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Change to 2010 Affiliate Cup Rankings

A positive PED test disqualifies CFNE

The official rankings of the 2010 Affiliate Cup have changed. CrossFit Fort Vancouver is still the champ. CrossFit Omaha and CrossFit Albuquerque are now second and third (instead of third and fourth). CrossFit New England, which was in second, has been disqualified for a positive substance test.

Two athletes (Ben Bergeron and Derek Mohammed) from the CrossFit New England team tested positive for use of the stimulant methylhexanamine. Stimulants are banned for competitors under the CrossFit Games Drug Policy. This disqualifies the team from the 2010 CrossFit Games. The overall finishing order will be adjusted, with CrossFit Omaha moving into second place and CrossFit Albuquerque moving into third place. Ben and Derek will be automatically tested in any future Games for which they qualify.

The CrossFit Games are the world's broadest and most legitimate test of Fitness, and the use of performance enhancing drugs is strictly prohibited. The Games adhere to World Anti-Doping Agency standards, and testing is administered by Drug Free Sport, the official testing agency of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA. Athletes were tested with the same panel used in NCAA Championships.

Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are banned in any form. Common classes of banned substances include Anabolic Agents, Stimulants and Street Drugs. However, there is not a comprehensive list of ALL banned substances. It is the responsibility of the ATHLETE to ensure that they do not use classes of any banned substance in training or competition.

Use caution and ask questions about what you are taking if you plan on competing in the Games. Methylhexanamine, also known as Geranamine, is one of the ingredients in Jack3d, an energy drink that can be purchased at GNC over the counter. Just because a product is available at GNC does not mean it is good to go. Same goes for "natural" supplements. Energy products that claim to increase stamina, pills that claim to increase energy, and any product that promises increased performance should be carefully examined. If you are unsure, we recommend you err on the side of caution. 

Please see the CrossFit Drug Policy (link to for more details.

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69 comments on this entry

1. Ben Bergeron wrote...

I wish I could express how regretful, sorry and embarrassed I am about this situation. I would like send my deepest and most sincere apologies to Greg Glassman, Dave Castro, my Teammates, my Affiliate and the entire CF Community. I LOVE CrossFit, and I would never knowingly do anything that would risk hurting our sport or our reputation as a community.
Derek and I took an energy drink that we bought at GNC called Jacked 3D. Nothing in the ingredients was listed on the List of Banned Substances that was provided to us prior to the Games. However, it turns out the drink has geranamine in it, which we later found out is a banned substance. I don’t know how we were supposed to know this, but I am not using my ignorance as a defense.
I take full responsibilities for my actions and the repercussions are mine to deal with. I only hope that in some way this situation can benefit the CF Community by making us more aware and knowledgeable about the practices and policies of drug testing.

2. Derek Mohamed wrote...

I would like to reiterate Ben's apology above, primarily to my teammates and the other members of CrossFit New England. Those that know us know that we would never knowingly do anything unethical. I simply would never in a million years have thought that a product I bought at GNC would have something in it that was on the banned substance list, but like Ben, I take responsibility for my actions.

3. Nick Scott wrote...

I don't think anyone is going to question your integrity. Mistakes happen, they should provide a more detailed list in my opinion.
But mental note, no NO-Xplode before the games!

4. CrossFit Omaha wrote...

Apology accepted. You guys did a great job in Carson and we look forward to competing against you in the future.

CrossFit Omaha

5. Ronda Rockett wrote...

This is insane. No one has more integrity than Ben and Derek. No one.

6. Neil of CrossFit of Naperville wrote...

It is sad to see when an athlete is unknowingly put into this situation. I believe that this is a situation of finding out the hard way that athletes need to be aware of the things that we are putting into our bodies.

Keep your heads held high...hopefully we will see you both again in competition.

7. Christine Savage wrote...

I am not a member of CrossFit New England but I do know Ben and Derek and I can say I have never met two nicer people on the planet. Their level of honesty and integrity is breathtaking and you won't find two more honorable men anywhere. You are both the ultimate champions to all of us who know you...and that's just a simple fact.

