The Sports Series Team Tries out the Rock Wall

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

The CrossFit Journal Sports Series: Rock Climbing

The Sports Series Moves From Newport Beach to Atlanta

The CrossFit Journal Sports Series is going from stand-up paddleboarding in California to rock climbing in Georgia.

The Sports Series provides opportunities for CrossFitters to try and compete in new sports. It's also a lot of fun.

The event will run on Saturday, December 11, at the Stone Summit Climbing Center in Atlanta Georgia. It will begin at 10:00 AM. The $35 registration fee will get you a full day of climbing, a CrossFit Sports Series t-shirt, and beer.

For CrossFitting families the gym will provide a climbing area for kids. There will also be a timed climbing competition.

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8 comments on this entry

1. Adam wrote...

Just went bouldering for 2 hours last week and was thinking it's weird the journal hasn't done a series on rock climbing how. Would be interesting to see how the elite peeps would do at this stuff and how their skills and pull-up strength does and especially in my case (I have a #135lbs weighted pull-up) does not transfer. It's always fun watching a 5'2" girl Dino to holds I should be able to just reach and grab. Also hope they do some instructional videos of belaying and technique stuff to bouldering, I know I need it. Rock Climbing is awesome and even more essential, IMO than much of the gymnastics stuff we do. What's more functional in daily life to be able to climb or do a HSPU? My answer, probably neither, but they both look cool and our terribly fun :-)

2. Adam wrote...

Wow! That was poorly written and organized.

3. Jennifer wrote...

I will be coming from out of town, how long will the event last?? Just wondering about hotel or driving home that day! Thanks!

4. Almine Barton wrote...

Okay, folks. This "CrossFitter" asks that you acknowledge that this is NOT rock climbing. Its climbing on plastic holds. I rock climb at "Smith Rock," & let me share with you that REAL rock climbing involves getting the f**k scared out of you 500 ft. or more off the ground...ON LEAD. Please don't "dumb down" rock climbing, as if gym climbing is what it is. Real climbers only get on plastic when the weather is sh*t, and even then, they're out ICE CLIMBING or mountaineering if they can be.

5. Sarah wrote...

Almine- I don't think they are dumbing it down by any means. Rather, how I see it, they expressed the sport in a way that is tangible to EVERYONE, even those who hardly know what climbing is. If they were to put 'gym climbing' up there, I think there would be a massive amount of confused people. I'm a climber and a CF'er, born and raised in Bishop. I see you live near Smith Rocks, we are definitely fortunate enough to live in an area with access to "real" rocks and label ourselves as "real" climbers. However, seeing that this event takes place in Newport Beach and now in Atlanta, GA, there are NO "real" rocks as massive as the ones we live by. I also don't think real climbing is only on lead, we all start by following and even then, we are climbing. I can climb up a 10ft boulder and am not getting the f**k scared out of me but I'm still climbing... It's all relative and I think when you start laying down what is considered climbing and what is not considered climbing you are being an elitist and not supportive of people new to the sport. We all start somewhere and for those who don't live in an area like we do, welp, their only option is plastic. And you know what? I still think it's fantastic... Hopefully one day climbing will get the same recognition and media attention that major sports do... It's not an elitist sport, so let's not make it that because I don't think CF'ers are being elitist about it at all...

"The Sports Series provides opportunities for CrossFitters to try and compete in new sports. It's also a lot of fun."

Opportunities... nothing wrong with that and who really cares if they called it rock climbing?? It's climbing, plastic yes, but so what.

6. carolinaclimber wrote... you suggest taking a large group of beginners to Looking Glass or Linville Gorge??? Let's lead them up a couple 5 pitch routes in groups of 3 and "scare the f**k" out of them. Not only would that cause excessive damage to where we climb, but it also puts people at unnecessary risk. Talking that way is what turns beginners off of the sport and gives a false representation of all climbers attitudes. You are essentially dumbing down climbing with your attitude. All great climbers train in gyms and there are many classic climbs through the southeast with some granite that rivals Yellowstone (with less crowds). So please don't put down our hometown crags and speak with intelligence.

Well said Sarah, you have to start somewhere, and better in a gym on top ropes with relative safety than outside.

To people debating this event, go for it! Stone Summit is a great new gym and provides an awesome indoor "crag"!

7. Cazinou gratis wrote...

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8. anabolics wrote... is wonderful. There's always all of the ideal info in the ideas of my fingers. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!


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