2010 CrossFit Games Finals

CrossFit Scouting Report: Back in the U.S. of A.

With the 2011 CrossFit Games season only a few months away, preparation for the Games is heating up. If there is anything we have learned from years past, it’s that previously low-profile athletes will come out of nowhere to challenge CrossFit’s elite.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have covered athletes from down under and out East. We will continue our international reconnaissance in future weeks, but for today we return to the big U.S. of A.

Leah Polaski

Leah Polaski is a Real Estate Project Manager out of Georgia. She competed in soccer, basketball and track in high school and went on to play varsity soccer at the University of Cincinnati. Described by her friend, Michael Giardina, as someone who tends to succeed in “winning at everything she does,” Polaski has shown a desire and ability to push for first in CrossFit competitions. In her first year, she placed 1st at the 2010 Georgia Sectional and tied for the last qualifying spot at the South East Regionals, but lost the tie-breaker. Although she did not make it to the CrossFit Games as an individual competitor, she did manage to compete in the Games as part of the CrossFit Atlanta Affiliate Team which placed 8th. Since then she has competed in several local CrossFit competitions and each time walked away with 1st and worked out alongside Mikko Salo.

Age: 30
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 150lbs

Diane: 6:30
Elizabeth: 10:57
Helen: 8:40

FGB: 354
Filthy Fifty: 21:56
5k run: 21:48
400m run: 1:10
30 muscle ups: never done

Deadlift: 286lbs
Squat: 209lbs
Max C+J: 160 lbs
Max Snatch: 110lbs
Press: 99lbs

GA Sectional, 2010: 1st place
Southeast Regional, 2010: 5th place
Affiliate Competition, 2010 CrossFit Games: 8th Place
Atlanta Area FGB, 2010: 1st Place
Survival of the Fittest, The Garage CF, 2010: 1st Place
Xs and Ys (pairs competition), 2010 - The Garage CF: 1st Place
The Ten- CF Dahlonega, 2010: 1st Place,

Steve Pinkerton

Steve Pinkerton is the owner of CrossFit Vitality in Concord, NC. He claimed 1st in the Carolina Fitness Challenge in December 2010, and 2nd at The Ten hosted by CrossFit Dahlonega this past October. He has yet to get involved in other CrossFit competitions or make a run for the Games. Pinkerton’s life has only recently become intertwined with CrossFit. He played basketball and football in college, served in the Marine Corps for seven years as an Artillery Officer and got out as a Captain in September of 2010. In April 2010, a few months before he left the Marine Corps, he and his wife Jess opened their box.

Age: 29
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 226lbs

Grace: 1:47
Fran: 2:41
Helen: 7:46
Jackie: 6:03
Karen: 4:55

FGB: 414
400m run:  0:59
1 mile run: 5:12
McGhee: 27 Rounds
Daniel: 14:24
DT: 7:29

Deadlift: 450lbs
Squat: 455lbs
Clean and Jerk: 295lbs
Snatch: 225lbs
Shoulder Press: 215lbs

Carolina Fitness Challenge, December 2010: 1st
The Ten by CrossFit Dahlonega, October 2010: 2nd

Brian Quinlan

Brian Quinlan is the owner of CrossFit Explode in West Chester, PA. Quinlan claimed first place at the 2010 PA/MD/DE Sectionals but did not show his full abilities at the Central East Regionals because he had torn meniscus just three weeks before. Since Regionals, Quinlan has been a common presence at unsanctioned CrossFit competitions and more often than not claimed first place.

Age: 33
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 220lbs

Fran: 2:21
Grace: 1:34
FGB: 411
Cindy: 28 rounds

Clean and Jerk: 285lbs
Snatch: 235lbs
Press: 225lbs

PA, MD and DE 2010 Sectionals: 1st
Central East Regionals 2010: 26th
CrossFit Raw's Fall Brawl, October 2010: 4th
CrossFit OTG Challenge, November 2010: 1st
CrossFit Lehigh Valley's PA Fittest, December 2010: 1st

Rory Hanlin

Rory Hanlin is an Army soldier stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Rory took 13th at the 2010 Southeast Regional, but seems to have stepped up his game since then. He caught the attention of affiliates out East after claiming 2nd place in the 2010 Carolina Fitness Challenge earlier this month. Hanlin has been training with CrossFit since 2005 and followed the programming of the OPT Big Dawgs Blog for the last two years. He has yet to compete in the Games.

Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 225lbs

Diane: 3:00 
Elizabeth: 5:29
Helen: 7:47

FGB: 354 
Filthy Fifty: 16:04
5k run: 20:40
400m run: 57 seconds
30 Muscle ups for time: 6:19

Deadlift: 585lbs
Squat: 480lbs
Press: 235lbs
C&J: 350lbs  
Split Jerk from the front: 385lbs
Snatch: 265lbs

Midwest Regionals 2009: 3rd
OPT Big Dawg Competition Series, 2009-2010: 3rd
Dirty South Regionals, 2010: 13th
South GA Throwdown, 2010: 2nd
Carolina Fitness Challenge, 2010: 2nd

Ronnie Teasdale

Ronnie comes from the streets, CrossFit Mean Streets that is. Based in Los Angeles, Teasdale has been tearing up the local competitions this year: claiming 2nd at the 2010 Orange Coast Throwdown, and twice claiming 1st and once 2nd at the NLP Invitationals. Ronnie played hockey from the age of three until twenty three. He started working out when he was nineteen in order to get better at hockey, but since then the focus of his training has shifted. He studied exercise science, ran his own training facility out of his house, and then just a year and a half ago made the switch to CrossFit. When he showed up to Sectionals and Regionals last year he had only months of CrossFit experience behind him. We’ll have to see what an extra year of progress can do.

Fran: 2:32
Grace: 1:58
Murph with 20#vest: 32:00

Fight Gone Bad: 410
Filthy Fifty: 18:30
Max Pullups: 56
Max Bar Muscle Ups: 19
5k Run: 17:01

Deadlift: 455lbs
Back Squat: 385lbs
Clean and Jerk: 255lbs
Snatch: 205lbs

S. California Sectionals, 2010: 10th
Southwest Regionals, 2010: 26th
Orange Coast Throwdown, 2010: 2nd
First NLP Invitational April 2010: 1st
Second NLP Invitational August 2010: 1st
Third NLP Invitational December 2010: 2nd

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1. Dusty Hyland wrote...

Ronnie is a beast!

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Leah P dominates!!

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Leah P aka Master P=domination. I swear, all she does is win-win-win.

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Leah P is the amazing!.. crazy good CrossFitter and wonderful person!

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Los Angeles is packed with Talent, Ronnie is one of the few

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Ronnie is as hungry as anyone in CrossFit. Should be very exciting to see what his unreal competitive drive produces in the next few months.


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