Jasmine Dever and Rebecca Voigt

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Women's Epic Matchup 5: Jasmine Dever And Rebecca Voigt

Two strong women were dominant forces in their respective reginons

Rebecca Voigt and Jasmine Dever are both very strong women and experienced CrossFit competitors. Both competed in 2009, with Dever winning the Rocky Mountain Regional and Voigt finishing third in the SoCal qualifier. While both qualified for the Games, they did not face off in Aromas because Dever chose to forego the individual competition in favor of the Affiliate Cup. In 2010, both athletes won their regionals, setting up a meeting in 10 days at the Home Depot Center, where their similar strengths will be tested.

Both women started CrossFit in 2007, but they came from different backgrounds. Voigt was a competitive basketball player with a career that lasted through college. Dever does not have a background in competition.

"She did show jumping (with horses) when she was a little girl. She was on her elementary school jump-rope team. That is it," explains Dever’s coach, Skip Miller of Front Range CrossFit. “In her second year of training at Front Range CrossFit, Dever added a gallon of milk a day and two supplemental Olympic lifting sessions to her regimen. She gained 21 lb. of lean muscle in 11 months.”

Dever (24) and Voigt (29) are nearly identical in height and weight (Voigt is 3 lb. lighter at 150. On traditional CrossFit WODs they have some interesting differences. On both Fran and Helen, Dever's posted times are over a minute faster than Voigt’s. However, Voigt outscored Dever on FGB by 63 points - a significant margin. Dever proved she could move weight overhead last year in the final of the Rocky Mountain Regional, and her Grace time is 1:53, which is possibly the fastest women's time around. Voigt finishes that WOD in 4:30.

Dever is stronger by far, though Voigt made some significant improvements from last year. The Denver athlete has Voigt by 60 lb. in the deadlift, which would be a very significant margin if a 1-rep-max effort showed up at the Games. On the back squat, Dever puts up 280 lb. to Voigt's 200. The margins are smaller in the Olympic lifts, but the quick lifts still favor Jasmine. She can clean and jerk 190 lb. and snatch 140. The latter number is 5 pounds shy of Tamara Holme's first in the snatch event at last year’s Games. Rebecca clean and jerks 165 and snatches 125 – still very impressive numbers. Both athletes have similar pull-up maxes.

To say Dever is a proficient weightlifter would be a massive understatement.

"She totaled enough to qualify for the USAW Senior Nationals, and that lit a fire for her in regards to lifting competitively," Miller says. "She has competed at USAW-sanctioned meets for over a year, but when she casually qualified for Nationals she realized that she could be really good at it. She is going to compete at the USAW American Open this fall."

If things came down to a footrace, it would be a tough call. Dever has a 10-second advantage on a 400-meter sprint, but Voigt takes that margin back twice to beat Dever's 5K time by just over 20 seconds. The run at the North Central Regional was the only event that tripped up Dever. She ended up in 16th place but finished first or second in every other WOD. On the other hand, Voigt excelled in two Southwest events that required a great deal of proficiency in running. However, she finished 27th in the 7K trail run at last year’s Games.

Dever, of course, spent last year’s Games competing in the Affiliate Cup. That choice came as a surprise to those at the Rocky Mountain Sectional, who saw the top three individual females – all from Front Range – give up their spots in the individual competition in Aromas to participate as a team. Front Range posted the best time of the day in the Stadium event, but it was not enough to push them beyond a 10th-place finish.

"We always intended for her to do the affiliate team in 2009 and to go as an individual in 2010," Miller explains. “We have had that plan from the beginning. Last year was a great learning experience for her. She won the regional games in 2009, but you have to remember, she has virtually no competitive athletic background, so we thought that doing it in stages made sense. She was able to experience the 2009 CrossFit Games as an athlete, but without a lot of pressure. Plus, in 2009 she had some significant holes in her CrossFit skill set. For instance, in 2009 she couldn’t do muscle-ups. That is certainly not the case now.”

Voigt can clearly adapt to the "unknown and unknowable" scenarios of competition. The row/sledge/row event that tripped up a great number of competitors in Aromas was actually one of her better events (she finished 11th), and this year at the Southwest Regional she finished the tire-flip/log-carry event with the third-fastest time. Likewise, Dever took the North Central’s ball slams (which crushed other competitors) in stride and finished first in event 4.

