Miranda Oldroyd at the IMG Training Center

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

You Stay Classy, Home Depot Center

An all-star cast will bring you the action from the Games

This coming weekend, much of the CrossFit world will converge on Los Angeles to celebrate the world championships of our sport. Three days, five competitions (Men, Women, Teams, Masters Men, Masters Women), and an "Iron Man meets Burning Man" festival at the Home Depot Center officially begin Friday morning.

And this year, for the first time ever, we are bringing the entire weekend to you live in a free HD webcast on live.crossfit.com. We'll launch with a live Preview Show on Thursday at 6pm PDT. Our all-star ten-person announcer team will work around the clock to enhance your viewing experience. Each one is an experienced CrossFitter. Most are on the traveling CrossFit Seminar Staff. Most have top ten finishes in past Games or this year's Regionals. All of them know the sport inside and out.

We have 3 categories of announcers.
Commentators will talk you through the action in real time. Play-by-play descriptions of what's happening in the arena. Justin, Marty, Jenn, Bill, and Kim will do the heavy lifting here.
Analysts will delve into the strategy, tactics and history of the sport, most of whom will be learning the workouts in real time with you. As past competitors, they'll give insight into what the athletes are experiencing and describe how they'd approach the events. Pat, Josh, and Caity are the staples here.
Roving Reporters will give you live interviews with coaches, athletes, spectators and bring you the feel of the venue. The Home Depot Center will be packed with CrossFit Weblebrities, many of whom you will recognize from articles, videos and Journal pieces. Miranda, Pat, Karianne, and Kim will share the love.

The Staff in Detail
Justin Judkins
 has been the Host of CrossFit Radio since October of 2008 and has done 127 radio shows interviewing important and interesting individuals from the CrossFit community. JJ covered the 2009 CrossFit Games with 9 live update shows from Aromas. JJ was one of two announcers at the Progenex Southwest Regional Live Feed

Marty Cej is the Managing Editor and an anchor at Business News Network in Canada. Has been involved with CrossFit since 2005 and first documented the "CrossFit phenomenon" for BNN in 2007. He has published numerous articles for the CrossFit Journal. Produced a series of videos on the 2009 CrossFit Games with John Buffone. Along with Justin Judkins, Marty reported live from the Progenex Southwest Regional Live Feed.

Pat Sherwood is one of our most charismatic seminar Flowmasters on the Level 1 circuit. He has worked over 100 CrossFit seminars since his first involvement in 2006. His "self-sho"' contributions to the CrossFit Journal are community favorites. Pat spent seven years in the Navy with SEAL Team 4. In 2009, he finished 6th place in the Mid-atlantic Regional Qualifiers, and competed in the '09 Games. Pat also competed this year in the North Central Regional competition, setting the second-fastest time on the triplet event.

Miranda Oldroyd is a well known CrossFit trainer and athlete. She owns CrossFit 801 in Midvale, UT with her husband Tyson Oldroyd. She competed in the 2008 CrossFit Games, and took 22nd place. She was also a competitor in the 2010 Utah/Nevada Sectional, where she took  2nd place and the Northwest Regional competition (14th). She boasts that she is exactly 4 lbs heavier and 1" taller than Chris Spealler. Miranda has been a trainer for CrossFit HQ since October of 2008, training at just over 50  Level 1 certs. Her training has taken her to both Iraq and Afghanistan, teaching CrossFit to the troops. Miranda was a roving reporter at the Southwest Regional Qualifiers this year.

Josh Everett is one of the original CrossFit Firebreathers. He started CrossFitting in 2004. He participated in the first three CrossFit Games. He placed 3rd in 2007 and 2nd in 2008. Josh is a coach at both CrossFit Level 1 and Olympic Lifting Certifications. Josh was formerly the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of California Riverside. He is currently the head strength and conditioning coach for the Tactical Athlete Program with Naval Special Warfare, Group 1.

Caity Matter Henninger was an All-American basketball player at Ohio State University, which led to a career in the WNBA. Caity has experience in sports radio as well. She did Color Analysis for the Ohio High School Girls Basketball Championships and analysis for the 'Fan Columbus' Sunday Morning Radio show; covering OSU women's basketball for the 2010 season. She was the 2008 CrossFit Games female champion. She also competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Jenn Hunter is a former competitive bodybuilder turned CrossFit athlete. She qualified for the National Miss Fitness America Pageant in 1999. Jenn is part of the Level One certification team. She placed 3rd in the New York/New Jersey Sectional and tied for 4th at the Northeast Regionals this year. She and her huband- Dennis - will be opening Crossfit Garden City this Fall.

Kim Malz came in fourth at 2009 Northeast Regional and competed in the 2009 Games. She inspired the community with her story of overcoming adversity. She was 8th at the 2010 Northeast Regional. Along with her husband, Russ, Kim is the owner of CrossFit Persevere in Glastonbury,CT.

Karianne Dickson  has been an affiliate owner since 2008 and has two successful boxes: CrossFit Morristown and CrossFit Bernardsville. She has grown her affiliate to over 200 members and recently joined the HQ coaching staff. She is also a CrossFit competitor. She placed first in the New York/New Jersey Sectional (winning two events and taking 4th in the 3rd) and 7th overall at the Northeast regionals.

Bill Grundler is a fire captain in San Luis Obispo, CA. Bill started doing CrossFit training with his firefighters at the station and eventually opened a web based training site for individuals who wanted to be trained for firefighting. With the help of some friends and his girlfriend, Bill started CrossFit Inferno. Bill competed in the SoCal Regional Qualifier in 2009 and placed 10th. This year he competed again in the Southern California sectional and the Southwest Regional, placing 7th in both, despite the fact that he was the oldest qualifying male in the Region (41 years old).

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Photo Gallery

Josh Everett in the 2009 CrossFit Games deadlift event Caity Matter in the sandbag sprint, 2009 Games Pat Sherwood finishes the 7k run in Aromas, 2009 Kim Malz in the 2009 CrossFit Games Jenn Hunter finishes the final event of the 2010 Northeast Regional Bill Grundler at the 2010 SoCal Sectionals Karianne Dickson in the 2010 Northeast Regional Marty Cej and Justin Judkins on air at the 2010 Southwest Regional Live Feed
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1. Daigle wrote...

Wow....what an all star cast. Some I can't wait to see again, and many I can't wait to meet. This is going to be epic.

2. Kenny wrote...

I can't wait. Josh Everett kicks ass!

3. bartolomeo wrote...

Pat sherwood for President!!!
CrossFit is easy...

4. wes wrote...

YEAH BILL GRUNDLER!!!! representing the central coast!!!!

5. JoshFan wrote...

It sounds great...all but the part with Josh Everett being an analyst. I've always considered him to be one of the fittest guys out there and was disappointed at the unfortunate way things played out for him last year. Wish you were competing, Josh.

6. StevieB wrote...

Sorry if this question has been asked before... Will the games be available for download or stream after they are aired live? I have to work that day and will not be able to watch :(... Can't wait for it.

7. Mateo wrote...

Bill, you're a natural! It will be great to hear your perspective throughout the Games. Have a blast!

8. Ashley wrote...

Question for the panel regarding the live HD feed online - will it be available internationally? I know websites like HULU have IP address blockers, but for those of us, particularly military members stationed overseas - will we be able to watch the games online?!

9. Joe wrote...

No Bingo? Fail! Dude has a total broadcaster's voice!!!


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