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Revolutionary footwear

Every once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we engage in sport. It bucks tradition, and makes everyone think differently. Consider shaped skis, full suspension mountain bikes, or CrossFit. Originally, many of these were considered a novelty, reserved for those on the fringe pushing at the limits of the status quo. Eventually, they helped define a new standard in athletic performance. And most important, they delivered a better experience for the athlete.

Vibram FiveFingers might be considered such a product, a revolutionary footwear design that allows our anatomy to work naturally and move more freely. Imagine a footwear that can help you perform at peak work capacity by strengthening muscles in the feet and lower legs, improving range of motion, and increasing sensory reception critical to balance and agility. Imagine footwear that just might make running safer and healthier, by encouraging a forefoot strike and a more natural running form that creates less impact on the knees, hips, and lower back. That is what FiveFingers can offer. See you on the Whiteboard.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

4 comments on this entry

1. Anthony Springman wrote...

2 weeks ago, my family and i took a vacation to the bahamas. I wore my five fingers everywhere, and everywhere I went, my shoes were the topic of conversation. What are they? Where can I get a pair? Can I have yours? These comments were made by americans, euros, middle easterns, and the locals. It was amazing and became an inside joke with my kids as to how soon and how many comments I would get each day. I thought most people knew about these shoes, but apparently not. Oh, and the shoes....they kicked ass. Ran in them, snorkeled and swam in them. Felt great. Now the whole family wants a pair.

2. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

I resisted as long as possible but finally broke down and bought a pair. Love them, especially for trail running.

3. Lance wrote...

I've been wearing Five Fingers for about two years. I was an avid Nike shoer for the prior 10 years or more. I was in decent shape before I started wearing Five Fingers, as an athlete and personal trainer for a some years... I immediately starting working out in them and I was sore for two weeks in the lower legs and feet. I LOVED THE FIVE FINGER SHOES! They recommend taking it easy and gradually building up the tolerance for them. I followed that recommendation relatively but quickly perceived the benefit to my overall fitness and how it affected my body movement for the better.

I live in Alaska and I wear Five Fingers NON-STOP...for the last two years. I workout in the KSO's and in the winter I walk outside in the FLOW's. The only time I don't wear Five Fingers is obviously for long periods of time out in the snow for sledding, skiing and similar activities. Even then I wear a boot that still allows lots of space for my toes to move as I can't stand for them to be squeezed together anymore as traditional shoes do, creating a cast for the foot and promoting atrophy. I truly understand natural mechanics for walking and running now because of CrossFit, FiveFingers, and the PoseMethod... not to mention all of the above have created an awareness of my own unique-organic movement patterns. So, even if I'm wearing my winter boots with a much thicker sole, I understand how I should be walking instead of allowing the shoe to completely change my natural mechanics.

I get stares and lots of questions about the Five Fingers, so if you don't like or can't handle lots of attention, you may only want to workout in them. GO Vibram FIVE FINGERS!

4. jimm wrote...

I just run. I run in a void. Or maybe I should put it the other way: I run in order to acquire a void... The thoughts that occur to me while I'm running are like clouds in the sky. Clouds of all different sizes. They come and they go, while the sky remains the same sky as always.


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