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DJ Wickham's 325lb Jerk

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Results Page Explained

Details of how each section of the results page is calculated.

Many of you are probably pouring over the results page trying to glean as much information about the overall competition and each event as possible. Also, now that a few days have gone by you may have tried your hand at one of the events and wonder how you stack up against the worlds fittest.

The goal of the scoring system was to rank the athletes against each other. Because the points awarded for each event were relative, a system was devised that allowed an appropriate ranking of athletes who did not complete the workout within the cutoff times but still allowed them to recieve credit for the work they completed and to be ranked accordingly. Each Event had a slightly different system as follows:

Muscle-up/Squat Snatch: This was for time up to the 12 minute cutoff, after that there was a 1 second penalty for each rep not completed. So if you had 3 snatches remaining when the time cap hit, your time would show as 12:03. If you had 5 snatches remaining, your time would show as 12:05.

Pyramid Double Helen: Same as above, for time with 1 second penalty for every uncompleted rep added to the 22 minutes.

Max Overhead: Nothing fancy here, result is equal to the number of pounds succesfully lifted overhead.

Deadlift/Pistol/2xUnder: This was a 7 minute AMRAP, with 1 point for each rep completed, including each sprint which counted as 1 rep as well. There was a total of 44 reps per round.

Sandbag Move: For time up to the cutoff, then 1 second added for every 10lbs not moved (since 10lbs was the smallest increment).

Clean/Ring HSPU: For time, then a 1 second penalty per uncompleted rep added to the 12 minutes.

Push-up/OHS: 1 point was awarded per rep completed, with an additional bonus point for each second remaining until the 7 minute cutoff if all the work was completed. For example Rich Froning Jr. completed all 159 reps in 6:56, giving him a result of 163. Each round had 53 total reps with the wall climbs each counting as 1 rep.

Toe to Bar/Ground to Overhead: 1 point per rep completed, with 51 total reps per round.

Wall Burpee/Rope Climb: Same as the Push-up/OHS but with a 12 minute cutoff. 1 points per burpee or climb with 1 point bonus per remaining second.

You may have noticed a slight change in the systems of some of the events since the completion of the Games.  Don't worry, the previous system provided the exact same rankings but was slightly more complicated in terms of figuring out how much actual work was completed by each athlete.

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1. JasonM wrote...

The results page is appearing with the Men and Affiliate events overalapping each other so that i'm not able to click on some of them. Same thing with the Women and Masters Men events. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

2. Tony Budding wrote...

JasonM, try clearing the cache by holding down shift and clicking the "reload" button. That usually fixes it.

3. Karen C wrote...

Hi Tony,

I have the same problem and your idea didn't fix it. It's been like this for me since the Games finished.

4. tom seryak wrote...

Karen, try hitting the compatibility button next to the reload button. it looks like a piece of paper ripped down the middle.

5. Jesse wrote...

Or try using a different browser - firefox or chrome.

6. Dan Leary wrote...

same problem here. I am a caveman so I'd need really sepecific instruction as I could not navigate my way on the keyboard with the options already presented. I hope CF fixes this!!!!

7. Tony wrote...

Question, since Mikko Salo placed 5th and being the 2009 champ, does that mean the CrossFitter placing 6th gets an automatic bid for 2011?

8. Rick Sinclair wrote...

Had the same problem with the page layout at work using Windows IE on XP Pro. But no problem at home on my MAC using Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

9. Christin wrote...

Same problem...can't view the results because they overlap. Soulution didn't work,. Using IE with Windows Vista


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