2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Technical Requirements for the Live Feed

Upgrade your Flash player now to watch all the action from the HDC.

Having trouble viewing the live stream from the 2010 CrossFit Games? You probably need to update your edition of Flash to the latest, greatest 10.1 edition.

Jump over to Adobe's site, download and install and you should be good to go!

And for iPod/iPad/iPhone users, scroll down on the live-streaming page to find a link on the right.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

28 comments on this entry

1. Latham wrote...

I'm sure this would work perfectly if I had administrator rights in this Internet cafe.

Sucks to be me I guess!

2. nick wrote...

any tips on reducing the band width needed? my picture/sound is stopping and starting the whole time because the speed/width is too much for my broadband system

3. Jay wrote...

Still doesn't work all I get is a black screen with the play symbol in the middle and the cross out sign (looks like the no smoking sign but with the play symbol instead of a cigarette)

4. Buck wrote...

Also, Google Chrome seems to be another solution if you're having trouble viewing the live feed.

5. Scott wrote...

the link given is specific to MAX OSX

You may want to change it to

You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for streaming this for those of us that can't make it.

6. Ty wrote...

Here is the link for Windows/Firefox/Safari/Opera


Any chance you guys are going to post tonight's stream for those of us who missed it?

7. k wrote...

I am on EST. I know it's 745 in LA now...was never able to view the video. When I clicked the play arrow, the symbol simply spun for a few seconds and then brought me back to the orange announcement screen. is there anything playing now...or is it down for today? Thank you

8. TM wrote...

Downloaded latest version of flashplayer, wasn't working on internet explorer so tried google chrome. No luck, now it's over and not seeing any achive of the pre-games show. Want to make sure I can get this working before the action tomorrow!! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

9. Clinton wrote...

Make sure that you have the latest version of your browser. I had to update to 3.6.6 for Firefox. Then, I uninstalled previous versions of Flashplayer from the harddrive, rebooted, then installed the Flashplayer again (kept getting installation error before I updated Firefox). It appears to be working now, i.e. I don't get the crossed-out "play" icon, but there are no archived videos.

10. Sean Falconer wrote...

I couldn't get it working with Firefox or Safari on OS X, but it worked fine under Chrome.

11. Vanessa Richardson wrote...

The preview is available here


12. Vanessa Richardson wrote...

My bad that isn't the right one!

13. AP wrote...

Thanks for the tips guys. I downloaded internet explorer 8 and then everything worked perfectly. Can't wait for the weekend. Good luck competitors!

14. Jarad wrote...

Anymore tips..? I've tried Safari and Chrome. No luck. Please let me know if there is anything else I can try. I click the play button, the symbol spins then resets..

15. KN wrote...

There is nothing archived...shouldn't the preview be there? :(

16. 166cm boxjump wrote...

since this is the world crossfit games. theres no need for the yank national anthem will the yanks be ignorant as usual and play the american national anthem.

17. zaugg wrote...

166cm boxjump- When in Rome.... Maybe think about that American bigotry you got going on. Have a nice day.

18. Jane wrote...

Hi! Thanks for this live feed!

I'm trying to watch it on my iPad, though, and the link for iPhone/iPad says "404-file or directory not found". That's on all three options you offer for iPad viewing.

Please advise.

Thanks again. I'm so excited for the Games.

19. Jenn wrote...

Will the webcast be archived like the regionals were?

20. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Can get feed but no sound!! its killing me

21. BG wrote...

I don't have sound either, but I did yesterday. It may be a glitch at their end. Anyone else not getting sound?

22. DJ wrote...

No sound here either :-(

23. shit wrote...

No sound in archives. Thats really annoying

24. shit wrote...

No sound in archives. Thats really annoying

25. James Pang wrote...

No sound for me too. Will this ever be fixed?

26. Nate wrote...

No sound on archives but had it yesterday during live feed.

27. Jack wrote...

Getting no sound on the live feed... yesterday was fine.

28. Jack wrote...

sorry scrap that. sound is back....


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