8. Jeff wrote...

I hope that they start testing EVERY athlete, ind. or team. This should open everyone's eyes, and I hope that CF HQ steps up and demands all athletes to be tested for the games. CF and the community can only stand to benefit with drug testing in the sport. It will bring a true validity to our sport. Sorry to hear that it was a mistake and happened to 2 good people, but we all can learn from this.

9. Michelle Marshall wrote...

Ben and Derek epitomize integrity. Christine said it so well. . . they are champions and we are so lucky to have them at Crossfit New England.

10. Diego wrote...

The sad thing about all this is the many many people who will lynch you guys and not even bother to find out the reasons why this has happened. It's sometimes worse when you're accused of something you didn't do (or did unknowingly) than getting caught for doing something illegal purposely.

Keep your heads up high.

11. Brian Curley wrote...

This is a very sad decision, but the way Ben and Derek have taken responsibility for something they did unknowingly speaks to the type of people they are. They are men of character and heart, and I for one think that no apology is necessary. They are champions in every sense of the word. I would never have accomplished many things without their coaching and mentoring, and I am proud to call them friends.

I also think that the way the other members of the CFNE affiliate team have handled this is remarkable, and it makes me proud to belong to CrossFit New England.

12. Robert McBee wrote...

Much respect to Ben and Derek for their direct and honest response. Very brave of both of you. Too often, as in all the time, pro athletes just deny, deny, deny. Way to be better than that gentlemen.

As for the violation? Could've happened to anyone. I've gone into workouts numerous times loaded on N.O. Explode-type stuff from GNC or a quadruple espresso.

Your affiliate is one of the models for how to do what we do. Keep it up!

Kind regards,

CF Camas

13. Erin Stewart wrote...

Gentlemen, I hope to one day reach your level of athleticism. I think most of us in the Crossfit community are sympathetic to your situation. I agree with Nick Scott, your integrity is not under the gun. It's unfortunate that the information on testing was not clearer, but I do understand the need to establish a "level field of play."
Next year, skip the Jacked 3D, go natural and dominate regardless.
Best to you both in the 2011 games.

14. Ben Taylor wrote...

To Ben and Derek. You are great athletes and great examples for the CrossFit community. No resonable person would think you guys were trying to get some unethical advantage. What would be the point. Most of us do this for the thrill of it. We all try to eat, rest and train to the best of our ability. It's no different at my box, Guerrilla Fitness. You guys have done nothing different. So buck up fellas. Just a bump in the road. You guys are class acts.

I know one thing is for certain, I'll be reading the labels of my GNC/Vitamin Shoppe products much more carefully.

15. Tim Carr wrote...

JESUS!!! I work at a vitamin store and 1000s of people take that stuff. I personally use pre workpout powders every WOD just about. This is a shocker man, no doubt.

Ben and Derek, no worries. . .your world wide respect and the repect of CFNE in Crossfit is intact!



16. DP wrote...

Ben and Derek,

This is unfortunate mistake, but life goes on for CFNE. You guys are great athletes and a positive influence on the community. I'm sure you'll be back next year.


17. Token wrote...

Interesting article recently in Irish newspaper on methylhexanamine.

18. jason leydon wrote...

I spoke with Ben earlier, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and his gym. Ben is a top notch coach, a great athlete and a good friend. Mistakes happen, and this is an unfortunate situation. You guys are awesome, keep your head up.


19. Susan S. wrote...

I couldn't be prouder of Ben and Derek for the way they have handled this situation - as always with grace, poise and sincerity, I have come to expect nothing less from them. They are outstanding in every category with ethics and honesty standing out at the very top. As said in other comments - move forward with your heads held high!!


20. Derek Mohamed wrote...

Thank you everyone for all your support. It means the world to us.

