Dave Castro briefs the crowd on the first Affiliate event of the weekend.

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Affiliate Cup Event Announcements

Updated! Final-day details!

The Affiliate Cup teams will kick off the 2010 CrossFit Games action on Friday morning.

Remember, the 2010 CrossFit Games athletes don't know the specific details of the events or how many events there will be. They know they will be asked to perform a wide variety of tasks over diverse periods of time. They know those tasks will be composed of functional movements. They know they will have to outperform their peers if they want to win. But all the specifics are a mystery.

Individuals and teams are in the same boat. They know when their next event is. They'll have a little time to prepare mentally and warm up for the event. They'll need to perform well at every event because they don't know what comes next.

It's just like the real world.

This post will be updated as details are announced.

After Event 3 it was announced that the next Affiliate Cup event will take place on Sunday. Only the top 16 teams will advance to the final day of the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Event 4

With 4 members for time:
10 rope climbs
Move 6 sandbags over wall
30 muscle-ups
Move sandbags
100 wall-balls (20/14 lb.)
Team and sandbags over wall

The sandbags are 160 lb. (2), 120 lb. (2), 80 lb?. (2)

Event 3
Two rounds for time of:
Run 300 meters
15 Jumps over 24” Box
15 Dumbbell squat cleans, 45/25 lb.
30 Double-unders
15 Push-ups, hand must release from floor
15 GHD Sit-ups
30 yard Lunge

Event 2a
For reps:
1 minute max reps deadlift (264/173 lb.)
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max reps pistols
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max calories row


Team Event 2b
Establish a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead for each athlete, in 12 minutes from the start of Event 2a.

One athlete starts at the first station. In the second minute, they move on and next athlete starts. And so on. Early athletes have more time to do 1RM effort. Teams of 6.

Event 1
Two rounds for time of:
70 thrusters (155/105lb.)
50 chest-to-bar pull-ups
100 meter buddy carry
(12-minute time cap)

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Photo Gallery

Dave Castro details the over-the-box jump standard. Bumpers await thrusting. The HDC track, site of the first Affiliate Cup workout.
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1. Xfitaddict wrote...

70 155lb thrusters!! Wow. Starting the games off with a bang!!

2. Steven Platek wrote...

Holy moly!!!!
Loving it!!!!!!

3. Paul wrote...

So how does this affiliate stuff work? Two rounds for time and does each person have to do this or do you all just go as much as you can and then hand it off to the next person?

4. jeff wrote...

Live coverage is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Jess wrote...

I'm not a computer person, but is it be possible to put a TIMER on the screen? Though the commentators are great, it gets suspenseful sometimes and the time isn't always apparent. Overall nice job Crossfit media people, looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

6. Chris wrote...

The team must complete 70 thrusters each round, divided up between the team members however they want. In theory, for the most equitable distribution two team members would complete 17 reps and the other two members would complete 18 reps. This is a two round WOD so the total number of thrusters completed at the end of the workout is 140.

7. Jess wrote...

Just heard you guys are working on putting a timer on the screen. That's fantastic!!

8. Rosalind wrote...

I'm having trouble with the viewer, downloaded the latest flash version and not sure why it won't load.

9. Cole wrote...

Rosalind, make sure you hit play on the streaming site. I must have waited 10 minutes for it to load thinking it was going to be REALLY slow, until I realized you had to hit play first and it was just fine.

Loving the live feed guys!

10. Paul wrote...

Yea, me too Rosalind. I have latest Flash and live FEED isnt working!!! GRRR - Shows a play button with a line through it. Is it because I live in CANADA? I would love to watch this. Really bothering me i cant see it. PLEASE HELP ME - ANY TECHIES OUT THERE?

11. Taylor wrote...

how do i watch it live?!?!?! i cant find where on the website i can do this?

help please! Thanks!

12. Shannon Lewis wrote...

Go CrossFit Fort Bragg!!! You rock!

13. Paul wrote...


You can watch it live there, but its not working for me! DAMNNN - WHY NOT

14. Bruce wrote...

google chrome for browser.

15. Paul wrote...

Hey Bruce,

You are a genious buddy! It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16. Rosalind wrote...

I restarted my computer and it worked! Great coverage!

17. Emma wrote...

wooo go crossfit New Zealand!!!! all the way from the other side of the world.....

18. Miles wrote...

Perhaps someone can mention to the announcers that the blue pates are 45lbs not 44lbs.

19. FuncThat wrote...

Posting some pics live from the event on http://www.functhat.com

20. sam wrote...

how is it that front range crossfit athletes are competing for brothers crossfit? front range didnt qualify as an affiliate (10th place in regionals) yet their athletes are competing for another affiliate, is this fair?

21. Sam Danner wrote...

It really looks looks cool on 54 Mega Bites per second on Broad Broad band with a fast Mac. Chris I am proud of you as always and I will be taping as I always do. Sam

22. Chef Mike wrote...

I gotta say, I need a Chuck Carswell cowboy hat! I want one Chuck, when we run into each other next... ;)

23. Gala wrote...

watching the webcast here in Quito, Ecuador! amazing awesome, thanks! Waiting for Crossfit Central Austin, my daughter Lisa Bender Thiel and her husband Jeremy Thiel and the rest of the crew! from:Lisa's Mom

24. Dave Carran wrote...


Amazing WOD's so far - really testing the athletes. And great coverage online with the live stream, workout updates and photos through Twitter!

25. Bryan wrote...

Go CrossFit Fort Bragg!!!!!!

26. xi xia wrote...

I'm so pumped just watching all the great teams perform today! I'm a big fan of CrossFit Fort Vancouver, our across the river neighbor and friends to the north in Washington.

Announcers and camera people - could you please do some interviews and background with CrossFit Fort Vancouver? They've come in 1st place 3 times now and still no face time??? I know they are not a "famous" crossfit gym, or none of their ladies just had a baby, but come on...

27. O.G. CFV wrote...

Awesome feed and commercial free! Got this streaming on my HD tv and it's like I'm watching live T.V. Please do not go commericial with this next year. I loving watching my Crossfit brothers and sisters without annoying beer and fast food commercials or having to pay an arm and leg for pay per view.

On another note....GO CROSSFIT FT VANCOUVER!

28. GW wrote...


29. KrisM wrote...

Fort Vancouver is holding it down! Way to go Team Green!!

30. Jen wrote...

AWESOME JOB CROSSFIT FORT VANCOUVER!!! The Longview Crew is super excited for you all! Keep it going!

31. WEB wrote...

Crush it CrossFit Fort Bragg!!!!

32. Samanthya wrote...

Kill it CFFB!!!! This event is yours for the taking!

33. Joe wrote...

Congrats to Crossfit Fort Vancouver.

The owner (Adam?) is a good guy who lets Naval Special Warfare recruits get beat down on weekends in preparation for their future careers and arduous Navy schools.

Good performance, great people.

34. Casey P wrote...

Awesome work Fort Vancouver. Does this mean I'm going to be needing to develop some kind of scaling wall for the box now too??? Way to show the world what our family in SW WA can do!

35. O.G. CFV wrote...

Hurry up and get back Ft Vancouver and get ready for your celebration beat down! GO CROSSFIT FT VANCOUVER!!!!


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