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USAW released the most recent National Rankings for 2010. Check it out and see where you stand!

The biggest boys in the game (105kg + Class) are performing ridiculous feats of power and strength. For example, 2010 World Team member Patrick Judge, totals at 378kg (831.6lbs). Perhaps even more impressive is the lifting of Kendrick Farris from the 85kg division. Farris holds the American record for the Clean and Jerk in his weight class at 203kg. At a body weight of just under 187lbs (3 classes below Judge), Farris totals 362kg (just shy of 800lbs). Yes we are talking about human beings, not cranes.

The women are no less impressive. CrossFit community favorite Natalie Burgener lifts in the 63kg class. At this weight, Natalie was 12th in the world at the Beijing Olympics. More recently she swept the competition at Nationals. Both her clean and jerk (110kg/242lbs) and snatch (95kg/209lbs) would make most CrossFit males envious.

Impressively, Chris Spealler, 3rd place finisher form the 2010 CrossFit Games, totals unofficially at just over 200kg. This would place him 8th in the nation in the 62kg weight class.

Matt Chan, the 4th fittest man in the world, would place 40th in the country in the 94kg weight class. This is a decisive 70kg behind Jonathon North, the top lifter in his weight class.

Kristan Clever unofficially totals 150kg (330lbs) in 58kg weight class. This would tie her for 10th in the nation. In similar fashion, Jasmine Dever would rank 27th overall in the 69kg weight, class with a total of 139kg/305lbs.

Now the question remains, how do you stack up? 

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

12 comments on this entry

1. TomC wrote...

I had wondered where Kristan Clever would fall compared to competitive Olympic lifters. 10th in the country is impressive. I was especially surprised at how high up in the rankings Spealler would be provided he was able to hit those numbers in competiton. Spealler really is amazing. That's a very interesting comparison. Thanks for putting it together.

2. Nat Arem wrote...

Absurd that the best recorded American snatch is sub 170. I know Pat Mendes has snatched 200 on video but he isn't even a part of USAW yet. Goes to show how far USAW has to go to be medal-competitive in int'l competition.

That being said, amazing how high the CFers would rank! Goes to show what the USA is capable of if we get enough firebreathers training in the olifts. Even if they're not focusing on it.

3. Will Z wrote...

I have to ask, how is the total figured?

4. grambo wrote...

Total = kg in the snatch + kg in the C&J (3 attempts at the lift, best counts).

Farris does not have the all time American, snatch record, Shane Hamman does at I think 192 or 195, I forget. Kendrick has the 85kg class records. And yes, Pat Mendes is amazing and hopefully we see him on the international stage ASAP.

It's not really relevant to say Spealler would be 10th in American rankings because to be honest the depth of weightlifting in the US is very shallow (very few competitors and the weights/records are low compared to the world other than exceptional athletes like Farris).

Look at world rankings to get a clearer picture, 200kg is not even on the radar for men's at world level (319kg won the Olympics, 12th was Canadian Javiar Singh with 266kg).

5. ken c wrote...

i didn't rank in the top 50 of the 85kg weight class but i would be damn good in the 58kg women's class.

6. Omaha Ricky wrote...

I would rank tied with 20 in the 69kg class with a 95kg snatch and a 125kg c&j. Man I wish I was healthy enough to compete in this competition. What a great event.

7. mike wrote...

crazy id place 15th in the 77kg divison. not bad for only 6 months of training.

8. mike wrote...

training in oly-lifting field that is.

9. AW wrote...

Let's not forget about the kg there homies, a ranking means nothing when you're down by 40kg, there are 13 year olds in China snatching 120kg

10. Gabriel wrote...

All this comparison of Oly lifters and CrossFitters... BLAH BLAH BLAH. I think this competition is interesting but the men and women that only train in oly lifting will 9/10 times beat the crossfitters in the lifting competitions. But take any single one of those oly lifters and stick them in a total fitness competition (ie. CrossFit Games) and they would get smoked even by a fairly average CrossFitter. Sure its impressive that some people can Snatch 319kg but can that same person do 40 consecutive pullups or hold do ring handstand pushups? Probably not... this comparison between the two worlds is like comparing a 30 foot tall by 40 foot long mining dump truck to an F-350. Sure one can haul a lot more stuff but how practical is it for everyday use?

11. mike wrote...

AW: id love to see that lol.

12. grambo wrote...

Gabriel: Why would the oly lifters care if they can do 40 pull-ups? They are competing in a sport that has been around for almost a century, it's irrelevant to them (and the general public). I would argue that being able to snatch big weight is more useful to athletic performance than a large number of pull-ups (the all time record is 216kg btw, 319kg is 700# LOL).

Also, oly lifters have pretty good GPP, definitely enough for "everyday use" and they are also significantly stronger and faster than CF'ers, definitely serious athletes.


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