21. Ken Gall wrote...

Ben, Derek - don't know you guys personally, but we competed against you in the affiliate cup. I know for a fact the Jacked 3D, or whatever was in it, had nothing to do with the beat down you gave us and the other teams out there. In my opinion, no need to apologize, this could have happened to anyone when over the counter, legal substances are banned. As far as I'm concerned we (Crossfit Atlanta) took 8th, and that is still our final spot.

22. Nick Scott wrote...

To Ken Gall - Way to go man, i agree with your attitude, no honest competitor accepts a win because of a DQ. How many fighters would do that?
I think you have to beat them to say you earned that win, and until next year that isn't going to happen. While the official rankings may have changed I would be suprised if they have in any way changed in the minds of the athletes who competed against them.

23. BLANCO wrote...

I've had the pleasure of WODing and competing with these guys several times. Even though I don't know them well, I do know them well enough to say they are men of great character this was an unfortunate mistake, it happens. We live and learn from it. You guys at CFNE have great a great reputation, trainers and athletes. Keep training hard.

24. Daigle wrote...

Wow...I was so blown away and disappointed (not in Ben and Derek, just in general) to hear this today. As someone who's trained along side both of these exemplary human beings for nearly 2 years, they have my unending and unflappable support. I know and understand the zero tolerance policy, and saw many things like this take place as an NCAA athlete. It's unfortunate, but as several people have said this is an eye opener for the CF world, and we can all learn from it.

The athleticism, integrity, and dedication of these two men cannot be questioned in my eyes....especially seeing how they've handled this situation. Having trained with them all last year (and still) I know full well the honorable way in which they conduct themselves, and see first hand how hard they train. This incident sucks bigfoots d*** but hopefully, it will prevent the same fate from befalling any other CrossFitters in the future.

I am a member of CrossFit New England, and I consider it a privilege to train along side Ben and Derek. Keep your heads up guys, I'll see you in the box. I couldn't be prouder of these two men, or more honored to compete with and against them....and most importantly, call them my friends.


25. EC wrote...

Ben and Derek,

It was innocent mistake that could have happened to anyone. DON'T let it get you too down. The CF community knows you both are LEGIT and want to see you firebreathers compete in 2011.

26. Sean Rockett wrote...

I have trained with Ben and Derek for 3 years and I have always been impressed by their high regard and almost religious fervor toward the rules of Crossfit WODS. Ben polices his gym enforcing strict range of motion guidelines. These 2 gentlemen are of utmost character and adhere to the ethics and principles of competition. I wanted to voIce my support for them both as athletes and individuals.

27. Pat Sherwood wrote...

Any experience I have ever had with Ben or any member of CNFE has always been top notch. CFNE will represent in the next Games as they always do.

28. Greg wrote...

It concerns me how many athletes in a variety of sports are failing tests for methylhexanamine. It is a widely know illegal substance and widely known to be in a number pre-workout supps, with Jack3d being the most popular.

While I doubt the motive was sinister, accidental doesn't fit either. It is a drug tested athletes due diligence to check everything that goes into their body. A simple Google search would have shown that Jack3d did contain a banned substance, with many posts and articles occurring in 2009.

Crossfitters aren't the only ones caught up in this, there have been dozens of athletes this year alone, but when it literally takes 0.28 seconds to check, there isn't really any room for excuses.

Athletes beware!

29. Dave wrote...

First of all I do want to say I think the whole thing is somewhat ridiculous, but what my real question is weren't the games in July, how come we are just hearing about this now?? I have had to take a few preemployment drug screens, and it took 2 days to get the result from the labs, was there a question of whether or not this banned substance would dq CFNE, or did it somehow take 6 months for a urine test, and are we therefore to expect to hear of other competitors who may have failed. The whole timeline just seems very strange however there may be a very reasonable explanation.

30. Denise Thomas wrote...

Ben is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in CrossFit. He is a great coach, athlete and a role model to us all. I follow CFNE programming and I will continue to do so in the future. This changes nothing! Guys, it's done and dusted...honest mistake. Now back to work and kicking ass ;)

Looking forward to watching what CFNE does in 2011. Keep up the good work.

