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2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Affiliate Team CrossFit Invictus in the Off-Season

Enjoying Other Sports, Training Together, and the Appeal of Team Competition

At the Games, CrossFit affiliates have the option of competing as part of a team for the Affiliate Cup. In 2007 and 2008, the Affiliate Cup was awarded based on the combined success of individual competitors from the same CrossFit box. Since 2009, the Affiliate Competition has become a separate set of events that include several team exercises such as the buddy carry and obstacle course. We were curious how the top teams from 2010 prepare for the Affiliate Competition. Over the last few weeks we have heard back from 2nd place finisher CrossFit Omaha and 3rd place finisher CrossFit Albuquerque. Today we cover 4th place Affiliate Team CrossFit Invictus from San Diego, California.

In the months after the 2010 Games, CrossFit Invictus team members took time off to travel, recover, and enjoy other sports. Team member Nuno Costa won three medals in the Gay Games in Germany (100m run--GOLD-- 11.34 seconds, 200m run--GOLD--22.99 seconds, 400m--SILVER-- 50.50 seconds), Sage Burgener took home gold for her weight class at the 2010 Nomad Weightlifting Classic in October, and Justin Nahama has been adjusting to training while also taking care of his infant son. The other team members and alternates have been focusing on strength and skill work in the offseason.

The Invictus team trains in cycles so to encourage team members to pursue other sports in the offseason. Taking time off to pursue sports is not only fun, but it also keeps a lot of variety in the athletes’ lives.

January marks the beginning of pre-season training for the Invictus team. During pre-season training, the team will do a lot of mixed-modality conditioning as well as strength work. The team trains as a group as much as possible, even if they’re not all doing the same WOD. As Coach C.J. Martin explains, team training “not only makes our athletes push harder, it’s a unique bonding experience to suffer through grueling workouts together. Our team has always been very close, so workout time is also a very social and fun time. We work really hard, but smile and laugh our way through it so it doesn’t feel so painful.”

An old teammate may return to the team for 2011. Katie McLaughlin, 2009 Games CF Invictus team member, gave birth to her first child 7 weeks ago but is already looking like she is competition ready. The team is excited to see her progress over the next couple of months.

We asked the team what it’s like being part of an Affiliate Team, and how they think it differs from competing in the Games as an individual. Invictus team member Michele Vieux competed in the Games as an individual in ’08 and ’09 before joining Team Invictus in ’10. Here’s what Michele had to say about why she made the switch from individual competition to team competition:

“Competing as an individual brings a lot of pressure and can consume most of your time. These days, with athletes being sponsored and making CrossFit a full-time job, you have to put everything else in your life on the back burner if you want to be a serious contender. For those with less time or other interests, the team offers the opportunity to take part without having to give up so many other things. It is an amazing experience to go out and perform with some of your best friends and for the community at your box. I think we will continue to see a shift and division in athletes where formerly individual competitors will opt to join teams for these reasons.”

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1. Cynthia wrote...

I am so proud of our team and our individual competitors! Getting coached by you studs every day is an honor.

The Sea of Green will be in full force this year! Without vuvuzelas, I hope! Wayne, are you listening???? :)

2. Lunatic wrote...

Individual competitors give inspirational performances, but the Affiliate Team inspires the entire CF Invictus Community! Go Green :)

3. tyson cf801 wrote...

Can't wait to see you guys do your thing again this year, Invictus! See you there!


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