Dave Castro discusses logistics at the Track

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Sneak Peek Day 1

Sevan Matossian gives you a glance into the prep happening at the Home Depot Center on Tuesday.

Preparation has begun at the Home Depot Center!

Three truckloads of gear have been delivered by Rogue Fitness. This gear wil transform the HDC into the proving grounds for the Fittest on the Planet. Some of it was quickly assembled and moved into a storage room so that even the volunteers and staff checking in today don't see what it is.

Sevan Matossian has been long known for getting Games information out early. He was sneaking around the 125 acre facility for a couple hours yesterday. We kept him out of that storage room, of course!

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2010 Games Prep - Day 1

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

20 comments on this entry

1. Xi Xia wrote...

Yeah, this is awesome! Thank you CrossFit for doing this.

One request...please please have some sort of clock/timer on the live feed at all times. At sectional, regional, and the southwest live feed events, the one element of CrossFit that is so important was not on display.

Go Green!

2. James Napier wrote...

Keep the cameras on the athletes, not the commentators, please.

3. Richard Vanmeerbeek wrote...

Thanks Sevan! ^^

4. Reema wrote...

Comment about the timers -

Last year Diablo Crossfit sponsored the timers and did a great job displaying them all over where everyone could see.

I hope we can see the timers layed out everywhere at this new location.

5. Mary Brown wrote...

Some friends and I are driving over from central Iowa - leaving tomorrow morning. This video makes me want to be there now! We can't wait!

6. Geoff Aucoin wrote...

Is Castro in some sort of long hair contest?

7. Grant wrote...

Looking for the time of the 1st WOD on Sunday, the only day I can watch it in person...would it be 9AM, followed by the men at 10, then WOD #2 for women at 11...etc, etc. THANKS.

8. Leo wrote...

I agree with James. At Southwest Regional live there was way too much camera time on the commentators and not enough on the athletes. We can hear them just fine while watching the athletes do their thing.

Please focus more on the athletes.

9. Leo wrote...

One more thing, I’ve seen some videos with a very funny guy from Crossfit801. I've see him with Miranda Oldroyd.

Is he going to be there commentating? I really hope he will.

10. Phil wrote...

Did a blog post on FuncThat based on this video, trying to piece together what some of the events might be:
(FYI - there's also a link directly to the video in case you couldn't find it on this page...)

11. Thaddeus Eshelman wrote...

Just arrived in town to visit some family for a couple of days first. This will be our first Games experience and we are very excited.

12. Adam wrote...

There goes my theory about an all night event. I know it wouldn't have been very courteous to the spectators, but it would have been pretty cool to see how athletes react to a 2am WOD!

13. Ashley wrote...

Question for the panel regarding the live HD feed online - will it be available internationally? I know websites like HULU have IP address blockers, but for those of us, particularly military members stationed overseas - will we be able to watch the games online?!

14. Daniel Mick wrote...

Agreed: little to no commentator face-time during competition.

And PLEASE cache videos, of at least highlights, for those of us who can't watch it all live.

We're all pumped!

15. RB wrote...


16. Tony Budding wrote...

The feed is available worldwide. We are offering multiple bitrates, including a 2Mbps HD feed for those with great bandwidth all the way down to 300kbps for folks with limited bandwidth. If you can stream anything, you should be able to get our feed.

17. NRG wrote...

GO MARY!!!!!

18. michael wrote...

where is the link to the vid?

19. michael wrote...

I for one, will msot likely not be able to watch a single event live. PLEEEEAAASSEE don't post the winners on main site right away!!

20. Ashley wrote...

Thank you Tony! I can't wait!


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