31. Billy Thorn wrote...

Wow, incredible newws, incredible results, incredible ahtletes. "in training or competition" part is interesting.

32. Meredith Hagood wrote...

I have been working out with Ben for 5 years and have witnessed his work ethic first hand. There is no one who can come close to him as a caring coach and hard working athlete. He is a true inspiration to all CrossFit athetes way beyond CFNE. Derek has mirrored this to all of us at CFNE and we are all so proud of their hard work.....really....6 months to de-throne them????? We love you guys and can't wait to see you take it all back in 2011!!!!

33. Samantha Burman wrote...

Ben and Derek are two of the finest people one could ever meet and I trust and respect them implicitly. You learn more about the character of a person during adversity and I could not be more proud of how they are both reacting to this disappointment. Nothing has changed in my view of them as athletes and individuals. I know they will use this as a way to help others learn and continue to be two of the best examples of what is great about Crossfit.

34. Chip Moore wrote...

Ben and Derek... I'm so sorry that this happened, but you are handling it the right way. It will be a learning experience for all future competitors. I know how hard you guys train(ed) and the level of discipline you held leading up to the Games... Jacked 3D or no Jacked 3D, you guys would have dominated. It wasn't any stimulant that got you to a 2nd place finish.

Hold your heads high. S**t happens, but the 2011 season is right around the corner. Just keep doing your thing and keep setting that bar high.

35. Scott Lewis wrote...

Derek/Ben-...Keep your heads up. Bow your neck and do even better next year. Chalk it up to a learning experience.

36. Jen Lawrence wrote...

Ben and Derek, you are the most sincere and dedicated athletes, coaches and friends. Ben, you have creating an amazing gym that brings fitness to every level of athlete and has raised the bar for so many of us. Your attention to detail, form, range of motion and the sport of crossfit is reinforced at every class and with every coach you have trained. Derek, you are a selfless and giving athlete that places the achievements of those around you above you own. I am so sad that this has happened, but it doesn't change my feelings or respect for both of you are friends, competitors, coaches and athletes. 1st place in 2011!

37. Iva wrote...

Not questioning the integrity of the competitors, but what was the need for Jacked3D in the first place? If the label was checked and cross referenced to a list of banned substances beforehand, then it was a conscious decision to look for something to artificially stimulate that could be gotten away with. Those tests can't test for everything.

38. Chandler wrote...

I have known Derek since he was about 7 years old and he is considered my brother amongst my family. As long as I have known Derek he has always been a man of his word. Ben is the best coach I have ever been around in all my years of any sport. Because of Ben, Derek, and CrossFit, my life was changed. This is an unfortunate situation and an honest mistake. What is most impressive in 99% of the posts, is in typical CrossFit fashion, the amount of love and support that is being shown......

As far as discussions on taking artificial stimulants, whether right or wrong, good or bad is a personal decision that each athlete makes. Just like what is or isn't Paleo is often argued or adaptations are protein powder or coffee? To think that CrossFit will ever be 100% Paleo or 100% free of artificial stimulants of some type is asking for continued argument and let down. What is being taken today may be illegal tomorrow and what was illegal today may be fine in 10 years. Both Ben and Derek have apologized for the results and I believe they are sincere in their apologies...... Best wishes to all 2011 competitors.

39. Josh Mandel wrote...

Like everyone else, I was shocked to read this. I don't know Ben and Derek personally but definitely feel for you guys. It's unfortunate that you can not trust what you purchase over the counter. There are more cases every day of professional athletes testing positive for products they bought at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. At our box, we only use Advocare products because they test for over 200 banned substances. If anyone is interested in seeing where they are tested, check it out here: Best of luck to all 2011 competitors.

40. Kate wrote...

In one way it's great to see that there is a level of credibility here with drug testing. Sure it's odd and very strange/suspicious as to the timing etc, but great to see that the testing actually works.

