2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Masters Event Announcements

Update: Final event announced.

The Master's are subject to the same format as the individuals and teams. As the masters athletes become aware of the events for the weekend, this page will be updated.

Event 3


Event 2

7 minutes to complete:
Max deadlift

Event 1

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
15 overhead squats (95/65 lb.)

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

18 comments on this entry

1. Jason wrote...

The Ladies were amazing! I can't believe how incredible they were. Outstanding, ladies!!

2. Cash Reynolds wrote...

The announcers are doing an excellent job. Caity, Pat, Tanya, we love seeing all of them! Their commentary is extremely valuable. Pat's doing a fantastic job of communicating to the audience. These are all really personable, well-spoken, intelligent people doing a professional job at something that is relatively new to all of them. Precisely because they're such high quality people that we all love --- they should take their sunglasses off. Sunglasses distance you from anyone you're speaking to, make you less credible, less personable, less friendly. You'll do an even better job connecting with the audience if you take your shades off.

3. andy wrote...

These ladies prove, that 50 is definitely the new 20. Great Job.

4. Mike Hurwitz wrote...

have the men gone yet?

5. Amelia wrote...

Tigress-You Rock girl!!!!! We are so proud of you!

6. diana davidson wrote...

the men just finished Mike!

7. parkerhouse wrote...


8. FitSsikS wrote...

Re: commentary

I agree. It's making me realize that the "pro" commentary that we are used to (in the world of North American sports coverage) isn't really that...dare I say it? Good.

Keep up the xlnt work.

9. Will Blaker wrote...

Anyone else notice that the dadlift scores for the masters is rewarding the points in reverse order? Giving 4 pts to the dude that pulued the most. Should be awarded 1 pt, and be in first. AM i missing something?

10. John M wrote...

Any one else having trouble hearing the audio? Seems like it's out or really really low??

11. annifit wrote...

can't hear a thing :(

12. Lynn Lobotsky wrote...

Steven, Good Luck on your final WOD!!! GO Hudson Valley Crossfit!!! PAIN IS JUST WEAKNESS LEAVING YOUR BODY , RIGHT? You can do it!!!

13. RD wrote...

Big gap in age between competive males in the Open Group and the masters. I think Master's is a great idea and there are some excellent men and women out here. How about a 40-49 group as well? At 43 you can't stay hardly stay with the 25 year old young pups for more then a workout let alone a weekend and it's almost a decade to 50. Let's open this thing up for the tweeners.

14. Rob wrote...

Anybody know the avgerage age of the open men vs the masters?

15. Noreaster wrote...

How come the website does not show the Nancy Results (Masters Women) for Sue Wong? I can see she did them on the video replay.

16. ian macleod wrote...

What is the cap on the 5 rounds of 400m & 15x 95# squats?

17. Ian MacLeod wrote...

I missed qualifying (28th overall) but I am competing in absentia! Did the 2nd in 20.19, but was 7#'s short on the bar. I compensated somewhat by putting treadmill at 1.0 incline??? I think the master's category will only grow, so I am going to get involved in the organization of it. I saw somewhere that DU's were subbed 3 to 1 for singles. That, for me (and I suspect for others) is not parity, as I can do singles continuously without getting gassed, whereas DU's (my technique is woeful - single - double - maybe 30 unbroken, then 20) will leave me gassed for the next exercise, costing 20 - 30 seconds, which is huge in these competitions. I'm sure all concerned want to have a level playing field (I would want to do DU's on grass either), so leading up to next year, let's have some dialogue as to what goes.

Cheers from Calgary (Home of the OPT, the Big Dawgs, and yours truly - Baltoe!)

18. Julie Cleghorn wrote...

I agree 45-49 age group would be brilliant to see, then us younger masters would have something to train for. Come on HQ make it happen!


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