2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Dark Horse: Austin Malleolo

Underdog finished sixth overall

“Who the hell is that dude in white? He’s crushing it!”

A white-clad Austin Malleolo was tough to miss at the CrossFit Games, both for his out-of-the-ordinary white-knight tights and his outstanding performances. Malleolo served notice by tying Rich Froning Jr. to win Event 3, and Austin finished in the top 10 in every workout save for Event 2b (37). He never dropped below sixth in the final four scoring opportunities and finished sixth overall, only seven points below 2009 champ Mikko Salo.

The athlete from New York State finished in third place in the Northeast Regional and boasts some truly impressive numbers. Perhaps the most impressive is a deadlift that’s three times body weight. His pull was “only” 450 a year ago but is now well over 500, all at a body weight of 167. The former hockey player also has some power, as proved by a 195-lb. snatch and 275-lb. jerk.

For anyone looking to know more about this first-year Games competitor who almost broke into the top 5, check out Malleolo’s story of the CrossFit Games on his blog

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

12 comments on this entry

1. Patrick Malleolo wrote...

I am truly proud of Austin, his performance, perseverance and professional demeanor at the games. Proof that when you put good things into your life and your goals, good things happen.

Congratulations, nice work!

2. Paul wrote...

I guess he can be called a dark horse, but I was not very surprised he did well based on his performance when he qualified. I noticed him there because Rob Orlando is one of my favourite crossfitters and Austin Malleolo was right up there with him. Congrats on a great performance.

3. Brett wrote...

I think work horse, not dark horse is more appropriate for Austin! We were proud to send him from the NE.
He's definitely an inspiration to the people at Albany CF.

4. Pat Sherwood wrote...

Austin, thanks for providing us with so many outstanding performances at the Games. You were a blast to watch.

5. Joe R wrote...

congrats on your outstanding perfomance!IHad the pleasure of first meeting you at the sectionals then at the regionals when i also met and competed with your dad in the masters quailifier. There is that saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!Your not only an oustanding athlete ,but a fine young man.Good Luck in all your endevors

6. Austin Malleolo wrote...

Thank you all very much for the kind words and support. It was a blast of a weekend and so much fun to compete on the top stage with the worlds best athletes, could not have asked for a better weekend for sure!

The White-Knight Tights cracks me up! Funny stuff!

Thanks again, and a huge thanks the the entire amazing CrossFit community, its awesome to be a part of it.

Thanks again,

Austin M.

7. Austin Malleolo wrote...


Thank you, those words mean a lot. I am sure I will be seeing you are future events!

8. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Phenomenal job Austin! We were rooting for you the entire time!

Proud to have you on our team at Albany CrossFit!

9. tj wrote...

Imagine next years regionals with Rob Orlando, James Herbelt, Austin Malleolo , David Lipsun and others. Yikes!! That will be epic once again. Glad I'm in the Southwest Region JK!!

10. tj wrote...

Austin you are a beast. Someone to watch out for in next years games! you also added 5-12 lbs of muscle since regionals looks like!

Great job!!!!

11. Spiz wrote...

Ive been telling everyone for over 6 months Austy was gunna tear it up in Cali and no1 believed me. The reason I knew this is because it is impossible to work harder or stay as focused as Austin did, great work and keep it up cause when my knee gets better you will be moving down to the 7th fittest man...

12. James Francis wrote...

Awesome athlete, and great guy too...nothin but the best for Austin...I have a hunch, this dude is gonna be at the #1 spot next year...go get em bud!!!


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