On the other hand what HQ does next coupled with the comments in here will determine if CF is actually a "sport" or a hobby. If this was any other sport, people would be crying for blood. I appreciate that the doping was most likely 'inadvertent' (let's be serious when has an athlete who has failed a drug test ever said it wasn't), but these inadvertent positives for 13DMAA have been happening in many other sports. Records have been broken, then stripped, then bans put in place. There are shorter bans for inadvertent results, but bans all the same.

If crossfit really does adhere to "World Anti-Doping Agency standards" what happened next will be interesting. Heck the integrity of the drug testing system and the sport of crossfit depend on it.

I want to make clear I'm not attacking those involved or anything along those lines, but simply looking at the 'sports' integrity side of things.

41. Tom Malcolm wrote...

Ben and Derek are two of the most honorable and sincere people I have ever met. Their integrity is unmatched and the way they have accepted responsibly for what has happened is a testament to this. I believe the end result will be a stronger and more determined CFNE.

42. Brandon Ecker wrote...

What is the legal amount of caffine that one can have in the blood. Does anyone know a list of unbanned popular supplements? D-Aspartic Acid? Creatine? Taurine?

43. Goose wrote...

Ben and Derek are great guys who have the utmost respect for the sport and would never knowingly do anything to disrespect CrossFit. Best of luck in 2011, and just in case make sure to stay away from the FourLoco fellas!

44. Troy Stinson wrote...

#39 the ingredient it does contain is 1,3 dimethylamylamine. Also known as as DMAA or Germanamine and is extracted from geranium plant.

45. Luke Mullen wrote...

Very happy to see that "Crossfit Urinalysis Procedures" is same/similar to the US Military process ... "The athlete must urinate in full view of the validator (validator must observe flow of urine)"

Otherwise puzzled, did "Jacked3D" exist 10,000-years ago (grin)? Would be an interesting for Ben Bergeron and Derek Mohammed to execute a community-peer reviewed double-blind experiment: "Jacked 3D" vs "Raw Honey" or similar such 'paleo energy beverage'

46. mike wrote...

i believe that Ben and Derek made an honest mistake, however it says on the label of Jack3D (which i happen to have some of) that it may contain substances banned by certain sports organizations.

- here is a quote from the website: P.P.P.S – It's mandatory that athletes or anyone subject to testing check with their governing body before using this product. Read the entire label, including directions, precautions & warnings. While this product contains compounds & constituents that are found in nature, tested athletes make up the extreme minority of the American public and have to follow strict rules on what they can and cannot use in competition. For example, compounds such as caffeine, creatine & 1,3 dimethylamylamine (also known as methylhexanamine, 2-amino-4-methylhexane & 1,3-dimethylpentylamine - a natural constituent of the geranium flower) may not be allowed by your specific sports organization. It’s completely up to the user to get this and any dietary supplement cleared by their organization before using.

I guess the lesson is check, then double check before you put anything in your body. - sorry guys!!

47. Chris S wrote...

It's awesome to see the humble-ness (word?lol) of the CF community come through once again. One thing I'd like to point out is that in no way can any of you out there actually send some blame on to the CF Games organizers or the people who write the list of banned substances for not being more thorough. There are literally hundreds of banned substances on the entire list - and the short list that was provided to us at the Games is no different than that provided to any other sport body regarding their drug testing and ethics. Give your heads a shake.

48. Ben Bergeron wrote...

Thank you everyone for you support. It really does mean the world to us. This community means more to me than I can express in words.

Mike - Very interesting about the warning on that website. There is nothing on the label like that, and there are no ingredients on the label that are on "The Banned Substances List" that we were provided. But I agree that we absolutely should have done our due dilligence and researched the product more thoroughly.
I hope this situation goes a long way in keeping our sport clean in the future.

49. Tim R. wrote...

Why did this take 5 months to come out with the results?

50. mike wrote...

