Rich Froning Jr.

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Athletes to Watch out for This Weekend

Beyond the Whiteboard handicaps the main event and starts the debate.

Some amazing athletes are competing this weekend at the Home Depot Center. In fact, all the competitors are amazing athletes. But amazing is not enough. Only one man and one woman can be named Fittest on Earth, and that’s what the CrossFit Games will determine this weekend. Here’s a list of some top competitors, and don’t be surprised if one of these guys takes it all (in alphabetical order):


Patrick Burke

Peter Egyed

Rich Froning Jr.

Michael Giardina

Tommy Hackenbruck

Spencer Hendel

Graham Holmberg

Jason Khalipa

Austin Malleolo

Blair Morrison

Mikko Salo

Ben Smith


Heather Bergeron

Cheryl Brost

Chyna Cho

Laura DeMarco

Jasmine Dever

Julie Foucher

Carey Kepler

Christy Phillips

Lauren Plumey

Elanna Robson

Candice Ruiz

Lindsey Smith

Annie Thorisdottir

Elyse Umeda

Why these Athletes?

We selected these athletes by a pretty straightforward method: from the CrossFit Games Athlete Profile page, we looked at scores for Fran, Helen, Grace, FGB, and clean and jerk. We noted the top 20 athletes in each of those five workouts. The men and women you see on these lists were in the top 20 in four or five of the workouts we selected. We ran some very complicated algorithms and ended up going with this simple approach. We’ll see how accurate this method was after the standings come in on Sunday.

What about (insert your CrossFit Games favorite)?

There are many reasons why your favorite athlete (and possibly the winner of the CrossFit Games) might not be on this list. Some athlete profiles were missing too many workouts to make any meaningful comparisons (e.g., Rob Orlando and Neal Maddox). Also, remember that these are self-reported scores, and so variations in range of motion and movement standards could definitely account for some differences in scores. How you perform under pressure with a judge’s eyes on you can differ quite a bit from how you do in the comfort of your own box. Maybe the five workouts we selected don’t capture a broad enough range of fitness. For instance, we would have liked to have included the 5K run times, but too few reported a time.

We could go on, but the point is that if something like the CrossFit Games could be accurately predicted, there would be no point in even having the competition. Fortunately for us, the results are as unknown and unknowable as the events, and so all we can do at this point is speculate. 

So... Who do you think is gonna take it?

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35 comments on this entry

1. Cayle wrote...

You forgot Spealler....

2. Jeremy wrote...

Do not overlook Braden Lutz

3. Josh wrote...

A top 20 list without Rob Orlando.....crazy.

4. Jeff wrote...

Mikko's stats are melting my face.

5. Jason wrote...

Stats can tell whatever story you want them to tell and in the heat of battle mean absolutely nothing.

6. Jeff Chester wrote...

I think people are forgetting about OPT!!! He made it to the top 16 last year but then got injured but I know he could have crushed that last WOD. Here are my predictions:

Men: 1. OPT 2. DJ Wickham 3. Michael Fitzgerald
Women: 1. Alicia Connors 2. Lauren Pryor 3. Emily Beers

That's right, Canada takes it ALL!!!!

7. Jeff wrote...

My stats tell me that these men will destroy me in the heat of battle. I believe that story.

8. LAL wrote...

What about the masters? Jay Thomas was the top regional finisher. He is the one to beat and he is a beast!

9. ??? wrote...

Jeff Chester, Emily Beers didn't qualify for the Games..... but I agree, she's an incredible athlete!

10. Big Johnny (crossfit excel ) wrote...

Masters = Terry Dickman

11. That Other Dude wrote...

Ridiculous. No love for so many talented athletes. Lurkers win the Games.

12. Eric/CrossFit North County wrote...

I agree with the above post saying this list is nothing without Spealler and Orlando. These two have very impressive numbers and are going to be mentally ready for whatever workouts are thrown at them.

13. jbush wrote...

you also forgot miss jessica till

14. Sean wrote...

I'm calling it now:
Rob in the top three.

Mikko, Kalipha, Rob, Patrick Burke and either Ben Smith or Rich Froning for the top 5.

15. Jeff Chester wrote...

??? - You are correct. I guess I was thinking about her performance at sectionals rather than regionals.

16. darin downey wrote...

You have listed the top twelve athletes and I believe Gabe Subry will be there. Due to the fact he placed 4rd in Nor Cal and then third in the Regional it is very apparent he has mentally and physicaly been preparing himself. I believe you will see a peak performance from him this weekend.

17. aaron wrote...

How could you not have Kristen Clever on this list?!? I would bet she easily finishes in the top three.

18. Taylor Smith wrote...

3 guys from the dirty south! Represent!

19. Ricardo Linnell wrote...

This is a pretty good way to do it, besides, speculation is part of the fun, isn't it? Anyway, the only thing I can say with all certainty is this:

Who ever wins this thing will have EARNED it, 100%, no doubt. With that having been said, shout to my bro Jerome from Crossfit HEL, best of luck to ALL competitors because you have all earned your way there and I can't wait to see how this thing shakes out.

20. Daniel Mick wrote...

Gonna have to agree with Ricardo: Jerome Perryman will be a man to watch!

21. Lachi / The CrossFit CUBE wrote...

Yeah...where is Rob Orlando in this? Sucks Josh Everett couldn't make it...

22. Greg G wrote...

I agree with Aaron. Kristen Clever has to be one of the favorites. Not only do her numbers stack up against the women listed above, she does it in competition with judges evaluating every one of her reps. 4th place last year overall, and Tanya Wagner and Charity Vale are even in it this year. Kristen may have a weakness, but I don't know what it is.

23. Becky Garza wrote...

Whitney Welsch!!

24. tomdunphy wrote...

why couldnt evertt make it???

25. Lmeyer wrote...

My money is on Kristen Clever.

26. Mike Hudson wrote...

Dark horse amongst the females = Michelle Kinney! Go Michelle!!!!!!!!

27. jc wrote...

Mark my words. Kristen clever is the favorite. And don't b surprised if jessica pamanian finished top 5. By the end of the weekend, she will b a household name.

28. CChristian3 wrote...

Vic Zachary, watch out for him, placed 32nd last year and easily won at Regionals this year!

29. Dominique Del Rae wrote...

WOOOOO HOOOO!!! Good luck Peter! Go Cross Fit Fury!!!

30. Omar Omar wrote...

Sveinbjorn and Annie will surprise ya'll this weekend ;)
You can buy a documentary on their trip and preperation last year at for only 9.99$ ..check out what their made of ;)

31. tonya wrote...

How abot camille acton creeping up the ladder

32. SImon wrote...

Vic is looking stronger this year. It is going to be his year. kid is supernatural. kick some wild man as bro!

33. louise wrote...

You overlooked Gabe Subry, watch out for this guy. He could take it all

34. Ben wrote...

You guys always forget the Aussies. Look out!

35. Pamela wrote...

I agree, Whitney Welsch


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