Nessa en route to pulling 490 lb. off the ground.

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Masters Event 2

CrossFit masters inspire the crowd at the CrossFit Games.

The second Masters event was all about strength: a 1RM deadlift.

Using the same format of the snatch workout at the 2009 Games, 2010 masters were given 7 minutes to pick up as much weight as they could.

With a sea of younger CrossFitters screaming their support, the women kicked it off. Helen Szkoria managed to pick up 275 lb. to cheers, and Lynne Knapman was just behind her at 270. Camille Acton and Laurie Carver tied at 260 for third, with the latter notching a 20-lb. PR.

“My last PR was 240, but I haven’t tried a deadlift for a long time,” Carver said. “I just do heavy WODs.”

On the men’s side, Joel Nessa locked out an impressive 490 that went up easy for a PR. Terry Dickman also notched a PR with 485 for second, and Scott Olson hoisted 425.

Athletes in the crowd could be heard wondering at Carver’s lean physique, and the won from Northwest CrossFit said she enjoys showing people what’s possible after 50.

“That’s my favorite thing: how many people I’m inspiring. Women over 40 think ‘the pooch’ is inevitable,” she said, gesturing to an imaginary paunch. “And so I show them it’s not. I just do CrossFit.”

Former Games competitor Scott Lewis was impressed by the masters.

“I would love to be here when I’m 50,” he said. “It’s inspiring. They’re in great shape.”

“That’s our goal,” said Lewis’ fiancée, Wendy Migliaccio. “So when we’re aging we want to be functional and do as much as we could when we were 35 or 40.”

“You want to be able to play with your grandkids,” Lewis added.

After two workouts, Larry Silber is still in first, with Nessa in second and Brian Curley in third. Both are within striking distance of the leader. For the women, Carver has a two-point lead over Acton, with Szkoria in third, three points behind the leader.

Next up is the opening ceremonies and the first individual event.

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1. Randy Wilkerson wrote...

Laurie Carver you're a bad bad woman! Great meeting you at regionals, you're truely inspiring. And great to look at too :-)

2. Daigle wrote...

Big Bri, you're killin' it! Keep it up!

3. nick williams wrote...

how about Lynne Knapmann - 30kg (66lb PR) or thereabouts.

Lynne, all of us from CF Actvie are so proud of you. I'm getting a T shirt printed with your face on it

4. Jen Never old Chook wrote...

Lynne Knapmann how awesome you are go girl you are my idol truly. Congratulations well done what the hell is that in kilos what a deadlift!

5. Kimberly Malz wrote...

These Masters Athletes are splendid to watch!

6. nssagrl wrote...

So proud of that Nessa!! Unreal! So fun to watch! You're an animal Pops!! Keep it up!!

7. Pateenah wrote... machine.....I'm not calling 'works' to move my furniture or deliveries're the girl!


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