2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Missing Archives To Be Added Soon

Friday and Saturday's footage will round out the archive of our live broadcast

If you witnessed the live stream this past weekend, you know that it was a massive undertaking. We worked very hard to bring you the action, and our technical team was pushed to the limits.

We came to find that the video standards for live television are very different from what we normally work with. Unfortunately Level 3 was not able to create an archive of the stream on their own and it took 2 days for us to get the archive working in real time. That left Friday and parts Saturday with missing footage in the archive.

We currently have hard drives in transit to Santa Cruz and plan to retroactively add the missing archives. It will take several days to get the Friday footage up and running, so please be patient. Thursday's preview show will be added as well.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

21 comments on this entry

1. neile wrote...

Thank you so much for the live stream and the archived footage!! For those of us that couldn't go and weren't able to watch all the events live online, it's so great to be able watch it all via archive. Thank you thank you thank you! The amount of work you all put into this really shows!!

2. Joe wrote...

you people did a brilliant job with this broadcast. Thanks for all your hard work. It was greatly appreciated.

3. jason wrote...

can you post all the Crossfit commercials that ran during the webcasts?

4. Carolle wrote...

Thank you !

5. Michael Bissaillon wrote...

The live feed was amazing. We walled ourselves up at CFGB and watched a rediculous amount of the action. Thanks for such great entertainment.

6. Ben Liuzzi wrote...


7. Joe R wrote...

Hats off to the technical team for pulling this off... I wasn't able to make it out to the games, so I watched the entire thing live via the HD webcast. It was awesome!!! I am defiantly heading to the games next year. Great Job and Thank you for the free webcast.

8. Raphael wrote...

Rarely seen such a smooth live cast, watching from Europe and had no hiccups or connection errors at all, great, great job and a huge thank you!

9. Erla Jóhannsdóttir wrote...

Thanks for the live stream - it was awesome to watch from Iceland how Annie finished off :) Most of us CrossFitters watched it together on big screens, the connection was good and the videotake was awesome :)

10. Shane Newcomb wrote...

Thank you guys so much! Not only for putting on this event, but for also continuing to work on it and make the coverage better. The fact that you streamed it live was more that we could ask for (as it is a free service). Also your continued dedication to get all the footage up speaks volumes. Thanks Again.

11. David wrote...

The streaming webcast was amazing! Thanks for the hard work.

12. Dave P wrote...

Kudo's for the great job-You are also missing the footage from the affiliates event 3, heats 3 and 4 from Saturday. You have heats 1 and 2 then 5 and 6

13. Dave Re wrote...

Glad to hear we'll be able to see the Thurs/Fri footage! Finally got to see the weekend stuff once I got home Monday night - very well done.

14. Jeff wrote...

I echo the compliments! Fantastic job all around!!!

Even my non-crossfitting friends got hooked into the live broadcast!!

15. Charles White wrote...

Thanks, all. My mom watched and was immediately hooked. She plans to watch the archives when she gets home. And get to the gym!

Well done!

16. Z wrote...

Kudos to CrossFit HQ for the work they did on the live feed. The professional nature of the broadcast and the super-high quality really made the games accessible to those who didn't have the opportunity to make it out to Carson. Thanks.

17. Mal Grogan wrote...

The live webcast was wonderful. Is it possible to make it available next year as well? I experienced buffering problems either due to slow processor speed or not enough RAM. Could you tell me the basic system requirements for better viewing in the future?
Thanks Crossfit, for all you do!

18. Shawn wrote...

Yes, I agree with all comments. Thank you for awesome live webcast. I watched the most of events for past weekend. Thank you very much!

19. Pär Larsson wrote...

Love the work you guys have done with this stuff!

20. Karen wrote...

Is this still coming? I keep checking...

21. Tony Budding wrote...

Yes. It's taking much longer than we wanted, but we're close. Thanks for your patience.


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