2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Men’s Epic Matchup 5: Peter Egyed and Chris Hogan

The 2010 Australian champ and last year's 6th place finisher

Peter Egyed and Chris Hogan are similar athletes on paper but hail from opposite sides of the world. Last year they faced off at The Ranch in Aromas, where Egyed finished sixth overall. This year they were both dominant forces at regionals: Hogan finished 1st overall in Australia, and Egyed was first in the Southwest. Both athletes have a subdued demeanor and seem to sneak onto the podium like ninjas without raising too many eyebrows on the way. Neither athlete had to hit a sectional this year because of their participation in last year’s Games.

Both are 24 years old, and Hogan is an inch shorter and 8 lb. lighter. Their Fran times are virtually identical in our side-by-side comparison, with Egyed claiming a one-second advantage on paper. On the strength side, their numbers see-saw: Egyed has a significant advantage on the max deadlift (540 to Hogan's 472) and back squat (395 to 352), but Hogan makes up some ground with snatch. He has a 20-lb. advantage on the world’s fastest lift, while Egyed can move 3 lb. more in the clean and jerk (267 to Hogan's 264).

Both athletes started CrossFitting in January ’07. While the athletes are on the radar now, they had to display amazing tenacity to earn their stripes.

Last year, Hogan showed up at the Australian Regional as a dark horse and ended up one of two athletes representing his country in California. Hogan’s performance at the regional event- fourth, first and 11th-earned him the right to join Commando Steve Willis in Aromas.

Despite competing in two previous CrossFit Games, Egyed failed to qualify at the Great Basin Regional last year. He was in third place after the first workout at the Great Basin Regional, behind Chris Spealler and Eric O'Connor. In WOD 2 he finished 27th with a time of 17:34, which moved him from third to 13th overall. Speal had the best time of the day at 5:02. Peter got stuck on the handstand push-ups and was out of the running, though he came back to finish 11th overall. A few weeks later, the Last Chance Online Qualifier was announced. Peter entered and had the best time overall for the three workouts (19:31), which sent him back to Aromas.

After winning the Last Chance Qualifier, he proceeded to work his way into the Top 16 at the 2009 Games by placing 15th on the run and tying for first in WOD 2 by deadlifting all 20 bars. His best in any other single event was fifth, but his even pace landed him sixth overall.

At this year’s regionals, both Egyed and Hogan were dominant forces. Egyed displayed broad competencies at the Southwest Regional, finishing seventh, second, fourth and second to take first overall. Hogan dominated the 2010 Australian regional, going third in the first event and finishing first in the remaining four.

In three years, Egyed has always been a force at the Games: he was 21st in 2008, 10th in 2007 and sixth in 2009. By winning the Southwest Regional, Egyed will be among the elite few to participate in all four years of the CrossFit Games. Hogan is not stranger to competition, either. His AFL football team, the Oakleigh Armatures, has won the Premiership title in 2005, 2007 and 2008, and it was the runner-up in 2009. This is all in addition to a lifelong pursuit of fitness: Australian Rules Football (AFL) from age five to present, cricket, surf lifesaving/swimming and tennis.

Hogan has taken a slightly different approach towards this years Games from last year. "with focus on strength, both max lifts and strength endurance, this is a weakness of mine because i'm still relatively inexperienced," he explains. "I'm 24 at the moment i probably did my first ever dead lift just before my 22nd birthday. So the programing was aimed to try and add a couple of kilos to all my lifts across the board as well as using heavier wieghts in my met-cons. which suits me because i like the heavy lifting, its a great challenge. with my football back ground the aerobic ( running, rowing, jumping, skipping) has always been a strength not that they all couldn't get better."

Both athletes are doing something right and this will be a matchup to watch at the Home Depot Center.

Chris Hogan- Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne

Age: 24
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 187lb.
’09 Games: 31st (26, 44, 58, 26, 18...)

Peter Egyed CrossFit Fury

Age: 24
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 195lb.
’09 Games Results: 15, 1, 44, 9, 5, 12, 13, 8 ’07 Games: 10th ’08 Games: 21st

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11 comments on this entry

1. Steve wrote...

I can see Egyed placing top 5 this year, Guy's a beast!

2. Andrew wrote...

Chris's performance at The Australian qualifier was nothing short of inspiring. He's going to do Crossfit Melbourne and Australia proud in California, Ive no doubt!

3. Josh wrote...

Peter is in rare form and will, again, sneak under everyone's radar and into top contention.

4. Nick wrote...

Chris is a freak....he is set to surprise a few.

Not only is he an amazing athlete, he is also very good looking.

5. Darren wrote...

Awesome job at the Regionals Chris, best wishes for The Games. Catch you over there.

6. darren shaw wrote...

Nice work Chris and to CrossFir Swartz. Good to see a dark horse profiled. See you in LA

7. Samuel wrote...

Having the privilege of being trained by Peter in Arizona at Crossfit Fury I know first hand he is a force to be reckoned with. Not only has Peter focused and trained all year for this event. He's built, managed, and trained new and experienced competitive athlete's coming to a competition near you. Powering heavy weight, unrestrained momentum, grinding every rep to its max, Peter is passionate about this sport supporting his friends, family, his team no doubt that hes bringing everything with him. Good Luck Pete and also to Chris!

8. Crawf wrote...

lol @ Oakleigh "Armatures". Good to see another Aussie up there with a good chance, hope you Krush them Chris, best of luck

9. Michael Moseley wrote...

I consider Peter a friend and know from first hand experience that he is the real deal. But competition aside he is even a better ambassador of the sport. He cares more about his members than he does about his career. Just visit his website to see. www.crossfitfury.com. Do your thang man!

10. Ross Blake wrote...

Chris. When i saw you move and hit hard at the oz regionals last year i knew you were no longer a dark horse! All the best buddy.

11. Rookie wrote...

Chris will stand up and be counted big time. What an amazing athlete. All the best mate


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