Ben, i looked at a bottle i have here at home, but when i researched it online, the label they were showing didn't have it. My bottle might be a year old. I'm sure they changed the label on the newer stuff, for obvious reasons... Keep your head, there's always next year.

51. Erin S wrote...

I'm with # 50, why did it take so long? It seems absurd to wait this long. Did it take 5 months for the individuals results to come back? What if they tested positive and had to give the money back they already spent? I hope in the future they will have this done much sooner.

52. james wrote...

It's great to see how those involved fronted up and took the blame, even though it seems an honest mistake. Well done guys...

53. Kris Shamloo wrote...

Don't let it bum y'all, clearly an honest mistake. Seems like the banned substances list is pretty significant, I'm sure many of us have unknowingly put something like this in our bodies. Ben and Derek don't beat yourselves up, sounds like you guys are beyond stand-up individuals (as I would expect in this community).

Also interested on the time-frame of this announcement. More a curiosity than concern, there are always more details behind the scenes in situations like this.

54. Doug wrote...

Justin Judkins asked Josh Everett about the subject of PED's on CrossFit Radio, at that tine Everett was the S&C coach at UC Riverside.

Everett said that athletes can ask coaches if a particular product they want to take will cause them to fail a drug test.

The coaches have access to an NCAA database that apparently has a list of product names, not just substance classes.

I am hopeful CrossFit will create such a database so competitors can look for the name of a particular product BEFORE they find out the hard way.

I am also gratified to see that everyone has stepped up defense of these athletes noting that this was merely an innocent mistake on their part, not an attempt to cheat.

55. Brian wrote...

I am sorry to hear about the affiliate team from CFNE. Having worked at a top 5 university as an assistant coach for Mens swimming and have been an assistant coach in national junior teams for the united states USA swimming has told all of it's athletes that if you buy any product that is not FDA approved, you will run the risk of not knowing what is exactly in the product. All supplements do not state all items that are in the product. A national swimmer was tested positive for a daily vitamin from GNC.

56. Merle wrote...

CFNE and all of it's athletes are classy,fierce competitors and their integrity is beyond reproach. I'm glad to see the community offering their support to them. We will see you again in L.A and my guess is you will still be a dominating force. The flip side in this is that as the prize money grows for this you expect increasing vigilance in this regard so athletes be careful what your taking out there. good luck to everyone at the 2011 Games!

57. mike k wrote...

....but Creatine and Progenex "More Muscle" are cool to take.

58. Ryan Hewitt wrote...

Ben and Derek,
My heart goes out to you guys man, especially since I know first hand that you guys deserve the 2nd place finish in every respect. This honest mistake could have happened to anyone and I know you will only use this barrier to springboard your performance next year at the games. I have visited many crossfit gyms all over the world now, and everyone should know that CFNE is by far the most dedicated, supportive, honorable and high class as it gets. You have all of our support here in the North East, we are super proud of you, and I look forward to training with you soon.

59. Randy wrote...

I think it is truely sad that a company like GNC would sell products that have a banned substance in it. They should never put an athlete in this kind of position. I think that the crossfit community is awesome and beleive that Ben and Derek should not be stripped of their integrity. Good luck to you both in the future.

60. cliff wrote...

There are many Crossfit bashers who suspect that PED use runs rampant amongst even non-competing Crossfitters. I suspect this is a bit of jealousy, and maybe even flattery, but it is a perception. Crossfit HQ's willingness to adopt and enforce a non-PED policy is important for the growth of the Games. This is especially true when enforcement is uncomfortable, as it clearly is here. Kudos to these men for accepting responsiblity. A larger question is being intimiated: "How do we define a PED?" This is a very tricky question but a line - which sometimes feels arbitrary - must be drawn somewhere. Is coffee (a personal favorite) a PED? Is everything at GNC a PED? Let's be honest, NOBODY eats the stuff at GNC because it tastes good. I feel sorry for these men, but encouraged by HQ's enforcement.

