before the ceremony. Just sayin

139. Caleb wrote...

Is there a way to find out how many people in each sectional will qualify for the regional or does that depend on the number of competitors?

140. Pat McCarty wrote...

#127, Thanks Tony. Very cool.

141. chad mckay wrote...


You make a totally valid point, I did not consider the necessity of including someone from each region if you want to call it a "world games".

In my mind, the advantage of this system was to only pick the fittest. so 10,000 people do the open, 500-1,000 are allowed to pass through regardless of region. if 100 of the 500 were all from one region, they would have a big-ass regional which was allotted 1/5 of the games spots. If eastern mongolia only had 2 of the 500, they would have a tiny regional and only the fittest mongolian would make it to the games.

142. Steve wrote...


Good questions - also very interested in how affiliate will work. Know information is coming, but anxious to find out. The way I read whats been released so far, if you miss a wod or don't do a wod prescribed (ie: MUPS come up and you don't have that skill) not only are you knocked out of sectionals competition but also aren't eligible to even BE on your affiliate team if they do make it to the regionals.

When details are released, please include this information.

143. Anon.Y.Mous wrote...

#142- Mr. "What am I missing?" Budding will have an answer for you and the other dozens of questions asked in the above comments sometime soon. I will wait patiently.

144. muzz wrote...

Ive never done a wod that wasnt RXD

145. Grace wrote...

So, masters is now 45? I thought it was 50 from last year.

We're excited to host as a registered sectionals affiliate. Looking forward to more information on that very soon.

Do it!

146. Graeme wrote...

A point about regional vs global selection.
Whether you like it or not any world games (or olympics) should allow for regional representation, even though it may mean some athletes miss out at the expense of this format. In terms of Crossfit it also draws together the community feel & gives athletes & spectators a reason to mix with like people from different cultures & countries.

As for the format - it's Crossfit; constantly varied & the format changes , also part of the GPP thing so suck it up, eat some concrete & do your best under whatever set of circumstances are thrown at you.
There are a lot of whingers on here & most are annonymous. If you want to have a whinge, have the courage to state your name. I'm not talking about people asking question but the ones worrying about form, cheating, format & everything else except their own performance. If you are really that good, train hard; the cream will always rise to the top.

147. Carter wrote...

world representation will happen without intervention. At least Canada,Australia and Europe. Beyond that I think you have to refer back to the objective 2011 as per Dr Glassman, bring together the fifty fittest athletes. If a guy in a garage in Somalia qualifies so be it I dont believe CrossFit needs affirmative action type quotas across regions to legitimize or validate the "Worlds Fittest Athlete"

148. Rich Boucher wrote...

#102 Tony Budding
You are absolutely right!!! For most Crossfitters, including myself, it is as much about the competition and the journey as the desire to win. Though I would be lying if I didn't say I plan on being there at the end (masters 60+)

149. Kyle McGuire wrote...

Question for "TONY BUDDING"

Quick question on sectional qualifing??? Im gonna be out of US the 9th of April thru 22nd for Military training.. Can I somehow make these 2 workouts Im gonna miss the week I get back and just submit them with the following weeks wods? I wont be around any equipment nor have someone to video me. I dont want to miss out this year as last year I missed out because I was gone! I am competing for affiliate. I hope there is something available for us?.

150. Miguel Toledano wrote...

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. Sometime during the six week sectional qualifiers, I will be heading back to the US. Traveling back to the States can sometimes take as long as a week depending on whether or not we get held up at any one point.
Basically my question is two-fold.

First question, will I be able to use the military affiliate ( Crossfit Leatherneck) to record my WOD results during the time I'm out here, or would I have to submit a video.

Second question, during the time when I'm heading back to the States, If it takes me a week or longer to make it back, will I be able to perform the workouts that I missed, or am I SOL? I won't have any equipment nor available area to perform the workouts while transitioning from Afghanistan back to the States.

