2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Athletes Who Will be Missed

Prequalified athletes we will not see in the 2010 individual competitions.

The athletes of the 2010 CrossFit Games are amazing. New faces have lit up this year's Sectional and Regional qualifiers, and new stars are rising. In similar fashion, many veterans have established their dominance by consistently performing well in sanctioned CrossFit competitions and returning to the Games themselves.

This year we are guaranteed a new female champion, as none of the overal winners from Games past will compete this year. In contrast, the three past male champions are all back and ready to compete. In fact, the word coming back to us from each of their camps is that all three are better than they've ever been, and we should be prepared for a repeat. They can't all be right, and we know of a few dozen men eager to prove them wrong. One thing's for sure, it's going to make for an incredible competition!

Jolie Gentry was the fittest woman on the planet in 2007. No other individual, male or female, can boast a track record like Gentry. After winning the competition in 2007, she was fifth in '08 and ninth in '09. On July 6th she gave birth to her daughter, Luna. Although this has taken her from this year's Games we are confident that we will see both ladies in future competitions.

Caity Matter Henniger won the CrossFit Games in 2008. An overflowing demand from her work (supplying the CrossFit community and competitions with gear through Rogue) made competition unrealistic for 2010. Instead, she will join the live production team as one of four analysts in charge of dissecting the competition.

Tanya Wagner, who finished in second place in 2008 and was the fittest female last year, has chosen to forgo the individual competition in pursuit of a team victory. She and her husband Josh led their affiliate team, CrossFit Apex, to a top finish in the Central East Region and hope to claim a team victory in Carson next weekend.

Another prequalified female, Charity Vale, is having her fourth child. Last year she finished second overall. We have no doubt that she’ll come back strong. Recently she provided a video of "weighted" muscle-ups (37 weeks pregnant and carrying 27 additional pounds).

"Commando" Steve Willis was recently added to this list. He is the only pre-qualified male athlete who will not be competing in this year’s competition.Steve took fourth place in the 2009 CrossFit Games after sweeping the Australasian Regional. His grit and tenacity were awe-inspiring. He stood up from one knee with an impossible weigh overhead in the snatch event, ran himself into the ground on the sandbag sprint and powered through the chipper WOD. He also notched a large PR in the deadlift but didn’t realize it until after the event because of a faulty pounds to kilos conversion. Willis worked so hard that he punched a frequent-flyer card at the medic tent.

Though he never placed first in any one event, his performance was balanced and even. His strongest finish was fourth overall on the sandbag sprint. On Day 2 he finished fifth in the snatch and the triplet. A tenth place finish on the chipper was enough to secure fourth place overall.

Due to a nagging knee injury that requires surgery, Steve will attend this year's games as a spectator. Steve is a large part of the CrossFit HQ family, helping to head a great deal of the training that occurs Down Under and running an enormous facility. We caught up with Steve to get the inside line on his state.

Talk about your injury. Is it training related? How long has it been nagging you?

Last year I competed with a busted right knee, which I had operated on in December 09. Then this year in March my left knee started playing up. I trained on it for a while knowing something was wrong but not wanting to admit to it. I finally had an MRI, which was conclusive: torn meniscus, strained medial ligament and fracture to the head of the tibia - my worst nightmare. I was devastated. I don't personally believe my injuries are training related. It has only compounded on an already existing problem. My years in the military, wear and tear on the body has taken its toll.

Is it bittersweet to miss out on the Games at HDC (because of the shock your body took last year – we saw this first-hand) or just bitter?

I am disappointed that I will be missing out on the Games this year. I will be there to watch and cheer the competitors along, but deep down inside I want to be amongst it all.

Will you be prepping for next year when you recover?

I am already preparing for next year. I am giving the knee time to heal and doing some rehab work on it. It is hard to get met-con's in when I cannot squat. I am working on the areas I feel need attention and focusing a little more on the strength training until the knee is up for it.

CrossFit has obviously spread like mad down there. Talk about the level of competition coming out of Australia and who we should keep our eyes on. What are your predictions for Australian athletes at the HDC?

There has been a significant increase in affiliates and individuals CrossFitting in Australia. It is exciting to see so much competition and where it has come from in the past year. Chris Hogan, who represented Australia with me last year, is up there again, along with some other awesome athletes.?It is hard to predict anything with CrossFit, you better be ready for the unknown and the unknowable. I guess that it's why it appeals to me. With all that being said, I feel that Chris Hogan has a great chance of making at least the top 10 if not the top 5. All the best to all athletes competing.

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7 comments on this entry

1. A.P - CF Auckland wrote...

Love your work Steve mate. All the best to all the Aussies and Kiwis up there! So gutted we won't be making the trip this year.

2. turek wrote...

thanks for the information. i was wondering after seeing the list of participants why those top athletes are missing this years games.
grats to your baby Jolie and wish you an easy birth Charity ;)

3. Jason wrote...

What ever happened to Crystal McReynolds?

4. Jake Trahan wrote...

NO TANYA!!!!!!WHAAAAT!!!!! thats not fair why not!!!?????!?!?!


5. joe wrote...

That sucks.

07 Baby (more than understandable)
08 (work)
09 (wants to take the team title)

all the women's champs aren't coming to compete after winning the title.

6. Sarah wrote...

Hey Joe -- not entirely true -- watch out for returnee Carey Kepler!

7. Richard jeans wrote...

Sad your not competing Steve, you did so well last year. Im hoping Chris Hogan and meghan Smith the mum of 5 kick ass for australia!!!!


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