61. Jeb wrote...


The substance is banned by the NCAA, NFL, MLB, and NBA, not the FDA. The substance is illegal for pro athletes to take, it doesn't make it illegal to put in a supplement

62. sarah scholl wrote...

Ben and Derek are two men that define integrity. Honest mistake, and no one will ever think otherwise.

63. Glenn wrote...

Ben and Derek have been nothing less than a class act anytime I have ever had any interaction with them. Honest mistake boys, keep your heads high and see you at the games. Lesson learned for all of us.

64. Kevin O'Malley wrote...

I have known Ben for over a year now and was one of the first people to help me with any questions or concerns that I had when I opened my box up in Massachusetts. He knew I was a young kid just trying to make it in this world and always lent a helping hand. I occasionally make the trip to Natick and work out up there and his character is top notch. This could have happened to anyone and actually a couple of guys in my own box were taking this drink as well. As soon as I found out about this mishap, I told my athletes to throw this stuff away and just go back to the basics. Take fish oil, whey protein, and eat your meat(no pun intended) and work hard! I think CrossFit could do wonders for the sports community as a great example of people who just work hard and get their stuff done with an industrious attitude! Keep your head up Ben and your not the first to make this mistake!

65. Andrew wrote...

Looks like methylhexanamine just won drug of the year from the guys at Science of Sport. As a recent addition to the WADA list it looks like it has taken out quite a few athletes over the past year.

"Methylhexanamine (or 4-methylhexan-2-amine for those preferring its IUPAC name) is a stimulant that was only added to the WADA list in 2009. It was developed as an ingredient of nasal decongestants, and has since become a component of certain supplements (as we'll see later), and was also used as a recreational drug in New Zealand, until it was implicated in a few serious illnesses (strokes, severe headaches and nausea) and banned.

But for our context, it is the role of methylhexanamine in sport that leads to its controversy. Having been placed on the banned list in 2009, it did not take long to "claim" some fairly high profile athletes. A group of Jamaican sprinters tested positive, but were cleared after confusion over the status of the drug. They were later sanctioned because the drug resembles another which is on the banned list (this confusion around the banned status of the drug comes up often, as you'll see).

In 2010, there have been at least 30 cases since the middle of the year. They include the Commonwealth Games women's 100m champion, Damola Osayemi, who was stripped of her gold medal, as well as a dozen Indian athletes, nine Australian athletes, and most recently, and most high-profile for me in SA, the two Springbok rugby players, Bjorn Basson and Chilliboy Ralepele." (WFS)

66. CraigH - Diablo CrossFit wrote...

We've had athletes consume these drinks in the past.

As awful as this sounds, I'm grateful to Ben and Derek for their experience and subsequent humble comments. I now have a current and valid example of what can happen to good athletes who take bad supplements.

The supplement and energy drink industry is replete with overstated claims and untested ingredients. It's unfortunate these guys had to be an example, but I hope that by reading these comments their embarrassment is somewhat assuaged.

67. Brendan M wrote...

I'm glad to see this. Maintaining the games integrity comes before any individuals. My clients are amazed and inspired by Games athletes. This all goes away if the performances are credited to P.E.D..

We never want to get into the situation professional cycling is in where they have lost all integrity because P.E.D. are assumed to be in use.

Winners should be tested automatically every time. Both individuals and Affiliate teams. Every athlete needs to know if they turn in a top performance they will be tested.

Ben & Derek were unlucky to be the first caught making the mistake. If it didn't happen to them it would have been someone else sooner or later. From what I have read they are both true CrossFitters at heart and will be fine. You can't fake CrossFit.

Good job HQ.

68. Daniel BOOMSAUCE Tyminski wrote...

To all the idiots who think that CFNE doesn't deserve their 2nd place're wrong. This team trained as hard as they could in preparation for the games. They are amazing athletes, coaches, and peers. They are highly professional and would never even think of trying to "cheat".

69. Shoolvealek wrote...

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