Spealler starts his separation on the run.

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Men's Individual Event 2

The full report from the first male event of the day.

The men’s side of the Hell-In/overhead workout saw a shuffling of the deck, and several competitors who struggled on the first workout redeemed themselves on the track.

Garth Prouse, who was dead last after Event 1 struggles with muscle-ups, ripped through Heat 1 with track work that looked almost effortless. Blair Morrison, the Europe Regional champ, was second.

Tommy Hackenbruck’s top Heat 2 time (18:07) was under assault in Heat 3, which was a fight between Chris Spealler, Peter Egyed and Graham Holmberg. All three were in the lead at various times, but it was Holmberg who crossed the line shortly before Spealler.

Pat Burke was the early Heat 1 leader and tried to set the pace.
“Let’s get in front and make them follow me. Fuck with their head,” Burke said of his strategy. “I knew I wouldn’t hold it against Spealler.”

Holmberg was first with 16:59, Spealler was second in 17:02, and Peter Egyed took third with 17:34.

When the strength portion of Event 2 came up right after the athletes finished Part 1, big Jerome Perryman hoisted a bad-ass 275 lb. early via a snatch-grip jerk from behind the head.

“I can get more weight that way. My first questions was, ‘What kind of grip can you use?’”

Perryman said he should have gone heavier but didn’t have a lot of time. Nevertheless, 275 put him in a tie for fourth in Event 2b when all was said and done. Matt Chan, Chad Mackay and Jeremy Christofferson also nailed 275. Holmberg lifted 285 for third, while Ben Smith took second with 295. D.J. Wickham had a rough time in Event 2a but thrilled the crowd by getting under 325 after failing to finish the previous event.

Rich Froning Jr. lifted 245 and was disappointed.

“The jerk was so damn busy,” he said. “I just couldn’t get my balance. … When I first saw it I thought, ‘I’ll go for 205 first and that would be my solid lift.’ When I got up there I thought, ‘I should just get 135.’”

He sat in a multi-way tie for 13th.

Current results after two events:

Top 5 Men
1. Graham Holmberg
2. Matt Chan
3. Rich Froning Jr.
4. Chris Spealler
5. Mikko Salo

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Graham Holmberg on the pull-up bar. Chris Spealler Graham Holmberg working towards a final lift of 285 lb.
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14 comments on this entry

1. randy wrote...

when is the announcement for the next individual wod?

2. kris thomas wrote...

was there a cut after this one...

3. Rudy wrote...

Dirty South representing!!!!

4. alexis wrote...

Go Mikko !!

To win !

5. KLowe wrote...

Dirty South representin!

B.P. and Fronning both will finish top 7.

Money on Fronning to take this thing. He has amazing recovery.

Whatever happens. It is been great to be able to watch everything happen from my couch. Thanks CF for the extra effort to get the HD feed out there and quite professionally as well.

Job well done!

6. Don and Wendy wrote...

Enjoying the streaming of the Crossfit Games in Vernon, BC, Canada.

DJ Wickham is AMAZING!!!!!

7. Ash wrote...

Clever is a freak, if she was competing in the men's she would be in 12th i believe!!!

8. James wrote...

Awesome performance from all, wish I were there.
Wouldn't it be interesting if they programmed one workout for all to complete including individual, masters and affiliates?

9. hunky dory wrote...

I agree Clever is a freak, but she wouldn't be in 12th in the mens ... hello she did less weight than the men. Still, put her at the mens weight and i bet she's still in top 30

10. Cody wrote...

HQ is in love with Spealler, I think they've already filled his name out on the prize money check! Speal's rad but c'mon, enough with the prodigal son treatment!

11. javier wrote...

Response to Cody:

Speal is rad and is getting the respect he deserves. Bad parable reference as Speal never went away and then came back to crossfit. I would say he is the Golden Boy of crossfit not the prodigal son.

12. Dustin wrote...

cody, your comment is pretty naive. you do realize speal has qualified and competed in every single games and he's in 4th right now? it's not like he's in last place and HQ is promoting him like the next Jordan or something. he KILLS workouts like not most people can do so yea they should love him.

13. sARAH EDMUNDSON wrote...

My goodness, who des your web site...it's so professional!

14. Tim wrote...

Speal goes about a buck thirty-five? He is a freak and deserves all the respect he gets!!


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