Casey Burgener at the 2008 Olympic Trials

CrossFit/USAW Open

Live Webcast: CrossFit/USAW Open

The Event Will Stream Live for Free

The Inaugural CrossFit/USAW Open will be streamed live to your computer screen.

Tune in for what we believe will be the most compelling live broadcast of an Olympic lifting meet ever. Not only will some of the best CrossFit athletes be competing once again, the entire broadcast will be an educational opportunity. The highest echelon of Olympic weightlifting coaches will speak to strategies, why lifts were made or missed, and how meets typically shake down. Educate your clients and yourself.

The action from the platforms will stream in real time. We will have live commentary from many of the best Oly lifting coaches from across the nation, including staff of the US Weightlifting Team, the country's top lifters, along with CrossFit's best and brightest. We will have six cameras, plus instant replay and slow motion to show you what made the movement a success or failure.

Several lifters just returning from the World Championships in Turkey will be on hand providing demonstrations and commentary. Casey Burgener and Natalie Burgener will be on site to exhibit their skills, as well as Kendrick Farris and Chad Vaughn. These athletes can provide unique insight into life as an olympic level athlete.  

On Friday night, we have a special exhibition. Dave Lipson and Josh Everett have the fastest recorded times in the WOD Isabel. They will go head to head in Isabel on the live broadcast with legitimate movement judgements to establish the true reigning champ.  

All weekend, the live webcast will be available for free.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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1. Mark Lee wrote...


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3. Jamie@CFA wrote...

WOW MJohn what would we do without your comic relief ... your mom must be proud.. maybe if you spent more time training and less thinking of pointless comments to slight CrossFit you could actually compete too!

4. sirk wrote...

will the live stream be archived any where?

5. James Francis wrote...

Awesome...thanks again, Perfect...

6. Matthew wrote...

What time is this streaming?

7. sirk wrote...

first people to go will be 56kg men and 48 kg women at 10 AM Colorado time.

8. joe f wrote...

What time does the exhibition start Fri night?

9. Brooks wrote...

October 1-3

10. Mopper wrote...

I'd be heartbroken about missing this broadcast if it weren't for the fact that I will be at the event! I love the educational approach.

11. RyanD wrote...

Too bad I am at my L1 Cert all weekend...I guess I'll be able to catch up on all of it after...

12. Steven Platek, PhD wrote...

Thanks. This webcast stuff is awesome!

13. Jordan D wrote...

Where's the link? Where's the streaming webcast at? It doesn't say where to find it...

14. Jordan D wrote...

Oh my word I just found out it's held in October... never mind my bad.

15. 5B Kyl wrote...

Awesome!! No doubt, the Everett / Lipson event is going to be fun to see.

16. Jason wrote...

what day(s) is this all happening???

17. Kevin wrote...

My money's on Lipson.

18. Aaron wrote...

will there be any Dartfish analysis?

19. OB wrote...

Thanks. This webcast stuff is awesome!


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