Chris Spealler at the 2010 CrossFit Games

CrossFit/USAW Open

Register now for the inaugural CrossFit - USAW Open

UPDATED: Registration is now open for the Colorado Springs event

Membership to USAW is required to participate in this event. Membership and registration information can be found here.

Current USAW members register here.

Register for the inaugural CrossFit/USAW Open on October 1-3, 2010! This is the first event of its kind: a sanctioned USAW meet combined with a third CrossFit event. Competitors are ranked based on their total kgs in the snatch and clean and jerk plus total reps in the CrossFit Triplet.

Standard international rules apply to the snatch and clean and jerk, which will be judged by USAW officials. The Triplet will be:

As many rounds and reps as possible in ten minutes of:
6 Squat cleans (55/30kg)
12 Pull-ups
24 Double-unders

Compete against some of CrossFit's best (or just come watch them compete)! Chris Spealler, Rob Orlando, Kristan Clever, Miranda Oldroyd, Lindsey Smith, Russell Berger, Matt Chan, and James Hobart are all scheduled to compete. Josh Everett and Dave Lipson will compete not just in the Open, but will do a demo Isabel race, since they both have reported sub-1min Isabels.

All totals received in the Weightlifting portion of the 2010 CrossFit / USA Weightlifting Open will count as qualifying totals for future USA Weightlifting events, such as the 2010 American Open. Qualifying totals are typically good for one year.

There will also be tours of the US Olympic Training Center, chances to watch the US Weightlifting team train, and a reception with Olympians and Olympic coaches.

The prices for the competition are as follows: 
$100 - Individual Competitor Registration
$150 - Team Registration
$10/day or $20/weekend - Spectator Registration

Updated Team Info
Teams are up to eight men or up to seven women (there are no co-ed teams). Each team member must be registered as an individual competitor. Maximum of two team members per weight class. Teams are scored by cumulative points for all the team members. Points are:
1st place =12 points, 2ND=9, 3RD=8, 4TH=7, 5TH=6, 6TH=5, 7TH=4, 8TH=3, 9TH=2, 10TH=1.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

22 comments on this entry

1. randy wrote...

any idea how many slots are available and if this is going to be for amateur crossfit/oly lifters?

2. Brian wrote...

I'm curious to know the cost of entering.

3. Eric wrote...

Great event!!

4. Herm wrote...

85 kg weight class. See you all there! :)

5. Colin Broadwater wrote...

Holy What!!! Am I missing something, where will this be held???

6. Aaron wrote...

I saw this on the USAW site today while checking on the coaching cert. I was already excited about it, now seeing the list of monsters competing I'm definitely gonna be there!

Any idea on spectator ticket prices?

7. Playoff Beard wrote...

Atta boy Herm, go get em!

8. Sean wrote...

I am assuming this will be in Colorado Springs, since they say there will be a tour of the olympic training center.

9. little one wrote...

Dont forget you also have to be a USAW member to compete.

48kg! I wonder how many there are out there in the crossfit community. I do know that the ones in the USAW community are bada$$. Very inspiring girls.

10. dan thacker wrote...

How many athletes per team? If the cost is only $150 per team, wouldn't individuals just register under a "team?" Am I missing something? Thanks!

11. Ryan Stitt wrote...

as anybody had any success registering. The link came up, but it goes to a bad website. I am already a USAW member.


12. Tony Springman wrote...

Stinks no age categories. Maybe in the future.

13. Ryan Stitt wrote...

I was able to get registered. Should be a good event. They provide the liftingtime, but didn't see how the triplet would work for time. If tey do it like a standard USAW meet, the guys that lift heavier will have to go right into the triplet with less rest than the guys that lift less weight? I am guessing there isa set rest period, but didn't see it.

Thanks for any additional information on the weekend schedule.

14. Sirk wrote...

there is a prelim schedule out already. there was a link on the registration page.

the even is over three days, but you will be finished within one day. you start with snatch, then go to c&j, and finish with the triplet. There will be a 5 minute period of rest between events. everyone in your group will got at the same time during the triplet.

15. slowjoe wrote...

It makes me laugh that the scoring system hasn't been published yet.

16. Sirk wrote...

Scoring system has been published for a long since the event was announced

total kilos plus reps. 1 rep equals 1 kilo.

17. casey wrote...

Hey any chance of getting a web stream of this event for those of us that can't make it in person?

18. zolarce wrote...

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20. Moncler Outlet Online wrote...

Awesome - this is a great thing for the entire CrossFit community!

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