Any insight to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Also, would it be possible to post on the 2011 games site the rules, regulations and how all of this is supposed to take place. I believe

151. Kyle McGuire wrote...

#150 Miguel I know what you mean!!

Someone want to comment on #149-150? I cant miss out on another year because of my service.. Im only getting older

152. Jon Wilson wrote...

Robust is a cool word.

153. SUCKS wrote...

This is stupid..
Way to take out the entire aspect of competition.. at home with a flip camera? you serious? this is the stupidest thing CrossFit has ever done

154. Joey Pietri wrote...

Coach Glassman ,Tony Budding and the CFHQ staff can not be or do all things for all people, But I would like to commend them on how they deliver about as good as can be done. ( in my hmo ! )
Perhaps if anyone knows a better way to go about things and you can make the cut with CFHQ, get on staff and be an advisor.
Great job Coach ,Tony ,et all of getting CF out to the masses and making it all happen . Seems like 2011 will be the best yet .

155. Jake Cohen wrote...

How do you register an affiliate to submit times for the 2011 Games? Can't wait to compete.

156. Owen Duff wrote...

@ 149, 150 and 151.

I am also kickin it in Afghanistan and will be heading back stateside in the middle of the 6 weeks.

My plan is to upload and submit the videos. I will have 2 from Afghanistan and depending on travel and accounement of the 3rd week I may be doing that WOD in the pax terminal in gear the 4,5th and 6th week ill be back in the states.

My recomendation is get the WOD and do it if your in a place you have no equipment and or gear then do your best to make due with what you have and submit your excuses with the video the worst they can say is no.

This is CrossFit take there will be no handicap for those of us doing WOD's at 7500ft+ elevation so there will be no handicap for those traveling either.

157. Fiona wrote...

I've know about and been doing CrossFit since 2004 and must admitt that when the new sectionals format was announced
I was a little worried. "everyone in the world subitting videos on line it's going to be a s#!t fight " was my initial reaction but as more details come to light I'm getting more and more excited.

I Love the fact that we can do The Open WODs at our own time in our own boxes ( equipment etc pending)This allows people more chances to do it. I train lots of shift workers who will benift from
this flexiblity. The fact that we don't have to travel ( my affiliate is located an "easy 2hr " plane trip away from where last years sectional where held) means more of my athelets ( read as weekday warriors) will give it ago because they don't have to travel. Yeh they know they may not qualify but they want to give it ago and do there best and are more inclined to do so if plan tickets aren't required. We may even be able to get enough participatant from our little affiliate to get a team together, something that distance and various work sceduals has prevented in the past

Using ANY registered affiliate will help those who travel for work etc.
Video option if your unable to make it to an affiliate is great ( our defence guys can still compet even if on course or deployment)
The fact that there is going to be a world wide data base of the results each week ( this is my understanding plead correct me if I'm wrong) means people can track week to week where they /or their affiliate stands.

Also love it that EVERYONE all over the world does the same WOD, it will be truely comparable. Having competed in regionals for the last two years I know just looking at WODs from other regions and sectionals (can anyone say Hawaii) that I may have struggled if I lived in a different state or county I may have not qualified. Everyone doing the same WOD at or arround the same time sound like old school HQ to me ;)

Those people who are griping about the event going over 6 weeks. How long does a basketball or football season go for surly you cannot expect to make the finals on the strength of one game.

For those worried about injuries etc, the world championships , olympic don't take that into consideration, you must qualify when and how they say, why should crossfits highest level comp be any different

158. T wrote...

Tony, if my affiliate is doing the WODs on Sundays, should we be concerned about having enough time to submit results on Sunday before the deadline? when is the deadline ? I`m thinking about possible back logs, time delays...etc.

159. Brian wrote...

I am planning on going to the games in Carson City this year as a spectator and I am considering bringing my son. Is the environment conducive for a 3-year-old boy?

160. Chad Dietz wrote...

Is it 5 yet!?!?!?!

161. rtyecript wrote...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog


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