Both athletes are taking aggressive approaches in the final run-up to the Games. Miller explains Jasmine's protocol:

"Since the regional games, Jasmine has been doing two-a-days twice a week. We added a longer, usually run-based workout in the mornings on Thursday and Saturday. Then she comes back at night and does her regular training. We also added nightly ice baths to deal with the additional volume. We have added a bunch of tire flips, log stuff and other odd-object exercises as well. She has been doing more muscle-up and HSPU work. We have recently added a ton of mobility work from Kelly Starrett that is starting to have a huge impact on her flexibility."

In addition to her training she is still choking down 4-5 gallons of milk a week.

Voigt has been attacking her weaknesses (which she doesn't wish to disclose) and hammering the running.

In only 10 days, CrossFit fans will get a chance to watch both of these exciting athletes in competition at the HDC.

Rebecca Voigt
2009 Athlete Profile
2008 Games Finish: 7th
2009 SoCal Regional: 3rd
2009 CrossFit Games: 20th
2010 Southwest Regional Qualifier: 1st
   - Tire flip/Log Carry: 3rd
   - Muscle-up/Clean/Run: 7th
   - Overhead/Burpees: 2nd
   - Row/OHS/Run: 1st by over 30 seconds

Jasmine Dever
2009 Mountain Regional: 1st
2009 Affiliate Cup: 10th (1st on the stadium WOD)
2010 Regional: 1st
   - 2nd in the Max Overhead
   - 16th on the run
   - 2nd in the triplet
   - 1st in the final event. She won the heat with a time of 8:09 and first place overall with a score of 1301.52

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1. Katie wrote...

I'm so proud of you Becca and I can't wait to watch you kill it next weekend!

Get after it!

2. brooke bell wrote...

show em' how it's done becca! you are a bada** beast!

3. DOZER wrote...

As someone who gets their ass handed to them on a regular basis by Jasmine....

I can tell you she is INCREDIBLE!!


4. lisa ryan wrote...

I am so proud to have a coach like Becca!!! Can't wait to watch her success at the games!!

5. Juli wrote...

Can't wait to cheer you on Jasmine! You are a fierce competitor.

6. Lambo wrote...

Its awesome to see 2 women of this caliber workout. Good luck at the game ladies. Your going to rock it Jumper.

7. Lindsey wrote...

Becca is an amazing competitor and is a exteremly hard worker!!She deserves every accomplishment and I KNOW her hard work will pay off!!! GO BECCA!!!!!!!!

8. Mini Sexxi wrote...

Jasmine, you are gonna rock it, I'm so proud of you! Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on, but you know I will be routing for you from here in Denver.

9. CrossFit Pasadena LLC wrote...

Becca is going to kill it! VCF Rules!

10. Mike in L.A. wrote...

All Becca, all day.

11. the viking wrote...

Becca Voigt is going to destroy the HDC! Good luck to all!

12. Dan wrote...

Jasmine's an incredible competitor who doesn't know anything but 100%. FRCF couldn't have a better representative on the world stage.

13. Bonnie W wrote...

Becca is a fierce competitor, never less than 100%. She killed it at the Regionals, and with the fire she's got I cannot wait to see her destroy the WODs at the HDC. So happy I get to train with the best!!!
Get some girl!!!!!

14. Shannan wrote...

I can't wait to watch you dominate next week Jasmine!

15. Daph wrote...

All the best next week Jasmine...you will do awesome :)

16. kristen wrote...

Two rock stars! Good luck to all competitors, can't wait to see the full show next week. JASMINE- we haven't even seen what you are fully capable of. Take confidence in your training, coaching, fellow FRCF competitors :), and your physical (and mental) abilities. Do what you do every day. Game time, go get it.

17. Becca - FRCF wrote...

You're gonna kill it, Jasmine! This is your year!

18. Rochelle Thayer wrote...

Good luck girls!! I got a chance to work out at FRCF in Jan. and meet Jasmine! Super nice and almost forgot to mention, a BAD ASS! See you guys next week!

19. Steve wrote...

Best of luck Jasmine! I'll be following the games from out in Afghanistan. Go hard, go fast!

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You can get them at the door as long as they are not sold out.


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