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Miranda Oldroyd muses on the new definition of beauty.

CrossFit athlete and Headquarters trainer Miranda Oldroyd knows first hand what it's like to compete. Miranda took 22nd place in the 2008 CrossFit Games. Injury prevented her from competing in 2009, and this year she placed 2nd place at the Utah Sectional and 14th at the Northwest Regional. This year she will be presenting the CrossFit Games Finals to our online viewers via live webcast from the Home Depot Center. Miranda sent the following thoughts.

To all of the amazing ladies who are getting ready to compete in the upcoming CrossFit Games-Many of whom I have met, a few of whom are my closest friends and coworkers, and all of whom I and other female CrossFitters around the world look up to.

Some of you are mothers. Some of you are wives. And maybe a few have no interest in either title. Some of you are coaches, firefighters, soldiers and Marines. But even more of you are teachers and nurses. You are women who can be found working in an office or going to school.

All of you are STRONG.

You range in height from 5’ to 5’-11” and everywhere in between. You represent your regions and sections…your corner of the world. Yep, you come from all over the world. Tall, short, light, dark, girly girls and tomboys; no two of you are the same. But, I don’t care if you are 120lbs or 165lbs; just turned 20 or are almost 40…whether you like to rock the Lulu Lemon short shorts or Adidas and a cut-off…

All of you are BEAUTIFUL.

In fact, you have changed what beautiful means to many men, women and most importantly little girls around the world. Beauty is now more about what you can do; and can only be achieved by never giving up.

You know pain. Dare I say you love it? You have made friends with many levels of discomfort that most people fear and will never experience. You know how to push yourself to places that most of the MEN I have met in my life couldn’t handle. You are independent, self sufficient women who will find a way to get what they want. You aren’t afraid to go after whatever that is. You crave the company of both hard work and pressure.

All of you are… a little CRAZY.

We have all seen your stats. They are amazing!! I have read them and looked over them so much I may have reached stalker status. Some of you have sub 3:00 Fran times or Filthy 50 times just over 15 minutes!! In your midst you have women who can deadlift 374lbs or clean and jerk 190lbs. Crazier (to me anyway) still, are those of you who can finish a 5k in under 20 min. You have put in so much work and have pushed and kept going, even on days when you were tired, sad, or feeling defeated.

All of you are absolutely INCREDIBLE.

You are the reason that so many of us who didn’t make it to compete alongside of you are already training for next year. In fact, YOU and classic CrossFit women such as Nicole Carrol, Annie Sakamoto, Jolie Gentry and Eva Twardokens are the reason that I and other women around the world have been drawn to CrossFit as both a sport and a lifestyle. Your example and your dedication provide role models for women of all ages and backgrounds. You have shown many, like me, who have virtually no athletic background that they can reach more and achieve more than they ever imagined, no matter when in life they decide to get started.

All of you are INSPIRATIONAL.

All of you deserve to be extremely proud of yourselves. Whether you come out last place on July 18th or become the 2010 CrossFit Games Champion, you have already secured your spot amongst some of the most amazing athletes…some of the most amazing people, WOMEN, that I have ever had the privilege of meeting and knowing.

Enjoy every moment and don’t leave a single thing out in that arena. We will all be cheering and rooting for you all!


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Strength in Beauty, CrossFit Journal Strength in Beauty, CrossFit Journal
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23 comments on this entry

1. megan smith wrote...

AWESOME words Miranda, thank-you!!! I am one that has the privelidge of competing against and with these AMAZING women, many are my inspiration.
You will do an awesome job at presenting the crossfit games finals to the world....I cant wait!!! see you there :)

2. Julie Cleghorn wrote...

Wow...well said Miranda. I too have Annie and Eva as the reason I started CF! Amazing women and all the women getting ready to compete are amazing too!!! Have fun and give it your all.

3. Kimberly Malz wrote...

Such honorable and insightful thoughts Miranda!

Looking forward to meeting you in Carson.


Kim Malz

4. Pat Sherwood wrote...

What a great article, Miranda. Well said! CrossFit women are inspirational and amazing. No doubt about it. Good luck, ladies!

5. Klowe wrote...

Great words! Very well written! ......and from a man's point of view.....

You nailed it!

6. Teresa Tone wrote...

I am a 43 yr. old woman...working out, really for the first time in my life... all other workouts I have tried pale in comparison to CF! I still have far to go..but always look forward to working out and looking back to see how far I've come. Those of you who compete are defnintely an inspiration to me!

7. MegN wrote...

I am a fan of every athlete that I have ever seen or read about on I went to watch the Albany Regionals and am a HUGE fan of Lauren Plumey. DO YOUR BEST LAUREN!!!! I will be cheering for you from NY watching the live streaming;-)
Oh, and for the guys...Northeast REPRESENT!!! Let's go Rob Orlando!!!

8. Meghan Dorman wrote...

Miranda, you were one if the trainers at my L1 cert last year and I have been inspired by you ever since! Thank you for all you do for the CF community.

9. Pär Larsson wrote...

hell yes

10. Ryan wrote...

i cried!

11. Barbara wrote...

As a 60yr old (young) CrossFitter, I appreciate every word written in this excellent piece. Good job!!

12. tyson wrote...

very well done babe!

crossfit ladies, i look forward to seeing you guys do your thing here in just a few short days. good luck!

13. Delanie wrote...

I love this article, Miranda! I just got home from the Cert at CF Strong in Dallas and I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and your inspiration.
I'm so proud when my 12-year-old daughter with Down syndrome puts on her 'Strong is Beautiful' Defiant CrossFit shirt. There's nothing in the world like "girl power!"
Thanks again!

14. Dallas wrote...

Great article Mir!

Good luck CrossFit ladies in your journey to the podium.

15. Lindsey Smith wrote...

Miranda, Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration to so many of us. You have so much passion for the sport and you are a beautiful bad ass in your own right. I look forward to seeing you in Cali!

16. Elena Frick wrote...

I love this!!!!! Thanks for writing it!

17. Louise Hodge wrote...

You were a trainer at my Level One cert and I was in Awe of how strong, beautiful and humble you are!!!!! We loved your box jump onto the plates, wholly.
I was lucky to grow up with great coaches who taught me not to be afraid of getting strong. It has helped me with everything I do in my life.
Your article was right on the target in every aspect. Thank you for inspiring and for being inspired.

18. Juli wrote...

Great article! Well written. You are a bad ass and I can't wait to meet you in Cali. Getting my cert this weekend and so pumped!

19. Alli C wrote...

Great Article Miranda! To all the beautiful women competing in Cali good luck and kick ass!

See you all soon!

20. Jessica wrote...

That could preach!

21. andrea r wrote...

i love this! and even though it hurts i do love to work out! i issed it all this week! amazing manda!!

22. Yvette M. wrote...

crossfitting for the last year and half,yesterday I walked away from my first wod 'Cindy' w/DL 4,3,2,1( torn hands, healing MCL tear was throbbing from vertical jump and the fact I lost count, "did I do 2 or am I at 1?"!!!)).Today I'm feeling frustrated with myself for not finishing however reading your words reminded me that yes some of us gals DO perform at levels some men can not and to be happy to just perform my best everytime I step into the box. Crossfit has taught me that am I not only physically strong but mentally as well. thanx 4 uplifting us all Ms Miranda <3

23. Allan wrote...

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