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With the 2011 CrossFit Games season only a few months away, preparation for the Games is heating up. Those who competed last year have had time to recover from the challenge of the Home Depot Center. These top athletes, including Kristan Clever, Graham Holmberg, Rich Froning Jr., and Annie Thorsidotter, have been training hard for 2011 for months now. If there's anything we've learned from years past, it's that previously low-profile athletes will come out of nowhere to challenge CrossFit's elite.

Many athletes have been testing their capacity at local, unsanctioned CrossFit competitions. These competitions are good indicators of up and coming athletes to look out for in 2011. We combed the world for local CrossFit throwdowns, and these winners stood out. Perhaps one of them will be the Jason Khalipa or Mikko Salo of 2011. 

Daniel Tyminski

Tyminski won the Beast of the East competition on November 6, beating top Games competitors Austin Malleolo and James Hobart. After serving in the Army, Tyminski overcame an addiction to heroin, and developed a passion for CrossFit. He missed qualifying for the Games in 2010, coming in 7th at the Northeast Regionals. With his win at the Beast of the East, the CrossFit Lindy owner may have stepped his performance up to the elite level.

Shawn Butler

The Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge’s workouts are so unknown, not even its organizers know what the events will be ahead of time. The third edition of the Hopper Challenge took place on November 6th, 2010. Shawn Butler was the men’s champion, defeating the challenge’s previous winner, Chris Woods, and veteran CrossFit Games competitor Jeff Tincher. Butler took 27th in the Central East Regional last year, but came into the Hopper Challenge prepared to dominate. He performed consistently across all 5 events, finishing eighth or better in each workout.

Paul Smith

Paul first came into the community’s spotlight with his epic reinterpretation of King Kong that included 8 snatches at 225 as one of its many components. After dominating the first three events, close grip handstand push-ups knocked him out of qualifying at the South Central Regionals. Paul came back to win the Texas Throwdown on August 14th, 2010 with a combined time of 11:02 across three events. He won by a significant margin, finishing 53 seconds ahead of his closest competitor. Unfortunately, Paul recently had surgery to repair a few injuries incurred playing running back for eight years in the National Football League. He will not being competing in CrossFit in 2011.

Lisa Thiel

Lisa Thiel won the Texas Throwdown on August 6, beating 2010 Games competitor Jessica Sharratt, who came in second. The wife of previous Games competitor Jeremy Thiel, Lisa has been training with CrossFit for years but is an erratic competitor. She placed 27th at the 2007 Games, and 11th at the 2010 South Central Regional but did not qualify for the 2010 Games. After winning the Texas Throwdown, Thiel may be on track to succeed in 2011 CrossFit competition.

Kelly Steadman

Rookie Kelly Steadman finished closely behind top CrossFitter Heather Bergeron at the Beast of the East. In the five-event competition, Bergeron finished with a total point score of 16 to Steadman's 19. Steadman is new to CrossFit competition and a relative unknown in the community. Trainer Ben Bergeron of CrossFit New England described Steadman as“the most humble Firebreather [he] has had the pleasure of training with.” Steadman has yet to describe whether she will make a run at the 2011 CrossFit Games. 

Jennifer Navarro

Jennifer Navarro has returned, claiming second place behind top CrossFitter Christy Phillips at the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge on November 6th. The challenge demonstrated the exceptional athleticism of these two women, for no other competitor was able to come close to their final scores. Navarro showed great potential at the VA/DC/WV Sectional last year; pulling far ahead of the competition on the first day and claiming fourth place overall. With that performance, Navarro qualified for the 2010 Central East Regionals but for reasons unknown to us, she did not compete. If Navarro decides to compete in 2011, she will be a force in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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1. Brandon Couden wrote...

Watch out for David Ulmer, Dan Bailey, and Dane Youtz. The top three at last years sectional at the arnold and just missed the out games last year. They are all better than ever and will make alot of noise this year!

2. mike wrote...

ronnie tealsdale is legit from the south west.

3. mike wrote...

no more sectionals is a real bummer.

4. ian wrote...


5. B Noyce wrote...

BOOMSAUCE....haha gotta love it, you are a beast!

6. Rick J wrote...

Watch out for Joseph Weigel out of Ohio. Just missed the games last year being one point behind Graham Holmberg at the Central East Regional and took first convincingly in the two events on the final day.

7. Mike K wrote...

Dan Tyminski is a stud, he beat Austin in ever event at the NY/NJ sectional, Not much of a surprise on that one.

8. Tory wrote...

Are all the sectionals videotape submission this year?

9. slobby wrote...

Bummer about the sectionals. I really hope they don't ruin a great thing. The atmosphere last year at the sectionals was amazing and I felt it encompassed the essence of CrossFit. I find it hard to believe that sending a video of yourself over the internet will inspire or motivate the community to grow.
Very disappointed, but maybe I just don't have all the facts yet.

10. Bonnie W wrote...

Becca Voigt, Katie Hogan and Lindsey Valenzuela (Benson) from Valley Crossfit.....

11. Brian PCF wrote...

Jen Navarro - very strong!

12. kane wrote...

Anyone know when the uk british qualifiers are?

13. Dave wrote...


14. Tricia wrote...

Where are the 2011 CrossFit games? Am considering travelling to them. Can't find anything online or are they in Carson each year? Also dates?

15. Gigantor wrote...


16. Milkface wrote...


17. Daniel BOOMSAUCE Tyminski wrote...

Thank you for all the truly means a lot!!!!

18. mckenna wrote...

BOOMSAUCE.....2011 games winner

19. Baker Leavitt wrote...

Boomsauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nate Schrader will be on the podium this year and Lisa Thiehl is far from erratic...she won the garage games and the fittest games back to bakc weekends...maybe she was erratic before i knew her but she is dialed in now


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