2010 CrossFit Games Finals

A Shout Out To The Volunteers

Over 200 individuals dedicated blood, sweat and tears to make the Games an amazing event.

Chantel Jimenez was our volunteer coordinator for the Games weekend. Along with a small crew, she oversaw the logistics for getting things and people where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. The volunteers, judges and staff are the engine that runs the Games. Without them, none of it would be possible. Here are Chantel's thoughts on the Games.  

Well it’s over. The 2010 CrossFit Games have come and gone. I’m still exhausted and need a few more days to recover but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I can’t find the words to say thank you to all of the volunteers and judges that dedicated their time and energy to make the Games a huge success. Without all of your 200 smiling faces, your continued willingness to do whatever we needed, whenever we needed it, and your hard work it would never have been possible to have such a great event. Each and every one of you has a story and a memory of how you contributed to the weekend.  Here are some highlights….

Steve just started CrossFit 2 weeks ago and wanted to volunteer. He did and was assigned to start the timer for every heat of every event. Nate, with his hydration pack always on his back, handled the logistics of moving sandbags for the wheelbarrow event. Without him that could have gone really bad! My registration crew had to do and redo and redo heat times and staging times, many times.  Michael became the go to guy under the Stadium after he burnt the crap out of his legs making sandbags. Kelsey and Julia were responsible for giving the top 24 competitors their scorecards, walking them up the ramp and telling them they can’t go to the bathroom before their heat. Stephanie folded every competitors t-shirt (over 500) and stuffed it into a bag only to find that the bags needed to be un-stuffed and re-stuffed into a different bag. We had volunteers running from here and there to make sure the production team had everything they needed to get the live stream out to the world. 

So here's what happens when you give over 200 volunteers to a Texan with a Fu Manchu, a curly haired Californian and an acrobat from San Francisco.

Noah built an arc……The Games volunteers built:
24 wheelbarrows (Pat Sherwood holds the record time at 3:48)
20 GHD machines
26 Concept 2 rowers
20 Squat racks
150 ft pull-up structure

Moses moved the sea......The Games volunteers moved:
over 30,000 pounds of bumper plates throughout the weekend
over 7,500 pounds of sandbags
over 1,300 pounds of kettlebells
over 2,100 pounds of dumbells

Romans had the coliseum......The Games volunteers had the Stadium with:
12,000 ft of rubber flooring laid
3 - 6 ft wooden walls built
3 - 20 ft wooden walls built
4 -20ft ropes hung from the pipes
12 rings hung from the bars

The pharaohs ate like kings……The Games volunteers ate:
300 popsicles
30 In and Out Double Doubles
750 pounds of meat for lunch and dinner
A few beers, wine and shots to commemorate late nights

Nomads travel across countries……The Games volunteers traveled from:
Stockholm, Northern Ireland, Ontario and Quebec .
Throughout the US - Indiana, Washington, Alabama, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona and Texas

Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction……The Games volunteers had:
2 split pants (seriously we saw cheeks)
Some of the most creative ways to wear volunteer and judge shirts
One wrench to the face incident
Some sunburns, a few scrapes and bruises but no one was hurt.  

Thanks to all who came out to the Games.  We were glad that everything done behind the scenes made your experience that much better.  We look forward to doing it again in 2011!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

22 comments on this entry

1. Lindsey Smith wrote...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are all amazing! I am so grateful for your willingness to make the Games possible.

2. Pat Sherwood wrote...

Thank you all! You guys and girls worked your butts off and were critical to the success of this amazing event.

3. Bill Henniger wrote...

Big Thanks for helping us get everything setup! There is no way we could have pulled it off without this crew!


4. Jesus wrote...

What I want to know is, how could you get on the media crew???

5. Jason Khalipa wrote...

The Volunteers Rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of the help you guys give.

6. Scott Lewis wrote...

Thanks a lot to all volunteers!! You made it possible for us to compete and enjoy the weekend.

7. Kimberly Malz wrote...

Brilliant writing Chantel of what went down behind the scenes!

Thank you to EVERY volunteer~you laid it all out there all weekend long.

8. Adam O'Neill wrote...

My thanks to the masses of folks it took to bring the 2010 games to fruition.
Big ups to who ever payed to have it all streamed, it was amazing drama.
Cheers from Vancouver Canada.

9. Julie Foucher wrote...

Thank you sooooo much!! I was so impressed with how flawlessly the weekend was run and how much work you guys put in to make it happen!

10. Steve wrote...

And one of the hardest working people on that property the entire weekend was the woman herself. Great job Chantel.

11. Kris Clever wrote...

sincere thanks to all the volunteers. the amazingness of the weekend would not have been so without the efforts of those awesome peeps!

12. Volunteer wrote...

Everyone from jeff tucker chantel down to the water boy was so unselfish and worked so hard to make sure everything ran smooth......that is something I'll never ever forget truely a wonderful experience!!!!

13. Justin Bergh wrote...


It would be impossible to communicate how valuable you have been to this operation. Your long hours before the competition week even began seem like a distant memory, but your efforts set the entire team up for success.

It is unlikely that anyone will truly realize how much you gave, but you are appreciated. You are one of the finest teammates I have ever had and no matter what the project is...I want you on my side. Even more impressive than what you did was HOW you did it. You were professional, cheerful and selfless. Your actions have made an indelible mark on the CrossFit Games, and how we do things in the future.

Angela, production manager for the broadcast team said it best, "I have worked in sports and TV for over 15 years, and I have never seen volunteers that were half as amazing as what you have here. Your people are simply incredible." Strong words from someone who has managed productions from the Olympics to the World Series.

14. Ron wrote...

The scoring crew consisting of Jen Cole, Beth Re, Christina Villena, Max Wunderle, Mark Johnson deserves recognition for their attention to detail. They consistently "got it right" all weekend with regard to entering the scoring cards in the scorekeeping system. I also had Jim Hollingsworth, who helped in that job last year, along to double check everything and no errors were found.

15. Dan M wrote...

Hopefully I'll be at the games in a few years, if not competing, I'd love to be volunteering. Thank you to all who did so this year, I watched almost every minute of the games live on webcast (even though I'm in the UK and this meant 2 hours sleep one night!!) and it was a great event so thanks to all who made it happen.

16. Britt Dowling wrote...

Chantel, I REALLY hate I couldn't make it to volunteer. You have no idea. Thanks for all you do.

17. Volunteer wrote...

Chantel worked really hard!! She was always on the go. Much respect to her.

18. BeeRad wrote...

The greatest part of the Crossfit community! I bet there were even more waiting in line to volunteer had anyone needed them.

19. Asim wrote...

Chantel, Boz and everyone else:

It was a pleasure working with all y'all. Looking forward to next year.

P.S. Are there any more pics of us volunteers in action. I forgot to bring my camera.

20. Trevor jolley wrote...

Hey how'd the girl judges make their shirts my wife is dying to make one like them wit the slits and stuff on the side

21. Lisa smith wrote...

Chantel and Angel
I had such a blast this weekend!! I don't think I have ever enjoyed working so hard as much as I did. I will be back if you will have me. You two did an amazing job, and I also enjoyed all the laughs. At times we were a bit delirious but we all seem to keep our sense of humor. A highlight for me was just being able to meet all my heros!! What an amazing weekend!

22. CocoPictures wrote...



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